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How Long Does A Guy Ignore A Girl He Likes If He Is Mad At Her?

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Christina Scott (9 days ago)
Well my boyfriend been mad at my for almost 3 weeks now. It feels like he’s punishing and not being affectionate at all. So is this the end of us?
Yasmine M.P.R (25 days ago)
I think he's upset because I didn't wish him a happy birthday on his day but he did me but I didn't celebrate holidays not my birthday but he’d called. And we kinda close we ’ve been intimate but he don't be mad at me for long lol oh well what you think?
Sam Shinde (1 month ago)
And what if he distance himself from Me for 5 months ?
Angel R (27 days ago)
Move on, know ur worth
ItsPetraMariah (1 month ago)
What when u got an argument with him cause he thought u were cheating on him but u didnt and then u catch him cheating & he blocks u on ur social media . What can I do ?
BKLNHobo (1 month ago)
Run far, far away from that drama.
trish jengwa (1 month ago)
ST A (2 months ago)
That sounds like a woman too.
Ramsay Snow (2 months ago)
i ignored the girl i love and now she has a boyfriend,she vas wery interested in me! what do i do?
Juice Khanikar (3 months ago)
Sir ..he gets soon angry and starts ignoring me in just some simple things...he ignores me if he gets waiting on phone..,he ignores me for many days...and for that I have to convinced him so much.. should I try to convinced him and try to get him back ??
Judith Hesita (2 months ago)
@Juice Khanikar thanks dear for your advice, I will try call him and see how he respond.
Juice Khanikar (2 months ago)
@Judith Hesita everything will be fine
Juice Khanikar (2 months ago)
@Judith Hesita Don't worry
Juice Khanikar (2 months ago)
Oh...we too don't live together ...I use to call him and sometimes I call him to meet me...I think u should try diz once
Judith Hesita (2 months ago)
@Juice Khanikar wish you both goodluck. We don't live together so I can't really talk to him personally. I sent him email but just replied that he has a very hectic schedule and will message me with more detail later but till now I don't hear from him.
Lecintel (3 months ago)
My boyfriend ignores me for a long periods of time after every fight(
heather rilene (7 days ago)
Are you in long distance? Did he ever come back and his long does he ignore you
Jhona (3 months ago)
I lowkey liked this guy but I haven’t texted him in a week! And maybe that pissed him off and now he deleted my number
Nontle Sigh (4 months ago)
Your answers are vivid ....Straight forward...You don beat around the bush....THanks
Tea Time Sisters (4 months ago)
My crush likes me and he’ll let me know by not talking to me but I don’t even know what to do
Riman Olywi (4 months ago)
Unfortunately this is true, but very stupid in my opinion. We're not kids, so if he can ignore me for a long time , then he's not worth my time.
nadia Flores (4 months ago)
Me and my crush got mad because i prank i did on him amd it's almost 6 months we don't talk he stares at me and i stare at him in his eyes at the same time as him but he won't look away i would have to look away
C.H Kvistgaard (4 months ago)
Ain't nobody got time for that. I ain't waiting for any guy ignoring me for 3 days to a week. #Next
meyaw Abdulaziz (4 months ago)
when it comes to me when i ignore i have already told her i dont feel anything for her anymore....so she doesnt wounder if im coming back or not... be clear and move on if you want to move on i dont like to play games
Delisha Lubin (5 months ago)
Alot of stuff happened
Maria Fever (6 months ago)
i asked him why he is mad and he said "you seem like you don't wanna be my friend or talk 2 me" and i said "well no i wanna be your friend" and everything seemed 2 be ok but the next day he's still avoiding me and not talking 2 me and it's killing me
Nay Elise (6 months ago)
It's been a day and he's not talkinggggg I apologized , still not talking but okay I'll wait it out , dumb ass childish ass niggas
Lena James (6 months ago)
This is my situation at this point and I totally understand
Azime Nessa (6 months ago)
It's been 4 days. Am fed up.
Riman Olywi (4 months ago)
2 days, and idk what to do about it! But did he reach out??
Cardina Tarot Tribe (6 months ago)
I got ignored for 2 whole weeks
Riman Olywi (4 months ago)
I find this immature, but did he reach out? I'm in this situation right now, tow days past already! Idk how long will it take...
