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Wholesale Pallets Customer Returns - think twice before buying!

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Find Wholesale Pallets @ https://www.liquidatorsguide.com/guide/ No matter where you will be reselling liquidation goods, i.e. Amazon, eBay, flea markets, or a traditional storefront, there are a few considerations one must understand and properly prepare for. Here are a few important issues in no particular order: Logistics – The thought of having large pallets or even truckloads of merchandise delivered to your door can be a little scary at first. There are a lot of questions one might have when scheduling multiple pallets shipped by freight carrier. Aside from freight costs, the biggest consideration when having pallets delivered is removing pallets from the truck. Without a forklift, a liquidation buyer must have pallet loads delivered with a trailer that is equipped with a lift gate. A lift gate allows the truck driver to lower pallets from the trailer to the ground. If you do not have a forklift make sure to request delivery with lift gate service. Storage for inventory – A full 53′ trailer will hold 24 single stacked pallets. Standard pallets are 40″ x 48″ and stacked as high as 6-7′, depending on the type of merchandise ordered. If we do the math, a pallet takes up almost 13.5 square feet of space. A full truckload of 24 pallets equals 324 square feet! To give you some idea as to volume, the average 2 car garage is approximately 425-475 square feet in size. You may be able to fit 24 pallets in a garage, but this would leave no room to sort and process merchandise; this is also assuming the garage was completely empty before adding the pallets. Unsellable – While overstocks and shelf pull items (MOS – Marked Out of Stock) may not be damaged, customer return pallets will contain items that are damaged. You must have a plan in place for damaged items. Some items can be fixed, while others may need to be resold as is, or thrown away altogether. Items that cannot be sold due to condition affect overall profitability. Missing pieces/parts – Customer returned loads, depending on the type of merchandise, will inevitably contain items that are missing parts and pieces. Some short items can be resold as is, while other items must sit in storage until you can order replacement parts from the manufacturer. Brand & store resell guidelines – Some department stores impose resell restrictions when buying customer returns and shelf pulled items. Some restrictions to look out for are: Cannot resell liquidated goods with a specified mile radius of store originated from. Example – Sears customer returns cannot be sold through a physical location within 50 miles of a Sears department or outlet store. Store branded items must be defaced before resold. Example Macy’s Store brand Charter Club merchandise (clothing) must be defaced with a line drawn through the label Some stores require liquidation goods to be exported out of the country Most, if not all, department stores forbid liquidation buyers from advertising where goods originated from. For example, if you bought pallets of clothing from Macy’s you cannot use Macy’s in any form of advertising when reselling goods. As you can see from the considerations above, it’s not a matter of ordering pallets of merchandise, and figuring out the details later. There is much preparation involved in working with liquidated goods. All of the topics and considerations listed above are discussed in great detail within the pages of The Liquidators Guide. If you want to learn about the industry from a liquidation expert, subscribe to our channel. Facebook Group: http://www.ps101group.com Wholesale Pallet Directory: https://www.productsourcing101.com Wholesale Pallets │ Wholesale Lots │ Buy Pallets │Wholesale Pallets For Sale │ Wholesale Merchandise │ Wholesale Items │Customer Returns │ Salvage Pallets │ Product Sourcing
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Text Comments (147)
Product Sourcing 101 (1 year ago)
Product Sourcing Directory https://www.productsourcing101.com
dave ortwine (8 months ago)
Product Sourcing 101 I have a butthole. It’s not for sale. Or is it? 😏😏
Victoria Bishop (30 days ago)
It is one thing to get a pallet that has not one item that can be resold and another to get a pallet that has several high-end item boxes...and then find them to be empty. This should be outlawed and companies that perpetrate such hoaxes should be heavily fined and made to refund the funds collected.
Be Me Me (1 month ago)
He complained . Coz he so stupidity of he own comend
Sleepy Gee (3 months ago)
This Guy is a Joke I been in the 🎮 for 5 Years
I never feel guilty about returning anything, if its not what I expected it goes back!
Anything Goes (4 months ago)
Return pallets are a gamble like storage and lost luggage auctions.
Donald Brooks (4 months ago)
Bro sit down
John Burkey (5 months ago)
In the business over 10 years. If your smart, do your research, and do things the right way you will succeed. Buying one pallet and expecting huge rewards is not logical. It does happen but not the norm. Many people make good money on return pallets. Especially if you're Handy and can do some repairs. You have to work at it just like any other business.
rabiddoggy1 (5 months ago)
I feel I must apologize for my fellow humans and there general TOXIC nature. We are about to start this venture and I found your information far more valuable than watching some jackass open his boxes. Thank you for the effort it took to make the video and for your kindness in doing so. Look forward to more, and remember you can block toxic people off your Chanel. An opportunity to comment isn’t a right to be nasty.
