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What Does J LUL KE Mean? | Overwatch

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Want more Akshon? We're now on Discord! 😎 Join us for live game discussions, content suggestions and more! 👉https://www.discord.gg/tSymunh Ever wondered what the term 'J LUL KE' meant when watching the Twitch chatroom? Do you know who Jake is? Stay tuned to find out how this term came to be! In this new series, we cover the jargons of the Overwatch League and esports! With so many interesting and new terms popping up on the twitch stream and amongst our friends, our team at Akshon Esports want to make sure you're not confused and up to date with the latest lingo. Let us know in the comments section if this is something you would like us to regularly do! Feel free to suggest any other terms that we should cover :) Connect with us for more content: Overwatch League: https://goo.gl/inJERD Behind the Akshon: https://goo.gl/o8Aouc PROFiles Videos: https://goo.gl/fqMp7e Website: http://www.akshonesports.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/akshonesports/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/akshonesports/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/akshonesports Music Credit: Up In My Jam (All Of A Sudden) - Kubbi Video Credit: xQc - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PAvOvsjwKZ0 Mystified - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ag7Z8IL0zXQ #overwatch #overwatchleague #esports
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Text Comments (175)
Akshon Esports (9 months ago)
Which term would you like us to cover next?
Max H (6 months ago)
definitely AKM blade
Some Ginger Kid (7 months ago)
Akshon Esports Idk if you noticed but replacing the A in Jake with the LUL face can make the word resemble either Jake or Joke so if you see it spammed on your run of the mill garbage play by jake. Then it’s a joke by jake
AnonDXD Productions (7 months ago)
aKm/Fleta blades
Aveonick (7 months ago)
Kittanan Jamnongrit (8 months ago)
NA Ult
Luciano Batista (6 days ago)
kuruptgt (7 days ago)
This video was 1 Note Blossom long
First world problems (1 month ago)
Oh crap John died on my birthday D;
Black 110s (1 month ago)
Oof (1 month ago)
You mispronounced pronunciation.
Harry (1 month ago)
'pronounciation' ironic
Bes Jen (3 months ago)
In dutch "lul" is another work for "penis"
BoXDIno (3 months ago)
I think I watched this twice by accident somehow
me (3 months ago)
2:45 ask xqc
me (3 months ago)
Hamza Adwan (4 months ago)
SilverStar ¿ (4 months ago)
Ive seen a silver junkrat play better than Jake
Valiscense (4 months ago)
nah bro TRIHARD 7 NUMBA 1
Deniz Vaizoğlu (5 months ago)
cian mcaulay (5 months ago)
Keemstar is a piece of shit for making fun of total biscuits deAth
Gregory Chen (5 months ago)
I think the tribute would have been better placed at the start or end.
Phantompanda_OW (6 months ago)
Korea overrated 4Haed carpe outdated 4Head Long have we waited 4Head Moowe activated 4Head OVERWATCH MEMES
The S Jake means skill lul
Squishy Boi (6 months ago)
You pronounced pronounciation incorrectly dingus
Ixactl (6 months ago)
jake more like joke
LBow (7 months ago)
hEy ToRb PlAyEr gO kIlL yOuRsElF
Kexerino (7 months ago)
Stefanonimo (7 months ago)
Silver Soul (7 months ago)
Tsar Bomba (7 months ago)
"Pronounciation". Nice.
Flower (7 months ago)
Tushar (7 months ago)
lol junrat onetrick? have you seen jake's soldier in world cup vs SK? insane
adrian torrealba (7 months ago)
Tushar that was one year ago did you see how bad he was at everything else compare to other pros in the owl
Jl Mc (7 months ago)
its a compisult
Jl Mc (7 months ago)
its a compisult
Aveonick (7 months ago)
Do tilting next time
marceld13 (7 months ago)
Then again, twitch chat is the most autistic place on the internet
lies damnlies (7 months ago)
Oof. 3:52 really pulled on the heartstrings.
Hannah W. (9 months ago)
Jake also doesn't like it but it's so fucking funny
Clementine (7 months ago)
Yeah if ur an autist u may find in haHAAnna
Jessie Lim (9 months ago)
As a Dutch speaking person, the term 'LUL' confused me just for a second tbh ._.
