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Prepping for Hurricane Florence as a Reseller. Business Insurance

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Text Comments (32)
Lisa R (7 months ago)
My goodness....your bmw i8 is so gorgeous! You are able to afford such a car from your selling business?
The Posh Planet (7 months ago)
LOVE your emphasis on the pets because too many people just cover their own butts and leave them behind. I believe you make a commitment to protect and care for them for their whole lives when you adopt. You don't dump your kids, you don't rent apt.'s where kids are not allowed or stay in hotels where kids are not allowed or leave your kids behind in an emergency...well, don't do it to your furkids either! Great job Casey!!!
BigD-ReSeller (7 months ago)
Casey what is your take on selling books. I dont see you have touched on it much if at all? There is another youtuber/reseller Profsells that seems to be giving up on eBay to sell books on Amazon FBA?
RockstarFlipper (7 months ago)
It requires ALOT of volume. As you'll probably see with Prof Sales (Jason) he's sending in tons of books.. You gotta keep feeding the beast. Where I live books suck. Like everything else lately, but if you have a supply you can just send them to amazon and never have to store or ship them which is great. I think Jason is doing an awesome job, but I think its alot of work.
Return Engagement Resale (7 months ago)
Thanks for your update, Casey. I just moved from NC, but much of my family and many friends are coastal - or close. I appreciate your concern and generosity to those affected. One of my FB forums, for Poshmark specifically, has a postal worker who helps with questions and they posted that shipments to several of the coastal area codes would be held until .... might could check on that. Again, thanks.
Aimee Brown (7 months ago)
They got me back in July for not increasing handling time on vacation mode. smh....still trying to recover from that.
Vickie Clark (7 months ago)
I can't help but feel jealous of that beauty you live in LOL. Tampa looks beautiful. Anyways, that being said, we don't get hurricanes where I live, but if we did. I would shut down my store completely because I wouldn't take any chances on anything selling that would get damaged.
Whats In My Life 2017 (7 months ago)
One thing everyone should get for emergencies is a Life Straw. It's a straw that has a filter attached that you drink from. You can literally put it right into a creek, stream, pond and the water will come out clean! It can filter gallons and gallons of water. And it super cheap!
Casey, you are so kind. I never thought that before. :D You offering help to your subscribers is wonderful!
BringItBackAgain (7 months ago)
You can end all your action and hide your buy it now listings while your on vacation mode. You won't sell anything but at least the public can't see them. That is what I did when I went to Gatlinburg in April.
Frank Duke (7 months ago)
Pictures are as good as receipts for insurance purposes.
Lisa Piekos (7 months ago)
Great video Casey! This is a dangerous storm. Good information given. My son in law is a lineman, his crew left Florida yesterday to head to the Carolinas to help with the power.
Marlon Johnson (7 months ago)
Anyone who is in the path of the storm, please be safe! If you need to evacuate please do as you can replace your processions but not your life!
Queen City Thrifters (7 months ago)
Hurricane Florence is supposed to dump TONS of rain and heavy wind in our area. I have thought about putting our store on vacation mode just because of the threat of losing power and being flooded. The last big hurricane that I remember having was back in 1989 with Hurricane Hugo. I was 12 years old when that one hit and it scared the crap out of me. But what scares me the most about Florence is the tremendous amount of rain. We're in the Charlotte area and even that far inland, we're expecting about a foot of rain. We also have a high threat of heavy wind and tornadoes. I mean I know that Ebay says that people affected by Hurricane Florence will be covered, but I'm not too sure I can trust Ebay with that. Thanks for the video, Casey.
Queen City Thrifters (7 months ago)
You can actually set it up where people can't buy stuff from you on vacation mode. We have done it before.
Kenneth Guin (7 months ago)
I live 20 miles from Raleigh NC.Bracing for the worst hoping for the best.
Becky L (7 months ago)
Casey, you are so on top of things and thinking of your subscribers. You are a true leader. I really appreciate that about you.
RockstarFlipper (7 months ago)
Thank you so much thats very kind!! thanks for watching also
To my fellow Americans in harm's way of this storm, Your life is more important than everything. Please be safe.
Tina Kuykendall (7 months ago)
It's crazy how much bad weather you all get on the East Coast! Seems like there is always rain or a storm of some kind. I don't think I could live there I am too spoiled with the mild year-round CA weather.
Forever Jenuwin (7 months ago)
Yeah but in CA you have landslides, mudslides, wildfires, sinkholes & earthquakes, etc.. I live in Omaha and we have wicked tornadoes. No One is immune to Mother Nature. Please don't become complacent - no matter where you live. Bless all those in the wake of Florence. Thoughts & prayers are with you.
The Posh Planet (7 months ago)
@ Tina Kuykendall Lol...shall we talk about earthquakes?
Deb Mottaz (7 months ago)
Exciting goal 100,000 subs No doubt in my mind it will happen before he end of the year👍🏻. 😁
J G (7 months ago)
Love this video and how kind hearted of a man you are! How nice to extend a home etc... to complete strangers. Your videos are always so interesting. Thanks for being you!!! Love your channel! Julie
More Grace (7 months ago)
Great advice. Thanks for sharing ❤️
L A (7 months ago)
Casey, I sold something on Ebay. Anyway, the woman said she tried to edit her address and she couldn’t do it. She lives in North Carolina, I did tell her that I would send it to her with the address she gave me. And, did tell her to be safe. With what they are going through I am wondering if she is going to receive my package. Any thoughts?
L A (7 months ago)
Thank you very much for your quick response. Your the best!
RockstarFlipper (7 months ago)
It should arrive. IF NOT the usps will probably hold it and deliver it after the storm
Oscar S. (7 months ago)
Great Video Casey. You are always there to help out All of us and today is no exception. I am in Miami so I am also a Floridian for over 50 years so I know about these storms as well. Been through many hurricanes and worst one was Andrew, so your advise is right on. Stay safe everyone.
george amanda (7 months ago)
How about items being shipped to Florida. Should we be concerned about that?
MrDutchhack10 (7 months ago)
We appreciate you.
Mary Wehmeier (7 months ago)
Casey, we should write up a Emergency plan like a checklist.

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