Marilyn Cruz (5 months ago)
Thanks for the info
paul tak (5 months ago)
Don’t forget that many of these pallet sellers have them sorted accordingly so they will sell new customers with “good” pallets... then next time offer you several more as a bundle deal and you end up with mostly shity pallets
Whitney Wright (4 months ago)
Thanks for the heads up!
karl steffens (7 months ago)
Iv bought stuff broke it bought another put broken in box and took back for refund enjoy the new and the money.
Justin Cupler (7 months ago)
Anyone who is legit about getting into buying pallets and selling them already know exactly what they are getting into. Dude is just trying to get clicks by telling us things we already know...
kami kamele (8 months ago)
I'm in my opinion. I advise you to never buy items directly from the Internet. Especially electronic devices. From the site of eBay or Amazon. . Because the websites contain expired corrupt goods. Or broken. Or made in China. You must check and buy directly. And preview stuff. One by one requires great experience. If you buy Ballet. And the pitfalls of it will cost you a great loss for you. In the transfer and recovery money is very difficult. You will regret it. You will cry over your money
D Blackwell (9 months ago)
Well that was a 7 min rant... With no info.
Allen West (9 months ago)
This video is clearly made to scare people so they don't cut into your profits ! LOL
Collin Griggs (9 months ago)
you are a jew
Collin Griggs (9 months ago)
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Jason Dennis (9 months ago)
I've bought return pallets that were from, K-Mart, Walmart, Kohls, Home Depot Etc... If you are a gambler -Go for it - but you are gambling! A lot of the times you will spend your time just trying to recover your initial cost of the pallet & sometimes you can do really well - sometimes you lose. This guy is right - don't dive into it. You need to know what you are doing. If you are struggling financially this is not a get rich quick solution.
Derelict Rick (9 months ago)
What a tard
Nelson4207 (9 months ago)
You info is shit. And why are you talking like a generic bill and ted? 🙈
berighteous (10 months ago)
A LOT of amazon liquidation is just sellers going out of business or it's just stock that didn't sell and the seller just didn't want to pay amazon to return it so they have amazon dispose of it. Most of it is perfectly fine with nothing wrong. Broken stuff you can part out and sell parts.
Dingle Barry (10 months ago)
It obviously depends on the liquidation place. You could theorize all you want about how often a returned item is defective or whatever, but I have come across several liquidation sites that clearly weed out a good percentage of the working items even though technically they are supposed to be unchecked.
kim p (10 months ago)
I'm thinking of doing some lot purchases to have a few gifts on hand (so what if the package is destroyed.... That's what gift boxes/bags are for). and items that I use or need that I might otherwise have to purchase new. If they work, so what if they may not be perfect. Items that aren't useful to me, I can have periodic yard sales, parts sales, etc. Even giving something to a family member or friend who might need something. And fixing things....I dumpster dive... Wouldn't be the first time I've repaired something. I'm looking forward to starting soon.....
adrian stratienco (10 months ago)
That's right, nobody ever wants returned or used items ever. 1st world economy FTW!
Johnny X (10 months ago)
Can anyone tell me if these companies will ship to residential addresses?
Jacques Nicolay (11 months ago)
When something seems too easy, no sweat way of making money. Be ware. There's some part between the buying of the product and the shipping off to the customer that you're missing. It's never that easy.
wyntre sorrow (11 months ago)
idk why the packaging mattwrs as long as the product is ok. the pkg gets thrown out anyways
evilbilla (11 months ago)
If u know those mass couponers in your community you can actually buy there extensive overflow of new merchandise and resell in small store booths online for those who make gift baskets care packages welcome wagon gifts and even gift certificates to your website where you can sell say laundry soap housewares tp razors shampoo and so on they pay Penny's you spend quarters on the dollar and sell still below retail and many ppl will buy from you if you are in fact cheaper
Prairie Flower (11 months ago)
Prairie Flower (11 months ago)
Americans are spoiled and MANY get GIFTS they want to get money back for, or an exchange and the package wann't even opened.
