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Text Comments (6744)
MatthewPlayz (3 hours ago)
My khui hard
Kriiskav Kirp (7 hours ago)
Parents: What are you doing Me: Learning russian language. ..5 minutes later... Parents: so what did you learn? Me: IDI NAHHUI!
СССР (1 day ago)
Хуй сука блять
takemo shii (1 day ago)
I showed this to my dog now he's a wolf
Andy London (1 day ago)
Привет нфркз заткнись
Оби Ван (1 day ago)
Pizdato, ahuenno...
Ron Iseni (1 day ago)
What was the background music?
Mady ಠ_ಠ (2 days ago)
I feel like all people want to learn is foreign swear words lol
thiefofa1073 (2 days ago)
Video starts at 1:20
Gamer Boi YT (2 days ago)
The only reason I would learn Russian is cuz of the memes
Край Бич! (2 days ago)
Привет здарова отчего уста в говне
Linus Oxton (2 days ago)
But Idi Nahuy means F*ck off
Peter М (2 days ago)
"PIZDEC NAHUY BLYAT!" (c) Elizabeth Olsen
why im a watching this
Vince Bogomolsky (4 days ago)
Cyka blyat means bitch fuck
Ok thanks "Hey teacher come here"
BarleyCharlie (4 days ago)
Dog98k21k98k Studios (5 days ago)
Duuh cyka blyat
Dog98k21k98k Studios (5 days ago)
Duuh cyka blyat
Yulya Ivanova (6 days ago)
Господи, какой абсурд вы все несёте
Andrei Manole (6 days ago)
Pizda in romanian
Skortana (6 days ago)
CSGO has joined the chat.
In Soviet Russia language learns you
Skippity (8 days ago)
Ahhh, who knew polish was similar to russian
definently a head start of learning languages no kidding i'm learning english by cursing some of it and go deeper
Kaan Septicher (9 days ago)
U didn't said Cyka Blyat D':
гей (9 days ago)
это катастрофически безрассудно ;)
Slav Pepe (9 days ago)
Haha my teacher hates me even more (didn’t know she was fluent in russian)
Master Shifu (9 days ago)
Time to sweat out Jack in school
Remex x (9 days ago)
You forgot суко, but ok.
Rufus LV (9 days ago)
If i would be in the USA i could yell Ble suka pizda nahuj and no one will understand. But in Latvia if i yell that in public all the grandmas will kill me.
Peace Thongjua (10 days ago)
Hey comrade bring me kvass
ghost80919 (10 days ago)
3:05 is like potato, but....
Jessie Majeskie (11 days ago)
Very useful for conversing with gopniks in stalker
janne Ohlin (11 days ago)
u r a legend!
northernalberta (11 days ago)
Last summer here a crazy person shoved off in an 8 foot raft on an apparent suicide mission and two weeks later washed ashore in eastern Siberia, alive but severely dehydrated. He was shown the utmost hospitality by the Russian villagers who nursed him back to health. It would be funny if his first words to his rescuers were «Привет; где библиотека изволь!»
Noar_ Gaming (12 days ago)
Evil Cake669 (12 days ago)
Lol this is trash wtf get out of here 😂 nobody speaks Russian ... well done if you do 😂
sucна lоsт (9 days ago)
Сука блять
El-Dorado (12 days ago)
How about ебать? Is it used a lot?
BBMØDZArMy Hd Hacks (13 days ago)
BBMØDZArMy Hd Hacks (13 days ago)
Luna Løve (13 days ago)
thats it, THATS IT!!! I'm moveing to Russia...YUP IM PAKIN MAH BAGIS AND LEAVEING THE CRAPPY ENGALISHSHSHS\ fUcKiNg FAKE FRENCH and going to russia...!
Luna Løve (11 days ago)
+Anatoliy Shtinov yaaaas lol sorrybut Im still in school
Anatoliy Shtinov (11 days ago)
Lol I want to move out of Russia, let's swap passport
Medieval Boi (13 days ago)
Cyka blyat
Што бля ты здесь сука делаешь
Dank Memes For Kids (15 days ago)
Cyka blyat
Haku Yowane (15 days ago)
3:16 IA!!!! Uwu
Collin Chadwell (15 days ago)
Cyka blyat
Travis Ross (15 days ago)
Suka blyat
sugarmaa yuki (16 days ago)
In Mongolia we use пизда as wel
briam1354 (16 days ago)
Cheeki Breeki and Russian bad words what would be better
FuskySK (16 days ago)
сука блять
Anna Gubanova (17 days ago)
Все Русские поставили дизлайк
Tinkerer Taurus (17 days ago)
Lmao, in polish captions at the start: Witajcie towarzysze, gruba świnia z tej strony. That translates to: Hello comrades, fat pig here.
shredder (17 days ago)
Im gay and its a western
XxCute BunnyxX (17 days ago)
Me when i live in another country and i can swear unknown words in russian😂
My Buhh (17 days ago)
Vagina is the same in Norwegian and Russian
Claudia (18 days ago)
ты являются киска
Anatoliy Shtinov (17 days ago)
It should be "ты киска".
