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He Ghosted Me Two Months Ago And Then Texts Me Out Of The Blue?

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E GIBSON (1 month ago)
if they come back give them an ultimatum, tell them you want to go back to your place for 90 minutes. If they agree then you can do so or just say "are you kidding?". if they say they have plans, another time, no whatever the case, say nothing to them again, period. If they do agree, get dirty then drop them like a bad habit for good. Then if you see them around after that still, flirt with other people in front of them.
Aaliyah Forney (1 month ago)
Thank you so much for this video this really help me.
Lynda Peoples (2 months ago)
You need to re-do this video, please. It's barely audible.
pattylicious H (3 months ago)
I'm so confused??
Rati Femina (3 months ago)
Thank you for the great advice. A guy just recently ghosted me for 2 months and now he just sent a text. Now I know exactly what to do:-)
Maja Stevanovic (4 months ago)
thank you so much for this advice
IvyleagueCutie89 (5 months ago)
I woke up today 1/14/19 shocked to see a message from him 7 weeks after he ghosted. He's out of his mind if he thinks I'm going to respond. Because if I did respond, I would have told him it's pathetic to try to come back to me just because no one else wants him.
sea breeze (7 months ago)
Will u accept a guy that ghosted on your text and ignored you for 1 week then reappeared to offer u a relationship? I think he went for he's preferred choice, thing fell thru, dats why now he's READY for a relationship with me... will anyone accept that?
Flame Gangg (8 months ago)
what if a guy is inconsistent, ghost you all the time, purposely does things to upset you, when you push away he starts coming on stronger to keep you baited in... But says you're the one that pushed him away for expressing you were tired of the mistreatment... He texted me again, saying shame on him for asking how I was doing after I told him we should no longer speak Is this a narc or just an extremely selfish person
BB DD (21 days ago)
@Yellow Panda Stop feeding their ego. Block and go forward
Yellow Panda (2 months ago)
V Alexander this is my exact situation...I honestly think these guys are narcissistic and like playing games..
Happy GoLucky (8 months ago)
Thank you so much for posting this video. I love the straightforward style you have and how concise you are. You have a real talent for getting to the heart of a matter in less than 5 minutes. I take away a lot from your videos and they have really helped me. Thank you :)
Lin 2017 (8 months ago)
Why did you look like being ghosted ? 🙄🙄
gizy gizy (9 months ago)
I ghost all my friends and sometimes my boyfriend and my family like my own mom too. I ghost them untill I feel like I genuinely whant to talk to them. In my case I am a person that likes i mean.. loves detachment. I feel like I could live in a world where there was only quietness, I love loneliness but I think people is nice too I guess?. Anyway. I work in society but that doesn't mean I whant to keep up with them all the time. And to the girl with the problem in this video I would suggest do the same. If the guy is like me, then he would not even give a damn if you ghost him too another two or more months even a whole year. He even might like that detachment from your side too.
sanaz Esfahani (10 months ago)
He will ghost again and again for sure.
M.s. Dickerson-Jones (10 months ago)
A Capricorn trait for sure lol
Julie Anne (3 months ago)
Untrue about Capricorn 🙄. I'm a Capricorn and that's false. Quit generalizing the sign to be every person.
femaleonthecreek (6 months ago)
Gemini too!
Gods kid (10 months ago)
I Love how your videos are quick and to the point
Rocky V1 (10 months ago)
Or maybe . today's society puts too much pressure for hook ups and dating and makes every scenario a hit or miss situation .. Women overreact to everything ... That's why we ghost .. if we call or text too much ..we are considered needy .. It seems to me whatever we do is always a problem or not good enough.. So please shut up with the he ghosted me bullshit because we all know NO WOMAN IS INNOCENT OR PERFECT.. Y'all disrespect and play games men all the time and then wanna act like Y'all are victims.. please GTFOH
El-jiva Twisted (10 months ago)
All the girls saying “ghost him” you know you won’t if he’s a prettyboy that rocks designer clothes like me...I done this couple of times and I’ve always got a response!! 🤣🤠
El-jiva Twisted (10 months ago)
Londondonny well that is understandable you have goals in life. its safe to say you dont have time for a girlfriend and you do get lonely..i mean who doesnt lol
El-jiva Twisted i can’t really give you a proper question since I don’t even know why I do it but most of the time I put other things (job, friends, school, traveling and so on) before girls and while though I’m still interested in that girl I can’t be bothered to text/call her. The cycle keeps going until I kinda wonder what could’ve been or get a bit lonely!
