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The single greatest Tip to increase Ebay Store Sales. Categories

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How to put your eBay inventory into store categories. Increasing sells. And my upcoming video posting schedule. Thanks for checking out my channel. Make sure to subscribe!! For 1 on 1 coaching Pricing & Availability Email me: Rockstarflipper @Gmail.com JOIN THE FREE FACEBOOK RESELLER GROUP- (questions answered 24/7 from members) https://www.facebook.com/groups/689595301181796/ VIP (paid) Facebook Group- https://www.facebook.com/groups/263997070772761/ *Ebay/Amazon Equipment Photo Lighting Kit- http://amzn.to/2mEdSQq Female Mannequin- http://amzn.to/2uEnCxS Male Mannequin- http://amzn.to/2slaFIw Photo Background- http://amzn.to/2xCBnBD Shipping Tape Gun- http://amzn.to/2s7rc6f Poly Mailers - http://amzn.to/2iVae2t Bubble Mailers - http://amzn.to/2iVcUgt Thermal Printer- http://amzn.to/2mqkhST Ebay/Amazon Scale- http://amzn.to/2hIF2r2 Video Game Cleaner- http://amzn.to/2jD08Iy *Youtube Equipment: Microphone (Blue Yeti Blackout)- http://amzn.to/2sAHTaU Microphone Pop Filter- http://amzn.to/2tKN6NU Logitech Webcam - http://amzn.to/2iZcLc7 Canon G7X II Vlog Camera- http://amzn.to/2ujOgwH Memory Card- http://amzn.to/2xBPDdD Flexi Tripod- http://amzn.to/2xBmuiL Back Up battery canon G7X- http://amzn.to/2wQ1cPG MacBook Pro- http://amzn.to/2xCaUEn (Disclosure, these are amazon affiliate links & I do get paid a small commission if you purchase using them) *My EBAY STORE- https://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_id=114&ipn=icep&toolid=20004&campid=5338069183&mpre=http%3A%2F%2Fstores.ebay.com%2FTheElectronixZone1 *Our personal Vlog Adventure channel- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYDfKwFzkHmnTfkHe_G8QcA *FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook.com/Rockstarflipper Instagram.com/Rockstarflipper Twitter.com/Rockstarflipper
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Text Comments (184)
Garrett Wiseman (2 months ago)
You are a lifesaver I spend 20 minutes trying to do this.
swtpee12 (3 months ago)
Thank you brother for the video!
sierra mediatrice (5 months ago)
Can you help me how to to my items in the category I can’t find the edit while using laptop
Abbas Altay (5 months ago)
Thanks you are the man.
RockstarFlipper (5 months ago)
Thank you!!
John Seena (6 months ago)
very bad this video is only for how to create categories listing, not for increase sales.
Musti A. (6 months ago)
The Intro shoked me
Rockyn Robyn (11 months ago)
Thank You
giggle box (11 months ago)
Thanks Rockstar!!! Makes everything organized:)
RockstarFlipper (11 months ago)
Thanks so much!!
randy fasig (1 year ago)
Thanks for the helpful videos. You may want to update them every now and then. They are still good.
Royce Spain (1 year ago)
I am kinda new to YouTube but you have a series of eBay lessons setting up not sure how to find them and kinda figured out how to add them to a eBay add list but can not find these series you have. I want to watch all that you have up to current ones you have made. Sorry I am a little slow lol
Thinh Le (1 year ago)
Thank you professor.
RockstarFlipper (1 year ago)
Your welcome
Tracy Hesla (1 year ago)
Thanks so much for this Video. So easy to follow and understand. Thanks again.
Amine Wilson (1 year ago)
Hi, I am your new channel subscriber, Thank you for your great video. I have created the store category some weeks ago and I did really notice an increase in sales. Do you have any tutorials on how to Make Templates, Banners & Logos For my eBay Store? Thank you!
Josh B (1 year ago)
Thanks Ive been trying to figure this out!
