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Rwandan President Destroys Bad African Leaders with Brutal Speech

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#africanspeech #speech Welcome to the Great African Leadership Series where we feature great, inspirational Speeches and quotes from African Leaders. President Paul Kagame has challenged African leaders to take responsibility and accept their failure in solving conflicts that have ravaged the continent for decades. Music: http://www.bensound.com Subscribe for more videos -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Thanks for watching 2nacheki the best #Africa channel on Youtube for Africans to get the latest #africanews #africadance #africanmusic #africalist #africapolitics #africaentertainment & everything #African Support #2nacheki here PayPal: http://bit.ly/help2nacheki Patreon: http://bit.ly/support2nacheki Email us [email protected] for ads partnership, collabos & sponsorship -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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2nacheki (10 months ago)
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Akuvi Akoumany (2 months ago)
This man is good, may God bless you
Asukulu Songolo (2 months ago)
Very hypocritical, do you know what Kagame has done in Congo!
buddy holland (2 months ago)
InZaNe PAPOL (5 months ago)
2nacheki iiiiii
Tom Adams (6 months ago)
Abdirashid Hussein . Be careful, you know too much bro. My advice to you is, If a dog touches your plate, Wash it. But if anyone from the Countries that you mentioned touches your plate , break it.
KAMARA KUSUPA (3 hours ago)
I do not believe what Kagame is talking about, becauseKagame himself has a very bad history. He invaded Rwanda and killed Habtarimana, he invaded DRC and caused a desaster to innocent Congolese, Kagame does not think neither say anything concerning his retirement, He is a life president of Rwanda, how can such a controversial leader address African? It is shame even to those who are listening his lies!
prudent mhizha (2 days ago)
I guess this is the best president in Africa because he is honest
Moubarak Hamid (4 days ago)
This is free leade .
Bob Mbeki (5 days ago)
This guy is fulfilling attributes of a messiah in Rwanda and Africa.
Fuzz Octavius (6 days ago)
God bless this Rwandan president. Be blessed in Jesus Christ Holy Name
Marcel Pfister (7 days ago)
What an impressive leader for Rwanda and all of Africa.
Richard Jenkins (8 days ago)
Thats why I see either Ghana or Rwanda as the best countries for me to settle. President Kagame is a great man.
2nacheki (8 days ago)
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MMM Dosh (16 days ago)
This is the man
2nacheki (16 days ago)
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Mark Thompson (17 days ago)
Africa now, Africa together .....
Julian Boamah (18 days ago)
Great man
Sabudin Miya (21 days ago)
Africans can waste money on drugs and weapons but not use it for better things for their own sake..they are rich in minerals but don't have mind how to use it just like they have brains but don't know how to use it...they can kill but can not save each other...i think their brain works in the opposite direction hahaha..
Ali Azi (22 days ago)
Former Genocider, with freshly re-engineered virginity tries to lecture regular folks-->that should be the new Title
Faith Linah (22 days ago)
Yuarethecauser yu are adictactor to yo people killing yo opposition shut up and eat a frog yu talk lies
2nacheki (22 days ago)
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Tasha Amanda (23 days ago)
What he said is just the opposite of what he does!!! He is developping himself not Rwandans!! People needs to understand that Rwanda is not just Kigali where kagame has built his own tall buildings to show the outside that the country is progressing... life in Rwanda in a struggle. There is hunger and alot of jobless young people.
Why Africa cannot be one Africa? I ask that to a Nigerian years ago.He said Africa is too big.But Asia is bigger than Africa.Yet still the largest country in Asia ,Russia.Has one leader who the vast majority of people follow.Even the Chechen warriors with there long history of fierce fighting.Listen and stand behind President Putin.Can Africa ever really be united as one people?
2nacheki (23 days ago)
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mobspeak (23 days ago)
sapot de chanel
2nacheki (23 days ago)
acajudi100 (24 days ago)
Google: Judi Grace StoryCorps. https://archive.storycorps.org/interviews/living-on-social-security/ https://youtu.be/RgC-8VbHMPg
Harry (24 days ago)
True. I’m Mexican and Mexico has a trillion dollar economy but the people are poor because of damn corruption. Sad. 😢🇲🇽❤️
This man is simply a sold out Globalist puppet simply acting out his curved role to deceive Africans into a united Africa for easy domination by the globalist imperialist! He’s simply carrying on Obama’s rhetorical legacy of a united Africa - don’t believe a word he says! Wake up folks!
