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Rick and Morty: Why Everyone Loves Rick Sanchez!

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Rick and Morty: why everyone loves Rick Sanchez. For more Rick and Morty videos, subscribe here: http://bit.ly/COC-Subscribe Today let’s talk about Rick & Morty! Rick and Morty is one of the smartest, funniest, most entertaining shows in recent memory. One super interesting aspect of Rick and Morty is that its title character, Rick Sanchez, is beloved by fans despite being an apathetic horribly flawed criminal. In fact, the majority of Rick and Morty viewers root for Rick more than any other character. Today we’re going to go over why exactly that is, using some of my favorite Rick and Morty clips, and also a few things you can apply to your own life to be as magnetic and well respected as Rick, without all the terrible traits mixed in :-) 0:58 A quick rundown of flaws of Rick Sanchez of Rick and Morty 1:50 People admire excellence as also mentioned on Emergency Awesome 2:20 Humor affects the impact of what is said on Rick and Morty Adult Swim 3:00 The power of speaking unpopular opinions out loud 4:30 The dark side of human emotion which is also shown on Rick and Morty season 3 6:13 The film theorists even agrees wisecrack Rick taking risks to protect Subscribe to Charisma On Command’s YouTube Account: http://bit.ly/COC-Subscribe Connect With Us Further: Website: http://www.charismaoncommand.com Facebook: http://facebook.com/charismaoncommand Or if you want to see my personal stuff (my regular life + Charlie playing music): Instagram: @CharlieHoupert Instagram: @IamBenAltman
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Text Comments (1184)
Kalai Arasan (10 hours ago)
I root for Morty.
MiKEY SANZ (2 days ago)
Wow this video is cringe
Temi Abiloye (4 days ago)
Great video. Thanks.
Jack (20 days ago)
Do Sterling Archer!
BlazeLE (23 days ago)
oh sure but when im a drunken blunt sarcastic asshole everyone hates me.
Stefan The Cannon (23 days ago)
Sin the word you are missing, sinfulness is the noun that describes our negative emotional appetite.
John Purcell (1 month ago)
Go to 3:50 for an epic *real* story
violetwitch (1 month ago)
This is so interesting and i love this type of conversation. The other day I was thinking about why so many love the Joker from DC when he's such a crazy psychopathic asshole but I cant talk. I am obsessed with Rick and he's virtually the same, just a scientist.
Khalid Carter (2 months ago)
Please do a similar video about Dr. Cox from Scrubs
Noirbluu (2 months ago)
The Accelrating Ninja (2 months ago)
Hes loved cause he is a hiarloius,badass anti hero
Agt.BADASS (2 months ago)
Very thought provoking❣ NEW viewer BTW😎
BaranZenon (2 months ago)
It simple - becouse people a freaking stupid.
Peener (2 months ago)
People are all saying if they knew Rick in real life they would want to be his friend. Sure, you say that now, but if he treated you like he treats Morty, you wouldn’t exactly want to hang out with him. He’s a really bad person. He has some good qualities, sure, but he does horrible, abusive, and cruel things. He’s not a good father, grandfather, or friend. He’s purely entertainment. Nothing more.
Theo Pana (3 months ago)
I'm like real life rick but way smarter (IQ of about 167)
Alex Wood (3 months ago)
Charisma on Command Lust is not a negative emotion it's a natural chemical process in the brain that causes teens to like females 😎
Vanessa vonson tv (3 months ago)
Basic lyrics he is a badass bitch and that's why we live for not only him but the show
Haneen (3 months ago)
“Not always liking someone but still loving them for who they are even with their flaws” wow
Brooke Nicole (3 months ago)
It would be interesting to see this concept done with Aubrey Plaza,she’s so weird and awkward but very loved !
Paulo Castro (3 months ago)
people are dark that's that. the more depressed the person watching it the funnier it gets
Happy A (3 months ago)
i dont hide the dark emotions lol
Goldblatt Healer1 (3 months ago)
Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!
hassi44 (3 months ago)
Speaking as a diagnosed anti-social, narcissist and megalomaniac, I can attest to the benefit of finding an outlet for these traits. Video games sate my desires for power and control, provide the means for me to reflect on my selfishness without getting angry and allow for absolute, uninhibited, unrelenting violence. My favorite game covers all these: Hitman. Today, I'm a liberal with social awareness who has devised logical arguments for moral behavior, something I never thought I'd subscribe to as a kid, but now I recognize the benefits of. If I didn't have video games, I'd be a danger to people around me. An anti-social's best friend is whatever alleviates boredom without harming other people. Breaking the rules set by the majority, who are not like us, is flipping a coin for ruining whatever potential you might have and pursuing that potential to its end. It's the difference between a CEO and a prisoner. It's the difference between a presidency and imprisonment. It's the difference between endless wealth and nothing to your name. It's not only logical to go by the rules set by society, it's beneficial to your continued existence within it. However, if you're going to commit a crime, take time to prepare, plan every detail and make sure you get away with it, because if you don't, you're fucked.
