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China Electronic Markets w/Linus Tech Tips! HUGE PC Giveaway!

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ENTER THE PC GIVEAWAY HERE: https://gleam.io/E0mpG/strange-parts-linus-tech-tips-pc-giveaway Watch Linus's video about building the PC: https://youtu.be/sZs4NDC4yrI I spent the afternoon showing Linus from Linus Tech Tips around the Huaqiangbei electronics markets in Shenzhen, China. We looked for crazy laptops, tried to build a video editing PC for less than it would cost in the west, and generally explored what the markets have to offer. Share this video: https://youtu.be/5Rar95ZHkoc Subscribe to the channel here: https://goo.gl/qeurxc My Gear: Main camera: http://amzn.to/2BfHqiW Other camera: http://amzn.to/2B0Snke Main lens: http://amzn.to/2B0THDI Other lens: http://amzn.to/2BAysJQ Microphone: http://amzn.to/2kNCqHg Little tripod: http://amzn.to/2B12zJF Facebook: http://facebook.com/strangepartscom Twitter: http://twitter.com/strangepartscom Instagram: http://instagram.com/strangeparts_com Music: Banana Cake - @dcuttermusic / http://www.davidcuttermusic.com
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Text Comments (24515)
nikolaos stavrou (1 day ago)
Very good market!
Will Scott (4 days ago)
Thumbs up 👍 if you’re watching this right before going to SEG Plaza!
Strange Parts & Linus Tech the EPIC Tech Team !!
I3ORG HARVEY (7 days ago)
Becareful China dosent clone you.
Felipe La Rotta (9 days ago)
I know is an old vid, but I just saw the Linus video counterpart and the difference is just huge. You are such a respectful and humble guy Scotty! Kudos for that. On the other hand, I wanted to smack Linus with his stupid cooler.
paul cooper (10 days ago)
When you going to see linus?
Tachiro Akisu (14 days ago)
Linus is a staple. I really like Strange Parts guy...but he seems like he'd be exhausting to be around. And smell funny.
Toria Welsh (16 days ago)
Does anyone have a link of an online place I can buy that Power Tram pc case? I love the LED VU effects!!!
paul berquist (21 days ago)
was this edited i remember watching this before and it showed them building it there in public,and linus never hooked up the water hose properly he just made it kinda look like it was nvm barely realizing i watched linus's video
Matti Virta (22 days ago)
mac computers have only big scam, same stuff different connectors not can change any other pc, and weird expensive prize, big scam, dont newer buy macbook or ibad iphone etc scam stuff. only idiot like.
iCQ.www-SPCL-tk (1 month ago)
stupid fans idea.. im out bye
iCQ.www-SPCL-tk (1 month ago)
i really do not like linus, colab with him is -1 sub... bye
Paraboemba (1 month ago)
This Linus guy, is SUUUUUPER annoying
Tank (1 month ago)
Shame i just got to know your channel close to 1 year after this vid...! You r great mate!! Love the vids...!! Perhaps more tutorials?? Literally for noobs like me :p
br3nnan has no banter (2 months ago)
Little pink car
Katie A (2 months ago)
Just what everyone wants, a pc assembled out of Chinese components in the middle of a city
Filip P.K (2 months ago)
Who won the giveaway?
RED DRAGON (2 months ago)
China is future. 🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳
ShoDaWei (2 months ago)
I’m really late to the show but, congratulations for getting on Linus Tech Tips! Linus is BIG and Strange Parts is genuinely entertaining! I’ve lived for several months in Shenzhen and it’s definitely reminding me how much fun I had there! Thanks Scotty!
William ooi (2 months ago)
Gimme 1060gtx
云轩俊杰 (3 months ago)
您好,Strange Parts,我想知道现在那台PC已经送出去了吗?
Oliver Chu (3 months ago)
I want one😍😍
Julian A. A. Young (4 months ago)
Linus himself builds you a custom pc...instantly gives it away. You shouldve kept it to replace your mac LOL
Bradley Mcewen (4 months ago)
I found both of these channels serperately and it was awesome to see they actually collaborated.
Lukaroast (4 months ago)
damn, I watch Linus all the time and this is not at all what he normally acts like. hes being a complete buzzkill here
justw4lkbesideme (4 months ago)
My opinion, shenzen is for person that repairing electronics, or electronics that human have build, linus is trying to find a new technology or innovation, maybe linus more suitable visiting the produsen of the electronics
何君 (5 months ago)
你們都不知道在中國華強北的名聲有多臭 也就比中關村好那麼一點
YangYang (5 months ago)
Edward Aryeh (5 months ago)
who was the lucky winner??\
Giorgosp (5 months ago)
look this numbers 8:11
Stefan Ionut Marius (5 months ago)
At a time you saying something about buying on TaoBao , i am trying to setup my TaoBao account but i was not successfull in adding a visa electron card to the account . How i can do this ?