2nacheki (25 days ago)
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James Danjuma Oyigebe (25 days ago)
Paul Kagame, thank you for speaking to the truth about African leaders. Their colonial mentality has kept us where we are today. African have no leaders
2nacheki (25 days ago)
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umar sanda ahmed (26 days ago)
good job bro
Danijel Zirdum (26 days ago)
Smart and good man, Good bless him and Rwanda
Danilo José Waheca (27 days ago)
I know some of the leaders already start hating this man. But he is human, a true definition of a leader. Please Mr. President speak it louder for your fellow leaders and african brothers and sisters. I guess it's time to change the course of history, why do we have to depend on others for any problem..."Let's say no more dependence on the west and china for any small problem"...we have brains, hands, legs and we talk....as Samora Machel once said "Viva" Rwandan President
Rwanda go with a2 cows good for your people health
acajudi100 (29 days ago)
https://youtu.be/wrohW9lhhI8 https://youtu.be/wK48RrduMrw https://youtu.be/qo-V7UBETGQ https://youtu.be/jh85j5FmpII https://youtu.be/3TpkEaJlwKo https://youtu.be/kr9EORvaOjw https://youtu.be/nrYf97_IUrE https://youtu.be/OF6vzs5PWE0 https://youtu.be/h252XDghwJw https://youtu.be/A2IcAQ84q6k https://youtu.be/TrTSTANzAmo
muli nzinga (1 month ago)
It's true but you're a dictator. Whoever good you might be. You shouldn't have changed the Constitution and rule forever. Well dictatorship is wpone bad character of a leader. Quit office and give another person a chance. Idiot
Donald Shipp (1 month ago)
A disinterested third party is always a good solution to solve a disagreement. In this case, the third party should still be from the continent of Africa because we see what happens when you invite outsiders into your house.
Pragmatron (1 month ago)
Great somebody realises that personal responsibility and self reflection is how you take real power back and move forward. Its true no matter if you are black, white, pink or purple, wether you are changing yourself, a community or a country this principle remains universal.
Mark Howard (1 month ago)
I respect no people not in control of their own destiny NOR DOES ANYONE ELSE Expecting the average individual to think rationally is an irrational expectation PEOPLE ARE ONLY AS GOOD AS THE GENES IN THEM = ADOLF HITLER NO RESPECT HERE EITHER YOUR ALL RETARDED QUEERS
Amara Sankareh (1 month ago)
Really mr I'm very happy by hearing such speech hence some of them start to learn from there mistakes
Queen M (1 month ago)
keith henry (1 month ago)
nelson mandela was not a great leader he was a sellout let us get this straight
Barrett Fenwick (1 month ago)
Paul Kagame has become one of the three living world leaders I have legitimate respect for! I wish him long life and good fortune!
Sipho Edwin Nkambule (1 month ago)
We can learn alot from this Icon( president of Rwanda) and i love the way he humbles himself.
T C (1 month ago)
HE IS A KILLER...KILLED the HUTUS n those two presidents....now you cant bring the topic of genocide up or u go 2 jail in his country..no freedom of speech..RWANDA lives in fear..he is a psycho......killed mercilessly now he doesn't want to talk about whose fault it is...hell.....and changing the constitution so he can stay in power...siding with the colonialists..look in the mirror Kagame....U ARE AFRICA'S PROBLEM.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Azim Musthapha (1 month ago)
This man is good you are right treat our country's like our home it has water and electricity in are home but yet the provider at go's and call a electricians to fix leaking plumbing at home Yes African continent are the beggar of the world in house fighting killing each other trying to get busines from white yet still can't build up there country and live in harmony all the country's that are mention and more are failing and in mess god help us
Wisam Odish (1 month ago)
Stand proud and grow strong dear Africa!! Hope asia can do the same (middleeaster, as myself). A educated planet is better then a planet going to hell because of egoism.
Nana Ramathan (1 month ago)
Respect to H.E Kagame God bless you
Ale-kay Corbain (1 month ago)
God bless this man🙏
Kyle Sekenski (1 month ago)
Kagame is the kind of leader every country on the African continent deserves
Kris I. (1 month ago)
Greedy Africa leaders who are not smart. Great speech
F. Patrick Stepney (1 month ago)
I think this guy needs to supervise all African presidents..........
2nacheki (1 month ago)
Alok Hota (1 month ago)
Finally a real African leader who doesn't use the same old tactic-race! A leader with dignity!
