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Brexit explained: what happens when the UK leaves the EU?

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Here's our guide to how Brexit will affect you. (Click to subscribe for more Channel 4 News videos. https://www.youtube.com/channel4news?sub_confirmation=1) The UK is set to officially leave the EU on 29 March 2019. But what happens next? Economic crash? Restoring British democracy? From hard Brexit and hard borders, to soft Brexit or the Chequers deal - here's everything you need to know. **** Animation: Ian Watkins Script: Martin Williams Narration: Kiran Moodley Sound: Matthew Lucas Producers: Martin Williams, Kieron Bryan, Matthew Lucas
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Cake (5 hours ago)
Why fix something that is not broken the uk will be fuckt in ten years. As long as politicians have made there money off taxpayers Why would they care it just a job for them that pays well
M B (6 hours ago)
Noob here: how realistic is not leaving the EU at all? Would it be breaking certain laws which make it impossible to do?
Mary (7 hours ago)
this made the issue a lot easier to understand than the other videos. such a great help, thanks!
Arch Lich (12 hours ago)
Thank you for helping an American understand Brexit.
Dr ORRB (16 hours ago)
Most of the people who support brexit are just mentally challenged english people screaming at the EU Why are they screaming at them? Because they “want their country back” your not having anything taken away from you In fact- brexit is trying to get rid of funding to public healthcare that you *desperately* need Oh- and most of “England” is just stolen parts of Wales In the end the rest of the UK wants to disown England for being a bunch of complete genocidal morons throughout all of history
Dr ORRB (16 hours ago)
*Wait* britain already has control over its border
Oswaldo Capriles (18 hours ago)
The EU will soon be controlled by conservatives , the so called far right . Fixing the issues of mass migration , LGBT , feminism , Islam and repealing laws that take away the sovereignty of the nation states will make the EU great again .
benjohn (20 hours ago)
Why don't you Brits invade EU and colonize it? That would solve the problem
vapeitup vapeitup (20 hours ago)
Don’t forget the commonwealth and the rest of the world to trade with - and if the EU want a border for the EU Southern Irish, then let them patrol and maintain it, once we are out, it’s not our concern nor responsibility.
rascally rabbit (23 hours ago)
Silly Britain , oh and it's harmoni _z_ ation --a Canadian
David Marr (1 day ago)
What happens when the UK leaves the EU? - no one knows, and I hope we don't.
Who gave government permission to take choices it was already given by more than 50% of British population. Government should uphold that decision and go for the choice British people took. Benefits and Consequences has to be borne by British people. This is the basic definition of democracy.
Abby Alphonse (1 day ago)
1:25 I thought it was the isle of wight, not the peninsula of wight.
Didnt happen so far. Lol
Irish gonna fok u all
Vfopie jcod (1 day ago)
2:00 So Mexico will pay for this wall too? LOL
Natas Sesuj (1 day ago)
"NOT" getting the deal is the AGENDA, To foment the anger needed to cause a new Zionist world war
Flying Dreamscape (1 day ago)
Still no deal..........
Koala Kitty12 (1 day ago)
So what would happen if we now want no Brexit? I don 't think the EU would be happy at all
Koala Kitty12 (1 day ago)
So what would happen if we now want no Brexit? I don 't think the EU would be happy at all
Yo (1 day ago)
The Eu is evil and channel 4 is FAKE NEWS!
Hox Gaming (1 day ago)
Right now Theresa May has just resigned as UK’s Prime Minister. Oh well...
Jonathan Salas (1 day ago)
EU playin hardball. But fodder in the end. Brits take back your country!
aduaka stanley (2 days ago)
I have solution to the problem EU and UK should have 3some with Kim Kardashian!!!!!
Bravefart (2 days ago)
According to Pakistan owned channel 4. Scaremongering again with spurious and dramatic predictions and buzz words like "crashing out!" Hilarious how the facts are from "some people are saying"
Alexander Sixtyfour (2 days ago)
Funny, you haven't considered "le mele", the worst is yet to come for you...
NoCopyrightMusic (2 days ago)
if at first you don't succeed, try 2 more times then give up....epic.
Apathetic Apparition (2 days ago)
fearmongering nonsense
Stefan Supra (2 days ago)
*((They'll))* insist voting continues until *((they))* get the wanted result, simple.
