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Buying Wholesale from DHGate.com

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In this episode of readers questions Danny asks about the wholesale buying and importing site DHgate.com plus his concerns on selling with a totally new eBay account. Free Wholesale Help Membership: http://www.WholesaleHelp.co.uk My eBay Tutorial DVD: http://wholesale-help.com/instantprofitauctions/
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Art Gonzalez (2 months ago)
DHGate i used to purchase from them back in the 90's to much delay their priorities are not set well go with Aliexpress much better attended when you purchase an item overseas. Aliexpress usually takes 1 week or 2 epack
Misteur Ahmed (2 months ago)
do you know if this is still the case 30 years later?
mongo picho (1 year ago)
Hello! there is any tax or fee for importing 1 or 50 or 200 e-cigarettes from DHgate to Miami?
Cosmos Mars (1 year ago)
hey i need help i ordered something and payed for it a lot of money and they wont send cuz the say the waiting for some payment verification and i dont know what that is and i looked in my bank and they already took the money off!! what should i do?
yulanda brandon (2 years ago)
why can't I buy as a consumer....I set my acct...or at least I think I did.. I verified my email...
Quinton Wright (2 years ago)
How long does dhgate ems shipping take on average
DrinkSome Bleach (3 years ago)
can u trust dhgate
Tanner Walker (2 years ago)
no you can't they are scam
Kalpesh Acharya (3 years ago)
Hi Andy Thank you. I am looking for ebay profit calculator, any idea?
Mark Houck (3 years ago)
Andy, Just Wanted To Say Thank You For All You Do! - Could You Touch A Little More About A Company Called Wholesale2U and If This Might Be A Good Choice Or Maybe You Might Have One You'd Recommend... - Thx Again Andy - ... Mr Mark ( °•° ) Online - Product - Specials
Wholesale-Help.com (3 years ago)
I've not heard of that site Mark, and when I Google it I only find a used car lot? cant help you with that one. Have you got a URL for them?
Janie Bath (4 years ago)
Thank you for such a fun video so refreshing!  It made me laugh as well as taught me a lot.
Wholesale-Help.com (4 years ago)
Hey thanks Janie! I had fun making it. :-) 
Panayiotis Doxopoulos (5 years ago)
haha that was a nice mix of useful info and humour. thanks for that.
Wholesale-Help.com (5 years ago)
Thanks Pan, I enjoyed making it! 
Wholesale-Help.com (5 years ago)
The confirmation email should arrive in your inbox within an hour at the very longest, if you have checked your junk mail folder then I really dont know why its not arriving, can you try a different email address? Andy
Prelaunch Profit (5 years ago)
hey ive tried to sign up for the silver membership. ive tried several times and it still wont let me get in. i also saw the small print on the site that you might have to check the spam folder? i have done that too and it isnt coming up. any tips?
Wholesale-Help.com (5 years ago)
Hi David, Firstly you may as well convert your account to a business seller it only takes a few clicks and enables you to do more with your account. Secondly have you got more than 10 feedback on your eBay account? The reason I ask is that once you get past 10 feedback you will be able to do more things like sell multiple items, just list the printer carts with a fixed price "buy it now" listing and in the box under the price will be the number of items you can put 250 in there.
david dennison (5 years ago)
hi andy i just bought a joblot (of printer inks) and was wondering how to sell more than one on the same listing,ive 250 and just want to use the same ad,im not a business seller (yet) thanks

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