RockstarFlipper (1 year ago)
Your very welcome
Matthew Paulk (1 year ago)
I'm new to all this and I have spent 3 days watching all your vids lol. Thank you so much man
Cynthia Lewis (1 year ago)
Hustle And Friends (1 year ago)
Brilliant! Thanks for the info brother..
Exitsigncollection (1 year ago)
Hi ,can you do a video on how to increase ebay sales without a store thanks
Jason Higgins. (1 year ago)
Hi ....anyone got any answers for me? i had about 20 late deliveries over a one year period which was no fault of mine as i am not the postal services and have no control over them. Of course ebay dont care about the postal services being late, its basically my fault????/ anyway ebay took away my above standard account and put it to below standard. i now struggle to get one sale a month. I have tried everything to increase sales but my account stays completely dead. has anyone got any ideas as i am so angry & frustrated? thanks
TheOpticGunsmith (1 year ago)
Hi i was on my seller HUB and I can’t find that small eBay store button that takes me to “manage my store”
TheOpticGunsmith (1 year ago)
Never mind lol I just had to do a quick store setup thank you for the info
TheOpticGunsmith (1 year ago)
RockstarFlipper I did that but that bar doesn’t show up,
RockstarFlipper (1 year ago)
To. the right of your feedback score and store name
D J (1 year ago)
Just opened my ebay store. This video was very helpful! Thank you! Love all of your videos!
RockstarFlipper (1 year ago)
Glad I can help, thanks for watching
Designacraft (1 year ago)
Ho do you create categories on the main pay Say bedroom with a picture of a bedroom but when you click the link take you to all bedroom listings?
RockstarFlipper (1 year ago)
not sure what you mean, but categories are created inside the "manage your page" tab on your my eBay
Lisa Casey (1 year ago)
Thank u so much!! I had been trying to work this out for over an hour, then I thought, go to YouTube, I was so close! I tried doing that in the first category box, didn't even try the second box da!
RockstarFlipper (1 year ago)
+Lisa Casey glad I could help!!
BayDreams2014 (1 year ago)
NO HAUL!!!you are breaking rock star rules, lol great vid Casey .YES store cats ARE IMPORTANTthey can take time if you have a lot of items , doing it in bulk can get tricky.
Donna Morrow (1 year ago)
This helped me figure out how to add categories to my eBay store. Thanks!
Uyển My (1 year ago)
I cannot find "Manage my Store" :(
Ivonne Mesta (1 year ago)
Great video, thank you so much for doing it step by step!!
RockstarFlipper (1 year ago)
Thank you! im glad its easy to understand
matt c (1 year ago)
Please follow wood4yew on ebay
NCO TRUCKER (1 year ago)
I'm so frustrated, when I go to my seller Hub and click on my little door it doesn't give me the opportunity in the right hand corner to manage my store. in your video you have that highlighted bar and I don't have that. help me out Rockstar please
robby mccormick (1 year ago)
Make sure when you do your categories you make them keyword effective. Meaning it is under keyword that describes your item (more searches "Tops" or "Shirts" which would be more effective) from a trusted source (Ebay.com). Which means you show up on Google.com and Ebay.com search ranking. Meaning more chances to sell your item. Just general SEO which will get you more traffic.
Cheryl Phillips (1 year ago)
smart thank s for the vidio on HTLm for mobile you rock star!!