El-jiva Twisted (10 months ago)
Londondonny y go ghost? y not just tell the girl "leave me alone" or "im not interested" or "im going ghost bye"
El-jiva Twisted it’s the hard truth..not that I’m proud of it but at the same time I don’t love no one but me ☠️☠️
El-jiva Twisted (10 months ago)
Londondonny boy shut up
luckyluckyclover 77 (11 months ago)
So I don’t know if this counts as ghosting So there this guy i know who’s shy . He started texting me second semester of senior year every now and then . I got signs that he’s flirting with me . He stares smiles widely at me from across the room . He talks about me with his friends. After a few months he came up to me and started small talking with me everyday. One day during the last semester our teacher gave us two math problems to do . For me I’m bad at math so I believed I did them wrong so I texted him to ask what he got and he said his answer and I asked how he did it . He was like I’ll come over to teach if u want . I don’t know why at that moment I started to blush and didn’t reply and he came over and taught me how to do them . I got nervous my heart was beating so hard. He faced me and stared and smiled . He didn’t go on his phone or look away . That was when I knew I like him a bit . So I flirted back . And on the last day he still didn’t make a move on confessing . So the next day I decided to do so myself and confessed . He was surprise and said he’s not looking for a gf rn . I was thinking do u like me or not come on tell me . So I asked if he saw me as a friend or and he said blandly a friend and I was like everything good ( still confused why he flirted ) When I didn’t know he only sees me as a friend I kept on texting him and now I haven’t texted him for a month and a few weeks because I don’t know what to say and it feels awkward. He said that he’s ok with talking to me since I told him that I just wanted to say it ( which was 50 percent of the reason the other half is I wanted to get it over with since we’re going to different colleges so we will meet different people)then recently I was in vacation and he texted me out of he blue asking how my trip been . I just couldn’t stop thinking about him the last month even when I didn’t want to cause he has his own taste and so do I I didn’t want to force it . I sketched him and drew him and posted in Instagram . I didn’t expect him to redownload the app and accepted my friend request .he liked the sketch . I added he in Instagram after I found his Instagram during senior year. Also he didn’t text me during the past month also and I don’t know if he’s the type to text or talk in person
BlackStar Collections (11 months ago)
this video made me feel better now, thank you!
Bradford Cook (11 months ago)
Brad is my granddad. I'm Jen. Speak up...volume is too low.
Kim H (1 year ago)
Now he's not a priority
MsZee (1 year ago)
Ha!!! I was ghosted and contacted a month later. What's funny is, I deleted his number out of my phone after a week of no contact. Although, very tempted to text: who is this, I decided to not respond at all. He wasn't worth my time to begin with. You don't ghost me and text me out the blue, talking about hello beautiful....kick rocks without socks.
Destiny Mtika (2 months ago)
@Thanos 😠😠
pinky80ism (2 months ago)
I know thats rt! Dont even respond 2 they ass!
femaleonthecreek (6 months ago)
@Thanos Bullshit!
Thanos (6 months ago)
He could have been in an accident or sick family member
This man ghosted me & when I sent a text saying if its over then just tell me, that it made me feel awful, he texted back saying he’s sorry he made me feel that way .... that something was going on. And that he’s man enough to tell me if he werent. I said ok. Then we crossed other borders like learning where each other lived (met online) and went to each others work & shared family intimacies. Then he ghosted me Again — Im like wtf!? So rude! But friends have said that ANYTHING could be going on to sit tight you just dont know. He could be sick, got a diagnosis(this I suspect) or anything. Im like ok, but my feelings are hurt, I thought we clicked. I don’t know, Im going to be travelling soon, I will send him a post card from France. Yes thats old fashioned. Lol In any event, if its to be it will be, if not that ole well! Peace
Kazzy Love (1 year ago)
Guy ghosted me for almost 6 months and came back for an apology?