moi même (11 months ago)
Buy only stuff you would use yourself if you don’t sell it. There may be some brand new returns of customers who changed their mind, but there is also broken crap without any value. As a customer when I buy stuff I want warranty and service if needed. This business is liquidation without any, so I would not pay much for any of these item, except for stuff that retailers don’t give any warranty anyway like music instruments and amplifiers
hunterdep1 (11 months ago)
Welp theres 7.5 mins of my life ill never get back thanks guy
peccatumDei (11 months ago)
A relative of mine used to handle customer returns for JC Penney, so I've heard a lot of stories. Clothing is often returned by women, after being worn once. There are also people who will buy two similar items, like sets of towels in different colors so they can see which one looks best in their room, and return the rest. However, there are also people who will return things after they're worn out, like a customer who returned a set of drapes, after they became severely sun faded...
Michael Kelly (11 months ago)
Clickbate garbage. Try it first then give us you opinion. This is pure hyperbole.
Chad Canadian (1 year ago)
Hahaha I am confused. Are you try to tell people not to buy? These site tell you and every where you look they state that product might be damaged or missing parts. I think you are just trying to stop people from doing this so you can have more. You are a bonehead!
James Payne (1 year ago)
So you bashing pallet return buying and selling seems like you just want less completion.
ant chminc (8 months ago)
You're right james
Catherine NELSON (8 months ago)
He's trying to get people to think before they jump into something. He goes on to say that there is money to be made - but cautions against folks thinking it's a slam dunk.
Zafro (9 months ago)
Literally lmfao
Barbara Barker (9 months ago)
You are most likely right
He Man (1 year ago)
Why would you throw away 30% of the items if you can't fix them?, instead just round up all the shit broken stuff and sell it in one big ebay auction as 'faulty spares & repairs' and let the next mug buy it all thinking he can make a profit out of it.
Dave Bliley (1 year ago)
From this point on when I am interested in something on EBay I will be contacting the seller. The last three purchases were from pallets. Every item was missing something. Yes it looked new to the seller but no way the seller can know everything about all that random stuff. If it’s from a pallet I’m going to assume there is something wrong or missing.
UrbanTaint (1 year ago)
What's the point of this video? You say when will this pallet buying stop. Then you say you can make lots of profit. Scaring people off so you may get the pallet you want. Less buyers meaning more pallets for you.
otterlover95 (1 year ago)
It's GOT TO STOP ! Think about this....
Roger Fastmail (1 year ago)
well put Rod, plus if your starting, you need the space to store, sort, catalog it, and fix. as pointed out above, it takes a lot of space. and while you are doing that, your money is tied up and your buying parts. your money is tied up, your time is being tied up. time is money, even if family helps, there is a cost for that. then how will you move/sell the products? flea market? backyard? out of trunk. is your insurance aware of what you are doing? will cover when you say i lost 4 pellets a fire. a lot of thinking, planning to be done first . start slow, learn from hanging out with those in the bizz. be aware of liability if you sell something that causes harm. remember the old question, you watch those vids and go, 'wonder how many bought of crap/bad stuff but dont show that part, just upload the good ones. like the old storage wars shows. they mostly showed the willing locker than tend to hide the dudes. a few do well and many dont.
Mystery Buyer (1 year ago)
I would not buy any of it. Pain in the bass.
METALMAN4Wii (1 year ago)
This guy on YouTube bought $7000 worth of pallets and 25% was broken.
Politically Odd (1 year ago)
METALMAN4Wii so? If he was buying returns then you automatically budget for 15-20% defective, that's normal. Even the trash had value. A completely broken TV, computer, laptop, camera, etc, all have parts to tell when if they are trash. If he tosses $1750 with if wholesale that just stupid. He probably could have broke even in that party if it and on the other $5250 in wholesale product he had $15k-25k in retail products. He's still going to double his money if he legitimately tries.
bob smith (1 year ago)
Thank you for coming out and being honest with people and telling us things we need to know. Alot of the pallet sellers on YouTube I see don't know what they are doing. I'm going to be linking alot of YouTube people to this video. They need to learn.
Richard Snowden (1 year ago)
Clickbait.... I have a personal friend that owns "South Georgia Liquidations" in Waynesboro, Ga. and he's honest, and hard working. He sell pallets and has LOTS of happy customers that buy pallets or entire loads. This youtuber must have never tried buying from recommended sources...
elhadji sylla (9 months ago)
Richard Snowden more information please address or phone numbers
Dylan Lewis (1 year ago)
Richard Snowden ty
Lawrence L. (1 year ago)
Buying random pallets and testing and storage and listing and shipping is alot of time and effort and labor and risk. I did this back in the early/mid 2000's with wholesalers and eBay, but never on the Pallet level.