Kelly (1 year ago)
Came across this again even though I have a playlist for all your vids buddy. Thanks a million-You always make things so simple to do for the ones like me whom aren't tech savvy. On my way! Took notes. Thanks a mil-Casey! Hi to Kate and hope you guys aren't getting to much rain-We need it bad up for moms pasture. Thanks a million buddy. Blows your mind-Blows my mind how fast you grew-I knew you would because you "Rock" Casey! Take care my friend. I thought I missed the meet up-duh it's June 17th-and looking 4ward to it big time. I'm going to see if my daughter will come with me-Is ok if I bring my granddaughter Please or I may not be able to make she's a good little girl. As long as she has food that child is a happy camper. You know I told you she kept them hostage from me so when I really got see her and interact w/ her my daughter was like mom she's not going to come to you because she doesn't know you. We were at outback I said the heck she won't "give me the bread I win her over" and I just kept tossing pieces of bread into her mouth only cause she had already bit her mommys finger. lol I won her over like no tomorrow 😘🤣🤣🤣🤗
RockstarFlipper (1 year ago)
To A Tsvcs (1 year ago)
Looking for how to create subcategories after categories already created. It only gave me the option at first, and I think of subcategories as I go along.
M M (1 year ago)
Great and quick video. Another fantastic teaching from a great teacher. Thank you
RockstarFlipper (1 year ago)
Thanks so much I really appreciate it
Raj Siddappa (1 year ago)
Guru, I was following step by step but after 2:36 sec, i don't see small ebay button next to my name and can't find Manage My store. I don't know what to do? Please help me.
Viego Alvarez (1 year ago)
Did this work for you? I have had a store for 3 years, never set this up
Vegetarianj16 (1 year ago)
Great video with valuable info. Thanks!
Maria Nahas (2 years ago)
Hi i just upgraded to ebaystore and was wondering if you have any tutorials on how to use an ebay store because i just found it a bit all over the place as when i was in the origianl ebay (no store) seems to be easier but i want to know how to naviagte using my new ebay store if you can direct me to some basic tutorial on using ebaystore most appreciated cheers maria Australia
Maria Nahas (2 years ago)
Can you please send me the link for the video on how to use ebay store as i went through your videos and cant seem to find it cheers maria Australia
Maria Nahas (2 years ago)
Thanks most appreciated ciao
RockstarFlipper (2 years ago)
Yeah I have a video about all the features and pros of an eBay store.. not exactly how to use it. I have another video on using the markdown manager inside the store (running a store sale)
Sheri Berry (2 years ago)
Have you done a video yet on how the system you use to keep track of inventory? I don't know if you have a warehouse or just a lot of room in your home but when someone orders from you, what system do you use to know exactly where that item is located?
RockstarFlipper (2 years ago)
Yes I have several videos on it. we have a small office and in our garage, that doesn't make a big difference where you store it, whats important is HOW you store it. Get bins and label them with bin letters and then each item should have a number so you can label it. A-1. A-2 A-3. A-4 etc... all the way to A-20 and then B-1 B-2 B-3 etc
Kevin Aud (2 years ago)
The apostrophe in "ipod's" made me twitch a little bit, but great video!
Yvette Curcio (2 years ago)
Just opened my store and my brain was on over load trying to figure out how to place my items in categories.....Can't thank you enough for this awesome video, I'm on my way!!!!
Holly G (2 years ago)
thanks that helped, i was so confused!
Ha! I finally saw this video. My "not nice" follow-up email was just "tough love."
RockstarFlipper (2 years ago)
No worries. i learned alot
Whats In My Life 2017 (2 years ago)
Thank you soooooo much for this step by step video!!! I've been going crazy for days trying to figure it out! Thank you!!!!
RockstarFlipper (2 years ago)
Your very welcome, I'm glad it was helpful
John Traynor (2 years ago)
Hi RockstarFlipper great easy to follow video, Question is there a charge for transferring items from your shop listings, to categories ?
Kelly (1 year ago)
John Traynor there should not be a charge sir because you are already paying for a store & all your doing is using eBay's tools to set the categories up. Hope that helps you-For, if you haven't done it yet, I forgot but I'm in my way now. Just finished taking notes on how to's. Casey is awesome and explains it so easily at least I can understand for I'm not tech savvy at all
Daniel Shabilla (2 years ago)
So I've just got ahead and categorized everything in my store. How do I now drive traffic into my store from my listings? Does it happen automatically since I've categorized or do I need to explicitly state that I have a store and that people should go look at it?
