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Best websites for fashion designers + Giveaway winner | Justine Leconte

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** Sweater giveaway** Winner: Olja Saarma. Congratulations! Please comment under this video by tomorrow (Monday 28th of Nov.) before 8pm and tell me your email address, I will write to you privately to get your post address and full name. If I don’t hear from you by that time, another winner will be picked randomly among the same pool of contestants, so that the sweater doesn’t end up without any owner! **Black Friday discount still active until tonight** Order on www.justineleconte.com/shop and get a 30% discount on your order with the code BLACKFRIDAYYT16 upon checking out. Orders should be placed by the end of Sunday, 27th of November 2016 at midnight (Paris time) in order for the discount to apply. Limited to one order per person (identified by an e-mail address), for the countries to which we deliver and only until inventory has sold out. If you found out that we are not currently shipping to your country, get in touch and we will look for a solution. Websites mentioned in this video: Spoonflower: https://goo.gl/VFSVqS Paletton: https://goo.gl/9FgsIW Patternbank: https://goo.gl/Jtaszl Trend Tablet: https://goo.gl/T4RfJG Fabric House: https://goo.gl/fphUnO Pinterest: https://goo.gl/AXMXHn Give this video your two thumbs up… and subscribe to this channel because: - it is free! - you don’t miss any future video! Write me an email, send me your work to get feedback: [email protected] Subscribe here: http://bit.ly/27njUYp See you soon: new video at least every SUNDAY. Take care, Justine ************************** VIDEOS MENTIONED IN THIS VIDEO How to build a capsule wardrobe: https://youtu.be/AP9EiAFe7Pw How to know when a trend is over: https://youtu.be/i6n09T4P3Y8 ************************** SOCIAL My website (current collection): www.justineleconte.com/shop Facebook: Justine Leconte Fashion http://on.fb.me/1Llrclr Instagram: JustineLeconte_officiel http://bit.ly/1JJWxtU Twitter: JustineLeconteO http://bit.ly/1JJWzC2 Pinterest: jleconteberlin Business requests: [email protected] Ask a question / ask for a video / say hi: [email protected] ************************** Music: YouTube Audio Library Ambiment - The Ambient by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100630 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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Text Comments (64)
Irma Lara (18 days ago)
I'm thankful that you exist! You have no idea how you have impacted my self steam, and just with a little bit of styling. Forever thankful 🙌
bao van tran (1 year ago)
Justine, you've become my great inspiration since I watched your first videos which are very helpful and original!
Jane ki (1 year ago)
great advice love 👏🏼
June Hinojosa (1 year ago)
Thanks for sharing!
+June Hinojosa you are welcome 😉
Carol Reece (1 year ago)
So informative, I learn something everytime I visit
HLB512 (2 years ago)
I love this channel. It's the science behind fashion.
+HLB512 thanks!
Heather Banks (2 years ago)
I always forward your blogs .i need to share them . With friends and family
+Heather Banks thank you 😘
Arlene Hutchinson (2 years ago)
Where have you been all my life!!! Sooooooo helpful
Debbie Cronenbold (2 years ago)
Great!! Thanks for the information, it´s very useful. I´d just suscribed in every one site you have mentioned.
+Debbie Cronenbold very well 😊😁
Danielle Cox (2 years ago)
Oh my god, I just discovered your channel and I love it! You are so helpful and you've helped me so much! Love all your videos!
Eugenia Puppo (2 years ago)
just found your channel and I'm obsessed! you are a sweetheart! I'm an architect from Uruguay, loved the sketching videos btw. regarding this video, I use bloglovin quite a bit, I follow all my favorite designers there. you should check Jenny mustard and her husband, they are a really cool swedish minimalist couple with some very interesting style. xx
juveria shaikh (2 years ago)
hiii...really great videos & big THANKSsss 😘 for such great viedos I really have a doubt in my mind & want to share with u ...do these sites offer their services in india ???plzz do reply 🙏😢
+juveria shaikh hi, I don't know, you need to try. My IP address is in Germany and here it works...
Candy (2 years ago)
God bless you abundantly. I realize what a genuine and nice person you are, as I keep watching your videos one by one. I spent most of my time at work watching your videos. I work for night shifts. Now am home, lying down with excitement to watch your videos again at 4:30 in the morning. Your videos inspire me so much. Am from India. I always wanted to become a fashion designer since my schooling. But my parents did not encourage me enough as they wanted me to take up a job and earn money. So here I am working in an MNC. Currently I'm living alone paying my rent, food and shelter while saving some money to join a fashion college by next year. Sometimes I get depressed and think that I can never get my fashion designing degree. Somehow I found one of your video on my YouTube recommendations. Am so glad I found you. I feel like joining a fashion college again. Thank you very much for being such a kind person. (PS: This is the longest comment I've ever made on YouTube 😃)
hi there and thanks a lot for your kind words. Applause to your determination, discipline and ambition. That is the right mindset, go for what you want. I wish you all the best!
