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How Do You Make Your Ex Realize He Has Lost a Good Thing

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Text Comments (38)
avocado isavocado (5 months ago)
What if im still hurting so much....? I see him almost everyday. And it's hard to breath.. it's hard to move on. I don't beg or make him jealous. I don't talk to him at all even tho he is my classmate and still sitting next to me.. I pretend i don't care but I'm hurting soo bad ;(
Star Whitlow (4 months ago)
Girl im goin though the same thing.. Just let go.. Act like he a brick wall. Dont look his way.. Move on
It's Me Dee (7 months ago)
Live your life 😎
Nhlanhla Mashile (8 months ago)
I'm for this..
Angel Pratt (8 months ago)
Krieger roger (9 months ago)
That's right you are correct
Punitha 123 (9 months ago)
U look handsome sir
Glo Up (10 months ago)
Wow Thanks ! We Diamonds Ladies. 💎
glory (11 months ago)
Great information!✅💯🏆🥇
fazs fazira (11 months ago)
tq sir!
Stalkerx13 (1 year ago)
Is this the same method with females? I recently got in contact with my ex gf who I haven't talked to in a little over 8 years, and she told me she was very happy but also wanted to argue with me throughout most of our conversation. She was very hostile. She also asked me if I still looked the same, and that my profile picture looked old. Once I sent her a picture of me she said "that's the same one I saw." If she is so happy with her current partner why is she stalking my profile?
Pricklepie (7 months ago)
Ya prove to her u look amazing now in your new photos. I guess u lied to her. So she don't believe u
143bostoncreme (1 year ago)
What if your ex no longer follows you on social media. How can he see what I’m up to to make him change his mind
NUCA (6 months ago)
If a person wants to see your page, they will find a way.
Sugar (1 year ago)
Ex is ex for a reason. And he had a reason to dump you. It may have nothing to do with you, but if someone doesn't want you,well....... he/she doesn't. You can't force anyone to love you.
3himalaya (1 year ago)
Perfect timing !!! thank you !!!!
Talia Jasmine (1 year ago)
thank you .. needed this =)
Robert Vazquez (2 years ago)
Hope you are still making videos! Good, common sense, and told in a knowledgeable way! Well done
John Doe (2 years ago)
move on, don't even acknowledge them. Show them you're doing fun, exciting, adventurous things, you're developing new skills, getting new friends, you're full of energy and gusto! then they realize what they're missing and what they let go
sarah jenkins (2 years ago)
such great advice
christine a (2 years ago)
great advice thanks ❤
REMYXbyVOLUME (2 years ago)
yep. be successful.
GM PM (2 years ago)
I need this so bad, thank you. Almost going to do all the thing that i shouldnt
T.D. Newsh (2 years ago)
This is good
j davies (2 years ago)
i have a question please, my daughter had a 8mth relationship and in that 8mths he finished with her 3 times because of exams, they are 16 years old, but my daughter just blocks him so he can not contact her, but its because she does not want to see his stuff too, 8 weeks later he tells me on Facebook he feels he cants move on and he missis her, so i told him do something or do nothing.... he then gets her attention and speaks to her, she's over the moon she does still care for him, and way it was exactly one week to the day they started speaking he does something weird, she spoke to him in the morning but then when she was texting him during the morning he's not replying, then when he gets back to her all he sent was a picture of him self with a girl at his prom, and put a comment just saying I LOVE HER so my daughter is upset again , and blocked him yet again, so i asked him what is going on, he gets funny with me and says it was a joke this girl is his mate.....then he says its over for good now he's fed up with her, what is going on, he's blocked again and the day after this he post another pic of himself with the same girl at his party he had at his house, can you shed some light on this, as i can't....... he said he still loved her he forgot how beautiful she was , well he has a funny way of showing it..... help
Caca Murtagh (1 year ago)
@Sugar, come on clearly this is not a mother asking advice about her 16yr old daughters relationship, like what parent gets involved in teen love, her comment was creepy if she was the mother but i reckon it was the 16 yr old.
Sugar (1 year ago)
You have 16 y.o. daughter, so you're over 30... . You are an adult, and you let a teenage boy to treat you as his buddy???!!! Come on! Tell your daughter to cut any contact with him. Block him, delete him or whatever on social media. How can you expect he will respect your daugthter if you let him disrespect you - an adult?!?! I'd say you should talk with a psychologist about all that stuff.
Clown Centralia (2 years ago)
What if your ex lives on another island and has FB and phone blocked you.
Sugar (1 year ago)
I guess it means he/she doesn't want to be in touch with you anymore. give up.
April Rants (3 years ago)
gorgeous, smart, and great advice ;)
NELZ FIERCE (3 years ago)
U sir, are a genius! Thx 4 the videos. And keep them on coming!
hailey rodenbeck (4 years ago)
My boyfriend left me for his ex two days ago, they have been off and on for Twp years, they cheat and lie to each other and its never worked. Its his first love and I completely understand, but he's just going to get hurt again. How do I make him realize he will be happier with me and we will last longer. I didn't message or over call him when we broke up and I blocked him and deleted his number the next day, including the pictures. She doesn't go to my school but he does. I've skipped two days of school trying to pick myself up so I don't cry or freak out when I see him. What do I do?
Sugar (1 year ago)
Please, don't get back to this toxic guy. PLEASE! It won't work anyway. He know EXACTLY what he lost by dumping you. He's not unaware. Believe me. He's a player. I think he's that type of guy, who goes where he gets a better "offer" so to speak. By the way - if he lies and cheats that other girl, and looks like he already did it to you ,too, then there's no reason to take him back. As someone wise said : People who deserve the second chance are those, who never missed the first chance.
Emo Half Kawaii (2 years ago)
sounds messed up yeah that's like some people that are married to
cate00149 (4 years ago)
That is disgusting of him, looks like you dodged a bullet by getting out of that! You don't have time for that crap, no matter who wrote it! On to the next chapter! But I know the crappy feeling, my boyfriend (who I thought I would spend my life with) of three and a half years broke up with me and left me for his coworker, its been rough, but life will go on
Da Bilo (4 years ago)
I love your vids, real short and very well explained
Nhlanhla Mashile (8 months ago)
Seeyam Mohi (5 years ago)
Thank you so much for your videos it helps so much! Lov from Belgium :)

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