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7 Things to Consider When Making your Holiday Outfits | Men's Fashion

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Holiday season is in full swing this year and here are 7 things you may want to consider when making your Holiday outfits. Make sure to check out my Holiday Office Party lookbook for some inspiration — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6XoPo0C0V8&t=64s Links to shop the pieces down below: Cream Sweater - https://shopstyle.it/l/VIHw ————————————————————————————————————— Fall/Autumn 2018 Videos: Men’s Fall Fashion Trends You Need to Know (https://youtu.be/aCyY7AueuhE) Men's Fall/Autumn Fashion Trends Lookbook (https://youtu.be/qZQ8dKYy35A) 5 Different Styles of Boots Every Guy Should Have (https://youtu.be/VNcQeVr5rBE) Fashionable Ways to Style 5 Scarves (https://youtu.be/TXG8QAljvCg) The Best Coats in Zara RIGHT NOW (https://youtu.be/O9M7S6LAmT8) Men's Fall Outfits: New in ZARA, MANGO, CLUB MONACO, COS (https://youtu.be/XmLBY_npc9M) Check out my Try-On Hauls: Uniqlo Autumn Try-On Haul (https://youtu.be/afHH8rPOsis) H&M Fall/Autumn Try-On Haul 2018 (https://youtu.be/qXHJOGX-wCE) All Saints Summer Sale 2018 (https://youtu.be/7jTe1BQVjDI) Uniqlo Summer 2018 (https://youtu.be/um-lwVXiXJU) Mango Man Spring 2018 (https://youtu.be/ropxJ48GVqo) H&M Fall/Winter 2017 (https://youtu.be/5BTN2yCzY8I) Zara Fall/Winter 2017 (https://youtu.be/0EgEYdeip84) Target Fall/Winter 2017 (https://youtu.be/Zs0nThvQgDA) Styling Videos Spring/Summer Season: 10 Spring Style Trends You NEED to Know (https://youtu.be/lWyoNbjCdSg) Mango Man Spring 2018 Try-On Haul (https://youtu.be/ropxJ48GVqo) My 12 Favorite Topman Pieces | Spring Try-On Haul (https://youtu.be/u7xBZfevB0A) EVERYTHING You NEED to Know About Linen (https://youtu.be/_KTpLPFnfX8) How to Style White Pants | Men’s Summer Outfit Inspiration (https://youtu.be/BBBM5_XZb-c) ————————————————————————————————————— Find me other places: www.instagram.com/marcelfloruss www.onedapperstreet.com Music: Lush Living 1 - Martin Landström
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Text Comments (76)
Romain Bourgier (5 months ago)
Great content Marcel! Do you mind me asking where this knitted blazer is from as I didn't quite catch it on the video?
Tony Brl (5 months ago)
what is your inspiration for the 2019 casual dress style? immediately make the video
erwyn cubacub (5 months ago)
Great video when I go shopping for myself or someone else I remember to use my 3 C’s method : Color, Comfort, & Cost. This is so informative. I’m so excited for the holidays
cristian dinca (5 months ago)
Awesome job again, Marcel! Keep going!
Jason2M (5 months ago)
Olive chinos and a gray crew neck sweater is my holiday outfit
Kevin N (5 months ago)
I don’t think think there is anyone who can compose outfits as good as you, and I’ve watched a lot of mens style youtubers. They give great advice, but your creativity is OUT OF THIS WORLD MAN
B. Alex (5 months ago)
What brand is the argyle sweater???
David (5 months ago)
Where is that flannel from?
tobias smyla (5 months ago)
I love his positive energy! It makes me happy :D
Demetrios Levi (5 months ago)
One of the best fashion channels on Youtube...better than the top 3 imo
Abril Vázquez (5 months ago)
I love your videos Marcel!!
Dominic Humphrey (5 months ago)
great content as usual
c t (5 months ago)
Wow this guy has access to the best clothing pieces in the World. However in this video he is not only wearing and but actually setting examples using pieces from target and Walmart from his previous video. This shows me he isnt Just about the videos but instead he likes the pieces and once again is showing us that you CAN be stylish in a budget.
pixelized (5 months ago)
Hey, Marcel! I was wondering if your accident made you hang your skateboard for good or if you've got back on it since that unfortunate event.🤔 It really seemed like a cool and handy way to move around NYC and probably only becoming a skater could make you even sexier.☺️
Zeigerful (5 months ago)
what is that watch?
Simón Gámez (5 months ago)
That excitement and that energy is what I like about u. You make me smile in a second haha.
Philippe Bucher (5 months ago)
Well there‘s nothing beats holiday season in Switzerland at 10 degrees Celcius and rain 24/7. Where did all the snow go? Danke Merkel
Max Polling (5 months ago)
Awesome video, I love that tan cashmere sweater! Also, 172K already?! you're gonna be at 200,000 so soon!
Shaf Ahmed (5 months ago)
Do a video on how to wear and match earth tones.
julakis (5 months ago)
Love the video bro
AvengerDgoN (5 months ago)
Hey Marcel ! Absolutely love your videos and your style (Only fashion channel i watch). Can you make a video about suits : fits, colors, what you tell your tailor to make them perfect, best places to shop... Keep it up bro !
Tzazilas (5 months ago)
Thanks for the video once again Marcel! Do you have any tips for wearing a shirt under a sweater? I don't have mastered this style yet, I always feel a bit too hot when indoors, and the torso very tight. What's the best shirt option for optimum comfort? Oxford, flannel, dress? Linen is an option too?
silver surfer (5 months ago)
Hi marcel.. what would you wear to a church ? ( If u did visit one) ...
