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GARAGE SALE WARS! - Ralli Roots vs Side Hustle Pros - eBay & Amazon Sourcing | Haul Video

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Work with us! http://www.ralliroots.com/ GARAGE SALE WARS! We go head to head to see who can find the best items to flip at garage sales! Thank you again to Side Hustle Pros for being a part of the video! Link to their channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEfX1rPV-zOWZe8gj_lM3og CHECK OUT OUR SUPPLIES: Our vlogging camera: http://amzn.to/2sf4M3B Our coffee machine: http://amzn.to/2tlpjnj BEST LIGHT EVER: http://amzn.to/2tigQRB More lighting: http://amzn.to/2sOoMbT Shipping labels: http://amzn.to/2sfmWT3 Poly bags: http://amzn.to/2seYd18 MUSIC: ●JNSN - Sunlight ●Song/Free Download - https://youtu.be/1H7fszlvGmE ●Follow JNSN - http://smarturl.it/JNSN Ukulele by BENSOUND http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-... Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b... Music provided by Audio Library https://youtu.be/G7HoUVcL5-U -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "eBay Scam Update - PROBLEM SOLVED?? + Fan Mail! " https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8ZzlYm6B70 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (206)
Side Hustle Network (1 year ago)
Thanks a TON for the invite to this awesome series guys! Can't wait for round 2! 😎
Side Hustle Network (1 year ago)
Rockin! Thanks for clarifying!
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
of course!! any time :):)
Nite Stalker (5 days ago)
I discovered you because of Side Hustle Pros. Love both of your channels
Nite Stalker (4 days ago)
Hopefully come September we'll be talking a lot more while I am being mentored
Linda Blackmore (1 month ago)
Ralli Roots---your audio is screwed up. Side Hustle Pros audio is okay. Yours is okay out of the car.
Linda Blackmore (1 month ago)
Sorry! It's my crappy speaker.
Linda Blackmore (1 month ago)
I spoke too soon the audio is bad all the way through intermittently
Kayla Austin (1 month ago)
That gag gift monkey is funny, my grandparents had a gag gift beanie monkey but it had a giant stuffed penis hahaha we always threw it at eachother (me and my cousins)
Kayla Austin (1 month ago)
Does allie have a spacer in the bottom teeth in this video? My uncle is an orthodontist
john smith (3 months ago)
Teresa Watkins (5 months ago)
Definitely keep it!!!
Teresa Watkins (5 months ago)
Keep it!
Heidi Hageman (5 months ago)
Keep the Christmas jacket.
Natureheals wellness (7 months ago)
where in florida are you ?
RALLI ROOTS (7 months ago)
Natureheals wellness just outside tampa
Arlie Fitzgerald (7 months ago)
What was the scanner you said to use?
Fred Santosuosso (7 months ago)
You are rocking the Christmas vest.
Sidoxyy (7 months ago)
I had those mickey ears when I was so young, you cant get them at Disney anymore :(
Timothy Thomas (8 months ago)
cassetee player is about $20 not $35
Timothy Thomas (8 months ago)
I have a tumi checkbook wallet
LivingLoving (9 months ago)
Did that Johnny Walker really go for over $100??
RALLI ROOTS (9 months ago)
That it did
Oh my gosh! I love this!
Vandis Closet (11 months ago)
If you get more D&B leather bags I would put them on Poshmark I sold one recently for $80 for the medium crossbody leather that had some issues i picked up for $10 :)
Marsha Cherry (1 year ago)
hey Brian you never looked cuter
Mike Watson (1 year ago)
Onitsuka’s are now known as ASICS. I wore Onitsuka when I ran high school cross country in the 70’s.
Megan Wuollet (1 year ago)
love this
troy Wisdom (1 year ago)
Thanks for all the tips and love the videos as always! You guys are awesome (especially Alli, just saying! =) I wanted to give you all a tip since you have given me so many. I have been hitting up pawn shops and buying old stock. Check out item 183093686509, I bought this for 150, sold for 500! Cheddar!! This item had set at a pawn shop for a couple years so they were ready to sell.
Kayla Austin (1 month ago)
I would love to see a pawn shop finds video
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Pro Grammatron (1 year ago)
Really cool pop setup. Cheers from Orlando.
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Tina Stalter (1 year ago)
Do you just trust that the electronics work? Do you get to test them before you buy them?