GenghisKhan22 (2 years ago)
Is there a way to edit the category of my current item for sale that already has bids? I have a high profile coffee canteen for sale but it is listed under coffee beans and I need to switch it to the company that made the canteen. My Ebay page is not setup as a store.
RockstarFlipper (2 years ago)
If it has bids you cant really edit the item.
Billy Sanders (2 years ago)
I spent over an hour with ebay help today and did not learn how to put my listing in a category, your video help me learn all I needed to know. Thanks you for doing these videos.
reputablehype (2 years ago)
I'm a web designer/developer and I couldn't even work this out. Seems to me that eBay has just plugged holes year after year and it's just not that intuitive. Saved me time man, appreciate it!
RockstarFlipper (2 years ago)
No problem. Honestly theres no FAST way, but this is quick
Sharon Broward (2 years ago)
Went for the store. Watched this to learn how to do the Categories. THANK YOU !
Sharon Broward (2 years ago)
What is the advantage of having an actual store vs just an Ebay account? What is the real differences?
Cathy Paxton (2 years ago)
How important is collections ..does it really bring people into the store...should we focus on doing it? Haven't heard but one video on it.
Larry Lafferty (2 years ago)
Great video. Are there sub categories and how do you make those?
P R (2 years ago)
Question: Do you work with Etsy? if so, what do you sell and how do you SEO your products?
Vegetarianj16 (1 year ago)
You don't have to be crafty! People sell vintage on there!
RockstarFlipper (2 years ago)
Russ i don't I'm sorry. Im not crafty enough for etsy lol
Myrna Carter (2 years ago)
It drives me nuts when I go into someone's store and they have everything in the store category other...lol   I have categories in my store but I think I still need to improve on them.
RockstarFlipper (2 years ago)
I finally got ours in categories. thank god!!
Anderson (2 years ago)
Cold n rainy today up here :( have a safe ride guys.
RockstarFlipper (2 years ago)
It was rainy the whole time :-( but a great wedding. Thanks Leighann
Tracey Smith (2 years ago)
One of the best videos you've done! My husband and I recently discovered your channel and love your videos!
RockstarFlipper (2 years ago)
Tracey thank you soo much!!! Say hello to the husband.
Mall JZ (2 years ago)
Hey man , i'm also in florida , aspiring to start an ebay career, i dont have an ebay store, i have just a personal account is that going mess with sales? I would greatly appreciate the help!!! I'm also subscribed!!! check out my ebay: http://www.ebay.com/usr/gmal136?_trksid=p2047675.l2559
RockstarFlipper (2 years ago)
+GMal G Yes they sell soon good. Thanks for watching and commenting
Mall JZ (2 years ago)
RockstarFlipper thanks man i really appreciate the insight! I just sold some pokemon nintendo ds games for $100! Overnight. Really hot sellers!!!!
RockstarFlipper (2 years ago)
+GMal G Electronics and video games sell fast and decent profits. Clothes are AMAZING profits but slow sellers, you kinda have to build an inventory up. They cost nothing and when they sell its awesome, but to start fast stick to hot items like electronics and games. Toys is also good. Remember they are higher risk than clothes because your spending more and they have moving parts.
Mall JZ (2 years ago)
RockstarFlipper im looking to make $300 a week starting out, what do you think i should focus on? Clothes? Electronics? Whats the high selling areas? Im so thankful for the advice! This is funding my schooling and everyday cost. You're an inspiration man, thank you!
RockstarFlipper (2 years ago)
It doesn't hurt sales, but if you intend to grow you will need a business account or eBay store soon.
J Sapa (2 years ago)
Great video. I've always used categories but I completely forgot about the keywords. Very important to remember to change your keywords cause ebay prefills them with total crap, lol.  So thanks for the video, off to change my keywords.