Red Neckster (4 months ago)
snowfuckingflakes favorite show
Jordan Snyder (4 months ago)
lol from board games to bdsm to rick and morty. nice
lol (4 months ago)
I say what i think but it just makes people distrust me, dunno why tho
Jorge Picco (4 months ago)
Pickle Riiiiick!
Shivam Goundar (4 months ago)
Rick Sanchez is Zach Morris. Simple as that. And Zach Morris is trash.
Mike the Goo (4 months ago)
Jezus fuck why is this a description of me?...yeah okay, this is why I like Rick...not saying I am as smart, but I don't care about others, I am like this...in a normal way tho.
Gwen W. (4 months ago)
Go son, go!
Arturs K (4 months ago)
I still don't get why people like it
Navin Kumar (4 months ago)
"Knowledge Brings Fear"
Hondeer (4 months ago)
Fantastic explanation. Rick allows relatability to each one of us by being a strong Arch Type while showing his flaws without care. Many actors have the same attitude.
Colton Hines (5 months ago)
Carl Jung. Not pronounced J-uh-ng, but Y-u-ng.
Diarminator Fallon (5 months ago)
this doesn't apply to me I hate him
Ronald Rasch (5 months ago)
Over half a million.... make another
Schwifty (5 months ago)
If you dont say whats on your mind your a lil bish
Na No (5 months ago)
Only people with an IQ of 180 understand rick and morty. The rest of you, don't you even dare considering to consider watching this video.
Ayesha Habib (5 months ago)
Basically watching Rick is us performing catharsis
Camalonious (5 months ago)
Carl Jung = Carl "Yung"
All Star (5 months ago)
TruGamer (5 months ago)
I love him because he is a horribly flawed criminal. Case closed.
Game Detective (5 months ago)
Not giving any fucks when you talk to someone is basically the Dutch culture. Lol
HyperCube (5 months ago)
Thats why videogames actually help with anger
Ikiratuki (5 months ago)
I'd argue people only like the idea of Rick. It's like gross jealousy.
Jackblood (5 months ago)
this channel is pure gold. and assuming most of us here are at least somewhat autistic, the ability to say it like it is is our natural trademark.
Daddy's Babygirl (6 months ago)
Rick Sanchez is awesome plus I have a crush on him.
silver meltdown (6 months ago)
The rick formula: 1-he's good at shit 2-he makes people laugh 3-doesn't sensor and doesn't give a fuck 4-he acts on his shadow 5-he does care deep down 6-he's competent
Track Cars (6 months ago)
Do spike spiegel
Wayne Filkins (6 months ago)
I like rick because I always strive to be a "genius" even though i'm of pretty average intellect. I have a lot of good invention ideas but I struggle to create prototypes. I also have a dark view of mankind and love and all that, the same as Rick does, but he's so much better at communicating it. He's a mix of who I am and who I want to be. He goes on these rants and I swear he's pulling it all straight from my mind, but if I were to try to explain it it would come out way wrong. I think a lot of people feel the way he does, but like me, they either can't really communicate such thoughts as well as Rick, or simply hold them in in fear of being judged or disliked. Most of your video was pretty spot on tbh.
GravityFails46') (6 months ago)
U neglected to mention how a "motivated character can be more important than a virtueous character"
Fanfictrash Wassup (6 months ago)
5:25 “ohhh yeAHHHHHHH!!!! I WANT YOOuuuUUU!!!”
Dallas (6 months ago)
It's because our IQ is so high.
Hector Defendi (6 months ago)
Ah, but will Adult swim shit the bed like they did with ATHF and cancel it for no *good* reason?
Good morning! Please, show more Rick and Morty. In The Russian Federation people very love it.
Dragonsecho3 (7 months ago)
I have a better way of saying this: Rick is like Bill Murray. We love him because he says and does all the things that we subconsciously have always wanted to say; even though it's really dickish. Life can be frustrating, and sometimes it's just great to vent. The problem is that Rick and Bill are filling fictional roles in tv/movies, where the people they are being dicks to have been written to deserve it on some level. They are still cool because of that. Finding the appropriate outlet is there in a part of the answer
Mateusz Bagiński (7 months ago)
Plz, guys, do Dr House Charisma Breakdown
MediaMadness (7 months ago)
I feel like in reality we'd all just hate him.
