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Some Americans are ignorant and proud (S1E3) What's a currency?

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Some Americans are ignorant and proud (S1E3) What's a currency? My amazon Product Recommendations: https://www.amazon.com/shop/myworldisgettingdumber My website: https://myworldisgettingdumber.com/ If you like my content, please consider supporting me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/myworldisgettingdumber #areyousmarterthana5thgrader#publicinterview#wshhquestions Questions: How many stars are on the American flag? In which country is the Panama Canal? What's a currency? What is the capital of India? Who is the vice president of USA? Outro music: Alan Walker - Faded (Tiësto's Northern Lights Remix) funny moments, funny videos, humor comp wow best laugh montage MYWORLISGETTINGDUMBER myworldisgettingdumber
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Text Comments (38046)
Kory Kloth (25 minutes ago)
And people act like teachers are so important with so many people who don't know common knowledge.
MajoxD (2 hours ago)
Didn't knew those British Pesos this girl is taking about
G Graham (2 hours ago)
Thanks Nancy pelosi
jamesripperkins (2 hours ago)
You are not a clown You are the entire circus
The one where they drew the country wasn’t ignorant.
Divine (5 hours ago)
2:53 lol the clown’s the only one that got it🤦🏻‍♂️
ndrendre1111 (6 hours ago)
I am amazed to see American especially when she said 13-50 = 47 and didn't say "minus"... no wonder it could be a superpower country
Jet Jock (7 hours ago)
When you plug a lamp into a socket you need currency so the light bulb will turn on ... they should have asked me !!
Deepfried-fruitrollup (7 hours ago)
These people make me feel embarrassed to be an American
Sky Cloud (8 hours ago)
Bruh, don't blame the victim.
Emil Griffin (9 hours ago)
"Why would it be in Panama that would be weird" 😂😂😂😂
Tyrfingr (9 hours ago)
I waited for someone to say "Electrical currency ?"
lolprogZ 26 (10 hours ago)
What is the religion of Jewish people=christian
TOPLYRICS (11 hours ago)
Even my 9 year old son can answer those easy questions!
Mihai Matei (11 hours ago)
13-50=47 True american math
Bhargav baral (10 hours ago)
David Hodgin (11 hours ago)
2:20 the United States declared independence on July 4th 1776 but did not "gain" independence until the revolutionary war ended with the Treaty of Paris on September 3rd 1783. 2:35 actually got the year correct.
Zack D. (12 hours ago)
Whose vice president of the united states barak obama wife😂😂😂😂😂
Dr DanDy (12 hours ago)
0:06 FLORIDA!? He said country!
Soci ety (12 hours ago)
she know we at some point HAD 13 colonies but doesn't know how to subtract.... interesting
Nebula (13 hours ago)
Let’s talk about the clown
TwistedMicrowave (13 hours ago)
And most (except the minors) are eligible to vote. Yay!
Brieen (13 hours ago)
13-50 She did 50-13 And then did it wrong anyway
Olivia Hoareau (13 hours ago)
13-50 we got FoRty SeVen
holy_ yikes (14 hours ago)
i can answer literally all these questions and i’m english
Joe Bingham (14 hours ago)
Zero (15 hours ago)
Anshuman Goswami (15 hours ago)
Please change the title. The girl who said "what's a currency?" likely has Down's syndrome.
myworldisgettingdumber (15 hours ago)
And you want me to put the title: "The girl with the Down syndrome"? That's gross:)) And by the way, are you a doctor?
08missEE (15 hours ago)
The lady who was describing the Indian actor was probably looking for this name “Abhishek Bachchan” who’s married to female actress “Aishwarya Rai” whose father is a famous actor “Amitabh Bachchan”.
PŘĪŇCE_ YT (16 hours ago)
Dude whatever. Why would you care about how many stars are there on your country's flag...just live a life on this planet.....