RockstarFlipper (2 years ago)
yes we are SLOWLY working on those lol
Robert Carpenter (2 years ago)
Your channel continues to grow because your content is relevant and easily understood. It's simple yet very accessible. ALWAYS a winning formula my friend. Love your videos! Thanks again!
RockstarFlipper (2 years ago)
Robert thanks soo much!! Its blowing my mind how fast its growing. If you haven't already you can see my daily averages on social blade
Robert Carpenter (2 years ago)
Thank you for posting this video. It makes sense that you would have your own store in categories, but I've never really thought about it or done it. So, thanks again to you and the person that told you to do this. I'm going to organize mine better now before mine gets to be too big.
sirJayGee (1 year ago)
Hi guys. One year later can you say this is definitely a beneficial move to make. I am just starting up but have lots of inventory and am determined to keep at and make it work.
RockstarFlipper (2 years ago)
Yes we organized 600 items into categories yesterday and they are selling already. great sales day.
Thrift Pirate (2 years ago)
unfortunately this doesn't work for Mobile, The only people that can see this are people on computer's. I know I've never bought nor listed anything on eBay using a computer :( and I don't own one so I have to do this through a mobile browser which is such a pain Haha but I'm going to. think I'm finally going to get a store, insertion fees add up quickly.
RockstarFlipper (2 years ago)
+Wade Kutella Yes bays fee is 10% unless you get top rated then its 8%. If you need motivation when sales happen it motivates me big time. Just bite down and list list list and then youll see sales come in, once the sales start that all the motivation youll need
Thrift Pirate (2 years ago)
+Wade Kutella final value fee's, ebay takes 10% of the final sale price.
Wade Kutella (2 years ago)
What is FVF? I'm a total newb and am starting with stuff I already have lying around the house. Made my first sale a couple weeks ago and did very well but am finding it hard to find time to do anything with it. I definitely want to do this full time someday. Also finding it hard to find the motivation. It all seems really overwhelming right now. How do I get past that? How did you do it? Thanks for the videos, they are awesome.
RockstarFlipper (2 years ago)
Yes they do!! its well worth it. Plus a discount on FVF
Sherry Leak (2 years ago)
Hi, is there anyway you can interview your plush seller friend or show a link to her ebay store? I also sell plush and I'm looking for some pointers to make better sales. thanks!
Sherry Leak (2 years ago)
Nice! Thank you!!
RockstarFlipper (2 years ago)
Im going to ask her permission next week. She's a little older so i have to see if she's up for it! great idea though
KICKZ FROM QUEENZ (2 years ago)
RockstarFlipper (2 years ago)
No because it depends on your seller or top rated discount, but eBay is 10% and paypal is 2.9%+$.30 per transaction
Andrew (2 years ago)
Thanks for another great video. I just started and set up categories before I saw this so I guess I am doing something right. Is there a way to set the store category as you list? To me that would be easier! Secondly I was wondering if you have done any auctions? I have gone to three and have gotten lucky each time. I was wondering what your take was on doing it this way? Any info you provide will be helpful. Thanks again you are the rockstar!
RockstarFlipper (2 years ago)
I Dont do any auctions sorry i have almost no experience with auctions. You can't add categories as you go persay i don't think. You just go to the category page and add it after you create a new listing and then add any items after that
erniedawg (2 years ago)
I have a question: what is the standard time period for your listings on eBay? And if it doesn't sell the first time around do you increase it the 2nd time you list it?Thnx.
RockstarFlipper (2 years ago)
Hmm ill take a look, maybe try $9.99 and that might do the trick straight buy it now and see if that works? or offer a sale on those items for 20% which would be $2.40 off $9.60 total
Thrift Pirate (2 years ago)
But I didn't buy the wrong things 😂 if you can check out my ebay it's OpsTek. I buy the normal stuff that should sell for $12 people offer me $7 keep in mind I pay between $1-2 for most of my shirts I don't have a outlet
RockstarFlipper (2 years ago)
+RC Model Reviews If you reduce the price several times and use best offer and they don't sell then either you bought wrong and you have to take a loss on them, or you have to group them together if possible??