Lola Downs (7 months ago)
where are the new ones.
Super1d3go (7 months ago)
I just want to say the way you handled the "like and subscribe" part is the only reason Ive ever knowingly subscribed to a channel. You guys are really insightful and I love the work youve done. Thanks!
aquamarine ancient soul (7 months ago)
I guess i relate to rick. Im an asshole but people actually like me most of the time
Alejandro Arturo Pumpido (7 months ago)
You could talk about bojack horseman, who is very similar to rick in many senses. Substance abuse, flawed character, and yet a very charismatic one. One of his defining traits is how he never censors himself, regardless the consequences
Frummy (7 months ago)
I like him because he becomes drunk and badass
RedwoodTheElf (7 months ago)
Josh (7 months ago)
How to be as smart as rick
Flowhack Prism (7 months ago)
YES! More rick and morty!!!
RodCornholio (7 months ago)
Gotta cartoon crush on Rick. Reminds me of an aspect of my own personality. I am NOT gay.
Mark Rehme (7 months ago)
Commentors are robots.
DrawKillZak (7 months ago)
Yeh eh boi
Cyavash A.K.B (7 months ago)
can u chill out on the letter "P" jesus christ man, some people wear headsets
NotME (7 months ago)
And thats why nobody likes me!
Liz C (7 months ago)
Rick is a cerebral narcissist with his “fake persona” realized as he actually does know-it-all. But the twist is it doesn’t make him happy. Rick is about the existential crisis...
Michael Ares (8 months ago)
Girls like jerks.
MK Ultra (8 months ago)
4:32 Carl what ??? LOL dude seriously
Bruno Müller (8 months ago)
I just discovered this channel, already a couple of videos down, and as an actor seriously interested in human behaviour, it's incredible how much there is to learn in these videos.. Seriously amazing!
Charisma on Command (8 months ago)
~ Glad you found our channel Bruno! Feel free to subscribe for more videos if you haven't done so yet. :-)
Yas M (8 months ago)
Check the pronunciation of words/names please. Carl Jung- the last name is pronounced "Yoong".
NU11 PH4NT0M (8 months ago)
And how to apply it to our non-cartoon lifes
Ranger ♫★ (9 months ago)
I dont...
Tanya Bhatia (9 months ago)
I vote for more Rick and Morty!!!!
kyo_ koko05 (9 months ago)
Rick is a fucking savage
Ashley Clark (9 months ago)
Anthony Johnson (9 months ago)
Because he's funny. You're really obsessed with trying to use cartoons and story books to try and create some narrativs on the human condition aren't you? I think you should maybe step away from the computer and go outside for a bit.
Apple Cider (9 months ago)
This was on ma bday
Except for the entire intergalactic government and the council of ricks Edit: oh I though they bent in the show
Ally of Darkness Sameer (9 months ago)
I honestly thought of being like this from tomorrow (which is today) And now I was like its not who I want to be . I'm going to try it now If it fucking doesn't work I'll Do nothing.
CC Paul (9 months ago)
I wish I could be more like Rick
강남훈 (9 months ago)
Rick is so thicc
Josh Miller (9 months ago)
I see top comment so im not the only one. Good video mate, bad audio set up. Your voice gets loud and quiet
Tom Barnes (9 months ago)
In all honesty, this makes a ton of sense. You can apply this exact logic to the 2016 US elections and even Kylo Ren in the new Star Wars films. They're by no means perfect people but you still understand their goals honestly. I can't believe I'm seeing this philosophy only now.
Damian Deavila (9 months ago)
Riiiiiiiiiiick!!!!!! Who has more Rick fix I need more Rick. Rick and morty is a strong but fleeting high you can only fully get once every 2 years.
Nh Productions (9 months ago)
You are supposed to hate Rick, not love him.
PrincipalofPrinciples (9 months ago)
I cringed when you pronounced Carl Jung's name.
Mr. Meeseeks (9 months ago)
You nailed it
Senura Rajapathirana (9 months ago)
dude wheres this character breakdown you were talking about bro?????/
Christian Nönken (9 months ago)
1.4M subs and no money for a pop filter?
Jim jim (10 months ago)
I remember i stated my opinion to my teacher on what he was teaching and i got Detention
Autistic Tanker (10 months ago)
Wubba lubba dub dub
TehFocus (10 months ago)
You got this completely wrong. They like rick because he is one of those rare passive aggressive characters that speak the truth normal people hold back because of social constructs. He is completely right when he says nothing matters in the universe and you are all insignificant, because this is the real scientific and cold truth to our existance.

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