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Georgia: A Post-Soviet Fashion Boom | Compass​

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Compass goes to Tbilisi to discover Georgia's fashion scene. Dubbed in the media as 'post-soviet' fashion style it's the latest hype in the fashion industry globally. How has the small country of Georgia given birth to some of the coolest designers in the 21st century? What is 'post-soviet' style? And is the 'post-soviet' label accurate in describing the latest fashion designs coming out of this unique country? #Georgia #Compass #FashionBoom
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Text Comments (6)
Irakli Chimakadze (3 months ago)
9:47 lmao thats me in the pink hoodie
Imay (3 months ago)
Georgia is awesome!
TheYoucompaq (3 months ago)
Erdogan is ethnic georgian...
N.M. Kaiser (3 months ago)
Stalin came from Georgia
TheYoucompaq (3 months ago)
Erdogan is ehtnic Georgian...
Do I Look Smart Now ? (3 months ago)
I know where Georgia 🇬🇪 is, because I’ve been to Tbilisi and Kazbegi. Beautiful country and kind people. I really want to comeback to Georgia. ❤️

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