Mariama Onitiri (2 years ago)
Thank you for sharing the info about the fashion websites. Looooove your collection!!! Merci mille fois!
+Mariama Onitiri avec grand plaisir! 😉
Sahil Chhabra (2 years ago)
Thanks...... This was very much important for us😍😍😍 Every time I end up by saying you are awesome👌😘
+Sahil Chhabra thank you my dear!
Nary T (2 years ago)
Dear Justine, I finally created my own channel so I could leave a comment for you. I just wanted to say that I have never before heard anyone speak so intelligently on fashion specifically. The way you use all sorts of resources to learn and then catalogue them in order to disseminate knowledge. That is rare and inspiring. Thank you!
+Nary T wow, thanks a million... I am extremely flattered & I hope you will like my future videos too 💜 Have a great holiday season!
swati boral (2 years ago)
do all this sites have their services in india???
juveria shaikh (2 years ago)
swati boral Hiii .... this is Juveria have u tried any of this sites ??? do they deliver it in india ??from which part of India are u ??
swati boral (2 years ago)
not yet
+swati boral I don't know exactly, have you tried?
Susan Schafer (2 years ago)
You are so lovely Justine – inside and out. I always love seeing and hearing you.and I always appreciate all the work you put into your videos .All the best to you, Sue
+Susan Schafer thanks for all your encouragements, my dear!
Marilyn Mansilla (2 years ago)
Could you make a video about colour theory for beginners? How to match colours and patterns? :)
Susan Schafer (2 years ago)
That would be so interesting.
💐amazing chanel
+galilo galilo thank you - thank you!
ichhabsTV (2 years ago)
woop!! 10k Abonnenten!! Sauber
+ichhabsTV thanks ;-)
Sabby Redaei (2 years ago)
Hi Justine, could you please talk about how and why you've changed a career. pros and cons. Any regrets? Things you wish you have known before entering into this career... etc P.s Loveeeeee all your videos ❤️
snowmountain2007 (2 years ago)
Omg I just found you today and hit the subscribe button when it was at 9,999 and I am happy to say I am your 10,000th subscriber!!!!!  I love your channel and will go to your site right now. :)
blocket1111 (2 years ago)
Hey 10,000!!!!WHOOT WHOOT!!!! before the end of the year, even!!!!!!
+snowmountain2007 oh! Thanks for helping me reach the 10,000 milestone, then!! 😀😀😀 Very happy you liked my channel!
Tuna Yoney (2 years ago)
thank you Justine! for these resources. I am in the beginning of my fashion career. Started fashion drawing (also did your mystique drawing :) course and now on to fashion design.
+Tuna Yoney cool! Good luck with your designs! Very exciting!
Luineile (2 years ago)
Wow, I never knew there were sites that specifically create and sell fabrics and patterns. I lerant something new today! ^^
+Luineile cool 😁
auley Ba (2 years ago)
i dont understood everything but it's too late if i thing
+auley Ba yes but there will be more giveaways, stay tuned 😊
HeartHasGone (2 years ago)
Hi Justine, I want to design my own clothing, but I don't get this pattern making law thing, if I make a shirt how do I know the pattern has already been made
HeartHasGone (2 years ago)
yes thank you
+Big0Grizzly that's 2 different things: a pattern on a fabric (like on PATTERNBANK) is subject to intellectual property, can't be reproduced without paying the artist. Then the pattern of a piece of clothing (which is drawn on paper & serves to cut the fabric) is yours, unless you copied there are good chances that it will be unique and then it is your work, no problem. I hope it is clearer.
H999Cemetery (2 years ago)
Thanks for sharing. ..aaaaw u're sweet girl ever
+H999Cemetery thx!
Olja Saarma (2 years ago)
OMG...im so happy. Thank you Justine and to all for congratulations. Wish you all the best
Jane ki (1 year ago)
congratulation u r lucky !!!!!
Olja Saarma (2 years ago)
Amalia Vet Thank you.
Amalia Vet (2 years ago)
Congratulations! I wish you, be always lucky in your life!
Olja Saarma (2 years ago)
Thank you so much.
+Olja Saarma Hi Olja! Congratulations! I will write to you in private 😊
Great passion (2 years ago)
i love your videos , im a beginner fashion design student , i want to know what should i start learning with !?
Great passion (2 years ago)
+Justine Leconte officiel oh that seems helpful thank you so much for helping us with these videos , God bless you.
+Alice Cullen welcome on this channel! You can start with the 2 playlists called "fashion drawing for beginners" and "how to be a fashion designer", which are on my channel page. 😊
Anita Mendonca (2 years ago)
Congratulations Olja! 👏☺️
+Anita Blaženović so kind of you!

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