That JVC Recorder reminds me of the one that Marty McFly uses in Back To The Future LOL Is it relatively easy for new sellers to sell used electronics on Amazon or would we have to build up to that?
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
That's what we're here for ;)
Awesome, thanks again for being so dang helpful. :)
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
hahaha yea it does, most new sellers can send them in, just have to make sure you're ungated on each model
Point 4 Designs (1 year ago)
Thumbs up so fun video y’all
Team Abundant Grace (1 year ago)
My husband and I had our first garage sale day today and according to comps, I turned $51 into $320! Wow. Now I hope it sells quickly!! :)
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
BOOM!!!!!!! Congrats :) what kind of stuff did you find?
Dana D (1 year ago)
I'm a little sad..this was my last video of yours to watch. I'm all caught up and have watched them all. Glad that this one was the last one since Ryan wore that Christmas vest though! :-) Hahaha
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
haha!! awww you watched them all!! that's amazing :) more coming soon!!!
forrealgirl 42 (1 year ago)
Thanks for sharing another great video , I love watching your channel...
Mary Sullivan (1 year ago)
How fun to watch these types of challenges omg I can't wait to see what you go for the monkey thing that should sell fast for holiday gifts. And Ryan you are rockn that ugly sweater vest thing
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
:) haha thank you!
Lara Love (1 year ago)
Be careful with listing the Johnny Walker case with the Porsche logo, as Porsche is in the Vero list.
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
thank you :) we're good.
Jessica Colon (1 year ago)
Those LLR leggings used to be a HUGE unicorn print.
Jessica Colon (1 year ago)
The LLR market has tanked A LOT! I am a former consultant turned ebay seller. Love your videos!!
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
RIIIIIIGGGGHHHHTTT!!! doesn't look like it anymore, maybe we'll hold onto them for a bit.
neurosis333 (1 year ago)
If you scanned Alli, your smart phone would explode....she is worth TRILLIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Johnny Stax Fashions (1 year ago)
U guys funny
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
hahaha :):) we try we try.
Johnny Stax Fashions (1 year ago)
Def keep
Johnny Stax Fashions (1 year ago)
Thank You
Luisa Leanos (1 year ago)
Joan (1 year ago)
Omg lol. I just started watching your videos and love you both! You are lighthearted, fun to watch and full of information. Thank you!
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
:) thank you so much!!
Mikel jones (1 year ago)
i would have cheated...
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
hahaha!! no cheating!
Eli H. (1 year ago)
Hey Allison-- you guys always make my day! My suggestion on the jacket is- do the best of both worlds, keep the jacket wear it a few times and then you probably will be done with it... right? So then you will probably want to sell it. Stay awesome you guys :)
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Great idea!!!!
Trent Smith (1 year ago)
Sell that Jacket! I live in St. Pete and never wear one. I actually went garage sailing this weekend and didn't come up with much but it's fun!
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
nice! stay safe with this hurricane coming!
Cynshine Online (1 year ago)
Alli, keep the jacket!!! You look so cute in it! And OMG Ryan in that Christmas tank!!! PLEASE keep that Ryan!!! I love you guys! Great video!!! ❤
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Crafty Bitch hahaha!! I think we're keepin them 😊
Seth Sullivan (1 year ago)
Wow outstanding job by both couples.
Esteban Nina (1 year ago)
Ryan you look so fresh and so clean with the ugly sweater! Ha ha ha. Ali... No! Sell it :) make some 💰
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
hahaaha!!! thank you ;)
Mandy Ande (1 year ago)
Allison, KEEP IT!!!! Cause you might where it like twice here in Florida lol!!!
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
hahahahaaha!!! true :)
Bargain Barons (1 year ago)
Hey guys. Just happened to stumble onto your channel while doing research for mine... binged watched several episodes and subbed. My wife and I have a very similar channel where we o after antiques mostly... Wondering if there's any way you can take some time, come on over and watch a few.. give us some pointers! We don't have much subs or viewership yet despite 5 months at it, so not sure what I'm doing wrong.. LOL. Than ks in advance for any tips you or your viewers could provide!!
Janis Stott (1 year ago)
You should share SideHustlePros link....just sayin!
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
link to what? their youtube channel? That's been in the description the whole time lol
Its ya boi jay 15 (1 year ago)
Hey its me again. I was curious how do you guys figure out the price for items that you buy at garage sales thrift stores etc.????????
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Its ya boi jay 15 we've either sold the items in the past so we have an idea of what they're worth or we look up sold listings on eBay and Amazon.
