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Fashion industry thrives in Iran

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Iranian designers fuse international and European fashion with traditional Iranian styles, breathing new life into Islamic fashion in Iran. At a rare official fashion show in the country's capital, Tehran, designers took the opportunity to display some colourful and vibrant Islamic costumes which are not only in line with Islamic codes, but also current fashion trends. While not exactly trying to put the chic into chador, Iranian fashion designer Haniyeh Abedi believes that the strict Islamic dress code requiring women to be covered from head to toe does not mean they cannot look good.
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Text Comments (46)
angel666 (2 years ago)
Ina chera dast mizanan ,Mageh Aroussiyeh Nanashouneh ?
7a87 (5 years ago)
lol for some reason that comment made me laugh. Always found that style of writing on the net kinda funny. InSerTinG RanDoM CapiTal LeTtErs IntO woRds iS AwEsoME --- Also proud to be Persian ;)
7a87 (5 years ago)
Are you a model?
7a87 (5 years ago)
Now let's not generalize millions of people here, there is good and bad in every culture. You can't say "This ethnicity of men are this or that", it's simply wrong.
Pasdar (6 years ago)
lol kurds? kurds cant even behave good to their own sisters kurds will never rule im half kurd and i know kurdish mentallity kurdish men think they are king but infront of others they are small bitches many years agon kurds where known as fighters today kurds are nothing only in iran the real kurdish tradition survived the peshmerga tradition
Pasdar (6 years ago)
naked dont mean free look to USA all are naked but nobody is free
Mari Nikoyan (6 years ago)
Do you call this progression? wow you guys are taking beautiful Iran and culture to 1000 years back,what kind of moran would think suppression as a progression ha ha ha,what a ignorant and brainwashed creatures.
zippoOoO18 (7 years ago)
@MowjeSabzV that girl is iranian adn all those people, jerk
silatk (7 years ago)
@missysweetkissy Stupid law!
amini77 (7 years ago)
@SultanOfSwords are you dumb? persians are aryans.. you must be a fucking dumbass not to know that.
farhad padisehk (7 years ago)
mashala persia dokhtari
Luisa Alessandra (7 years ago)
@missysweetkissy what do you mean by wearing a chador? The first woman interviewed is definitely not wearing that, it's something else..Just a long overcoat.
Sohaila Rahimi (8 years ago)
farrah silent (8 years ago)
i hate u fucking persia
alzym1 (8 years ago)
@missysweetkissy chador is somethin different , nd thats the whole concept ... u should live there to understand it
x poolhunger (8 years ago)
ma dar America neshastem bebinem dar Iran kodom rosary va manto mod hast , ke zood bekharem .lol
CaligirlSofia (8 years ago)
@PersoAryanism hijab is not oppression nor is Islam, hijab is simply a cloth being forced to wear anything is the oppression not the hijab
Sasan Saati (8 years ago)
@missysweetkissy They have to wear those stupid things otherwise they will get punished!
davidemes1 (8 years ago)
fuck off.
IRANMUSICC (9 years ago)
fuck you 200%
Isabelle R (9 years ago)
Islam was a religion not a culture! I am smart enough not to believe in the certainty of religion or atheism. Stop talking for real Iranians. A minority wearing hejab never represented the pre-1977 Iran. Watch some TV. Do you see Iranian women outside of Iran wearing the hejab (again, unless they work for the dictator Islamic government)? You are NOT an atheist! You're trying to defend and promote Islam, you hezbollahi. You're not Iranian, otherwise you're a traitor.
Isabelle R (9 years ago)
I guess you are not Iranian so don't try to understand the Iranian people. Non-Iranian muslims' minds are poisoned by the Islamic Republic's propaganda. If you like Islam so much, go and live there. Why do you think so many Iranians fled their homeland? Anyway, I am not intrested in being an online teacher!
Isabelle R (9 years ago)
I said that most Iranians now HATE Islam and its clergy (I don't care if they are or aren't the same). Iran was at the centre of, and a part of the Persian Empire. I said Persian cultrure is NOT Islamic culture, and neither is the culture of the rest of Iran. Islam was imposed. You can see the real position of the Iranians towards Islam when you meet Iranians abroad, not under the gun. They don't wear the hejab unless paid spies for the Islamic Regime.
