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Buying Wholesale on Poshmark | My Experience | Elizabeth Smith

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Shop my closet on Poshmark! Sign up using the code "BZPBE" and we'll both get $5 to spend! - http://bit.ly/2boKw4Y Don’t forget to subscribe if you like my channel! I try to put out 2 videos a week - http://bit.ly/2bway9q I was a little all over the place, but hopefully some of this video was helpful! Selling on Poshmark is just like selling anywhere else. You have to really put in effort to be successful. Wholesale is the same way! It's easy to get started, but it might not be the best idea for your closet, it just depends on if you have the time & effort to put into it :) *Lighting I use to take pictures for Poshmark/Film: http://amzn.to/2kqQxQx *Camera I use to film my videos: http://amzn.to/2l2hGvf Come talk to me! Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/elizzabethsmith/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/elizzabethsmith Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/elizzabethsmith Email: [email protected] Get cash back grocery shopping! Sign up using code "bxqciic" and you'll get $10 added to your account! https://ibotta.com/ Get cash back by shopping your favorite stores online! http://www.ebates.com/rf.do?referrerid=7sqKMGuMEPuaaBBaonFooQ%3D%3D&eeid=29773 Start saving money without realizing it! Digit has helped me so much! Digit: https://digit.co/r/blSI-h5phb?ac *Some links may be affiliate links
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Text Comments (27)
Cerebral (2 months ago)
I looked in the wholesale market and the clothes look very cheap and I can't find any plus size clothes. I'm disappointed
Sarah Riley (2 months ago)
The Wholesale section seems inflated. Like WAY inflated
OfficialMichelle- marie (6 months ago)
So you can buy wholesale luxury items? I saw that it states you can do it as low as $20
Miranda Ortiz (7 months ago)
When you buy wholesale who ships the item to the buyer? The wholesaler? Or what buy from the wholesaler comes to you? And how in the world do you get the stock photos from the wholesalers to put in your poshmark closet? Thank you for your help
Eva Flowers (8 months ago)
A majority of the boutique listings I see uses the manufacturer stock photos so I'm wondering if Poshmark changed the rules.
Gary Mason (8 months ago)
Is Poshmark Wholesale cheaper than Outlet Stores...Also if everyone is buying from the same wholesale company that sounds like everyone would be selling same stuff
Makeup By Mitzi (5 months ago)
Gary Mason No its not cheaper. I would buy at outlets.
Sophia R (1 year ago)
I have opened my Poshmark boutique recently! I would love for you to check it out:) https://poshmark.com/closet/blancny
Catherine B (1 year ago)
Have you tried Depop?
Catherine B (1 year ago)
Cynthia Kneisler it's another selling app 😄
Cynthia Kneisler (1 year ago)
What is Depop
mark warren (1 year ago)
This is a great video!!! My Poshmark handle is @powarren63!
Allie Barras (1 year ago)
hey im allie im on posh to ima go add you now and share your items :)
Poshmark Tools (1 year ago)
Get the newest Poshmark Automation Software. Auto Share, Auto Follow, Captcha Protection, Ban Protection. http://poshmarktools.com
divalizzous (1 year ago)
If you open your own retail store do the items HAVE to come from the PM wholesale only or can you purchase from outside vendors?
Allie Barras (1 year ago)
you can purchase thru outside vendors and sell as your boutique so like from alliexpress and china websites like that you can buy from there and resell as your boutique on poshmark <3
Elizabeth Smith (1 year ago)
divalizzous you can purchase your clothes anywhere! As long as they are not purchased from a retail store it is considered "wholesale" or "boutique" on poshmark.
Jessee Nixon (1 year ago)
Hey so I'm thinking of going the boutique section..I don't have the time to shop cuz I'm at home with kids...I love this business and I'm willing to work at it...I see all these boutiques with the model restock photo do they just ask permission?
Allie Barras (1 year ago)
as long as you ask the vendor you buy from if you can use there photos its OK, 100% of the time if you ask to use there photos they say yes
Jenny H (1 year ago)
Hi! I love your Poshmark tips. Thank you for making these videos. Here's my closet @jmicili
missindependent4711 (1 year ago)
Check out my closet https://poshmark.com/closet/lilybugz
Allison Kelly (1 year ago)
I want to start a boutique but I am scared that nobody will purchase my wholesale and I will lose money
Allie Barras (1 year ago)
as long as you share your items a few times a day and your items are fairly priced and have pretty pictures THEY will sell and you will do great , anyone can be successful on posh <3<3
Renee Michelle Morey (1 year ago)
Hi Allison! I started boutique items not spending a whole lot or getting a bunch of items. I waited until I sold a few things and then reinvested that $ buying some wholesale. A few wholesalers have a start up box for like $25.00. Maybe start something like that. Good luck!
Elizabeth Smith (1 year ago)
Art By Alli the Poshmark community is a little saturated so I definitely understand! From the people I know it takes A LOT of work to make it a sustainable full time job but it's possible!
Kyra Bodii (2 years ago)
Check out my closet please: kibody 😊
damnnnlo (2 years ago)
Thank you for making this!!

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