Kathy Arnaud (7 months ago)
This is happening to me right now. 24 hours and counting since last communication, which was an apology from me for over reacting to something he did (that he shouldn't have done!). He didn't think he deserved the wrath I issued when I found out that he went to a dance venue without me - or letting me in on the decision to go. We are exclusive, dating for 4 months, and agreed we would dance together on the weekends..and not go to this particular venue during the week. When he let me know he was there...I returned this text..... "WTF?" He didn't think he deserved THAT response....lol. YES> HE>DID!!!. I'm waiting for him to make the next move... BUT..each and every moment...my feelings are weakening.......
S Stan (7 months ago)
Generally I treat people really well and never go out of my way to mistreat them, therefore, if some guy is mad at me, I know instantly that he has no valid reason for it, that it’s all just some kindergarten act on his end to ignite some otherwise nonexistent drama. So whenever he does pretend to come around and back from his own madness, it’s no longer relevant to me as it never was from the getgo.
Bong Min (7 months ago)
my boyfriend was mad at me yesterday and today.. and he keeps rubbing it in my face.. like i dont know what to do ... ugh i guess ill just deal with his anger till he calms down and lets go of it
Ericka Johnson (7 months ago)
You are definitely on point... everything to a tee
Charmax Donker (7 months ago)
See that just seems unfair and childish. Sure if he would say "hey I need some time for myself cause you hurt me", now thats something I could deal with. Got in a fight with a guy I was seeing and made a really mean comment that hurted him. Now he is ignoring me even after I said sorry, which is ridiculous
Riman Olywi (4 months ago)
Exactly , i'm in the same situation. It's so immature
Jessica Gonzalez (7 months ago)
Charmax Donker men don’t think like we do nor do they process things like we do.
Trauma Crew (8 months ago)
what if he ignores you for 2 months.
Trauma Crew (6 months ago)
@Kareena Prado well he actually ended our friendship. bit I'm having a hard time getting over him.
Kareena Prado (6 months ago)
It means he's hedging his bets..
Amira Hakim (8 months ago)
I don’t understand how a guy can express how much he likes you, get mad at you for something that is both parties fault and then not talk to you for days. How can you like a person so much and go days without speaking to them?? That makes 0sense on any and every level.
Ruby Shepherd (3 months ago)
Because men are stupid
Pranav (5 months ago)
Love can make you do wierd things my friend! I did this too but because she made a joke out of my feelings! Teasing me everyday and talking behind my back and hinting of rejecting the offer of friendship that i made even after rejection!
sk8ergangsta2003 (5 months ago)
Probably because he’s hurt and needs to process his emotions. Not talking for days isn’t that big of a deal.
Kitty Corner (8 months ago)
I feel so bad for the host of this show. He has to put up with all these crazy questions that all of us have about these crazy men. Thanks for being there for us! You rock!
3AM (9 months ago)
Notice how only the females in the comment section are mad. You know why he can't just talk it out? Because women can't talk anything out
3AM (6 months ago)
@Samantha Derrick lol ive been in a good relationship for 4 years. you know nothing about me. Women like you see the world as a competition between men and women. Relationships are not about me vs you. They are about communicating and compromising and loving each other. How else do you think people have marriages lasting 4 decades? If you assume all men are out to get you and have no point, you are already going into it with a bias.
3AM (6 months ago)
@Kim Adams men think very literally. We tend to not associate emotion to a deep degree like women do with actions or words. I feel like that is the only time I argue with my girl. It has leveled out over time and we dont argue as often anymore.
Kim Adams (7 months ago)
That's actually the complete opposite, men don't talk their feelings out which makes it ten times harder to get any issue resolved..you rather play silent treatment like a three year old instead
Samantha Derrick (8 months ago)
Youre upset because females dont tolerate disrespect?!?! So in ur teisted mind women should shut up and deal?!? Fuck you incel bastard! Of course women are mad! this guy is speaking to women so of course men.. real men eoukdnt be on here! Only guys onhere are the types that play games!!! In which case.. rot in hell
Lysa Cazares (9 months ago)
thank u
cxProlusion (9 months ago)
shit i ignored her too much but should i keep ignoring her tho cuz at this point we dont talk that much anymore, she told me she didnt love me one time and she said she was sorry a few hours later and I felt like things were different between us and I dont know how to talk to her anymore now were not dating but she says she loves me "more than anyone" but ignores me for other guys i love her tho and would do anything for her
Jai Pao (9 months ago)
Theres a different between "like" and "love"
izzy ._.p.b (10 months ago)
A boy that I’m close with told me I’m smart and I just said thank you idk what to say then he told me I’m pretty and idk what to say and got nervous so I just left him on open and he hasn’t talked to me or teased me or gotten close to me for 3 days .