Isabelle R (9 years ago)
p.s. I know it because I am officially an Iranian-Canadian, and have spent a great deal studying my ancient culture and history, as well as the current situation. (When I say Persian culture, that is NOT the Islamic culture!!! It goes way back!!!)
Isabelle R (9 years ago)
You need to know that in Iran, the cities are exploding with population, and most Iranians do live in large cities. Most of them are NOT religious. There used to be some respect when Iran was secular- but now people hate the guts of those nasty clergy. The Islamic dress code is a must after 1979.
Isabelle R (9 years ago)
correction: "folk" dress n.b. Poor Iranian designers have to work within the stupid laws of Islam. This regime took this progressive nation back to the Middle Ages :o(
Isabelle R (9 years ago)
It's NOT because of the culture. Most Iranians don't give a rat's ass about Islam. It's only since 1979, and only because of the stupid Islamic governmnet that took power then.
Isabelle R (9 years ago)
This is idiotic!!! I am Iranian and I KNOW that Islamic "style" is NOT Persian or Iranian. That is only imposed by the stupid Islamic government ruling Iran since 1979. This is not fashion. It's a shame. Iranian/ Persian styles can be found in the fold dress of our villages, not in Islamic fashion. Iranians are NOT an Islamic nation!
yelloworangered (9 years ago)
Different ways to wear a prison of rags.
Jadore Maj (10 years ago)
Davud Assadi (10 years ago)
jam kon baba kosse sher nagu are ridid ba oun ghanunaye tokhmi takhayulitoon koskhol yechi nemiduni zer nazan kasi majbooret nakarde ke kosse sher bebafi saket beshin oun gooshe saret to lake khodet bashe, golabi
Parthianshots (10 years ago)
Parastou M (10 years ago)
Well, apparnetly before the revolution women had more right than now. It won't get better until, we get rid of this current regime, becuae most of the parliment are men and those women who are in parliment are the doughter or wife of those men in parliment, and they support whetver their men say.and whetver is against women's righ have advantages for men, and men rules, so no one actually support women, but we will CHANGE it.
Parastou M (10 years ago)
If you ask a muslim men to give you the divorce right and custody of childeren, they think that you scam them.Custody of childeren and having the divorce right is 100% AND ABSOLUTLY women's right, why women have to fight for thier 100% right? If I like my in-laws or not shouldn't matter, in both cases childeren should be mineee. In fact nothing in islam suport women.
Parastou M (10 years ago)
totallybarefoot : couple of months ago the law changed in iran, and now men can marry without their wife permision. in what thing men and women are equall? As far as I know 2women= 1 men, gilrs inherite half of what they brothers inherite?childeren is for men, no divorce right for women.
Ss (10 years ago)
oh o...Im sorry..I think u got me wrong...What I mean is...Yes it is in Quran did mention that Woman should wear veils that cover her chest & long dress to co
Ss (11 years ago)
Im not sure if this designer knows what is written in Quran abt Women aurat..? May Allah open your heart & mind...
Ss (11 years ago)
No Matter how modern lifestyle u want to have..theres nothing to do with Modern Islamic fashion as a whole for ex; abaya is tight..your veil is not proper..you show off your chest..We shouldn't change the way Allah want it to be.. Dont get in to Kafiruun style..
Parthianshots (11 years ago)
docsam (11 years ago)
Well, It does kinda look like the Audrey Hepburn look
Armaghan (11 years ago)
Lonelyplanet (11 years ago)
Iranians are cooler than Arabs.
yeosjgk (11 years ago)
I agree.
Parthianshots (11 years ago)
you westerners wear pants play your guitar and practice human rigths and more things that we created... you fucking hypocrites.
Celeritas2 (11 years ago)
Where can I buy Iranian fashion online?
pioneernfs2 (11 years ago)
put in persian, persia to get more htis.

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