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Make £100/Week Buying and Selling Wholesale Products on Amazon FBA

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Start your 3-day FREE trial: http://bit.ly/freetrialpw In this video I will show you an example of product that I found on a wholesaler. This is the kind of product that you can buy for 1-2£ and sell on Amazon for 8-10£. Keep in mind that this is a low-risk/low-profit kind of purchase since you only spend 1 or 2 pounds per item. On the flip side, though, you have the potential to make 2 or 3X your money with minimal risk. Our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ProfitWolfArbitrage/ And our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/AmzSelling/
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ladyfitness67 (8 months ago)
Hi 👋 I’ve set up my AS account to do FBA wholesalers. As I’m a newbie, I don’t think I can sell Toys & Games until 2019. Thanks all the same for the Wholesale website
liquidgroove (10 months ago)
This is great. Thanks for uploading. Just signed up for the amazon sellers account with a broke ass start budget of £100. What would happen next. You’d receive the product at your home add then send to FBA? How long would a product like this likely take to sell? Also, is it necessary to be registered for VAT when starting out? Would really appreciate a video outlining the process from start to finish. Thanks!
Profit Wolf UK (9 months ago)
I'm working on a video outline :) But with only 100gbp I'd be really careful to only select fast movers, you can use Keepa graphs to help you with that. Check you "Keepa chart" on YouTube.
ladyfitness67 (10 months ago)
Thank you. Please provide more Wholesalers and their goods. I’m in the UK 🇬🇧 looking to start selling on Amazon with a very limited budget.
J Cooper (10 months ago)
Hi there, please reply! It would be awesome if you did not many you tubers do... I am from the UK and have never sold on Amazon before. I also don’t have a job (as I’m a student) Do I have to pay tax to sell these products? Or is it only once I make so much money?
J Cooper (8 months ago)
@zach burton Thanks mate sorry I didn't see this sooner
zach burton (8 months ago)
@Bassu Miah unfortunately we pay vat on almost all products bought from supermarkets etc. Services are a bit different when it comes to vat but mostly pay it on everything regardless of income.
Bassu Miah (8 months ago)
85k before you have to pay vat, 11k before you have to pay income tax, right?
zach burton (9 months ago)
@J Cooper you can earn £11,850 tax free. Anything after that in the U.K you have to pay tax on mate.
J Cooper (10 months ago)
Profit Wolf UK thanks for the reply! Sounds good!
J Cooper (10 months ago)
Wow! This is brilliant, I’m a broke student that’s just finished school and want to get into Amazon. Thanks for the video you’ve got a new subscriber!
Profit Wolf UK (10 months ago)
Thanks man! And great to hear that you're starting your Amazon journey!

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