Jennifer Tippin (10 months ago)
Guys are stupid and immature
Beautifulbajan86 (10 months ago)
Dumb ass men
Keisha Corbin (11 months ago)
always good advice
DIY Slime Vlogs (11 months ago)
So this kid I like we had a thing going for while when he had a gf who he broke up with and then he started liking me for a bit then somthing happens between us and he got mad at me and blocked me on everything then said sorry for it and then I said sorry a few months later and he said we can be friends again and I go and text him and he just egnores me why is this
Lindsey Hebert (11 months ago)
I am dealing with this being ignored not as special as I used to be he gave me a buddy hug a year ago now I am afraid he lost my interest I feel like either I will be shocked or he will be if he doesn’t care about coming back again
shan4883 (9 months ago)
I couldn't even get the courage to hug the guy that has a crush on me and he wanted to kiss me. I felt awkward and didn't know how to process everything and I just stood there like an idiot and he walked out the door with his son. He was so emotionally happy to see me again and I just felt drained for 2 weeks not seeing him again. I don't know if I'll ever see him, I'm depressed and sad that I didn't act on things but I'm taken and I love my boyfriend who is my best friend and rock even when we're long distance, it just gets so hard at times and I miss him so badly. I don't know what's wrong with me half of the time.
Jennifer Tippin (1 year ago)
Ha! That's the stupidest thing I have ever heard. That's VERY stupid, selfish and EXTREMELY immature to act that way. Maybe that's what a boy would do but I real man will talk to his woman about it and tell her how he feels right away instead of not saying anything and ignoring her for a week. Dude...if that's how you handle things then you are no man. You are still a boy who needs to grow up!!
A.TooBrave (1 month ago)
@Kim Adams Lmao girl this about to be me I swear
Riman Olywi (4 months ago)
@Kim Adams well done 👏🏼 I'm in the same situation right now, but it has been only two days, idk how long will he keep up this childish behavior!
Kim Adams (7 months ago)
Thank you! A guy did this to me and ignored me for three weeks... So guess what happened? I moved on and when he started to "miss me" he felt he could just walk back into my life as if nothing ever happened, smh......I showed him real quick. I don't tolerate that behavior I found someone so much better and way more mature than him, and now he is sad and all alone "missing me".. 😉
MRS. MAYAME (1 year ago)
Great Video!
Jennifer Stancu (1 year ago)
Qs. I lnw this person that added all my close ppl and family members (church family /ppl) and i notice he liked my photo (of someoneone else) but i didnt rely to him and 10 hrs later re liked pic! What im saying is why is it onvious he is ignoring me and now aayimg anything
April Knight (1 year ago)
I have a boy who likes me more than a friend and I feel the same way but now he is not taking to me and IDK and he knows that I have a crush on him and he dose to on me but I IDK know what I did to make him mad at me what should I do
shan4883 (9 months ago)
Me too, but I'm taken and I just stood there like an idiot after he expressed his feelings for me and wanted to kiss me. He was so happy to see me after 2 weeks of not seeing each other and all he wanted to do was kiss me. I've been depressed, not eating at all and he walked out the door with his son and I watched him slowly walk to the car with his head down in deep thought of what just happened. I was in shock and I blocked out things of him after I didn't see him. I just needed to get to know him better and be friends. He rushed into things so fast with his entire heart and I just stood there like a jerk. Crushed it and I want to take it back and rewind time to slow it all down. It felt like a dream, like a romantic movie of him being in shock of seeing me, when he opened the door after he heard my voice, his son rushed out of the door and he walked towards me like he had seen a ghost, than he mumbles that he has a crush on me and I stood there looking down, very nervous and trying to understand who he was, like I said I faded the memory of him except his face. Than, he looked at me in a sad way and before he walked out, he gave a big emotional happy smile to come over to him after he looked at my lips. I'm hoping to see him again, he works next door to me and I'm an idiot for not speaking. I can't even tell him I'm taken and now he just ignores me. Its all my fault. He's a really nice guy, I have a hard time being away from my boyfriend of 8 years as we're long distant and I can't physically kiss or hug him while I've been away. This guy was offering to give me that and I just felt like my love for my boyfriend was tested again. I won't see him until next year again and its depressing to me. It hurts and I love him so badly. I don't to lose him. My best friend. I wish this guy could get to know me and talk to me instead of being so nervous around me and I feel bad for not saying anything either. I don't know if I'll ever see him again and be his friend. It sucks... if I was 2 people, it would be easier!
