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Am I Funny Or Mean?

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Text Comments (3092)
· Astriel · (6 hours ago)
Don’t be this person
Army Babe (1 day ago)
I think I'm both lol
I'm into this category and my friends never get mad at me because they know I was the most honest in the group... I'm so honest that when I'm being mean, they just take it as a joke and if they kinda notice it, I can like add some seasons to make it sound funny because I'm also the joker of the group
abc defg (3 days ago)
This is not mean! They should not come to the UK everyone at buzzfeed would be scarred for life lmao
Melina Imperial (8 days ago)
I like bran muffins. I'm not old.
Michelle Gutierrez (9 days ago)
As a joke I was saying to my friend that I wouldn't dye my hair because i dont wanna have dead ends like hers....AS A JOKE but she took it the wrong way...oops
Pink Giraffe (9 days ago)
This is literally me I relate to every video Sara is in.
SuperKazoo (11 days ago)
People get offended by this? Come to the UK, this doesnt even TOUCH mean
Wassupp pp (11 days ago)
0:30 i hate it when people are so sensitiv
Andrian Syah (13 days ago)
I really love sara
GigiFoxWowz (14 days ago)
Rosalinda Tovar (14 days ago)
This is a 100 percent me.I think i am funny but then i end up with like 20 people mad or frustrated at me.
Annabell DeMelo (15 days ago)
They got mad when Sara was mean to other people but then when someone is mean to her they all laugh?
Maya Jøyce (15 days ago)
I'm so insecure that sometimes I can come of as really mean around people I don't know so well... The struggle continues
Helen Colling (15 days ago)
Like for funny
Helen Colling (15 days ago)
Like for mean
Tatiana Espinoza (17 days ago)
Why wont you accept my kindness
liz martinez (18 days ago)
I feel like when people think their smart their actually dumb, like today, I was talking to my friend and these two girls were looking at me, so I told them why do they always look at me, and one of them said "because I want to!" So I just looked at them and gave the "you creepy freak of nature!" Look. So now I realize that sometimes I am rude when really I'm trying to be EXTREMELY MEAN so that's why if they look at me next time I will them to not mess with me! Thank you 😊
Pink Scarlet (18 days ago)
Well ,in this video sara relates a lot in me , cause when I joke someone they're like " You're mean" and when some jokes on me they're like "Ha ha"!!! Ugh!!!Hate it!!!
Wan Nawn (19 days ago)
Anyone else binge watching buzzfeed violet from 3-4 years ago?
flufflepufflover (22 days ago)
Hey! Some us happen to *like* black licorice It's not bitter at all. It's almost like chocolate, but nicer, more anais-y
Crazycatlipsy101 (23 days ago)
Ok ok anyone would be annoyed if someone said *gLuTan*
too shook (23 days ago)
This is me
JL Luna (24 days ago)
im feeling so guilty right now i don't know why tho :((
에메랄드Effect (28 days ago)
My friends don’t laugh when I tell jokes They laugh when I’m mean XD
Aversa Rice (29 days ago)
i’m this person..... i don’t mean to be like this 😂
Chloe Eliza (30 days ago)
0:33 wow they are such Adults
Nyibol Kuach (1 month ago)
Scarlett Avocado (1 month ago)
*You're a crumb bun*
My friends always think if they say “haha you’re stuPidD” and, they *REALLY* think this is funny
Devin River (1 month ago)
Im both
Kami Dere (1 month ago)
YouTube nerd (1 month ago)
I make fun of myself
Snapped And Snatched (1 month ago)
People say I’m funny when I make harsh jokes because I use a tone to make sure it’s taken as a joke...so can I be both
E.C Lee (1 month ago)
I’d be sassafras. No particular reason, but it’s just fun to say.
Stewart Fletcher (1 month ago)
Sometimes at work I'm purposefully mean to people but do it in a lighthearted voice so they think I'm joking. It's therapeutic.
Stewart Fletcher (1 month ago)
That tall chick looks like Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Em &ems (1 month ago)
Tbh they were being/probably more rude than her.
FluffyCloud (1 month ago)
I’m a surprisingly salty pancake Flat n salty
light sunshine ASMR (1 month ago)
It's glootin but spelt gluten
Daisy Da Cookie (1 month ago)
OMG I can relate sooo much
it honestly really depends on the people you’re with
shaista lodhi (1 month ago)
do buzzfeed employees seriously discuss what kind of food they are okay then, alright
ytsas48926 (1 month ago)
i hate sarah so much
gEO (2 months ago)
Avery Ep (2 months ago)
Yea it’s seems I’m way more mean than funny🤣
Itz Shadowgirl (2 months ago)
Sarah: -sees Brandon struggling- he’s such a weenie! Sarah: wait, is this me being mean? I can fix this! Sarah: -still doesn’t help Brandon with his things-
Gamer Girl2018 (2 months ago)
I’m mean in a funny way.