Taejah Simone (1 year ago)
When he texts back (he will) I'm gonna tell him it's all good, accept his invitation, and apology. Get dressed to the nines. I'm gonna seduce him until he is super excited, let him kiss me, and smell my perfume, and my hair. Then I am gonna wait until he asks me out again, (because he will) and then ghost him. That way he will know what he could have had. Dumb bastard.
Get Ur LIFE (1 year ago)
Mary The More (1 year ago)
Does this also apply for a guy whom you never met but only talked to online??
Se A (17 days ago)
@lisa W He has no brain cells
lisa W (7 months ago)
I gotta say, I talked to a guy online every day, and we met in 2 weeks, he said I was very cute and wanted to see me again, then semi suddenly disappeared for 1 month. Yesterday I was nearby and text I was in town and he replied where did you go here? When I replied, no response. Thoughts?
nacardelmar (1 year ago)
Hreat advice
Brittany Roque (1 year ago)
A guy texted me after about 7 months. He told me to leave him alone one day and I did when he came back he apologizes for ghosting me (Aha) and said he had a gf that did the same thing he did but left him for an ex. He wanted to call me and I didn't want to (I don't really like phone calls) and blocked me from everywhere when I asked what he wanted to tell me and if it was really important. I told him I could call him later and he blocked.
Big Newsfeed (1 year ago)
This is the best advice.
Ebony Simpson (1 year ago)
my ex ghost me, told his family im crazy. but would still call me invite me to his house etc?
meena khan (1 year ago)
how to response then if he texts after months? block him or ignore him by showing our happy activities?
meena khan (1 year ago)
+SouthernBelleBEE okay right...
SouthernBelleBEE (1 year ago)
meena khan my mom told me to stop being mean and respond. So I pretty much told him I'm at a happy place in my life. I wish I woulda put "I don't need you to be happy" to devalue his ass to the max. But with this I say for each its own.....why do someone like they doing you. Kindness always kills people. Morals kill people. Doing the right thing kills them most. And devaluing them hurts them the worst.
PlayStation Guy85 (1 year ago)
I get this from women all the time they will ghost me and then return months later sending me a text message out of nowhere asking me how I'm doing I'm thinking f*** off let me guess the guy didn't fall through you were with so now I'm going to be the rebound but they always give some excuse about how their phone got turned off which in today's world with all the technology we have you have many other ways to contact a man so that's a damn lie
Ali (1 year ago)
A man needs up to 8 weeks to decide if he is ready to be serious with someone...its not true that h es not interested necessarily. It depends on the situation actually...
Lizzy Green (1 year ago)
Sound's like a Virgo man.
blue bunny (1 month ago)
OMG Me too!!!
Lynda Peoples (2 months ago)
@Ladaizha Langston ..was ghosted by two ex fiances. The second one did admit he was wrong. Didn't change a blank thing. He did it three times! I miss him so much but I will never take him back. Both were Virgos!
Lynda Peoples (2 months ago)
@April Lashon ..I used to think the world of Virgo men. I am a Capricorn. I had really bad experiences with two of them...was engaged to both of them..at different times, of course. The first was almost narcissistic. He put me through a lot and really hurt me. We were getting back together but he ghosted me more as a form of manipulation. Then he tried the hot and cold...enough of his BS. I let him go. The second one hurt me desperately bad. We were getting along great and engaged to be married. He ghosted me for seven wks! Hell hath no fury..😡 He ghosted me twice since then for short periods of time. He will get up his nerve to appear back and I have decided not to even take his call...just let him wonder about who is in my life just like he did me. He apologized and kept saying it wasn't like that ...like what I was saying. Regardless there is nothing he can say to me that will ever even remotely tempt me to give him another chance.
cocofreda 3 (4 months ago)
For real. Dealing with one right now 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
Ladaizha Langston (7 months ago)
Omg yes!!!! It’s so funny you say that because he is definitely a Virgo and we’ve been having this issue for months ..