Tech Nick (5 months ago)
Wheres a good place to buy chinos and sweaters?
isaeell mendes e silva (5 months ago)
I found the best Christmas hoodie in the world and I intend to use it on Christmas. By the way loved the video
Anthony Johnson (5 months ago)
I really liked this video...the ideas, the look books. Your sweaters really fit WELL. That is so key to making these outfits look as great as they do. Thank you.
Fred Stewen (5 months ago)
Can you make a video about watches. Want to buy one for quite a while and don't want to spend to much money (150-200€). My problem is that I don't know which one to get and would love to hear your advise. Someone in the comments can help me out, too if he knows a great option. :) loved your video as usual
NagudaGreat (5 months ago)
When I first subbed to TMF (teachingmensfashion) he ONLY got sponsored from Vincero watches so I learned a shit ton about them and finally picked one up. I got one of the cheaper ones (kairos series) for only about $150 USD and it has become one of my favorite watches in my collection. I've gotten compliments from so many people just out of the blue as well as it being a great conversation starter. I already bought a second, but am looking to pick up a couple more this Christmas @[email protected]@wife! 11/10 would recommend!
Manu Niher (5 months ago)
How I would like to have 30% of the clothes of this man.
Arjun Arora (5 months ago)
Me 70% you keep 30% he'll make another one for himself. DONE DEAL. 😂🔥
Мне будто, что я лицезрел его в хлам
Atena Nike (5 months ago)
You and alex costa are my favourite fashion youtuber. You have the better content, never repetitive, always new ideas for outfit, instead of the same tips others propose.
TheMegaBoss1212 (5 months ago)
I'm a pretty small person, probably 5 7 to 5 8 and like 145. You have any suggestions on a peacoat that would fit me well?
Tibor Szabó (5 months ago)
H&M works. I wear a size 46, 5 7, 130
RANDY ROGUE (5 months ago)
how did u learn to have such great taste for fashion?
BobSaget9165 (5 months ago)
I just spent $232 on a turtle neck button up shirt and chinos from Zara and a green quilt style looking jacket from Banana Republic. All inspired from you! Thanks for the help!
Firelizard (5 months ago)
Great vid, but where can I get the items?
Jadden (5 months ago)
During winter I do earth colors too then suddenly my mood wants to wear dark colors instead 😂
Andrew Shiah (5 months ago)
Happy holidays :)
NOEL BABATUNDE (5 months ago)
Yesss cozy sweaters 24/7 i am ready for Xmas, the one that you are wearing is so cool Marcel 🔥👌 #odsquad
TOWANDA the STYLIST (5 months ago)
Really great tips
rajiv savio herald (5 months ago)
Love the way you present your videos.! 😍
Lobix der Zweite (5 months ago)
Great Video!!!
Chris Quintano (5 months ago)
There is only a link for the sweater. Any link for the watch??
Riley McBride (5 months ago)
Have you called that same cardigan a blazer in two videos in a row? Haha, but seriously keep up the great content!
One Dapper Street (5 months ago)
Riley McBride lmao did I????? 😂😂
Decode Lies (5 months ago)
Merry Christmas
Abdullah Qamar (5 months ago)
Please do getting dressed.
Bishwajit Mukherjee (5 months ago)
Lol you looked so hyped for holiday..😋
Samir.a4 (5 months ago)
why can't he just have a million sub!!
Samir.a4 (5 months ago)
+Arjun Arora true
Arjun Arora (5 months ago)
"All good things take time."
Ferdinand Estrada (5 months ago)
Can we give this man a like for never asking for likes?!
Bhushan Meshram (5 months ago)
1st to comment😁😁😁
Raymond F (5 months ago)
Once more a cool video and the outfits are just amazing...Your channel is just so amazing I look forward to each video keep up the great work...
Love the advice 👍🏾
navneet singh (5 months ago)
Happy holidays 😊
Ishan Negi (5 months ago)
What up marcel
Stone Tyler (5 months ago)
I love red sweater. It is so fit and nice
Alby Bounlutay (5 months ago)
Thanks for the video! Happy Holidays to you too man!!!
Peyton Osborne (5 months ago)
Best fashion channel on YouTube! 👌🏽
Younas Khan (5 months ago)
Peyton Osborne Alex costa Tmf Alpha m Based Zeus
Chris Chi (5 months ago)
Happy holiday!!❤️
Brandon B (5 months ago)
`Nostalgia (5 months ago)
Happy Holidays my friend 👍🏼
keithtaylor7 (5 months ago)
Great points made in this video. Awesome job bro. Really cool sweater you’re wearing.
Vy Hien (5 months ago)
my credit card disliked this video
Azhraf production Center (5 months ago)
Top sweater top From 🇸🇴 somalia bro great jop
No name Given (5 months ago)
Luis Cardona (5 months ago)
I needed this video soo bad. I have no idea what am wearing for Christmas
Elwin Thomas (5 months ago)
Love that tan sweater you're wearing marcel
Matt Murdock001 (5 months ago)
That sweater 😍
ruangan fahmi (5 months ago)
awesome content! as always!
Luis Cardona (5 months ago)
Love the video!
FashionCEO (5 months ago)
I’m subbing everyone who subs to me.
Gonzales8 (5 months ago)
Great content deserves an audience greater than 172K👍

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