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African Fashion Designer 2014

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The African Fashion Reception comprise of three days of fashion shows and exhibitions for fashion designers and accessory producers from all over the continent. Only 1 top designer is nominated to represent each of the participating countries by the Executive Board of the AFR. The selection process was rigorous as an average of 9 to 17 entries was received from designers in each of the participating African countries. The African Fashion Reception is aimed at building bridges through creating free trade and partnerships among fashion practitioners throughout the African continent, and expanding the potential power of fashion as a tool for fighting poverty in Africa by creating wealth through the empowerment of women and youths in the various fashion vocations through training, capacity building schemes, workshops and the setting up of medium/small scale businesses. It is also aimed at helping to further develop African economies by creating the biggest and most profitable African fashion and lifestyle trade and investment initiatives for global patronage. Chief Edem Duke, Minister of Tourism, Culture and National Orientation said that Nigeria being awarded hosting rights created an increasing recognition of the country as a leading exponent of Fashion in Africa. He said that Nigerian designers are redefining fashion globally as their works are now seen in some of the most luxurious stores across the world. He explained that many Africans in the Diaspora look to West Africa, particularly Nigeria to identify the type of fashion that is indigenous to them. Each country, during this event, will be given an exhibition pavilion where they will have the opportunity to promote not only their fashion, accessory and lifestyle brands but also their culture and tourism potentials.
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