Kacy Wheatley (1 year ago)
When do we het a chance to be mentored?
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Kacy Wheatley soon! very soon!
Kacy Wheatley (1 year ago)
Hey guys...me again ;) good garage saling! Not very much like that around me. Question of the day: Can I list locally, letgo or Craigslist, the same items I list on eBay or are sales on eBay exclusive to sell on eBay?
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
no worries Kacy!
Kacy Wheatley (1 year ago)
I live in Aurora Colorado. Thanks for the info!! Will do that too. I just want it all sold. I guess the more listings I have the better chance I have to sell it right.. you two have a great day and thanks again for all of the inspiration and great videos!
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Kacy Wheatley where do you live? Yes, you can list and sell the items locally. Just make sure to take your eBay listing down when they sell. Mentoring will be opening up in the next couple weeks 😊
Hart Pickers (1 year ago)
Yard sales are the best
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
riggghhhhhtttt!!!!! yeah dude, we'll always hit garage sales. too much fun
srystr77 (1 year ago)
I want the dooney
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
awesome!!! shoot us an email, we'll make you a deal :) [email protected]
Antique Queen (1 year ago)
Omg I love y'all so much!!!!! I love this series
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Antique Queen yayyy!!!! Thank you! Love the positive feedback 😊
Terry Hinman (1 year ago)
Awesome Christmas tank, , you should wear that Christmas tank out hitting garage sales some weekend for a video.
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
ohhhhh don't you worry ;) that's happening
Cindy Burbick (1 year ago)
Ryan you are hilarious
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Cindy Burbick 😜😂 thank you!! Lol
Blake Anderson (1 year ago)
keep it
fortunateone3 (1 year ago)
Allison should definitely keep that jacket. It looks great on her! I made about 280-300 gross off 50$ today garage sale hunting here in oregon!
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
fortunateone3 nice!! There seems to be some good sales out that way! 😊
evermoore (1 year ago)
You can never have to many jackets.... Keep! :)
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
evermoore riiiiigggght!!! 😂
Oh my u guys are so so cute love the Christmas vest sweater super cute on u jejeje
RALLI ROOTS u should fits u well 😉🌝😀
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Corine Stebbins haha why thank you 😉 I think I'm keeping it
Jennifer Hodge (1 year ago)
Love that you did this with another couple. Different ends of the country. Very fun ...great job! Alli I should keep the Northface jacket. Looks great!
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Jennifer Hodge yeah!! It was a fun way to do it! 😊
Jared Callais (1 year ago)
I picked up an ugly Christmas sweater this weekend :) When do you start putting those up? Beginning of December or earlier?
Jared Callais (1 year ago)
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Jared Callais mid November usually 😊🎄
360 Vintage CO (1 year ago)
It's always funny to watch these type of videos. I see all kinds of stuff in the video that I would grab that you guys pass on lol. Cool to see the difference in businesses and nice to learn about things we would normally walk right by. Always love the videos guys!
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
360 Vintage CO haha! Yeah! I know it's funny, we do that too when we watch vids. "Why didn't you by that!?" Lol. Sometimes we just get caught up in what we know sells for us.
Nishana Lee (1 year ago)
Do a mini series of these. This was fun to watch and I bet will help others on limited budgets. Good way to challenge beginners at reselling.
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
for sure!!!!! we will definitely be doing more of them :):):)
OurTimeIsOut (1 year ago)
Maribru Craftsnfinds (1 year ago)
😂😂Hahhaha Ryan's definitely rocking the Christmas vest! And looks like its your size too! 😂😍 Thanks for partnering with Side Hustle Pros. I am now a subscriber and excited to learn from them too! 👍🏼👏🏼🤓
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Heck yeah I'm rocking the vest! Keep an eye out cause that'll be showing up in other vids hahahaha!!! Chaz and Trista are awesome peeps :) you're gonna love their channel :)
Sorceressofstars (1 year ago)
I think that x- mas Sweater needs to be in your next thrift wars. loser wears that to thrift in for 1 full day 😂
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
hahahahaha!!!!! :) i was actually gonna wear it anyway lol, that would be awesome though!
thecollegepicker (1 year ago)
Great idea for a couples cross country gsale wars! I heard some ambient Vietnam story in the background at one of the undercover shots. Cool elephant tables those are suhweeet! War elephants ready to attack the oregon yard sales!