Mini Angel (2 months ago)
2 words= Inside jk Only ppl ik will understand that jk i just typed up...
Sheikh Redowan (2 months ago)
Im getting Suga vibes..
Baddie (2 months ago)
People think I’m mean... I’m just brutally honest 🤷‍♀️
Anya Lucas (2 months ago)
Sara would be a a sweet & spicy chicken
Derpqueen 101 (2 months ago)
I actually felt really bad for brent...
min sugar (2 months ago)
The legendary Avocado (2 months ago)
I’m both
Don’t mind me (2 months ago)
I feel so awkward when I try to be funny, I come off as mean....
Eva’s little planet (2 months ago)
Common Girl (2 months ago)
Is it just me or was Sara just fine and they were all just being crumbums
hoseok's bitch (2 months ago)
Random Dogface (2 months ago)
When I try to be funny... oh wait, I have a humor that no one understands *cries in corner*
Eleanor Patrick (2 months ago)
I'm gonna prove it to you crumb bums 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lia A (2 months ago)
People take things too seriously. Like,dude chill
Anya Bosé (2 months ago)
Sara is a MOOD.
This is why I don't want fucking friends.
Tem-sama (2 months ago)
Danny Harris (3 months ago)
this is me
Ayala Dorman (3 months ago)
This is a question i ask myself all the time.
naomi chan (3 months ago)
how come her friends laughed when she was upset?
naomi chan (3 months ago)
eh zach asked ‘what food am i?’ sarah only said what she thought. it doesn’t mean she was completely right though..
Leilani’s great life (3 months ago)
i am a funny type of mean
Dimitra K (3 months ago)
this videos is quite disturbing
Not Molly (3 months ago)
What I ask everyday
jazzy liz (3 months ago)
2019 anyone Ps. What's a CRUM BUM
Melissa Vang (3 months ago)
Lol now i understand why buzzfeed is always putting out quizes to see what kindof whatever u are lol
DYSHEN FOREVER! (3 months ago)
I could literary reply in every comment ( well not all) bcuz its very relatable.....
DYSHEN FOREVER! (3 months ago)
My friend told me that im offending even tho i always meant it as a joke and the thumbnail is always my question to myself.......
Who else wants to be Zach's friend and if someone would call him a bran muffin you'd go over and give them a piece of your mind?
Queen Majesty (3 months ago)
This is me That’s why I call myself SweetButSourParis
iijudya19 ii (3 months ago)
When u diss people they think I’m joking when I’m not
Active Abbi33 (3 months ago)
Superiør_Text (3 months ago)
I come off as rude and I will admit I can be rude (or im rude for like a whole week)
Ruby123 Doyle (3 months ago)
How dare you call Zach a bran muffin. Lol
Elizabeth Johnson (3 months ago)
The bran muffin and the phone taped to the ceiling is funny
Harley Quinn (3 months ago)
This is so dumb. When everyone was in on being mean it was considered funny, but when just Sara did it she was "being mean"
a squirrel (3 months ago)
solution to help: stay alone and don't talk to anybody
Ingrid Garcia (3 months ago)
That’s me I can’t help it
KitKat Bar_:3 (3 months ago)
Is it bad that I kinda agree with Sara about the bran muffin thing like he looks like he would be a bran muffin or am I just a bad person
Maria (4 months ago)
It's not mean, it's honest.
PRETTYMUCHbae's (4 months ago)
*Why won't You eccept my kindness?!!*
Bish Tea (4 months ago)
Emo_Potato (4 months ago)
This is why I love Sara
XoxKawaii_Potato-xoX (4 months ago)
I’m just plain old rude but funny to my besties and friends
random user (4 months ago)
I’m really surprised on how much I can relate to sarah
Catalina Catalina (4 months ago)
This is cringy af
tree singh (4 months ago)
idk why i have a mean voice, i could be joking and people would think i was actually being mean.
You are mean
Toxic Angel (4 months ago)
She called Zach a bran muffin I’m wheezing.
Anna VT (4 months ago)
That guy definitely is a bran muffin, very sensitive and can’t laugh at himself.
Angelina berga (4 months ago)

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