Thrift Pirate (2 years ago)
+RockstarFlipper yeah I have things ending in a few days that I'm going to have to relist,i don't know how much more I can lower my prices, I got things really cheap and some just seem like they don't draw any interest.
RockstarFlipper (2 years ago)
30 days. And i usually relist it and reduce the price $1 or $2 depending how expensive it is.
forrealgirl 42 (2 years ago)
Question do you use terapeak and what do you think of it. I am not so sure signed up for free trial see small benefits but not much. What do you think? Thanks for sharing this video and good luck on your hauls
sirJayGee (1 year ago)
forrealgirl 42 Im interested as well
RockstarFlipper (2 years ago)
I have never used it. I Heard good things about it but no idea. Let me know how it is for you I'm interested in a review on it
Kelly (2 years ago)
Great Video as Always,Casey! Thank you. Just rec my computer back yesterday, now it's organizing my room and busting butt getting to listing. I could never figure out the store category you made it so simple thanks a mil-for I'm not tech savvy at all. First and utmost-You and Kate have a Safe trip and Drive Safe-it's the other crazy S out there, Trust me! Congrats on whomever is getting married and many many years to follow! Well Wishes. Stay Real that's best Quality about you-Being "For Real"- and no bs or sugar coating😀💜👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
RockstarFlipper (2 years ago)
Kelly!! Thanks ill drive safe promise. Long ride but I'm going to enjoy it in my car i hope. We just booked the hotel and all setup with wifi and everything so i can post a video Q&A friday night. Saturday after the wedding i might put up a quick one. and then driving home sunday i might do a "TRIP VIDEO"
Tee Dee (2 years ago)
Hard to take a cat using the moniker 'RockstarFlipper' seriously, but even I have to admit that your videos are food for thought. So I will now try a few of your tips & see what happen's. However should success by trying them elude me, I will be coming to hunt you down. Just messing w/you. Cheers!!!
RockstarFlipper (2 years ago)
Awe whats wrong with the name? I love it!! I'm glad your watching though and thanks for commenting
Ehjukated Trading Co. (2 years ago)
There is a way to just use eBay categories rather than creating new ones for everything. Huge timesaver.
sirJayGee (1 year ago)
Ehjukated Trading Co. please elaborate! I’m new and need this info.
RockstarFlipper (2 years ago)
What do you mean? these are store categories, not the regular ones
Mystify Gifts (2 years ago)
Enjoy your weekend! Forget about the videos, :D Family first!! Thank you for all you do for us.
Mystify Gifts (2 years ago)
Will be watching then. :D
RockstarFlipper (2 years ago)
:-0 I appreciate that but we are going to make it happen DEF friday!!
Sharking Mom Deals (2 years ago)
Yes the categories does help. If you would like to get your items found and up your ranking in the search engines FIX category Keywords. E bay just throws anything in for the keywords, You need to go change those. Be careful to not use the same words more than 3 times or the search engine will kick it out for key spamming. Happy listing!
RockstarFlipper (2 years ago)
Great tips i didnt know they would kick it out for that!! thanks so much
KenoBabe777 (2 years ago)
Thanks Casey! Always wondered how to set this up!!!! Always GREAT Videos!!!
RockstarFlipper (2 years ago)
You got it! I'm glad this was a good one for everyone to fix the categories
Davids BlogTube (2 years ago)
MAN!! Thank you Casey for this video!! I was trying to figure this out for a few days now! lol video is saved to my favorites!! Another great video!
RockstarFlipper (2 years ago)
David great!! i think its helping a lot of folks
ultimatecouponlady (2 years ago)
Also, why aren't you guys flying to the wedding instead of driving all those hours?