محمد العامري (5 months ago)
I didn’t like seeing Linus complaining and showing little of excitement, They would have had better collaboration. If they had planned it in advance
Neon High (5 months ago)
I watched both videos (Linus and Yours). I am speechless. Linus comes across as a cocky rude guy who has no idea how to fully enjoy the experience that you are offering.
Nick Janse (5 months ago)
i totaly agree. this was a waste of time.
Martin Najemi (5 months ago)
I disagree.
REMY -YT (5 months ago)
He acts as a rude guy while stranger parts (i dunno his name) never stepped out of his coolness
Shoobox Gaming (5 months ago)
Absolutely right, Linus is use to getting his sponsors to pay for his shit. The fact that he bitched the whole time instead of enjoying the experience shows his true self.
UltraDocks 72 (5 months ago)
i was waiting to see the computer turn on XD
黄俊杰 (5 months ago)
That no brand tire-design case costs 1680 RMB???? That's insane. You know, we can buy inwin 303 or even 805, which are pretty good built cases, in China for under 1000 RMB. So crazy of those Huaqiangbei guys lie to the foreign people. I'm pretty sure if we buy that it will only costs about 600 RMB or less.
c0pyimitati0n (6 months ago)
So who won the PC??
misterfixit (6 months ago)
Scotty, good on you for not walking out on Linus. I'd be embarrassed to be seen with him acting like this. I know he has that charisma that he thinks is cool in his videos, but DAMN. I never knew about your channel until I watched this on his channel. Now I have watched pretty much all of your vids. You are humble, comical and edit your vids like a pro. Subscribed to you, un sub from linus. Iam a BC boy like him but I bet in 5 years you are still producing great content, not spewing out vids just to make quota like him.
Smurfinz (6 months ago)
Even if anyone wants to build a pc using just random brands never heard of, in the end the processor and vga would still be intel/amd and nvidia/amd(ati), those are the only parts that can never be replaced by random brands lol.
Smurfinz (6 months ago)
12:07 that's so damn right, I love online shopping too, less stressful, couldn't agree more, can find any info about the stuff we want to buy much easier, compare prices, etc, with our fingers doing all the walking from page to page. They should mix online and normal shopping, so even though we are present at the mall, we can browse the mall via online so we can find stuffs easier and go to which floor or contact who without wandering aimlessly hoping something catches our attention.
ElAlexxis (6 months ago)
ey man dont excuse yourself, this is a natural development but you were happy to live a period in time that very few others had the chance to experience, also, new phenomenons will come in china to discover, so keep your eyes open so you can show us maybe :)
Leo's Tech & Lifestyle (6 months ago)
Want that computer.
Shoobox Gaming (6 months ago)
Can't stand Linus but love your channel keep up the good content we all love it.
Alex (5 months ago)
@Thomas Harrick people just like to hate
Thomas Harrick (6 months ago)
Just out of curiosity, why can't you stand Linus? I've heard that a lot of people hate him, but why?
nickl (6 months ago)
great fun
Jose Salinas (6 months ago)
Is Linus really wearing Birkenstocks with white socks??? 😖😖
Adrián González (6 months ago)
Por favor substitutos al español
SamTheSuave (6 months ago)
Linus can be a miserable little bastard some times!
Shoobox Gaming (6 months ago)
Linus is a plug n play tuber good for kindergartners to watch
Ashique Ahmed (6 months ago)
Nice video
HandOnTheGat (6 months ago)
Dude.. He was paying like full price AMERICAN! 10% rule anyone?
Paul Huseman (6 months ago)
whats tabowe
Sunny Lau (6 months ago)
Gaming pc giveaway awa please,accept old ...
Shero Jan (7 months ago)
select me for a winner
Shero Jan (7 months ago)
Jonathan Soko (7 months ago)
You re-gifted a gift?
Ceadd L (7 months ago)
Hey man, love your videos! Could you please do more on the huaqiangbei electronics markers! also without linus lol Cheers!
Edward Awuku Okyere (7 months ago)
Hello guys im edward I'm from ghana and I wanted to order a pc from china this great super market in china and I don't know how to do with can you please show me how to thank you
JohnTube2K (7 months ago)
16GB of RAM is a joke...
JohnTube2K (7 months ago)
Linus thought most of the stuff in the stores were junk
仙水忍 (7 months ago)
linus touch anyting and ruin to fail
yehoutube (8 months ago)
People building PC in Huaqiangbei about 15 years ago, but not now. They buy components from jd.com, that will more cheaper and quality.
David Diaz (8 months ago)
A great gift to my granddaughter. Thank you so much. Win or not.
Han Solo (8 months ago)
i want the pc, please
Kashmir (8 months ago)
Who won the PC ? Did they make a video on turning it on ??
Ron Star (8 months ago)
Goes to show how much stuff is there if you have trouble finding it.