Thomas Schulz (6 months ago)
I know da feeling man, its just so funny to hear people say lul For anyone wondering it means dick in dutch
E VH (9 months ago)
Abdullah Alvi (9 months ago)
The man The myth Th- FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!
Stickykitkat (9 months ago)
I see people using it for both mockin and cheering, I find it really versatile
Randy Andreu (9 months ago)
Is this hoonmaru
Logan Marquis (9 months ago)
jake doesn’t even care bc he knows he’s good 😂 why else would he still be pro, play for team USA, and get invited to play for team USA.... again LULLLLL
Logan Marquis (9 months ago)
XQC mad bc outlaws are (still) better than fuel
Henry Liang (9 months ago)
that, was amazing the small section to honor john bain
AntiFrog (9 months ago)
akm blade?
ReveN (9 months ago)
1:25 having XQC help people pronounce things seems like a bad idea.
SheepDawhg (1 month ago)
Henri Leppihalme (2 months ago)
Nox (9 months ago)
This meme is dead
korajak yosthasarn (9 months ago)
btw he is good
K Kona (9 months ago)
I feel like we should bring back ESCA LUL since his play had the most meme potential. Just because of the fact he’s now playing pubg doesn’t mean he can’t continue as an ow meme imo.
I3umblebee X (9 months ago)
Tristan Polk (9 months ago)
Hello gladiators, London here, can we have fissure back?
Danny (9 months ago)
Andrew Chen (9 months ago)
Do AKM blade
Josh Kaler (9 months ago)
Can I get some Fs is the chat for total biscuit. Rip, you will be missed. F
Kevin Lee (9 months ago)
What happened to NYXL? Why they throwing
HateCrymes (9 months ago)
Its an insult, 100% insult.
HateCrymes (9 months ago)
"Junkrat specialist" OMEGALUL
Jake Tilton (9 months ago)
Jake is thrilled because he is skilled.
Yahli Atzmon (9 days ago)
RyanHardt (7 months ago)
Nah he's just mad cus he's bad
Firelog2000 (7 months ago)
Jake is unhappy because he is crappy
Ari Laz (9 months ago)
Like this one
The Senate (9 months ago)
Elethom (9 months ago)
TriHard 7
thorandil1 (9 months ago)
I thought it meant Joke
DriedSquid8447 (9 months ago)
Lmao normie meme
Haudraufduffman (9 months ago)
Being "neutral" about it, LUL he sounded salty af. haha
Raf v. (9 months ago)
Reviewing a meme kills it. Ask PewDiePie
Not A Waifu (9 months ago)
GalvaniJo (9 months ago)
Hullo internet! And welcome to Behind the Meme!
Ahmed Bin Shams (9 months ago)
Jlulke <3 Fuck all the haters If Jlulke is not playing then we are watching !
Santiago Solares (9 months ago)
this vid is about 1.25 AKM blades long
kshitij tiwari (9 months ago)
AKM blade plis
SpiritNoYoso (9 months ago)
Fortnite mobile ad in overwatch vid
BIGGS (9 months ago)
thadex (9 months ago)
Someone show this to xQc lmao
Nico Las (9 months ago)
Akm blade
ZackAttack (9 months ago)
AKM has also been LUL-I-fied
DrMD (9 months ago)
Jake_ow is in my room Guys Guys Jake has a knife
Zefyris D (9 months ago)
JAKE HAS A PULSE BOMB ... Oh it's fine.
Scott Motcheson (9 months ago)
I bet Seoul wish they had Esca now lol
Andrew Carrillo (9 months ago)
Manggala Bagaskoro yeah. He is. Munchkin is pretty consistent too. Kuki is better then jehong and miro on Winston. They should release miro and pick up tizi are something.
Manggala Bagaskoro (9 months ago)
Andrew Carrillo well in the end it all comes down to a lot of things. zunba is the only player who is consistent imo
Andrew Carrillo (9 months ago)
Manggala Bagaskoro that’s totally why they are out of playoffs. Also fleta a genji player took 4 min to build up 1 blade. Then akm. Someone who never touches genji took I think 3:30 min. Also esca was their shot caller.