Life of Jazmin (9 months ago)
Sounds like my situation
320emerica (1 year ago)
Thats right or maybe more...
Lindsey Hebert (1 year ago)
I had a guy that I always feel like he is mad at me for no reason being ignored feeling like he lost my interest he doesn’t even answer my text messages or text me back he like as a sweet girl and loyal but now no one cares and my boyfriend got mad at me for no reason
Eli Sst (1 year ago)
I just Unfollowed her on FB' SNAPCHAT, and delete her number😯😭.
Riman Olywi (4 months ago)
🤦🏻 how old are you?!
Life of Jazmin (9 months ago)
Debra James (1 year ago)
What does it mean when it appears that all of the guys in a institutionalized environment appear to hate you or get jealous when you hang with your friends. Or have an angry look when you go on a motor cycle ride with your guy friend or do anything really? I don't get it, it like I'm attractive but they're not friendly it's like they're mad at me for not hanging with them or something I don't understand. And if they don't like me then why do they care who I hang with and why are they so fixated with me? Please help me understand
ash ly (1 year ago)
guy friend told me he wished me the best and should stop contact me altogether over a misunderstanding on my part that i said to him. is there still a chance we can be friends after he cools down after 1-2 weeks?
Soraya (1 year ago)
ash ly Did he ever come back?
Jenna Koko (1 year ago)
what if a guy was ignoring you for months and now trying to catch youre attention. Is he really in love orjust wanne have sex with you? And what do you do if hes a coworker?
Everly Alola (1 year ago)
Jenna Koko its sex. Im going through the same thing 😩
baleria guzman (1 year ago)
But what if hes leaving to another state tonight
OSPILL (1 year ago)
question: so the guy i like ignores me because his friends likes me..... what do i do? should i just let it go?
xxoreocookiexx (1 month ago)
OSPILL do u show anyway of u liking them back then it triggers.
Flame Grinds (1 year ago)
Make a video on what to do if you don't feel you're girlfriend puts you as one of her priorities or she doesn't care the way you do but she used to
urScorpioLady (2 years ago)
I love your videos. You are the best
Arlene Graham (2 years ago)
This all sounds like what a 3 year old would do.
Imad art (1 day ago)
But if i see you online all day everyday posting stories pictures .. and you dont even sees the message and everyone knows that phone are like glue ...so i ignored you 🤷
Paola Ochoa (6 months ago)
Arlene Graham yea but that's what guys do sometimes
Jennifer Tippin (1 year ago)
Arlene Graham ...exactly my thoughts
So I have this problem with a guy that I like. We were friends a while back. And I'm a shy girl just fyi. I had a crush on him and when he was around I couldn't speak to him. I was so nervous that I would mess up. But I knew he liked me but I was just so scared that if I talked to him, he wouldn't like who I am. A few days passed by, we didn't talk.. a few weeks went by.. we still haven't talked. I think he lost Interest because he thought I didn't like him back. I still like him. And I think of him and how he's doing occasionally. He would always ask questions about myself. Try to be like, I guess 'macho' around me. Tease me, compliment me. But like I said, I was so shy and nervous that I would mess up so I didn't say anything. I was so stupid. He took that as a sign that I was uninterested in him. Now, I finally got the courage to actually talk to him, ask him how he's doing. And things are back to normal and how they were before. But I just don't know if he's being friendly or if the feeling is mutual. My question is.. if someone had feelings for you before.. is there a chance they can have those same feeling toward you later one? Like, is there a possibility of him feeling those feeling again?