Cole Stevens (1 year ago)
is there a particular price for a pallet
Lafe Denton (1 year ago)
I have watched a guy from work who he and his wife thought they would get into this. I gave them advice and they ignored me. 5 months later he was ready to sell it all to me. His wife keeps buying these pallets. They have no idea what they are doing. If they make a few hundred bucks they stop selling. Real smart. Then she blows the money. They had so much he had to buy a straight truck and a storage unit to put it all. He brags if he sells a thousand bucks, but forgets that he pays for storage, insurance for his truck and gas to go get it. I sell 4 to 8 times more than they do and don't have to leave the state. I have enjoyed watching them fail. They do everything wrong. I mean everything. Pictures taken in the dark, poor descriptions, buying more than they sell, only listing a few dozen items a month. 3 years later and they have learned anything. They had to take a 8 foot truck bed full of stuff to dump recently because these dumb pallet lots. All garbage
Nicki Jackson (9 months ago)
Lafe Denton I’m interested in getting my foot in this business. Can you give me any helpful advice please?
Leonida Balahay (1 year ago)
I'm from the Philippines, I want to buy pallets can you help me?
Its a risk/reward type of thing. Always do your due diligence. Thanks for the upload.
Product Sourcing 101 (1 year ago)
Thanks SimpleLots, please reach out to us, we should connect https://www.productsourcing101.com/contact/
Mama Cooks (1 year ago)
I know at BULQ you basically know what your getting. If you buy scratch or dent boxes it tells you what’s wrong with it. Also bulq works with you if it’s something totally trashed. Some people don’t research and may not understand what they’re getting but most people understand.
Gary Calcote (1 year ago)
I disagreeb there are several reasons in wich items are retuurned and no more than 25% are returned due to breakage or other teasons that render tjat item unfit for reshelfing
Nightwing (1 year ago)
Never buy store return pallets...I do Pallets but I only buy Brand New Never Open Item Pallets...its only way to really make money risk free.
paul tak (5 months ago)
EXACTLY! But those pallets are hard to come by
Melissa Fox (11 months ago)
Mark Visconti You can filter what you want to buy on liquidation, There's used, salvaged, new, mixed when you type what you've been looking for, from the left side you can choose what you want.
Mark Visconti (11 months ago)
Where do you buy pallets brand new?? Have yet to find a website???
Jake The Jerk (11 months ago)
It's not the ONLY way but it is one of many ways.
n0ka (1 year ago)
MomZillainNOVA (1 year ago)
So, have you actually bought from these sellers?
hello, the video is interesting, could anyone recommend payment pages? I am from Peru and I would like to buy to resell
Verónica Matamoros (9 months ago)
daniel salomon choque castro+ like what do you want to buy? Boxes,pallets,truckloads? How much money you want to spend?
War Hammer (1 year ago)
My neighbor just bought 8 pallets of returns and he got ripped off. Return means busted, broken, or parts missing. 95% of his stuff is busted, or parts are missing. He will be lucky to get his money back on it selling what does work. There are places that sell pallets with all new merchandise on them, they cost more, but the stuff is new, not returns.
Mama Cooks (1 year ago)
Who did he buy from not how lol
Mama Cooks (1 year ago)
tantricmaster800 how did he buy from? Research is key
Zero Zero (1 year ago)
Ok I hope this helps People Make Money easy just like this..I'm in California so in Lakeview terrace / slymar area they have a swap meet / flea market this Lady sells Electronic Tooth brushes Make -Up Nail polish etc for like $5 but they are worth $100 at store you can sell them for $80 they are still in package good items. So you buy the item look up price then sell it on eBay . My friend does this all them time he made like $80,000 easy trick is to buy small items. Most people in Texas and east coast buy these things from what I see . The lady buys the big pallets from warehouse out in city of industry on Stimson and Gale MBA Trading group.. You can look it on google . . But I see what she did all she does is break up the pallet sells the pieces makes some money at the swap meet . But pallets are like $1,000 or more it's all go backs from CVS KMART stores like that.. They have these warehouse all over and will sell you pallets but make sure you do the math so you can make a profit .. Hope this helps people ..
Diana de Avila (1 year ago)
Thanks Rob ... your group is a treasure!