Manggala Bagaskoro (9 months ago)
Scott Motcheson why would they? fleta and the other dps in dynasty are way better than esca
Stiopka (9 months ago)
What a J O K E
wait? Total Biscuit is dead? R.I.P .. didn't know that. FYIBTW. Jake plays more than just junkrat. if you go watch the world cup, he plays Genji, pharah, Soldier 76 to a very high level too, it's just that junkrat is his best hero, just like SBB is a tracer one trick right? :) everyone has a hero they are best at, Widow might be Linkzr's best hero, it's just sad that he hasn't been all that great lately.
REPINTDOT (9 months ago)
WhiteHunter 46 (9 months ago)
Der_ Poto (9 months ago)
We need twitch emotes on YouTube!!!
Alex Stewart (9 months ago)
AKM was being spammed when Dallas wasn't even playing LUL
Veikka (9 months ago)
It started off as J OMEGALUL KE, but then the normies made it J LUL KE
RT (11 days ago)
OWL Twicth channel doesn't have BTTV enabled, so it wouldn't make sense at all to write OMEGALUL. That's why people use LUL nowadays, just like when someone does semething good, people spam PogChamp, instead of Pog or PogU.
Adriano Ponte (3 months ago)
"Normies, oh ho oh ho" Memelord Kiddos....
RyanHardt (7 months ago)
J OMEGALUL KE takes too long to type and I think OMEGALUL has more of an O shape and LUL has an A shape, that's why it was changed.
adrian torrealba (7 months ago)
LP what do you use besides bttv and ffz chatterino OMEGALUL
Daniel Mendoza (7 months ago)
Normies use OMEGALUL and normies
Pedro Soares (9 months ago)
I like videos that are around 1 Fleta blades long
Pedro Soares (9 months ago)
BlinkInYourArea thanks
Andrew Carrillo (9 months ago)
BlinkInYourArea I can believe that. Tivq it not as good as he once was.
BlinkInYourArea (9 months ago)
Just found it. Tviq needed over 4 minutes to get his blade against Shanghai Dragons this stage.
BlinkInYourArea (9 months ago)
I'll try to look it up. 100% certain it was someone else.
Andrew Carrillo (9 months ago)
BlinkInYourArea honestly don’t know who you are talking about. But fletas was on horizon lunar colony. Him and akm were the only ones to get a blade that long.
Malengine Razor (9 months ago)
Fleta blades next
The Legendary SwagMan (9 months ago)
Mato Vidović (9 months ago)
Fleta beat aKm with a 4min blade ! :D
Intenxsify (9 months ago)
At first he took it as an insult since it was annoying him but then no longer takes offense to it anymore lmao its now just a part of him now
DaddyboneZ (9 months ago)
Jake is a botburger...
Gabriele (9 months ago)
he didn't play junkrat that much in the stage 4 ;__;
Void (9 months ago)
I dont understand this.? This isnt a game thermonolgy. I cant use this. It isnt a Tipp
VOD VOD (9 months ago)
Irradiated thermonolgy tipp lul
Irradiated (9 months ago)
Blax_Royale if a riptire is used or someone gets picked by junkrat people say J LUL K E
ZVEZDA • (9 months ago)
AnonDXD Productions (7 months ago)
Don't forget that Jake and Arhan is on the same team LUL
Ari Laz (9 months ago)
AKM Blade, not LUL... know your meme pls
Wokolieツ (9 months ago)
akm blade pls
I3umblebee X (9 months ago)
Wokolieツ YES LMFAO
paulyoungck (9 months ago)
I will probably take them 100 Akm blades to make a video about AKM blades.
Malengine Razor (9 months ago)
Fleta blades
Kameron Kuah (9 months ago)
Fleta blades > akm blade
Solid Snake (9 months ago)
Arhunlul Myklul
Void (9 months ago)
Thx for another thermonolgy
Amped OW (9 months ago)
Behind the meme... Cmonbruh
정기욱 (9 months ago)
👏🏻👏🏻 Meme Review
Dagip Overwatch (9 months ago)
Leave esca alone
Alvaro Quezada (9 months ago)
The best meme in the overwatch league
MolyBid (9 months ago)
"Hello ____ 📞4Head.." is the best
MirrorkatFeces (9 months ago)
Lurking Anonymously c9 is for the plebs, and so is Paid (insert)
Josias Gonzales (9 months ago)
Alvaro Quezada no, it's between this, c9 and paid (whoever)
Daniel_KB (9 months ago)
Aaaaaaaaah, meme origins... J LUL KE

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