Dave Yiu (8 months ago)
To be honest, you shouldn't buy any branded or high-end tech in Shenzhen! If you can't speak Chinese, or doesn't negotiate, you will be tricked to buy an overpricing or sometimes fake item. if you seeking for a reasonable price tech product and don't be tricked, you should go to Hong Kong! and it very close to Shenzhen. (because HK doesn't have any VAT) We have Fortress & Broadway everywhere just like Curry/ PC world in UK. if you searching for something specific, "Sham Shui Po Golden Computer Centre" is your choice. You should able to find almost everything there. Last but not least, at least mostly Hong Kong people able to speak English and you not necessary to negotiate because price already very reasonable (sometimes they're able to offer better price if you pay cash). you could check price.com.hk before visit and they are a Price Comparison website of HK retailer. love both of your work, but if you not doing any price comparison or negotiate before purchasing it's just wasting money
台灣井蛙看世界 (8 months ago)
It's true that Hongkong will only cheat tourists from mainland China.
Pneumonia Gaming (8 months ago)
Dave Yiu Linus is a massive YouTuber who runs plenty of companies and money isn’t a problem to him
Mehedi Hasan (8 months ago)
I want to see some sound equipment vlog please make something like this
Tony Xing (8 months ago)
He spent that much RMD just to give it away?
CANRUSH (8 months ago)
The sign in Russian translates to: Bitcoin Mountain Machine Бинкоинская горная машина LOL!
Success. Inc (2 months ago)
CANRUSH molodets ;)
Awang Azaman (8 months ago)
Why not built pc grade laptop
bin shen (8 months ago)
CNY1680=USD250-260,No USD300……。 now USD240-250
Hassan Sohail (8 months ago)
If you do then inbox me
Hassan Sohail (8 months ago)
Hey i really need this pc i you won't use then send it to me I need it
Jeff Fame (9 months ago)
This video is much more watchable than the Linus Tech Tip version. I love this Strange Parts guy.
Loved the video!
Cheng Huang (9 months ago)
Just for the cheapest laptop part: if used laptops count, there are quite a few booths in different buildings selling used/refurbished/imported/resembled laptops, I used to buy some Thinkpads or parts there; if it has to be new, the Hasee brand is one cheap example, there should be shops selling this Hasee laptops somewhere. There are some cheap unnamed brands on Taobao.
0westdude (9 months ago)
I'd spend all week at those markets
Kamal Hamdto (9 months ago)
maaaan you naild it
jk (9 months ago)
Much better than the one on Linus channel
Tim (9 months ago)
6:48 I love how he talks about seeing some crazier stuff while there is a silly little pink rc car in the background
kilroy238 (9 months ago)
Lol after living in China for 8 years always love seeing you talk about stuff and thinking yup that's China. I really loved seeing how Linus reacted. It reminded me of my first time to our "computer street" that I had up in Tianjin.
SolarEagles (9 months ago)
Online shopping at?? Was that toubow.com?
HQ lII (9 months ago)
taobao.com You can find anything on it
Saul Bugarini (9 months ago)
I have no pc
jason o mahony (9 months ago)
That dude is a D bag.
itibaner Yan (10 months ago)
We hope that you can upload videos on bilibili, they want to know more about you, they also want to see your video.
St T. (10 months ago)
LOL Linus hates Apple from what I've seen, these guys are kind of opposites. Linus is a computer part nerd and Scotty is an Apple geek enthusiast.
Znrab & JP (10 months ago)
Strange parts ? I hope you'll gonna notice this comment please ! I want that thing. Im a bastard poor person :( that dreams to have a pc 😭
Glenn Iglupas (10 months ago)
Who won?
Triangle George (10 months ago)
биткойнская горная машина. srsly it sounds really weird in russian. im russian btw
chih-hang chiang (8 months ago)
Triangle George hello northern neighbor,welcome to China
Deon Weenink (10 months ago)
can i please have that awesome Pc...pls
Aaron Hernandez (10 months ago)
Linus bugs me. Personally sucks.
thugonomics stark (10 months ago)
WHO won it ?
PH Animation (10 months ago)
Can you give it away to me.
Aleksey Malyshev (10 months ago)
I like that Razer bag.
Coco Liquid (10 months ago)
i really want that pc, cheapest pc high power for gaming to or not,
Albert Lin (11 months ago)
the thing i love most about your videos is how you're always smiling....makes me want to build some stuff!!!!
AdikMusic OfficialTM (11 months ago)
china number 1
Noah Kaplan (11 months ago)
Seems as though you were pretty reluctant to negotiate in this market. Not throwing a punch at you, just looking for an explanation?
北枳南橘 (11 months ago)
哇。华强北 一个月都逛不完的地方。
Ashen One From China (11 months ago)
Alfredo nm (11 months ago)
11:59 14:37 this is where i realized this was more of a date.
victor (11 months ago)
goes to what clearly was a CDM (cash deposit machine) and complains about not being able to withdraw cash
Strange Parts (11 months ago)
They also dispense money here.

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