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How Bird Box Should Have Ended

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How Bird Box Should Have Ended Subscribe: http://goo.gl/Q2kKrD and also Ring the Bell to get notified // Have a Top 10 idea? Submit it to us here! http://watchmojo.com/suggest Bird Box is perfectly designed to capture our imagination, setting up an intriguing puzzle, then holding back the information we need to solve it. But the ending leaves a lot of questions unaddressed. That’s why it’s time to talk about How Bird Box SHOULD Have Ended. Spoiler alert, so if you haven’t watched the movie, get to it, and come back to watch this video. Check out these other great videos: What If Bird Box Actually Happened?: https://youtu.be/8VqtNs8JF-k Top 10 Movies to Watch If You Like Bird Box: https://youtu.be/ZaCMI3EcXg4 Top 10 Best Horror Movies of 2018: https://youtu.be/fE-Iv-HdYYQ Watch on WatchMojo: http://www.WatchMojo.com Suggest a video here—https://www.watchmojo.com/msmojo/suggest/ #BirdBox #Movies #Horror Check our our other channels! http://www.youtube.com/mojoplays http://www.youtube.com/mojotalks http://www.youtube.com/msmojo http://www.youtube.com/jrmojo http://www.youtube.com/watchmojouk WatchMojo's Social Media Pages http://www.Facebook.com/WatchMojo http://www.Twitter.com/WatchMojo http://instagram.com/watchmojo Get WatchMojo merchandise at shop.watchmojo.com WatchMojo’s ten thousand videos on Top 10 lists, Origins, Biographies, Tips, How To’s, Reviews, Commentary and more on Pop Culture, Celebrity, Movies, Music, TV, Film, Video Games, Politics, News, Comics, Superheroes. Your trusted authority on ranking Pop Culture.
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Text Comments (560)
Dionisis X307 (10 hours ago)
Laaibah Alghazia (10 hours ago)
Can't someone defeat the virus with a mirror? I mean, if it looks at itself, won't it go suicidal?! I'm shOOk.
EEvo (12 hours ago)
I want my 6 minutes back
Camrawl Pope (16 hours ago)
What would happen if the monster look into a mirror!???
Alex h.l (17 hours ago)
They never shown the monster cause the idea of the monster was a baby head on a snake but whenever they were shooting any scene with them, the actors just laughed at the thing and they thought the same would be for the audience.
Jake Howell (18 hours ago)
Mallorie did try to shoot at the monsters
T.tvWaRLocK319 (20 hours ago)
Who else was like"RIP Tom"
Alasdair McFarlane (22 hours ago)
Where are the army? Dead.
Laysha Solorio (1 day ago)
If u want too survive press this 👇
Laysha Solorio (1 day ago)
Default V.2 (1 day ago)
In the ending when she went to ricks group. They should’ve had like some group members who has guns and some supplies like the walking dead.
Kiwanozz (1 day ago)
Oh yeah yeah
Fiery Nugget (1 day ago)
Watchmojo does how it should have ended videos?
Cheese Balls (1 day ago)
I wish tom was the main character
DA LEGEND 11 YT (1 day ago)
“Bird box was inspired by... Donald Trumps face”
Diego Soto (1 day ago)
Ivan Salazar (1 day ago)
Hishe channel will come an pick up the movie
Reno Plays (1 day ago)
When blind people want to watch bird box....
Superkai 64 (1 day ago)
I heard Birdbox 2 is gonna have Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder
Ricky Yan Masangkay (1 day ago)
This movie should have a Sequel
marcus_vde (2 days ago)
its gonna be a serie so thats why the endings sucks! its gonna be continu
Rainzel Lazaro (2 days ago)
Only one person can survive without blindfold...... A MINECRAFT PLAYER IN CREATIVE MODE
Marlon Chandra (2 days ago)
0:50 zoom challenge
Mia McCarthy (2 days ago)
1:50 what if the government knew and was prepared? They just wanted everyone to die.