Water Fishes (1 year ago)
I'm not- hey, When and If he comes here again, THEN, and only, will I actually "freak out"-but till then- I DON'T CARE!!!!!!!!!!!
barbara wright (1 year ago)
The best prediction of future behavior is past relevant behavior.
Grizzlyman Verneteil (1 year ago)
I need a man who ain't scared of a BIG DICK
Ann Mitchell (1 year ago)
Hes been dumped by the new woman and just needs sex..lol
Faeries_Xylia 923 (1 year ago)
Haha I remember a guy from back from when we were kids like 16 or 15 i believe and this guy use to use to always come over for my cousins and he had a crush on me and he would always stare at me and he was cute but we both were shy so we never even tried. Year's later in our early 20's i tried talking to him through fb and i thought it was going fine at first bc he seemed like he was cool since he was responding he even said we should hang out soon so i was happy thinking there was a chance of something happening but then out of no where like 2 days later he deletes me off of fb and i was a little shocked bc i was rejected in a way to realize it's bc he had an on and off thing going with his girl for who was like 10 year's older then him for like 4 year's..i brushed it off though and moved on i never tried hitting him up again.. Now 2 years later I'm in a serious relationship with someone else and thr same guy randomly hits me up on fb and i didn't respond at first or open up the message i just left it there bc i wasn't sure if i was gonna bother or not but 2 days later i responded with a "hello" then he immediately responds back to me all happy and then sends me a friend request and says we need to hang out soon and he then sends me his number.. Lol i read it but ignored it then he deletes me off of fb afterwards lol..too little too late buddy.. You weren't interested before now I'm not either! 😊
Loved this! Your facial expression said it all! Thank you! <3
AP Lotusfaith (1 year ago)
I wish I knew you this 15 years ago.
Ash ley (1 year ago)
So true
rosane vieirr (1 year ago)
Rocky Rock (1 year ago)
So glad I found your channel.
Reagan Delancy (1 year ago)
ghost them back
Rachel Pun (1 year ago)
for me, i felt he had been responding half-heartedly and thought it's impossible between us, and wanted to get over the sort-of, so i ghosted for months, but then at a point i thought i was relatively safe and texted back, i was not
P Cole (1 year ago)
What if you're talking to a guy, texting pretty regularly then he just stops contact for 3-4 weeks? I think the same thing still applies.. if a guy is supposedly trying to build a relationship why you why would he just suddenly stop? I'm dealing with that situation now.. just got a text and really don't feel like replying.
Lemon castle same thing. I usually don't get that caught up into guys. But this was someone I thought was the best boyfriend ever. But now I'm getting ghosted. Hurts like hell. I'm apologizing for things I don't even known what I did. But after reading and watching the video/comments. I'm leaving his cowardly ass alone. I deserve better. Not contacting anymore.
Nancy Taylor (1 year ago)
Angie Harri yeah me too
Furious Teasipper (1 year ago)
This happened to me yesterday, I was ghosted 4 months back after meeting someone I thought was a soulmate then he texted me yesterday and I hadn't replied, at first I was shocked and pleased but then I thought how he ignored me all through Christmas and upset me, and it took about 2 months to stop thinking about him, what I did wrong ect
Angie Harri (1 year ago)
P Cole this is happening to me right now and it’s so frustrating
Brittany Anzalone (1 year ago)
How about when a person that you have known asks you out on a date, says they have a good time asks to go out again and then ghosts you after 1 week and resurfaces with someone else...thats a whole new level of d bag to me.
Safaragrey (1 year ago)
But what does it mean when you text him and he doesn't respond but floods u with likes on your instagram? ???? but even after that he didn't respond to me. :(
Furious Teasipper (1 year ago)
It means he's an arsehole playing games wants you to chase him for his own ego.
Unique Pumphrey (1 year ago)
Ella Safara hes playing games.
CheerX9087 (1 year ago)
I love you voice! Wish I was your friend.
lleopunk (1 year ago)
he lost interest😔😒
Gianna (1 year ago)
W o k e
Rain Clouds (2 years ago)
Short & Sweet...