John Mollohn (1 year ago)
Truck loads of unprocessed, direct from distribution hub general merchandise from big box retailers available. Look us up on Facebook- WV Merchandise Pallet Liquidators!!! Also at 304 4191858. Located in WV, dealing primarily in the Northeast and surrounding areas.
Scott Bair (1 year ago)
Some of the comments on this are dumb. All you were doing was letting people know what they are getting into. Great Video!
Scott Bair (1 year ago)
I buy pallets from a local pallet seller. 80-90% of the items on my pallets are fine. Worst thing might be the box is open. That is my experience thus far.
Where here in San Fco California???
Rikki Boysel (7 months ago)
I would suggest stay away from walmart returns.
Salma Audu (9 months ago)
Am interested in buying although am new to this. Want to start a business in baby clothing. Can i find them in Europe
Scott Bair (1 year ago)
moving to truckloads soon. Can't wait!!
Kodi Guides (1 year ago)
What items are best to buy ? Toys ? Electrics ? Etc
shavingculture (1 year ago)
Kodi Guides everything is good cloths I find it hard to find but is less risk electronics sell faster but some gonna be broken but you can sell them for parts
Chris Cripe (1 year ago)
That's why you go to stores that sell this stuff and buy it from there. Key thing don't buy anything electronic. Endless if you wanna take a chance. The store I go to you can literally check most items out and see if they function and look at the condition.
Chris Cripe (1 year ago)
Sesamestreet9080 it is it's just not in pallets and you can actually check things out. Alot of it is returns from Walmart.
Sesamestreet9080 (1 year ago)
+Chris Cripe ohh I thought you were talking about stores like Walmart and wholesales like that.
Chris Cripe (1 year ago)
Sesamestreet9080 they are liquidation stores that buy stuff from auctions all over the u.s just gotta look around and dig.
Sesamestreet9080 (1 year ago)
Like what stores?
JOTA ERRE (1 year ago)
El Tubo (1 year ago)
To be honest I've returned a lot of stuff just because I needed money and I could get mine back or just because I didn't like it completely but most of the time there was nothing wrong with them.
Brittanii Starzz (1 year ago)
Carlos Padilla yup been there. Done that!
John Doe (2 years ago)
Working in retail prior to reselling helped me get a good idea of why the majority of people return items which helped make it easy for me to take the risk, but if someone doesnt think theres a risk of getting shit in a pallet or box then they dont belong in anytype of business. While most of the returns ive seen were simply because people wanted to try it to see if they really needed it or only needed it for one time use there were items returned that were broken in package. Shit ive even salvaged out TV's and consoles because thats what code the system brought up even if the tv or console work fine.
Roland Molnar (2 years ago)
We bought a Pallet from www.Marthill.co.uk.. Not worth it... Totaly Wasted of Money... Never Again.. Make sure dont fall in the same mistake..
Scott Bair (1 year ago)
sounds like you got a scrap pallet and not a returns pallet
Product Sourcing 101 (2 years ago)
I know a bunch of re-sellers who sell broken electronics successfully. Search eBay for broken camera; broken headphones; broken ipad --etc.
Roland Molnar (2 years ago)
Hi. We read the manifest on the pallet. Did the research but when we get to testing the items. But 85% of the items are not working / broken and damaged. Would be made a good profit of anything is work. We should just go next time scrapyard and pay for a pallets of rubish.. £550.00 pounds..
John Doe (2 years ago)
Roland Molnar dis you read the pallet manifest and do research on the items to see if itd make good profit?
Product Sourcing 101 (2 years ago)
Was this your first customer return pallet purchase? Have you purchased from any other liquidators in the UK?
Omar Walters (2 years ago)
I buy pallets and very rarely I've gotten anything that's OFF THE CHAIN DAMAGED...this GUY IS SEEKING ATTENTION
dave ortwine (8 months ago)
Product Sourcing 101 I have a butthole. It’s not for sale. Or is it?
Karon White (9 months ago)
I have been watching Steven Steph they buy that king of stuff it all looks good
Jo Ann S (11 months ago)
Product Sourcing 101 thank you for this information!
Maria (1 year ago)
You're right. I'm from Honduras, I know people who bought containers of different supplies... long story short: like 70% of the items are sellable. I never heard of a pallete that is 100% good.
Product Sourcing 101 (2 years ago)
You got it, I am seeking attention. Too many people get into the secondary market with over exaggerated expectations. There is a tremendous learning curve to navigate to success processing/selling goods that re-enter the supply chain. Best way to profit from the industry? (1) Take your time; (2) know what you're buying; (3) develop long term relationships with suppliers; and (4) understand that the biggest profit comes from the knowledge one will learn after a first/second purchase. Thanks!
