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How Weird Is It For A Guy To Give You His Number? Would You Text Or Call Him?

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Text Comments (68)
Chris Champion (3 months ago)
Very confident guys like me give out my number. It says get in touch if YOU want, either way I dont NEED you.
zero eight (3 months ago)
Hey guys! I normally don’t do it but I’m in a love triangle that put so much anxiety on me and I want someone who’s not involved their opinion. So, I have been hanging out with this group of friends. I like this guy(Jim) who likes me back. We kinda have a thing right now, BUT. When this happened between us, I told it to my friend(Nick) cause I wanted his male advice. Little did I know, that Nick had a crush on me which. I learnt about 2 days ago. Most fucked up thing is Jim knew about Nick’s crush on me. Yesterday, I told Jim I know about Nicks crush and he lied to me telling me he didn’t know and the next day stopped texting me. What should I do? I’m really mad at Nick because he never told me about his feelings but at the same time I don’t want to lose Jim. Please help....
punisher white (3 months ago)
Datinglogic , How to make a person that i don't talk to but i know she had a crush on me love me more by being less available. In summary my question is : will a person that have a crush on me or interested in me love me more if i don't let her to see me at all , how to make them miss me although we don't talk to each others?
Jane Lera (3 months ago)
punisher white Than what’s the problem- either date her and stop complaining or date someone else
punisher white (3 months ago)
+Jane Lera i'm her crush . lol
Jane Lera (3 months ago)
punisher white Well that’s never going to happen if she doesn’t know you exist. You have to bait her.
punisher white (3 months ago)
+Jane Lera no without talking to her i want just make her miss me with being less available and less visible .
Jane Lera (3 months ago)
punisher white Contact her?
Roxas !!! (3 months ago)
What about a girl who gave me her number for me my crush did but it felt like a friendly thing since i was on the topic of me not doing so good in one class at my high school or can it just mask it? Probably not since i just gotta ask her out though right?
Hhhvgjbbgj (3 months ago)
Hay so I got rejected yesterday but she said she liked me to but she wasn’t ready I just had the confidence to ask her out but she rejected me then a bit of an argument happened. She said she rejected me for these reasons “Cuz my parents will interrogate me...... I’m not ready..... I don’t wanna date.... id rather go in a group.... i just.. can’t” 1.)Should I still talk to her and ask her out later if I see signs that she likes me 2.)Never talk to her again and move on 3.)Try to stay friends with her Please comment 1 2 or 3 it would really help ☺️☺️☺️
kay Jack (3 days ago)
Hhhvgjbbgj She sounds neurotic..Move on
Jane Lera (3 months ago)
Ganergir Super (3 months ago)
3 and 1 after you become her friend when you notice sign then ya
Robert Parkinson (3 months ago)
Hey I have a question I did this girl wrong ..... I try to contact her and apologizing but she block me ..... But on the road we make eye contact but with an upset look why is this so
Veronica Love (3 months ago)
Maybe she's mad at you for doing her wrong and she doesn't want to get hurt by you again...
Jane Lera (3 months ago)
Need more to the story before I analyze
Robert Parkinson (3 months ago)
And also what should I do
Micah 777 (3 months ago)
I've only given my number to a woman one time.... It was because she told me she was already dating someone else for over 6 months but she seemed a bit interested in me. I felt in that case the best thing was I left her my number, told her I was interested and to call me if things change, I'd like to take her out on a date. Otherwise... I think it's usually best to get the woman's number first.
Tonybc (3 months ago)
I am 19 and never had a girlfriend I feel so sad and lonley, I am sick of this
Jane Lera (3 months ago)
Tonybc see your mentality is good! Also, people who always have to be in relationship are very weak,sad, lonely individuals. This isn’t coming from a place of hate, or jealously, but just an observation. Don’t think I would have the success and confidence I have in myself if I dated young.
Tonybc (3 months ago)
Jane Lera in some sense yes I suppose I get stronger this way, some people cannot live even 2 months properly without a partner, I just desespérate
Jane Lera (3 months ago)
Tonybc don’t be- I’m 21 and in the same boat. I view it as avoiding a lot of pain and fake relationships. This is an iffy age to date. Plus, you’re stronger this way.
Claire H (3 months ago)
PLEASE HELP! There is this guy that really likes me, but I never felt that way about him. We get a long really well, and he’s pretty cute but I didn’t seem to see him in that way, so I friend zoned him. But now that I’ve friend zoned him, I all of a sudden have interest in him... why is it that right when I tell him I’m not interested in him that way, I start to become interested lmao. Does this mean I like him? Or is my mind just tricking me
Claire H (3 months ago)
+Ganergir Super thank you!!! we text pretty often, so i think about if he has texted me back or not... we've only hung out once, so maybe if we hang out more, ill begin to think about him more.