Serenity Love (2 years ago)
I had a guy break it off with me two months ago, a week after my grandmother died. He called me recently after two months at 400 am. He was blocked, how little he must think of me to call me in the middle of the night and I know all he wanted was phone sex. I swear people like this deserve all karma have to offer them.
CheerX9087 (1 year ago)
Good for you blocking him! Old habits die hard and you were strong. What he did was low.
Keeping My Faith (2 years ago)
Definitely a narcissist trait!!!
M.s. Dickerson-Jones (10 months ago)
aivilo07 (1 year ago)
6980MulhollandDrive (1 year ago)
Keeping My Faith It might be, I can vouch for that.
Lala Dudd (2 years ago)
you speaking too low. speak louder
G G (2 years ago)
Good advice mr! love from Ireland :)
Brandie T. Fields (2 years ago)
Leo The babe (2 years ago)
no lol she doesn't have a boyfriend,and thanks for the help guys!☺
peachie05 (2 years ago)
Here's how you handle this situation. When a dude ghosts you, delete him from your phone, walk and never look back. When he texts you months later, something like, "Hey, how are you?", reply with "Who is this?" That should get your point across - that you forgot all about him because he was nothing special. If he responds with his name, don't answer the text - delete it and GHOST HIS ASS. Instant karma on him.
Lynda Peoples (2 months ago)
True because if he did it once, he will do it again! Ask me how I know.
Tracy Mejia (5 months ago)
Christine Escajeda (7 months ago)
He is using my name everything I do he does and he does more he controls it all I have deleted him I than deleted my name when I get a new account he's back on
Deija Rothenberg (9 months ago)
Lol I love you. Thanks
New _ (11 months ago)
peachie05 💪
persona non grata (2 years ago)
Hi, can you do a video on ways to encourage a man to feel protective of you?
H T (2 years ago)
Basically, if the guy comes back after two months he sees you a booty call/Next in line chick'. Kick his ass to the side ✌🏾️
F (2 years ago)
My boyfriend of 9 months is completely ignoring me without reason when the last thing he said was I love you and how we was gonna start making an effort and we had made plans for the following few weeks going places. Am getting so tired of it and don't know what to do at this point.
Derrick Tyson (2 years ago)
First of all, you are absolutely beautiful! Voila--the truth rocks! Ha! Second, what are the updates with this situation, because my next response will probably be 5 months too late, but "better late, than never," I suppose, even though your situation has likely already manifested itself... And so I shall say this... ANYONE that has a boyfriend or a girlfriend for that matter, and they suddenly start ignoring you out of the blue, without warning, can have variables attached to it as "why?" 9 months is a good long time to be with someone, especially when you grow accustomed to them, how they go about doing things, etc., and to suddenly have them go cold and distant and ignoring you? Not a good sign there. It could be many things, but before I go on and on about that, I am curious as to what has happened in this situation, and what I suspect may have been the reason 'why' he began ignoring you (because this can have many, many layers, like an onion!). I have had women 'test' me in the past by going cold, merely to see if I would 'blow up their phone' and get all needy, weak, and clingy-acting (which women detest), because MOST men act this way, and when I passed the test, then it was as if nothing ever happened! Ha! This was early on, though, in the courting stages, rather than 9 months of a relationship as your case was (5 months ago anyway--hopefully you guys are still together and everything came out for the better and now you guys have been together for 14 months?!)... So, what happened? :)
Brandie T. Fields (2 years ago)
He found somebody else. He only said I love u because he knew it was something u wanted to here. He wack because he just left u hanging. He's not worth ur time. Forget about him
becky15707 (2 years ago)
If you ghost me don't come bCk ,u already lost the chance u had with me
everlastingcurves (2 years ago)
My first thought was "booty". Something didn't work out for him and she's an option.