Mat Matbure (1 month ago)
This Man should be the president of Africa go and see what he has turned the country into and how an an African country is supposed to be ran Nigeria & most African countries on the other hand is been strangulated by so called leaders and people who just refuse to do anything right, believing in short cut for their own self aggrandizement
Kwabena Gyau Kyei (1 month ago)
Sidiq Krubally (1 month ago)
Rwanda people don't listen to the western please you guys had a great leader already. A leader like him make the European leaders to feel like there is a fire in their hearts
Am very happy for Kenya because their president is not too old ,
munyaradzi jeche (1 month ago)
salute and respect
Evanson Mburu (1 month ago)
united state of africa
bearpapie69 (1 month ago)
Paul Kagame is a traitor to Rwanda! he is selling his country to the americunt as he was brainwash by the americunt ! At the age of 22 in 1979, he joined the Maquis from Tanzania under the leadership of the future Ugandan President, Yoweri Museveni, in a resistance movement to the Idi Amin Dada regime, which became the NRA, National Resistance Army, supported politically, economically and militarily by the United States.
Sambo Sawo (1 month ago)
I agree 👍 with you
peter kariuki (1 month ago)
if africa united and operated as one then we would have the greatest continent. Without africa the world is useless
Amadou Soura (1 month ago)
It s unfortunate for us especially French colony we have those baboons called leaders when there is theories stack I'm French soil they go there and cried like babies. Je suis Charlie, je suis Charlie those shameless baboons so called leaders but when it happened or happening next door they don't care cause it's not their business such a shame.
408Magenta (1 month ago)
Muammar Gaddafi tried and he and his country was destroyed. It should not be a reason to stop the progress made.
2nacheki (1 month ago)
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Kenneth Kustren (1 month ago)
Do you wsh some absolution ?? You, Black Africans... have Martyrs. Winnie Mandela showcased them. Honour THEM !! One image I will never, ever forget. Tires burning on the shoulders of GODS CHILDREN. THAT IS YIUR SHAME . DO NOT PLUNDER GODS POSSESSIONS. GOD HATES THAT. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL WITH HIS POSSESSIONS !!
takebacktheplanet 2017 (1 month ago)
https://youtu.be/MmQKIuWkebg (ROMAN ORIGINS OF KHAZARIA)
Jim J (1 month ago)
Look at those people cringe on stage. This is what TRUTH dose to TYRANT'S.
Bane (1 month ago)
Africa (central and southern) has never had a leader. Basically, collectively, negroids cannot achieve much without foreign intervention of some sort. The "bush" part of Africa has no historic or any significant value whatsoever to mankind, aside from resources that can also be found all over earth. You have no structures that have survived time, your government's change virtually every week and you can't cooperate with one another long enough to leave your foot print on history. You know what your historic foot print looks like to the world? The slave trade (which was the strongest form of currency of African tribes long before Europeans set foot there) and Ebola.
Narinder Kumar (1 month ago)
very impressive and true, not only for Rwanda, it is about all other development countries and their president to think.
hellatze (1 month ago)
Gandhi still alive !
Gabriel 1 (1 month ago)
The shining light of Africa!
AnadaBajan Yout (1 month ago)
I am not a born African but a diaspora Africa defendant... I eagerly follow news on the motherland ... I am looking for the day that mother Africa calls us the children of the slaves... calls us home with a shout to run to her arms I have visited ... and my soul was healed from the past... now to just wait Won't it be amazing if all our leaders drop the borders and instead of President or prime minister they are just leaders ... Mother Africa... be healed from your wounds and sorrows... mother find your strength to rise up and gather your children so you can be healed and whole again
Selina Siyum (1 month ago)
God bless African
Selina Siyum (1 month ago)
Haile Selassie I
nmarkose (1 month ago)
We need more leaders like him not only in Africa but in the world. 👏
Deep (1 month ago)
War criminal Paul Kagame.
positronlaserforce (1 month ago)
Paul Kagame led Rwanda out of the dark years of genocide.
Simply Florence (1 month ago)
If this is not the truth
Tony Frantz (1 month ago)
As an American, I can see that is the African nations can clean up their problems, they could rule the world the way Europe has
ashamad sharip (1 month ago)
like there is the E.U. why not in Africa they can have an A.U. African union the leaders of the Africa countries why cant they build some thing like that instead of fighthing each other and killing each other learn to sit and talk to fix not destroy
Saikou Ceesay (1 month ago)
Love from Gambia
They are bad because the west put them there. They think the west is heaven. Fire burn
Yo Highness (1 month ago)
Kagame is a hypocrite. He is as bad as they come...