Marijn van Faassen (2 days ago)
I'm sure Trump, Putin and China will give you some fabulous trade deals and definitely won't take advantage of your politically isolated position
phil1904 (2 days ago)
UK: "What are we going to do now? Leave, stay, leave halfway, stay halfway?" EU: " Get out!" I really like British humour, but in this case, it's excessive. It seems that you consider yourself alone and that you imagine you can decide for others by imposing your will on them. "Dieu et mon droit" in a way. EU is in a position of strength and is comfortable with Brexit. You have to assume the consequences , you have no other choices, either you accept the already negotiated agreements or nothing.
Shockwave princess (3 days ago)
This is probably why people keep voting conservative
Raph_Bz (3 days ago)
I love this video
Mandisa Xuba (3 days ago)
This is such a nicely summarised and well explained video
Trucky Stuffy (3 days ago)
Why can't teens vote honestly everyone would stay
Joseph Anderson (3 days ago)
Brexit explained : The new world order doesn't approve
yasbutterfly Y (3 days ago)
this was a nicely done video and yet I'm getting more confused XP
Alexy AND Friends (3 days ago)
Thanks for explaining it It boggles my mind to see such a complicated mess but you explained it really well
MEMPHIS REIGNS (5 days ago)
Brexit was already voted on and they voted to leave without a deal that's the way it is if it is a democratic government they will leave with no deal and it's not up to the EU even if the EU doesn't approve that's too bad brexit still happens and they leave it'll be better for the people in Britain much better that's why they voted for it this has alot of liberal propaganda so be careful don't eat everything it's feeding you
Randon Wilston (5 days ago)
They voted to leave and now they aren’t leaving instead being governed by people who don’t live in their country and blocked by the ever more evident bureaucracy. Also it’s not about “principles of British democracy” it’s actually just “British democracy” I’m American and a libertarian free trade all day any tariffs will hurt everyone
Stats W (5 days ago)
Why can’t we just have a second referendum!?!?!
Ennard cz (6 days ago)
Dealing Semarang (6 days ago)
read the comment more interesting than...
cleo sawdon (6 days ago)
unfortunately uk will not leave the eu....... the banking family's own the corporation(who own the eu) the government(who are made up of royal/military offspring) are working on behalf of the corporate interest.even the long story short version would be too complex for the average person to gasp. there are to many arguments and problems within society, all psychologically created deliberately by the government. from immigration to education and employment just thees 3 topics will divide a nation to argue among its self 80% of mental health problems derive from one of the 3 topics and are pretty much the foundations of every argument within this system fueled by ignorance and hypocrisy
phdd Che (8 days ago)
CEE is just a kitty , UK .4 for contribution , 7 for benefit , but 27 beneficiary per habitant per year , (only 105 euro) . Luxembourg .23 contibution , 19 for benefit but 1beneficiairy per habitant per year ! 3025 euros !! . et voila !
DomingosCJM (10 days ago)
The video just forgot to say that if the MPs don't respect the result of the referendum this would send a bad sign for democracy.
Valerie Pritt (12 days ago)
What I get is that you brexit supporters want to leave EU and govern yourselves. But what is the Brexit views and what do they support, like opening up to immigration or clamping down on it? This sort of stuff. I'm not from your country but just trying to get a grasp at your guys stance on laws and how you guys wish it to be governed. It seems like a bold and risky move. But...doesn't mean it can't be a good one as well. Don't have enough substance to make an judgmental opinion. Just came to learn. #greetingsfromAmerica.
Glascoe Bowie (12 days ago)
One important thing that is not being talked about how is this going to effect the colonies that are under there rule.And they need to talk about this because if war breaks out just like world war 1 and 2 these colonies go to war to.
Xtotally_A _catX (12 days ago)
Everything was fine before this happened tbh
Xtotally_A _catX (12 days ago)
They played this in my school lol
S Gill (13 days ago)
Using the term "crash out" is a highly prejudiced term showing the bias by the authors of the video. Doesn't even mention that staying in will cost 39 billion for which the UK could buy all of Tesla Motor Corp for that amount. Or even Uber.
Rojina Karimirad (13 days ago)
British Apples: Apples French Apples: La Apples IM DEAD XD (it's actually les pommes hehe)
Marvin Liu (1 day ago)
I was thinking about the same thing hahah
Rojina Karimirad (13 days ago)
Anybody else watching this for What In The World in Canada???