John Ernest Dano (2 days ago)
The monsters dont break into houses
Chance Solano (2 days ago)
I’m still wondering where Lucy and Felix went...
Meat Loaf (2 days ago)
*i like sHoWmAx morE*
axesthetic (2 days ago)
one of the directors: come on, now they're spoiling stuff that wasnt supposed to be spoiled! other director: i knew this was gonna happen
Lily Luna Potter (2 days ago)
I saw a comment saying this but not on the video. I thought bird box would end with Malorie slipping on a branch and somehow taking off her blindfold to have to look at the monster. Bonus scenes: The scene goes black and Malorie says “It’s Beautiful.”
Goss Gigi (2 days ago)
Am I the only one that actually LIKES the ending?
Voov Games (2 days ago)
Bish the military is surrounded by weapons and dangerous things you really think they’re gonna help???
ReaverPL (2 days ago)
They all saw parts of the movie.
bigmassivebrid (2 days ago)
The movie is full of plot holes, I dunnh why people like it so much, it makes no sense!
how can it end when i never really went anywhere
William Mickelson (2 days ago)
Would night vision or heat sensors goggles work to know where they are at? A more detailed motion sensor/GPS would work for sure as we already know.
Beatrice DP (2 days ago)
I guess one good way to find out more about the monsters would be to catch one of the crazy people, tie them up in a room without windows, be ready to smack them in the head if they start to free themselves and start asking questions. They are the only ones able to see the entities after all, and they are so in love with them that they may want to talk about them, something useful might come out of it. Sure, the things may appear different depending on who watches them, but thay also seem to be material (they cast shadows, move objects, are detectable by sensors) so there must be some constants about them.
Andreline Kun (3 days ago)
My theory is that strong affection pf love can beat it as you can see when malorie shouted dont take my children they stopped whispering whick led malorie to see boy and girl
POTATO STICK (3 days ago)
call captain marvel to kill all da monsters
ToxicTara TigerLily (3 days ago)
Anonymous (3 days ago)
The movie was absolute shit. Need to remember never to trust the hype of the masses.
GROVSENAP (3 days ago)
just hold a mirror against the monsters ;)
Syed H R (3 days ago)
Please leave this stuff to Hishe.
TheSheepersGame (3 days ago)
There is no way any military or police force could organize for a counter attack if they would kill themselves if they see the creatures. Remember that even if you see them in cameras so thermal imaging is also affected, then there is no way of fighting it. Radar can't detect it since it's probably organic.
Shayn Hacker (1 day ago)
+TheSheepersGame I know he said the heat part but when they showed the camera it looked like a regular camera. I thought they would have shown what militarizes use, that can of thermal imaging.
TheSheepersGame (3 days ago)
Shayn Hacker If you remember that Greg's camera also monitors heat signature same as a thermal imaging. He stated that "It's just pixels and heat". Look what happened to him.
Shayn Hacker (3 days ago)
We are not sure if you use thermal you would be affected. Someone would have to experiment with their lives to find out.
James Smith (3 days ago)
It needs a sequel simple as that.
Lena Astolfi (4 days ago)
What would happen if you put a mirror in front of the monster and they looked at it?
Heather Hansen (4 days ago)
They don't go insane they just see there saddest moments and there worst fears..
KirbyPlushPlanet (4 days ago)
Lifelight at the end would be amazing.
I like Goats (4 days ago)
Ok why is this movie so popular compared to other great movies lmao
Kris G (4 days ago)
What do you think about thermal vision cameras? They don't convey images but rather thermal radiation. I'm surprised this was not used in the book or the movie.
Adjewa Adjei (4 days ago)
They can stop talking about Bird Box now.
Myles Beam (5 days ago)
At first I honestly thought that this vid was from hishi
Isabella Fallarme (5 days ago)
Peyton Hebert (3 days ago)
Isabella Fallarme You Still Look At Them, They Don’t Have To See You.