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
haha yea man it was a good time, we'll for sure be doing more of these! the Vietnam story was apparently about the elephant tables we bought, her brother brought them back from Vietnam or something like that, either way they're ours now lol.
joytimes4 (1 year ago)
Love these videos!
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
joytimes4 😊😊😊🙏🏻
Alice Masci (1 year ago)
LOL! Such a fun video.
Kari Merner (1 year ago)
I busted out laughing at Ryan in that sweater! Thanks for the fun video guys!!
Regina J (1 year ago)
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Kari Merner 🤣😂🤣😂 good!! 🎄
Catherine Thompson (1 year ago)
Ryan you look awesome in that Christmas Vest with your colorful tattoos lol !!!!!!
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Catherine Thompson 😂😂 thank you!!
Catherine Thompson (1 year ago)
Ally you deserve that jacket looks Cute on you!!! Don't know how could It gets where you are.... Then sell it :-)
Catherine Thompson (1 year ago)
Ok I know but what I meant was how Cold it gets in Fla. You guys are just Fun and adorable!!!!
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Catherine Thompson don't encourage her!! 🤣
Deven (1 year ago)
Love your Videos!!! Alli What lipstick are you wearing? ;)
Vicki Moody (1 year ago)
So so fun! Just love watching you two find those deals - what a great time you had. Hey, I picked up an ugly sweater yesterday too!
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Vicki Moody yay!!!
Patricia Thomsen (1 year ago)
Resellers Domain (1 year ago)
What products and method do you use to clean shoes? In particular, the bottoms of the shoes when trying to get out the rocks and grime. Also, do you use a sanitizing spray for the inside?
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
it's this set i believe http://products.geappliances.com/appliance/gea-specs/GFW490RPKRR
Resellers Domain (1 year ago)
RALLI ROOTS thats awesome. Do you mind sharing which washing machine it is? I'm getting a new one soon.
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Resellers Domain we actually usually wash them in the washing machine. Our washer has a special shoe setting.
sonofsam73 (1 year ago)
Cheaters you guys went over lol
Police Picker (1 month ago)
Kayla Austin do you know anything about the Son of Sam? Based on a true story..
Kayla Austin (1 month ago)
@Police Picker I love that movie son of sam its creepy lol
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
ohhhhhh okay :)
Police Picker (1 year ago)
RALLI ROOTS that was directed towards the sonofsam73 lol, I was just curious on why he chose that YouTube name...lol, no biggie, I'm NYPD so I was just curious... google son of Sam...lol..
Police Picker (1 year ago)
RALLI ROOTS sonofsam? Why did you choose that name, just curious...
Uncommon Pickers (1 year ago)
Uncommon Pickers (1 year ago)
it's happening on IG today!!!
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Uncommon Pickers yeahhhhh!!! #couplehustle
Mark Paul (1 year ago)
Truly enjoy both of you guys/gals videos. As a 40 year picker I enjoy watching young people like yourselves out hustling and doing fantastic. You both inspire so many others to hustle. Great job! Keep on hustling.
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
hahaha!!! NOOOOO!!!! honestly we'd be in that "in between" section now too ;)
Mark Paul (1 year ago)
Hey are you saying I am old? LOL. Having the skills and knowledge at your age is awesome. You will continue to grow and learn over time making more money and opening up new revenue streams. Keep hustling!
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Mark Paul thanks so much!!! Young and old and in between, this business can benefit everyone 😊
Cleo Q (1 year ago)
Cool video you guys have so much fun
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
we really do :)
Danielle Fry (1 year ago)
Sell it!
dauntie kay (1 year ago)
Your videos are always fun, fun, fun!
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Diana Dwyer thank you! 😊😊
Georgia Junk (1 year ago)
Quick question! :) So I have a 100 list limit with 19 items listed. I want to get to the point of 2-3 items a week! How do I get to this point, do I need to start with Christmas stuff and winter stuff? Do I need to base the items around the season? Help😂
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Happy to help! Get into the shoe game as well :) we kill it with shoes, new and used.
Georgia Junk (1 year ago)
RALLI ROOTS Thanks! I have a part time job, and it's hard to go find a lot of items fast :( also have been finding some cool things at thrift stores. I have been getting items to sell but I might have to focus on clothes, easier to storage in a single room 👌🏼btw, I love the instant feedback!