Agent Office (2 years ago)
I'd like to buy a whole truck
Richard Snowden (1 year ago)
Try South Georgia Liquidators in Waynesboro, Ga. He's a friend of mine. He sells his pallets unopened, still wrapped from shipping. Be careful of those that cherry pick out good items...
John Mollohn (1 year ago)
Call us, WV Merchandise Pallet Liquidators 304 4191858. Also look us up on Facebook!!! Lots of different loads available. Say you seen us on YouTube
talknewz (2 years ago)
I totally agree with this video
codystright16 (2 years ago)
ive made a lot of money off of them all you have to be is smart enough to find the good pallets.
talknewz (2 years ago)
Which is not easy for everyone
I own Diabetes (2 years ago)
One tip: the best liquidations to buy are books!!!! Let me say it again FUCKING BOOKs!!
Justin A. Pritchett (1 year ago)
Emmanuel perla unless you live in hawaii I'm trying make up this time cause it's all still wrapped up... can't return open makeup. Next I'm doing Powertools cause pissed off wives will make me money. lol
Rachael DuBose (1 year ago)
How? Literally no one buys books anymore. I try to sell books and they don't sell. Maybe textbooks in good condition that you can resell to online used textbook stores. But what pallets would have that
Where do you get books? Are they school books?
Mery Briones (2 years ago)
Where you buy them?
Brad Wrp (2 years ago)
I buy pallets and i've never made less then 3 times roi. Whatever doesn't work goes through auction in box lots. Usually the broken crap is what gets me to the break even, the rest is $$$
MPLS Car Sales (8 months ago)
Mandame tu numero porfavor
MPLS Car Sales (8 months ago)
Verónica Matamoros yo estoy en Minnesota quanto por pallet ?
Verónica Matamoros (9 months ago)
Yolanda Laguardia en ke estado estas? Y cuanto kieres comprar?
Yolanda Laguardia (1 year ago)
Nesecito toda información sobre la mercancía por favor me puedes enviar la información de donde queda la direccion por favor para pasar a comprar2pallet gracias
Richard Snowden (1 year ago)
My buddy at South Georgia Liquidations sells pallets and loads. When he opens a pallet for his store front, he throws away the broken crap, he doesn't try and pass it off to people at an auction... thats bad for business and the industry of resellers...
HotOneRecordz (2 years ago)
avoid liquidators and buy direct. liquidators mark that shit up and cherry pick it.
SergeantFrostBite (1 year ago)
Yes please
Ken Huynh (1 year ago)
HotOneRecordz plz advise us on how do you buy direct. Thanks!
batman94 (2 years ago)
Thanks for the great explanation video!
Bruce Renn (2 years ago)
I sell pallets and 90% of people are happy and make money
Salma Audu (9 months ago)
Am about to start buying from them to sell. Where do i start from mainly baby clothes.
Tyler Davis (10 months ago)
You still sell pallets??
random ph (1 year ago)
Same here where would you be ordering your trucks from I’m still doing my homework on it
Scott Bair (1 year ago)
I'm getting started right now. looking for warehouse space
RiddleYouBlue (2 years ago)
Anybody that doesn't understand this should stick to their day job haha. If you think there isnt risk involved in any business you're diluted to shit. Even these retail stores receiving manufacturer direct accumulate a percentage of loss/damage due to defect or handling. Good video.. I gave it the thumbs up. Stay up brother.
Man Mountain Link (1 month ago)
deluded not diluted.
Tomasa Perez (1 year ago)
Megustaria ver las pacas de aseo personal y cuanto cuesta
rrich1309 (2 years ago)
Product Sourcing 101 percent to the
Product Sourcing 101 (2 years ago)
Thank you. Yes, money can be made, but excitement fueled by over expectations will sink your ship quick. Please join our conversations at www.ps101group.com
A T (2 years ago)
very good information dude! I kind of have an idea of what these pallets are like but most people either are too excited/optimistic or too angry/pessimistic about them. They are definitely big risk and big reward. Thanks for the last tip though, I would definitely check out my local liquidator centers. All good things to you!
Yaa Asantewaa Hamilton (2 years ago)
Thanks. great information
Liquidation OH (2 years ago)
Great video!! Tons of information, love it. Relationships are definitely key to grow the business

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