6980MulhollandDrive (1 year ago)
everlastingcurves Totally. Most of the times they're just looking for a "booty call". Plain and simple. Oh, and of course chances are they were stood up by other people and were left high and dry (always assuming they *ever* got anywhere, which is *not* always the case). It goes without saying that most of the times they also treated you like dirt and then suddenly expect you to go all crazy at the mere sight of a text or e-mail from them. Obviously. Who wouldn't? Sorry guys... Get lost 😁
Miguel & Ena (2 years ago)
Could friends turn into relationship? :)
Atid Mata BenIsrael (2 years ago)
yea but you must wait for a long time
You tube Fan! (2 years ago)
💯 immature lil boy ish
You tube Fan! (2 years ago)
christine a and let it go. Trust me....one day, you gone be glad he gone 💯
christine a (2 years ago)
Vanessa Neal. agreed going thru that now.
BlessMyLMG (2 years ago)
I stayed friends with my ex and we both know that at some point in the future well be back together, there's always plan B
Leo The babe (2 years ago)
datinglogic I like this girl I text her but she doesn't answer she just looks at the text and leaves I always ask at least twice a week "how's it going" or "hey buddy,anything new?" and its a pain she doesn't answer I gave her like about 1 month of space and still the same but she's starting to text me back but I have to start the conversation :(
summer sun (5 months ago)
رزان ْ (2 years ago)
I'm really sorry for you but i hope everything goes so well
G G (2 years ago)
+ ASAP High hahahaha
Leo The babe (2 years ago)
hey Lisa, its hard what your going though huh...but what I did is just move on, do the same :) even if it's hard,it was for me. When love is just a lie,don't waste your tears and say good bye👍:)
رزان ْ (2 years ago)
she might have a boyfriend but she dont tell you about ... i know so many girls who do that
Ri10q (2 years ago)
Should you stay friends with your ex, or burn all bridges?
Natalia Culio (1 year ago)
Only if you are over them. I'm still friends with an ex from highschool but had to wait a few years before I could be friends with him. If they are a good person stay friends once your heart has healed.
Redfather (1 year ago)
Burn burn burn 😈😈😈
Furious Teasipper (1 year ago)
I think you should burn the bridge, clear your mind space for yourself and someone new
Tropicalgirl (1 year ago)
Burn all bridges and him 😱
رزان ْ (2 years ago)
pretend nothing has happened and dont talk to her
Sam (2 years ago)
Why does this guy text me then once I reply he never answers back. He's said he really likes me and so on in the past but I haven't been paying much attention to him because I've been traveling and school just started.
Champ1988 (2 years ago)
+Riya Rayne I may be wrong. I'm going on what you wrote initially, which is dated. My point is to remember why you stopped replying at all times. That way you don't find yourself texting as a "why not" & end up hurt. But I digress. Take care - C
Sam (2 years ago)
What are you even going on about? I stopped paying this guy attention about 3 weeks ago?....like I said he's the one chasing me now
Champ1988 (2 years ago)
+Riya Rayne He's not interested. You said yourself that when you finally respond, he goes back to ignoring you. Here's a scenario... You keep ignoring him until you finally decide, "I'll give him a chance! He, really likes me. I'm in control now since he's doing all the texting." Then he ignores you again...get it out of your head that he's "chasing" you. He's not. Therefore, the best way to approach it is as if he's not interested; even if he proposes and offers you a billion dollars to elope with him tomorrow. You've seen his prior actions.
Champ1988 (2 years ago)
+Riya Rayne He's not interested. You said yourself that when you finally respond, he goes back to ignoring you. Here's a scenario... You keep ignoring him until you finally decide, "I'll give him a chance! He, really likes me. I'm in control now since he's doing all the texting." Then he ignores you again...get it out of your head that he's "chasing" you. He's not. Therefore, the best way to approach it is as if he's not interested; even if he proposes and offers you a billion dollars to elope with him tomorrow. You've seen his prior actions.
Sam (2 years ago)
I'm not actually interested in him. He out of nowhere that I'm the woman of his dreams and it freaked me out but I was still going to get to know him. And he only didn't reply back one time and after that I stopped responding and he's the one that's been chasing me, trying to get my attention now....
Lanie Valentine (2 years ago)

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