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Sorry, you want to get to 2-3 sales a week? Your goal should be to max out your listings ASAP while still buying good items you can make a profit on. thrift stores and garages sales are your friend right now. Max those out and then call ebay for a increase. They will usually up your limits once a month. We have about a 2% sell through rate per day, so if we have 1000 items listed 20 a day are selling. Winter items are good to list now yes. Hope that helps :)
Slowbruh Gaming (1 year ago)
Thanks for the video! I've been following you all for a few months now and it's cool to see the adventures you go on and hauls you bring back. I've been trying to follow suit in the garage sale game too. Started with $200 and still have only spent about $100 of it in five weeks =/ I'm not aggressive enough I guess. Anyways, I wanted to mention something - though you all already may be aware of it. My fiancee's sister is big in the LulaRoe game, and apparently LulaRoe has been known for shutting down unauthorized sellers down (kinda like Disney haha). I've seen you all have found LulaRoe stuff at some sales, so maybe be careful! I'm a fan and supporter of what you all do, and wouldn't want you to find any unwarranted trouble!
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
for sure! THANK YOU for reaching out though! :) Have a blessed Sunday as well!
Slowbruh Gaming (1 year ago)
RALLI ROOTS ok excellent haha! I figured that you all had already done the research - because by watching the videos it shows that you all know a lot about the products you buy and sell - but I just wanted to make sure!! Have a blessed Sunday!
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Thank you!! :) you're probably referring to "lularoe distributors" trying to sell their items on ebay. They sign an agreement stating they will not do that. We have not signed that agreement hence we can sell the items online as we please. That's why there are currently 165,000 lularoe items listed on ebay.
spence 16 (1 year ago)
Great video! Two nice couples that look like fun to hang with!
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Thank you! we're so fun to hang out with ;) lol
Dawn Marie W (1 year ago)
Love you guys
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
love you back :):)
bunun (1 year ago)
as soon as i seen a video of old plates i knew where this was going
Veronica Thompson (1 year ago)
Love this!! Great idea for Garage Sale wars! Alli should definitely keep the North Face!! You need to take pics in the Ugly Christmas sweaters for a Christmas Card! Or better yet do a video where you both model all the sweeaters!!
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Veronica Thompson yesss!! OMG Christmas card! Such a good idea!
Lisa Bailey (1 year ago)
Love this!!
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Lisa Bailey yay! 😊😊
keylimekisses (1 year ago)
Well it just does not get any more epic I mean I get two of my favorite power hustle couples in one video duking it out for the air wins trophy *BAM* day made! Thanks guys #TEAMROOTS
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
YEAH!!!! It was good times :) hopefully we can do one in person with them next time!
Wow, just wow! Ryan in the ugly sweater vest........priceless.
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Floridas Hidden Treasures / Margot 😂🤣😜 good!
it was great comedic value!
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
hahahaha ;) you liked that?
VlogsBy Cali (1 year ago)
Dope video do more like these
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
VlogsBy Cali will do! 🙏🏻🤙🏻
The JC Files (1 year ago)
Dope video! One of these days when you 2 do your intro/outro you'll end up doing a Fusion 😂😂😂 I gotta stop my Dragonball binge 😅
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
hahaha!!! that's the goal. I feel like Ralli Roots could take on Gotenks lmao
MKFrog Treasures (1 year ago)
Lol, you guys are awesome. I'm in FL as well. A little north of you actually. You have inspired my wife and I to try this. Thank u!
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
AWESOME!!! :) We wish you all the success in the world! Keep an eye out for a florida reseller meetup we'll be hosting soon :)
Timothy Miller (1 year ago)
As soon as I saw the jacket . I knew it was Alli's size. You should keep both. No unicorns today. 😢😢
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
hahaha! yup :) no unicorn finds today. Always on the lookout though!
Flerida Tiburcio (1 year ago)
Always loving you hoping to learn
Flerida Tiburcio (1 year ago)
Funny elephant with seat bell
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Flerida Tiburcio 😂😂😂
Lori Wilson (1 year ago)
Thank you to both couples this is really fun watching and gave us newbies some great ideas thanks a lot guys
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Lori Wilson of course 😊 thanks for watching!!
You guys are so funny, loved it. I enjoyed this. It's nice to find a new couple I will totally follow them.
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Monica Bravo awesome!! Glad you liked it 😊😊😊 they're great peeps!
Havaseet2 (1 year ago)
Keep the Christmas tank. Sell the North Face.
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Havaseet2 see Alli!!! Told ya so 😂😂😂

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