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How Does Card Counting Make You Money?

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Let's go through a positive count shoe and see what that might look like in a casino.
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Apathy (1 year ago)
never flat bet, that's Ploppy play.
HeHatesShe (1 year ago)
I started with a +20 at the beginning of your video. After the hand at the 5 minute mark, you are down to a +3.
HeHatesShe (1 year ago)
Just trying to see how high the count might have been/stayed with all the bust cards. Ended up -15, so the +$1000 is kind of unrealistic given the count needed to be +35 for you to make that $1000. I do see what you were showing, high counts mean more money, but you aren't going to win as many hands as you won, simply because in an actual shoe there would be so many more low cards f-ing things up.
Blackjack Assassin (1 year ago)
This wasn't a real shoe. Most of the low cards were removed on purpose to demonstrate how a high count makes money. Basically it was all high cards with a few lows left in for effect. And why did you start at +20? Are you using an unbalanced count?

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