Ganergir Super (3 months ago)
That happened with me as well
Ganergir Super (3 months ago)
You can know from the way you think about him how much is he in your mind ? Like if you with friends having great time would you think about him if yes I think you like him
Daphne Hollister (3 months ago)
Dear dating login Is it weird for a guy to get so close to your face but not kiss you plz respond bye :)
Grace Kimnu (3 months ago)
Excuse me I have questions. There’s one guy at my work. Whenever he’s near or he see me he try to be noticed and just give me cold long stare and meanwhile he smile at other people at except me when he see me he give me this mean cold long ass stare why??? Please help.
Grace Kimnu (3 months ago)
Humanbynature ty
Humanbynature (3 months ago)
I believe he has a video for tht
ben fleming (3 months ago)
Ive given a girl my number to which she contacted me the next morning
Somaia (11 days ago)
Is it better that she waits a whole day to text you the next morning or do you want her to text you that evening?
Guilshad Joseph (3 months ago)
Can I please get a Girl's number
Eminem Vevo (27 days ago)
Naquasia Purvis (3 months ago)
Guilshad Joseph get on omegle from chrome Google meeting people chat video call
TeenTuber (3 months ago)
He asked my friend for my number and she knowing that I had a crush on him she gave it to him because I was depressed when we can text on Instagram
chiki briki (3 months ago)
apphea001 (3 months ago)
I watch out about guys who give me their number It could be a guy who wants to feel like he’s being chased by me
E GIBSON (20 hours ago)
That has more to do with your own psyche than anything else. You can do numerous things, exchange numbers, offer him yours. You can offer your number if you connect just to arrange a time to meet again. You could use email, social media, it doesn't matter. The point is to make the connection and see what happens. If someone is already fostering negative ideas about someone they don't even know that has nothing to do with them and it's setting yourself up for failure due to your own mindset.
s m ooo ~ 👀
Shit- I never thought of that.. :/
Bruce Wayne (3 months ago)
Isn't that better? That's up to you if you wanna date him or not..
Lemon Fresh Clorox (3 months ago)
In my experience when the both of you are open to having a genuine interaction it doesn't matter how it happens. Whether you exchange phone numbers, Instagram or any other social media. Example that time that I gave a girl my number simply because she already had her phone out and she sent me a message on the spot so that I have her number. It would be cool if phone manufacturers implement a feature that would allow us to exchange contact information through NFC... With such a feature we would be able to exchange contact information simply by holding our phones together :)
Cat Sirrah (3 months ago)
I had a guy tell me he would message, and give their number to every girl to see who responds.
SANPi3 (3 months ago)
too bad (for us males) thing don't work like that
Kitten 4k (3 months ago)
During this fun yet hectic holiday week, this relaxes me
MAGGIE K (3 months ago)
Just realised you wear the same shirt in every video 😂
RTI React To It (3 months ago)
Omg wait Mee too😂
MAGGIE K (3 months ago)
Zerepy , yeah I know it’s just funny cause that shirt goes back to a year ago 😂😂😂
Zerepy (3 months ago)
He probably records a bunch in one go.
Just give snapchat or something to break the ice first until u are comfortable
Bejewelle88 (3 months ago)
Aw, come on! It's nearly Christmas! Not even a festive Santa hat?!?! :0p
Bryan Fredrick (3 months ago)
lolol ;)
mai (3 months ago)
That’s awkward. It’s like handing out a business card like it’s a Real Estate transaction. Derp.
kay Jack (3 days ago)
mai right..i had a guy give me his number and i couldnt tell if its for business or pleasure 😂
R J (3 months ago)
I think its smarter for guys to do it that way. If the woman is cool she will reach out.
Frankie Flowers (3 months ago)
Rejeanaa Nicolee (3 months ago)
I did your email consultation it was worth it
Rejeanaa Nicolee (3 months ago)
There are so many dating coaches that sugar coat and lie and your videos don’t change based on views you are honest with it
Rejeanaa Nicolee (3 months ago)
DatingLogic I wish you could help me with a little more tho with how to fix this issue since you broke down EVERYTHING an basically it was me who messed everything up I don’t know how to prevent this from happing again to the next guy or if he would come back
DatingLogic (3 months ago)
Hi Rejeanaa Nicolee, I am glad that the email consultation was worth it. Wish you all the best.
LJX 28 (3 months ago)
Straight facts
aki ross (3 months ago)
my guy ghosted me... still on my Facebook friends list and Snap.. deleted all our conversation too? why not just say: im sorry.im not that in to you*...
Jane Lera (3 months ago)
He a wimp
LOTTA PERROTTA (3 months ago)
easier for people to do this, its just the normal now, people dont show feelings often, too afraid to get hurt. hope this helps a little, i really hate ghosting and still find myself doing it.

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