F È N T Y (11 hours ago)
PŘĪŇCE_ YT it doesn’t matter but it’s common sense to know off the bat
Rip Me (15 hours ago)
Lol ur saying that cuz u dont know how many stars there are
uwu i’m a weeb (16 hours ago)
on behalf of the entire US, i apologize for our stupidity PS-why did i know all these answers 🤦‍♀️
Kyo Mebi (3 hours ago)
I don’t care. I love you .
cautare pvp (17 hours ago)
2:05 that girl is a troll or stupid lol
Rain Mapping (17 hours ago)
I don't know how americans are so stupid. They can't list more than 5 countries and in school they call me Mr.President because i can list almost all countries in the world and i know half of their capitals. I speak 5 languages fluently and learning 3 now. And i will get 13 years in 5 days. So...
Romanian God (17 hours ago)
Why foreign people are so much educated?
Bogdan Dobre (10 hours ago)
Pt ca da.
PorThe PersTaym (18 hours ago)
When the people are clowning better than that clown
SnaiKYG (18 hours ago)
13-50 goddamn =50
SUPREME BOY (19 hours ago)
I wonder how thomas alva edison survived in this country 😂😂😂
Blanco King (20 hours ago)
*Do i need to hold your flag?* Shows how unpopular they are to the rest of the world
Saleh Namani (20 hours ago)
Probably Trump doesn't even know he is the president of the United States.
Samuel Mbengu (19 hours ago)
So far he knows that he's the president of Israel.
FireLord263 (22 hours ago)
So I’ve been in the States this Summer , I was in California & like 15 Miles down from LA. I love the people & the country it’s beautiful ! I did notice one thing though , u guys need better EDUCATION! It’ was sad when I asked two girls if they knew the country im from ( Germany ) . They had no idea , beside that - they cldnt List a country in Europa . Very Poor education . Just imagine , she’s my age , and someone yr age shows up , knows yr motherlanguage fluent, while u don’t even know his language German* ever existed . This is not all of U & I found that out myself . But it’s most of you. . Education gotta change , build less of these gigantic stadiums at every school and make a geography room instead to teach em that there’s more then America Canada Mexico .
Menty (18 hours ago)
FireLord263 Don’t worry, you should be happy they didn’t know much about germany or else you would’ve had to deal with what happened to me there. Many of the people there asked me if i was a nazi, related to a nazi, or called me a Kraut. sei froh dass du die unwissenden getroffen hast
Akash B (23 hours ago)
Usa uni should srsly start giving admission to Indians
AssaultToad (1 day ago)
I’m in pain, we’re not all like this
Sorix (16 hours ago)
@Sheikh Safwan no they're not. 99% of Americans might be stupid but there is the 1% who actually has common sense
Sheikh Safwan (18 hours ago)
Yes you are
Fatih (1 day ago)
Thats why Trump won, rofl.
BASNAPH CAPSLOCK (20 hours ago)
They have no choice it is better to choose trump than hillary But for some reason this two are the only remaining two choices So wish all americans next election
BIG POPA PUM (1 day ago)
Two of my cousins went to US They both are millionaire now within jst 10yrs I can imagine how they became in such a short time coz the white natives are so dumb and lazy Last year one of my cousin he topped in Georgia Tech university, he told me in top 20 none of them were white natives most of them were asians Either natives have become too lazy coz they have no tention at all I wish I was native American U see they have no tention for anything jobs, career Jst superfree life
Simon (1 day ago)
Blake O'Neal (1 day ago)
“Can you name a Bollywood actor” “says yes then goes on a long tangent vaguely describing someone named A—— B—— with a family”
OmegaGraves (1 day ago)
47! XD lol that had me weak
Critical Thinker (1 day ago)
There is something very wrong with the USA education system. Gosh, now I can understand why so many Americans voted for treasonous trump
Thomas Need (22 hours ago)
@Critical Thinker what exactly has Trump done that is treason?
Critical Thinker (23 hours ago)
Floofboye definitely brighter than you dude.
Floofboye (1 day ago)
You must not be very bright yourself
Kai Nener (1 day ago)
The Vice President of the United States is now Bill Clinton
gaming world (1 day ago)
really these are dumbest of dumbest people on earth......??
Dods Paglinawan (1 day ago)
13-50=47 I almost want to kill myself 🤦‍♂️💀💀☠
Jobro110 (1 day ago)
*press Y to shame*
mustafa al falahi (13 hours ago)
Sorix (16 hours ago)
*pressing intensifies*
CrisRos Art Art! (1 day ago)
Education is very important.