Ryan Edward Mason (18 days ago)
Estruarty Gagarin (19 days ago)
I can finally curse in school now Thank you master
darkfighter3796 (19 days ago)
грязная сука
No Content (19 days ago)
How to swear in russia 1 min later *HOW TO OUTRUN THE SOVIET ARMY*
Callum McGalliard (19 days ago)
Houi debil you step on my shoe I pizdec you babushka
kartolest (20 days ago)
Пидорастическая хуиментия ёпта
Alexander perkins (20 days ago)
Now I can read DayZ
Liam Donohoe (20 days ago)
Syca blyat!!!
я монах D (20 days ago)
I am Russian why I’m am here
Scott Murphy (20 days ago)
cool shit, thanks
Dead Spite (21 days ago)
You look like the skinnier version of Private Pyle.
Noah Pegasus (22 days ago)
Сука блядь
ShOtIk (22 days ago)
Cyka blyat!!
MizuAchi (23 days ago)
who downloaded this? *raises hand*
Lauren Wright (23 days ago)
Wait boris says pizdec means fuck! Which is it!
dipzz (23 days ago)
Yebat tebya
insane gamer (23 days ago)
Well I know russian and how to swear cuz am not Потому что я не западный разведчик
Charlie Keiner (24 days ago)
I just want to insult and yell at telemarketers in Russian
Super Meme Bros (24 days ago)
Blossom Utonium (25 days ago)
Should of ended with the epic Soviet anthem. SLAVA CCCP!
Roby's Animations (25 days ago)
Pizda means vagina in romanian :))))
trash king (25 days ago)
What about "блядь тебя"?
AngeloNix (25 days ago)
Tonytheflamingo (25 days ago)
This is most important thing to know in russian
Nilla (25 days ago)
Diana Galax (25 days ago)
Roberto Walker (27 days ago)
Привет,нахуй для тебя библеотека?
Mr. Meme (27 days ago)
pizda means pussy in romanian too ;D
I swear like that as a Lithuanian, even though I don't speak Russian. Russian swear words are more popular here lol
Hayden M.L Blanchard (27 days ago)
MaMa McCabe (27 days ago)
Hi is Privet! in russian
anamusicallyYT (28 days ago)
Привијет комрад
Swift is Lonely (28 days ago)
Imma go to my friends and yell pizdato when I'm super happy then the only friend I know that knows Russian will understand. Everyone else will be suppppeeerrrrr confused X3
northernalberta (28 days ago)
Do Russians not like foreign visitors? Why tell someone to F off for asking directions?
Anatoliy Shtinov (17 days ago)
He is clearly being sarcastic.
northernalberta (26 days ago)
Correct. Я не знаю ничего! The Russians here in Alaska are homesteaders and country bumpkins.
mystery man (28 days ago)
'do russians not like foreign visitors?' You don't know Russia, do you? 😂
Yoshi 124 (28 days ago)
•lizzy blue• (28 days ago)
I'm American ass is absolutely obsessed with Russia. So I'm going to learn their language and move there lmao
Anatoliy Shtinov (17 days ago)
I wish you the best of luck :)
Freezy Boy (28 days ago)
•lizzy therian blue• pizdato my friend иди нахуй пидор блять
jenny lee (28 days ago)
the funny thing is the most ppl who grew up outside of russia mostly pronounce the bad words differently lol im pronouncing "pizda" as "pizca" and if im talking about dicks im saying "piskhun" instead of "khui". im also slurring the words so i think i was taught the home-language or some kind of dialect lol
Anatoliy Shtinov (17 days ago)
It doesn't look like any Russian swear words. Maybe it is really a home-language.
MOTO MOTO (28 days ago)
Quiet Is Violent (29 days ago)
Stalin approves
Quiet Is Violent (29 days ago)
Blyat, Cyka and Dermo is all I know
хеллоу ёпта

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