RockstarFlipper (2 years ago)
Road trip!! and i hate that airport, and my car is electric AND gas so i get super good gas milage, i won't use that much gas, and i plan to visit some people so i want my own car not a rental
ultimatecouponlady (2 years ago)
You can create sub-categories also like main category is MENS CLOTHING then your sub-categories would be Ties, Shirts, Pants...etc
RockstarFlipper (2 years ago)
yes I'm going to do that as well. Thanks soo much!!
James Nichols (2 years ago)
Crab cakes and football!
RockstarFlipper (2 years ago)
No doubt!!
VOGELTRON (2 years ago)
Secondarily not to take away from RockStar he has a great audience I beat him down on this and I feel a bit bad but it is crazy he is doing the video. I suggested this.. just general advice. Use something to promote your store in your listings. Say check out my eBay store for other great deals and similar items. Store categories also gives you easier ways as a seller to check what you have and create specific sales for categories. Maybe sweatshirts are out of season it makes it much easier to do a eBay store sale on those if it is categorized properly. Also you give buyers leads toward purchasing more items. It may also give you an idea of if your category runs low of what you need to source more of. As a long time eBay seller 10+ years nothing is crazier to me than someone who has an eBay store but has all 1,000+ items under OTHER as the only store category. Even if you have a few hundred make the categories more specific, the more you have maybe you consider using sub categories with brands, sizes, etc. With the Tools eBay has its easy. Not like you have to go through each one individually anymore.
RockstarFlipper (2 years ago)
All great ideas and things I'm going to do in the future!!
VOGELTRON (2 years ago)
Glad you took my advice. I am not 100% sure how much difference it makes but I highly suggest going into your store and changing the Keywords for your Categories. Because eBay will throw out some goofy stuff prefilled in their.
RockstarFlipper (2 years ago)
ok will do. thanks again sir
Jacob Woodring (2 years ago)
Can you do a video on abbreviations used in titles? I see a lot of EUC and NWT... can you tell us what they mean?
RockstarFlipper (2 years ago)
yup she nailed it
JaDeene Armstrong (2 years ago)
EUC is Excellent Used Condition. NWT is New With Tags, NWOT is New Without Tags. Hope this helps!
All (2 years ago)
Great tip! I'll have to do this if I get further into eBay selling. I really love your channel and how you've been doing your videos. Keep up the great work! I'm new to this stuff, and have a question regarding taxes. If I start selling on eBay and sell things for profit, how do you deal with reporting sales on things that are just your own personal items that have depreciated? Like, let's say I have a video game re-selling business on eBay where I buy games for $5 but sell them for $10, I understand I report those sales and profits on my taxes. But let's say I also have some of my own personal games that I bought for $60 when they were new and need to get rid of them so I sell them on eBay for $20 since they just depreciated over time. If I sell that under my eBay account, I can't report it as a loss since it wasn't intended to be for business, but I still need to report it as income since I'm getting $20 in my Paypal account. How do you handle selling your own personal items under your eBay account that have depreciated over time? Should I create a separate eBay and Paypal account for personal items? I think I still would have to report it anyways, but they'll end up being a loss since they will depreciate (like old clothes, games, etc. that I no longer use). Just not sure how to handle things like that. Thanks so much, I appreciate your time!
All (2 years ago)
Oh okay, yeah that makes sense. I appreciate the reply! Just new to this stuff and didn't have a clue. Thanks!
RockstarFlipper (2 years ago)
To avoid getting taxed on it, just mark it as a personal sale item and if you get audited show how long you have had it etc.. Im sure the IRS is lax on that if you don't have a receipt for each and every personal item
All (2 years ago)
Thanks for the reply, I wouldn't want to claim it as a cost of goods, I just want to avoid being taxed on a depreciating item that was bought for personal use and that I've lost money on. I just wasn't sure if there was a way to handle selling your personal items on eBay that you don't make a profit on. But I probably should read up a bit more on this, I was just curious if there was an easy way to handle it.