I'm gonna be honest, I thought Brexit was a British city
Jon Miner (14 days ago)
Just wondering... When did the F word become acceptable to those - such as those who write this web page - in the headline of the link that brings viewers to the site? The F word has been seen as lowbrow and vulgar for hundreds of years. It seems to me that being seen as a person with little taste or intellect would be abhorrent to someone striving to be seen as an intellectual, or at least knowledgeable about what is being discussed. It seems counterproductive. It is also so common in daily speech that it lacks the punch it would have had ten years ago.
Mark Brierley (15 days ago)
I thought under WTO there are no tariffs on aerospace parts?
ishak 8 (15 days ago)
I Think just staying in the EU is best
Freyja Lightly (15 days ago)
Well it’s past March 29 and they’ve delayed till October from what I’ve heard
Kathryn Bell (16 days ago)
Very good. Although the only true Brexit is No deal. Cut ALL ties, as David Cameron's £10m brochure said leaving meant. As for any customs union, that means we will NOT be able to go for trade deals outside the EU, and free movement will have to continue!
Jude (16 days ago)
This is so over dramatic and opinionated it's driving on your fears
Paddy Camo (17 days ago)
Nazis eu there just a gang
CrackyTeddi (18 days ago)
Hello, now it is the 19.02.4019, britain is still in the eu
Mcrae Mctaggart (20 days ago)
Benefits would even out and in the future, Britain would be better off.
Dxrk_. Xahs (22 days ago)
It's simple go for the chequers deal but if the EU disagree then go for the softer brexit deal because the whole country is fed up with brexit and the government should listen to the country
Jose Molina (26 days ago)
I work as English translator in Chile. I was recently asked by my clients to switch from UK English to US English, a microscopic change, but one that nonetheless tells a lot about what some of the unforeseen consequences of Brexit might be in the long term: slipping into cultural irrelevance.
iPan Zer0 (21 days ago)
haha, its one micro thing Trump wants, US will be the center of the Univers not EU.
Tristan Morris (26 days ago)
Ridiculously over complicated. Let's just settle this on the battlefield. Re-conquer your lost territories European powers. Germany, appoint a Kaiser; France, do whatever you did in the early 1900's; Britain, grow your mustaches and get your horses; fellow US citizens, grab your popcorn and don't participate til the very end. Alright. Now.... let's have a WW1 part 2. It would be far more simple and straight forward than the intricacies of cooperative multinational politics.
Carla its me - (27 days ago)
Amazing I’m à French student and now I understand more the difficulty of Brexit. THANK YOU
Denise Williams (27 days ago)
Why is this bs still going on ? Why do these people feel so entitled ? Sick of their lording it over everyone
Denise Williams (27 days ago)
Narcissistic Uk at its gross norm . Ugh 😑
Meme Butters (28 days ago)
Meme Butters (28 days ago)
Joseph Fetzko (29 days ago)
lets make England a state for the usa lol
adam ibra (1 month ago)
05:33 England time I hope to UK is gonna be okay in any time I love British because UK is the best country in all over the world
Mala Murthy (1 month ago)
I still didn't understand what 'no deal' means...what's the difference between that and a hard Brexit?
offwithurhead (1 month ago)
Great video. Finally an unbiased explanation.
Blood Angel (1 month ago)
Leaving eu will mean that prices in shops will go up much more and taxes will increase. Also no free healthcare. I dont support it. I want free healthcare and smaller taxes and having everything cheap in the uk thanks
Nehustan (1 month ago)
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thirty-year_rule Breaching historic Opsecs diligently to achieve operational objectives. Jester.
the gaming one (1 month ago)
Nobody knows for sure what will happen so what’s the point in making this video, oh yeah I know more remain propaganda.
EL Badry (1 month ago)
Philip Maximuse (1 month ago)
Well i guess he was right about the no deal part XD
Bla... Bla... Bla... Bla
why i got no wins (1 month ago)
Wait if we leave EU then are we going to be safe from war and attack can someone please tell me I scared
Claudine Jimdar (1 month ago)
Very informative. Why not ask a United States official of what they think? I guess the Chequers deal may not be the way to go, but who would want Hard Brexit? And the British cannot leave with no deal. That’s not good either. But if the British accepts the Soft Brexit, would they still be independent? I am a United State’s citizen, and I don’t know all the ins, and outs, but I am looking at the the Soft Brexit option. Only because no one wants the Tariffs to pile up, which seem crippling. Why not look at the Soft Brexit option? Well, let’s see what both sides of the Parliaments say? Could they revise the Soft Brexit option? That should be exciting enough.