Juan Martinez (1 month ago)
This guy sounds like a better president than my country's president
Gattuakmatiok Deng (1 month ago)
Your true African president of Rwanda it is exactly true when a leader have not able to rule his peoples they fight among themselves
Ford Hanson (1 month ago)
Call them shithole and they will bow to you, African leaders believe God is white so they when they see something white, anything white they bow down,
Hermit Oldguy (1 month ago)
"Destroys"? No.
truthbetold (1 month ago)
This man is so right, and so respectful...more like him please
mullerman1970 (1 month ago)
No you come for the free money that is why you come to Europe. There is a special chamber in the European Union that does nothing else then talk with African nations how much free money they can get and how.
mealex mailex (1 month ago)
Thanks President Paul
Ephraim Kowo (1 month ago)
Respect to this man . He could have his shortcomings but a good leader
Siddharth Jaiswal (1 month ago)
Africa united🙏🙏hopefully
2nacheki (1 month ago)
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tamale adam jr (1 month ago)
That is y Rwanda is more developed and organised Museveni should ask Mr.Kagame how he does it
2nacheki (1 month ago)
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Niwe Mushaija Boscoh (1 month ago)
H.E. Pk the man of facts
Peter Biyinzika (1 month ago)
Hate to see them speak English totally brain programed.
2nacheki (1 month ago)
Kenneth Kungu (1 month ago)
Nice speech kagame. Thinking like Trump. Make Africa great again.
Mark Hanna (1 month ago)
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Jose Duran (1 month ago)
Africans have resources and land , but bad stupid people, greedy, selfish and lazy.
sonoki82 (1 month ago)
In 25 years, he took Rwanda from a terrible state of war and poverty to where it is today, a peaceful, thriving country which is drawing investment and tourism from all over the world.
2nacheki (1 month ago)
Yes he did
Photosounder (1 month ago)
Holy crap I just realised who he reminds me of. Steve Buscemi.
Sibusiso Dlamini (1 month ago)
Well put Mr. President.
Cleo Hicks (1 month ago)
as a black person i hope and pray that africa can work and defend itself by working together. yes, patience is required for a new independent nation to grow and solve it problems. perhaps shorter terms for elected officials might be one solution, any other terms must be by the will of the people. solve your own problems among yourself first, be grown ups, not children. the colonial powers left you in bad shape and enrich themselves at your expense. take pride in country and do all you can for it success.don't be greedy, for what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and loses his soul/ country!
Ricardo Francis (1 month ago)
Trevor Noah for President of South Africa. Let the Presidential Comedy Hour Begin!!! The Venting Vigilante.
Guy Foxy Black (2 months ago)
This man is a dictator himself and he's claiming to be a saint what an irony. For Africa to progress we needs a change of mentality and not demagogues like Paul Kagame
oscar k (2 months ago)
I don't even know what to write about this man of honour. I can feel the cry in his mind.
Majork (2 months ago)
Excellent speech 💪
2nacheki (2 months ago)
Thanks for watching and commenting
Pam Pam (2 months ago)
Let's dissect all the holy books of who said what.... https://youtu.be/n5Nu6EabQD8 https://youtu.be/fxFRnyoEEr0 https://youtu.be/whRtynl5hrA https://youtu.be/bupBgmtsNWU
Enock Manzi (2 months ago)
hahha "photo opportunity" given he doesnt miss one and hes barely in rwanda hez a mordern day VASCO DA GAMA. guy is a vampire he has been the corner stone of instability in the DRC and Burundi. hes even imprisoned political opponents without trial.
Pinky Portia (2 months ago)
Another problem the liberation movements, they are corrupt, ineffective, and hold the countries into ransom as if the population owes them anything, and everything that is not done through them they become scornful, and not credit it, instead opposed it, and allowed themselves to be consumed by greedy, and a dismal failure to develop the nation as a whole, their agenda it become pillage, state parasites, and huge cronyism systematic distribution of resources. Most African leaders are technological challenged, and refused to focused this aspect to migrate the population to mordenism and sing about science as if it will fall from heaven. If Africa could dedicate itself to science, technology, and engineering on massive scale, for a duration of 20 years. And reduce talk shop conferences and build a strong private sector, a prominent results would be immediately, and stop boasting for empty and unaccomplished missions. And a lot of promises which are a pie in the sky.

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