Jay Elizabeth (5 days ago)
How do we know if it even is a monster? It could be some sort of invisible source or power who is able to control and trick minds. That explains why before someone dies they look up at their loved ones and why they see shadows and hear footsteps without actually seeing whatever it is harming them. And the people who die say it looks beautiful, and their loved ones are there so maybe it's an insight to heaven, or a trick to make it look like it's heaven but it's not... to be honest they could've changed quite a lot plus the military obviously died the same way the public did
Where's Thanos whenyou need him :)
The Jazz King (5 days ago)
Keanu Reeves appears on a bus.
The Jazz King (5 days ago)
The Jazz King (5 days ago)
The Quiet Place monsters appear.
TEAM RIVAL'S (5 days ago)
Spoiler means ?
YBN Mist (5 days ago)
If they try and kill the monsters then they might make the monsters kill them directly instead of just making you see them
SingaporeStrayan (6 days ago)
Wear something that blurs your vision to a point you can only see where moving objects are but not what they are? Thermal vision? Why didn't anyone try any of these options? Instead they just used cameras that turned things black and white but are still clearly visible?
Letitia Walker (6 days ago)
I hope there's a part 2
jasoniscool8776 ! (6 days ago)
I love shaun of the dead!
SciBlast Official (6 days ago)
Awesome film idea: Something mysterious causes humans to have an overwhelming amount of bravery. Kids start pulling knifes out of kitchen drawers and try to kill the monsters under their beds and in the closet. People daring to do the Bloody Mary challenge manage to kill her. Ghosts are eliminated. Demons are driven out of people. Kuchisake-onna? Fuck her, she got stabbed in the stomach. Teke Teke? No problem, her ghost got hit by a train (ironically) killing her for good. Hachishakusama? Japanese military guns at her killing her. Kappa is killed by pollutants in the water. This is Ghostbusters but on a global scale.
[redacted] [redacted] (6 days ago)
*removes blind fold* *sees creature* OMG! You're an emotion! You would make a perfect addition for Inside Out! I'll name you "Depression".
Embrace The Weeaboo (6 days ago)
There is no way to fight an enemy that you cannot locate at all. We're shown that the creature's voice comes from all around the person it's speaking to. And even if its more than just some sort of untouchable entity, you can't see it to try and kill it.
BroAnarchy (6 days ago)
Soooo..... Watch Mojo is now becoming HiSHE ? Um, pretty sure there's a group of people already doing that. come on WM, don't you guys do the "Top 10 Stuff" ? What's going on with you???
Daniel Yahudah Israel (7 days ago)
It was a dumb boring flick
parker Melville (7 days ago)
Another far left propaganda movie for the weak minded masses and putting that aside it is just terrible on its own the premise was fine but the characters are unlikable and unrealistic and the overwhelming amount of propaganda is obvious you have Bullock as a lesbian and a black guy that basically is portrayed as the intelligent save the day hero which is laughable and to take it even further they have him shacking up with Bullock and becoming intimate then there is Malkovich probably the only likable character in the entire movie that is constantly discounted by the the multicultural mix of characters throughout the duration of the movie and no matter how smart or logical the advice of Malkovich he is always over ruled or made to look stupid by a female all to the satisfaction of the group there is one memorable scene where a suspicious man is let in by the fat pregnant woman and the older white man played by Malkovich refuses to let this individual stay ordering him out at gun point only to be conked over the head with a vase by a grey haired older woman afterwards he is locked into a room and the suspicious man turns out to be insane and begins killing people off until Malkovich retrieves his gun once again but sure enough he is not able to kill the lunatic and gets killed himself only the black character could come out on top even though the odds were clearly against him with the lunatic having the trigger of the gun closer but I guess the writers didn't want to dissapoint the sheeple just like their is an even more ridiculous scene at the end where the black character is outnumbered and overtaken by the virus or whatever it is because it was never explained and he manages to kill the entire armed group while under the influence of the virus ya right. In conclusion a missed opportunity with a somewhat interesting premise but ruined by far left PC culture along with dull unlikable characters and no explanation of why any of this happened in the first place so I would say to anyone that is thinking of watching this to pass because there are far more better films out there now and this is nothing more than hype and received too much attention.