Lily ferreira (6 months ago)
I'm experiencing the same thing. But something tells me that he likes me even more because I seem so "emotionally detached." A solution to this problem is to be found in mindful attraction 2.0's video on YouTube titled: the best mentality to win a guy over. He basically says that we have to change the perception of our crush being better or of a higher value than us, into someone that's ordinary. It really helped me put a stop on the shy thing and not knowing what to say when he says something. Haha lol. Love and light xx
shan4883 (8 months ago)
I'm in the same situation for weeks. This guy had a crush on me and I do with him and he got hurt from assuming I didn't, so he pretty much has avoided me out of being hurt.. thinking I don't have feelings for him when I do and we haven't even spoken about how we feel at all. He doesn't even know about my long distance relationship either and how hard its been. He doesn't know much about me, just known eachother for 5 months and we were too nervous to speak to each other as well. He did the approaching though most of the time and he works at the hospital across from my work building. We made a deep intimate connection to the point of almost kissing and I rejected him due to my long distance relationship that he still doesn't even know about. Its been 2 weeks now since I had last seen him and he was deeply hurt by me that we almost became a couple. Just imagine going to work without seeing him around at all and he doesn't come outside anymore where I usually am. He avoids me and doesn't know how to speak to me like he should. I care about him and wish he could have been my friend. I was beginning to know his background and his 9 year old son. Very sad to know he would hurt me and wish we got the courage to talk to each other again! It would be nice and not depressing anymore. I felt I lost a friend who I was beginning to get to know and hes friends with almost everyone. Very bubbly and caring person just like me. I messed up everything from holding back so much from him. Its sad and we don't even know eachothers names after 5 months since I had no idea he had a crush on me and I don't know if he still does. Its been 4 weeks now since all of this first happened and 2 weeks since my last contact with him. :( This has never happened to me before where someone just avoids me like the plague. I'm a nice person and felt like he doesn't care. He thinks I don't when at least I made desperate attempts to contact him at the hospital and through Social Services just to talk. I have no idea if he even got the message from Social Services after telling a case worker what happened and how we bumped into each other there weeks ago out of nowhere after our first intimate connection. It doesnt even feel like it ever happened when he has avoided me.
izzy ._.p.b (10 months ago)
A guy that I like and is close with me told me I that I’m smart and idk what to say and got nervous and just said thanks then he told me I was pretty and and I got even more nervous so I left him on open . Now he hasn’t talked to me since 3 days and hasn’t teased me like he usually does I’m a very shy and quiet person I really liked him and I felt like he was telling me but now he hasn’t talked to me and we’re in the same class and he doesn’t even look and tried to get far from me . He talks to my friend when I’m right next to her only her not me . I hope he didn’t think I thought he was being weird or I don’t like him cause I do 😭😭he would always stand by me when doing things in class and now he doesn’t. I miss him teasing me too . I wish he would at least talk to me .
Kiara Jay (1 year ago)
im going through the same thing
Lacy O'Connell (2 years ago)
Love sucks hahaha
HeartofMusic96 (2 years ago)
Why would a guy reconnect years later and when you message him , he just ignores you and makes no effort to talk to you. He had a thing for me in the past.
HeartofMusic96 me too. I broke his heart when I was young and dumb, but we always stayed in touch as friends and then rekindled for six months 9 years later just now, he cancelled our dinner date via text and then ghosted me after I reacted with a letter detailing my frustration. It’s been over three weeks since he’s contacted me. And I’ve sent two texts during this time of silence.
Jessica Gonzalez (7 months ago)
HeartofMusic96 I have this issue. This very same issue. Only I didn’t know he had a thing for me. I just recently found out. I think I suspected it but never had proof.
Arab girl (2 years ago)
I like how very brief and helpful at the same time ❤️
Peace Peace (2 years ago)
bro,i like your vids,coz its mostly short and summarised
Catherine Mejia (4 months ago)
Peace Peace honestlyyy
PaiNiZMyDeStiNy (2 years ago)
what if a girl asks if you ever had a girlfriend ?
xxAfricanWarriorxx (2 years ago)
tell them you did
John Doe (2 years ago)
wtf? don't bullshit yourself
Miss M (2 years ago)
I think ignoring her is a bad idea. I had a guy do this to me, and that definitely made me lose interest in him. Why can't he just talk things out instead of being childish by ignoring her.
Elise Vale (11 days ago)
@Electrick Flame LMAOOOOO 😭😭😭😭💀💀💀💀💀
Michael Caldwell (1 month ago)
Miss M....boy where to start w this 🙄. He put himself out there, gets rejected, and women wonder why he would.ignore them. Really?