Emily Rose (1 month ago)
Hehe now It’s in October and still what the. Fack is going on now?!
Joe Greenhart (1 month ago)
you have absolutely no idea wha'ts going on do you... XD first 20 seconds was enough to realise this...
I.A. Woien (1 month ago)
Come together with Norway!
get2rog (1 month ago)
So many falsehoods and propaganda in this drivel. Can't blame whoever wrote the narration blame politicians on both sides of the channel and the payoff puppet media then wake the f--- up.
Owen Cradoc (1 month ago)
The UK is crumbling. Westminster is corrupt. Independence for Wales, Scotland and England is the future and possibly inevitable. let’s then as independent nations work together with respect and as equals. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
How Do (1 month ago)
Who cares since dawn of time it said the lion is going to take a wound but rise above all rising with three of the srongest countries..patience you'll see.when it happens I'll be back too comment 😂
How Do (1 month ago)
Finally! A BRITT explaining not a yankee..now I'll listen 😂 Thanks.
stahllöwe (1 month ago)
Just stop mass immigration
Michael Tarver (1 month ago)
Where does queen stand on this brexit deal? Anyone?
Marcus Taylor (1 month ago)
We won't leave, recession will hit and we will be sold the line that we need to stay in to save our economy. Europe is on the edge of collapse so it makes no odds, a global slowdown as the whole world has become so leveraged under massive debts can't be avoided. The whole thing was just an exercise in legitimately devaluing the pound in 2016 when the economy started to slow to boost imports. It worked until last year but that particular bit of stimulus has worn off now.
g snchz (1 month ago)
if the checker plan is accepted it would embarrassing for the UE
g snchz (1 month ago)
ok... so there's just one thing clear: the UK are narcissists i mean they want to leave but keeping the good stuff and just bc they are a huge nation they think they can... please... be more mature and assume the consequences
Luke Field (1 month ago)
Oh Channel 4 News lol what propaganda nonsense.. Thank god for social media containing some real news & information the people can check & research themselves.. 2,600 thumbs DOWN wow LOL , thats what i call out of touch !
Andrew Frisch (1 month ago)
Its already 4/14/19
today discrimination is over powered to known what is the identity of britan uk and rest europe this all today over all projected as one what does britan gives and next level of work next generation what do the britan stands and runs vs threat of inflation and taxes and uk should come out and should leave europe union should come out and enable the work of britan instead keep on communities over power other this all biggest practice of trade and shared most underdevleoped a state itself not developed then think abut district ends state capital city - most of underdeveloped asian countries faces biggest threat inflation is almost figured out govt undertaken business almost failed due to outsource to private so keep it on mind brexit leaving europe union is the safe and should bring what to undertake and what to make slowly carry taxes cannot be the same as one
Dzikrina Saira (1 month ago)
Very good explanation dude :)
Bruce Wayne (1 month ago)
They are stuck Dirty British Government!! Guilty!!! Greed! You want all the benefits without the responsibilities! I don't think sooooo..... losers!! The people are calling you out! Nazi Germany @realdonaldtrump #Vatican = Dirty 2
Sean Chris, LLM. (1 month ago)
I have passed my EU law class last year and I have studied these topics like single market, custom union and European Court of Justice supremacy in details. UK wants to control its immigration policy by controlling the freedom of movement of people coming from European Union (EU) to UK especially from countries which joined EU in the past fifteen years. All options are tough. If there is a second referendum, there is a high chance that majority would want to be part of the EU. Hard Brexit is a disaster too. UK is losing £1 billion per week since 2016 when the Brexit issue started. From 2016 till 2019, UK economy had lost nearly £1.3 trillion due to uncertainty caused by Brexit. EU will not agree to chequers deal as it will not allow the UK to pick the best options of the Treaty of the European Union and avoid the burden like European Court of Justice supremacy. All 28 member states of the EU are too much integrated now to a point that its very tough for UK to exit as it's economy is also dependant upon being a member of EU. The more uncertainty they will cause, the more economical risk factor it will create.

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