RockstarFlipper (2 years ago)
If its a personal asset and you don't have a receipt you COULD claim it as a cost of good, HOWEVER if you get audited you won't be able to prove the cost and youll be in big trouble. You could put a small COG on the item and maybe it would be better but if i don't have a receipt i don't claim it as Cost of goods.
RockstarFlipper (2 years ago)
I Have never gone down that route but i would recommend researching many many styles and types before putting money into 1 thing. Make sure you find the good sellers, and the ones that don't move. thank you
Eaglewings Marilinn (2 years ago)
I did my Categories but I had to do it page by page, the only way I was able to do it :) almost done!
RockstarFlipper (2 years ago)
yes same here
Joe C (2 years ago)
Went to a new Goodwill Outlet in Illinois last week, they have so much stuff it would takes days to go through it all.  It's all in the big boxes that the individual stores use to box it up to send it to the outlet.  They set out over 15 boxes of bags/purses, 20 boxes of shoes, over 50 boxes of clothes, plus toys, stuffed animals, glassware and all the other stuff you normally find in the outlet, but its not all mixed together, its still separate.  Found about 10 original vintage coach bags, 10 modern coach bags, tons of Victoria secret bags.  Have you tried selling those types of items??
Joe C (2 years ago)
The new store is in Jacksonville IL.  My wife showed me how to tell the difference, if they are very plain inside they are probably real, but if there is a pattern material inside of a coach its fake.  Had to sort through about 50 knock offs to find 20 real ones.  She found one LV that she thinks is real but needs to get it certified, its selling for over $300 on ebay.
Thrift Pirate (2 years ago)
wow nice I'm in Illinois, I'm scared to buy those high end purses cause I have no idea how to tell if they are counterfeit.
Ben Huynh (2 years ago)
any tips for teens about eBay and/or flipping stuff in general?
VOGELTRON (2 years ago)
Start by selling some extra items you have. I am little over 10 years into selling on eBay. I started when I was like 16 years old. My biggest tip is you have to get serious and take a risk. I got scammed for $800 when I was 17 trying to bulk buy items. It was my life savings as a High School kid. I had partnered with a friend. I paid back the $400 I was scammed for because I made the call on dealing with this individual. Took the small amount of product I had left and just kept at it. It gave me just enough to stay in the game. With smart phones and technology stuff the great thing is you can start picking thrift stores for cheap. In 2004-2005 when I started you had to have off the brain knowledge or be able to call someone to look something up.
Cristian Medel (2 years ago)
hey bro i like your videos. i have a 2 questions for you. (1) i want to start a heat press t-shirt business what's your honest opinion on that since you have a lot of experience selling do you think its worth it or should I do something else. (2) on which websites can i sell them. my email address is [email protected] hope to hear from you thanks.
RockstarFlipper (2 years ago)
You can sell your shirts on eBay NOT amazon. Or on local sites on Facebook groups or craigslist etc. I would say you could do good sales on them if you create good stuff
Best Stuff (2 years ago)
how do you create a store? Can we categorize our items if we don't have a ebay store?
RockstarFlipper (2 years ago)
must have a store. use ebays store subscription page
Daddy Sellerman (2 years ago)
Great video
RockstarFlipper (2 years ago)
Thank you soo much
TravelinPickers (2 years ago)
Omg! I just did this yesterday in my store. I was waiting to see what your tip was today and bam, I already did it.I have 469 listings , it took several hours.
RockstarFlipper (2 years ago)
Yeah I'm working on mine lol. taking hours
Neal Mobley (2 years ago)
You are very clear and to the point. I am trying to get started on eBay and I've been watching a lot of videos. Yours, by far have been my favorite. Thanks for your help.
RockstarFlipper (2 years ago)
Thanks a ton Neal!!
cut the check (2 years ago)
I think I could make a quick first profit selling oral thermometers the 2 I have I saw on eBay the person only had 11 left what do you think?
RockstarFlipper (2 years ago)
Id have to know the brand and model or see photos

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