The Ghost (3 months ago)
@Gatorade thank you
Ajunte Burns (4 months ago)
@Jennifer Tippin , women such as yourself tend to be very narcissistic and unwilling to admit they're wrong. This is the typical pinnacle of how some women act. You so high-minded minded that you got your head up your ass.
Johanne K. (4 months ago)
@Dutch B.L.D .
Nora Peace (2 years ago)
My BOYFRIEND hasn't talked to me in 4 days after he got mad at something that I did not do that he recommended I do. No text, no call, nothing. And I really think that it's over between us & he's just scared to pull the trigger and break up with me. And I'm just waiting to see what happens. He never returned my calls or anything, which is why I am waiting for him to make the first move. Any advice?
Nora Peace good but fuck him
Vee P (1 year ago)
Sounds like he ghosted you. He liked you but then just tried to freeze you out.. But he may not contact you. You can try contacting him. I had this exact thing happen and guy changed number and blocked me. In your situation he may be willing to talk.. If not. Move on with your life, at least you tried. Maybe you hear from him, maybe not.
Nora Peace (2 years ago)
PuppyLOVE Over 4 months. The fight was over basically me never listening to him when he says something. But really I forget what he says or I don't understand him. Like I need things really explained to me. I'm not good at reading between the lines
Brandon Mcdonald (2 years ago)
The girl i want to marry im very angry at, going on a week now and its insanely difficult. But it needs to be done.
Jennifer Tippin (1 year ago)
Brandon Mcdonald ...then she will never marry you dude until you learn to grow up and talks things out like a real man. You are acting like a boy
Vee P (1 year ago)
Consider that she may have had a different experience than you, so maybe while it seemed to you lie she hurt you, maybe she was froze up in some past pain. You really need to communicate if you love someone. But if it's all about your ego all the time you will always be a victim.
Brandon Mcdonald (2 years ago)
just be positive about it, if this really matters to you then you will find ways to adapt and grow the relationship, so long as he desires the same thing.
hellojane (2 years ago)
I suspect my boyfriend is depressed.. He has been withdrawing alot and said he has “snapped” and is “not the same person anymore”. He just feels strongly that he is unable to make me happy. And is recently facing work and family stress too.. If he can give me up.. maybe he doesnt love me as much..? </3
Brandon Mcdonald (2 years ago)
I have no room to say how he feels, i have no clue what he will do everyone is different. as for my situation i dont think i could ever leave her, even if she cheated and i caught her in the act or something id feel destroyed on the inside and the relationship would be defiantly hurt, but i wouldn't and couldn't just not have her in my life. what i think you should do is if he matters this much to you, then you should honestly take a step back and look at both ends of the relationship and if it truly matters then change something about it to make it better so that this type of thing doesnt happen where you feel it could end. i figure the more you put into it the more your going to get out of it. but at the same time expect nothing, but expect everything because you should deserve it if that makes any sense?
Elgita Beinaroviča (2 years ago)
We been together 3 years. He says he loves me but he doesn't know if he wants to be with me. I need to move on and stop waiting? It seems he's tired of our conflicts and my controlling ways, he says to stop waiting but he contacts me every day and asks to meet him and says to our friends that there maybe is a chance to be together but I need to stop be so jealous. and when I see him he acts that we are just friends..
Vee P (1 year ago)
Thank Koanizm for your helpful comment. Best of luck to you.
Vee P (1 year ago)
Mind fuck. Please move on, bcos he is unwilling to treat you and the relationship with respect and dignity. Look at it this way, he is making it easy to find a better guy if you can detach from his antics. Good luck
Gatorade (2 years ago)
Elgita Beinaroviča If you know that you're controlling, then stop. Yeah you can pull a "I'll just find a guy who likes me for me" move, and you might actually find a submissive guy who might liking to be "controlled". But remember, how long do you think that relationship is going to last? There's a fine line between being who you are in a "positive" way, and holding on to old perspectives that would "drive" people away.
Hangry Oni (2 years ago)
Because on one side, he's entertaining the reason of your loving ways of why he even loved you in the first place and all the imagination that comes with it. On the other hand, he can't deny the negative reality that he experienced when he takes off his rose colored glasses. He doesn't want to lose you, but he doesn't want to relive the negative reality. He's conflicted, thus you being unsure of his motives. It depends on the person. Technically I was you. She dumped me. But in your exact context of him, 3 yrs after the break up, I'm him present day.

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