I just wonder if the pinata champion survived and possibly took out one of the monsters. Then we could find out if you still kill yourself looking at a dead one
Christina Martinez (7 days ago)
Tom wasn’t the only one who resisted the monsters. So did Olympia. She resisted enough to give her daughter to Malorie
Emily McIvor (7 days ago)
This movie is stupid
Brandon FTW (7 days ago)
I thought this was HISHE
Justin Fuller (7 days ago)
It should have ended after the opening credits. Awful movie!
אריאל גולני (7 days ago)
Birkin (8 days ago)
should have ended by never being made, and basically Sandra bullock responsible for all deaths in this movie lel
Cameron Tyson (8 days ago)
Rebecca we love you!
Onion San (8 days ago)
Nobody wanted to believe Douglas. He was literally always right.
LMNX Gaming (8 days ago)
Bird Box 2:The Monsters
Jumpy Pancake312 (8 days ago)
Not gonna lie one of the best movies
XFen ZenX (8 days ago)
.....Did the creater of this video not watch the movie because every question that asked even I could have answered and they got some info wrong
Davon Benson (8 days ago)
The monsters attacked the government first.
Claire Mercer (8 days ago)
What about partially blind soldiers? They can see vague shapes but not fine detail. They might not see the monster but they won't bump into walls.
Bape _ Son (8 days ago)
If the bald guy was all the characters, this movie would be 5 mins
oG Dale Doback (8 days ago)
The army wouldve been the worst thing. Theyd see the demons then just shoot themselves the fuck.
Bape _ Son (8 days ago)
This movie is overrated, I watched it twice and was disappointed
Thud Thud (8 days ago)
The military, unfortunately would have been helpless against the monsters as they'd have to be able to see their weapons and vehicles to operate them. Also, remember that cameras didn't hide the monsters' influence. I could imagine pilots and drivers of military vehicles using IR cameras as their only eyes, but how realistically would that be. Also, imagine all of these heavily armed troops becoming suicidal. I imagine there would have been a lot of collateral damage and soldiers trying to defend themselves against being victims of the monsters and end up harming others instead.
Thud Thud (8 days ago)
Also, now that we've had "A Quiet Place" and "Bird Box" they should have a movie where if you smell anything you die. People with head colds are the only survivors.
Álvaro Agraz (8 days ago)
Hellsing (8 days ago)
Do u kno da wea
I'd just send robots against them
Just send robots against them unless robots could get effected then we're fucked
Cian Spillane (8 days ago)
Sandra Bullock is my Queen😍😍😍
Atlanta Guns (8 days ago)
No how it should have ended is she trips running and her two kids get saved by the blind people and her blindfold accidentally gets knocked lose and she sees the creature. Fade to black and we hear her say it’s so beautiful. Thus explaining to us that her long solitude away from humanity has cause her to go insane and hat is why she has such poor interpersonal skills and why she named her children boy and girl. She’s one of the crazy ones
Teresa Moore (8 days ago)
Malery and the kids an tom should of stayed in the grocery store
cool Lee man (8 days ago)
I see watchmojo still cramming out ideas
Gerald Christian Luna (8 days ago)
Oops wrong channel
Grad Elmi (8 days ago)
Is this hishe
Nikola Mladenovic (8 days ago)
Leave that to my man Hishe
Lahoo_Za_her (8 days ago)
The monsters are LITERALLY the singing fart cloud from Rick and Morty,!!! Why has no one made this connection!!!
FOX HOUND44 (8 days ago)
Joshua Hernandez (8 days ago)
Ok did you watch the movie? Lazily done.
The World of Nerd (8 days ago)
Plz visit my channel.

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