Michael Miller (1 day ago)
This is why people cant drive
Mr. Fujin (1 day ago)
Who is the vice president of the USA? Hillary Clinton.
Soci ety (12 hours ago)
in another vid someone answered that question with "Something... Bin Laden."
MEMEANATOR (1 day ago)
They all have an IQ of -125
MEMEANATOR (18 hours ago)
REV3NGE-dragzii YT I know Australia has 6 starts and I think Jamaica is yellow green and black?
REV3NGE-dragzii YT (18 hours ago)
@MEMEANATOR how many stars does the Australian Flag have or what are the colors of the jamaican flag
REV3NGE-dragzii YT (18 hours ago)
MEMEANATOR (19 hours ago)
REV3NGE-dragzii YT ok then,how many stars does the American flag have?
REV3NGE-dragzii YT (21 hours ago)
Nero Seraphim (1 day ago)
They are so stupid this isnt even funny, its worrying.
Tom Cory (1 day ago)
Amazed that 47 girl has enough mental capacity to know how to breathe tbh
User Name (1 day ago)
Did this just pop up on everyones recommended?
What state was this filmed in?
hello there (23 hours ago)
The products of the Alabama Slam.
Samuel Football (1 day ago)
Voltage (1 day ago)
Im not racist I swear 47
Mr. Fujin (1 day ago)
Sweet home Alabama!
Y E E T. . Ironically I live in SoCal the people I know don’t act like this lol
Joshua M (1 day ago)
So sad......
Savage Fails (1 day ago)
4:05 WTF
Eyal FH (1 day ago)
13 - 50 = 47
Sorix (16 hours ago)
It's 37 T-T My Asian self is crying.
Supremacy God (1 day ago)
Quick mafs
LtCentrix (1 day ago)
LtCentrix (1 day ago)
why is ever comment like brand new the video is 3 years old lol
neuer account (1 day ago)
Why are there only new comments on this video?
Legit Assassin (1 day ago)
Put the filter to top comments
joel koel (1 day ago)
Knowing the amount of stars does not make you smart ._.
Milky Way (1 day ago)
joel koel Cuz it’s general culture
Fat Guy (1 day ago)
joel koel But not knowing that makes you an idiot, and these people are allowed to vote...
ش حسين (1 day ago)
@evylC okay idk i am not from america
evylC (1 day ago)
ش حسين it’s basic civics education...
ش حسين (1 day ago)
Nor does knowing most of those things, what if you didnt care much to know? How does it affect your daily life?
Ayumi Schuster (1 day ago)
This is funny and sad
Official Frostbite (1 day ago)
that dice microphone tho
Akeptic (1 day ago)
99% of the comments here: iM noT aMeRiCaN bUt I kNOw aLL Of thEsE qUeStIoNs
The Tutorials (1 day ago)
What's the currency
Vyrix_Zmo (1 day ago)
Dude Gamer (1 day ago)
Really? education people
Mic Sokoli (1 day ago)
Im not American and i never was in the US but i know 90% of these question
Rainell Perez (1 day ago)
@Yung Potato You cared enough to comment lmao
Mic Sokoli (1 day ago)
@Yung Potato ???🤨
Yung Potato (1 day ago)
Mic Sokoli and yet no one cares
TheAlienProject (1 day ago)
sometimes i wonder if these people are paid to act stupid
Kasha Kolano Bosch (1 day ago)
Omg, people that's easy questions and you don't know 😏
kaijsu (1 day ago)
Its the US education system.
Dude Gamer (1 day ago)
Swole Mite (1 day ago)
2:54 even clowns are smarter than Americans🤡
life ya know (1 day ago)
@Swole Mite i know like this bro out here wearing oversized shoes and polka dotted clothes and can answer the question correctly, but i guess he’s smart as well for picking a career that you can earn money easy for
Cat Girl26 (1 day ago)
Here's the thing: America is such a big country that most of the people living there think the world revolves around their country, and aren't educated on the rest of the planet. Obviously not everyone though.
Babani Gad (1 day ago)
Ya but they don't know stuff abt their own country
Cat Girl26 (1 day ago)
I think I died when that girl asked what a currency is. I'm British and I know a lot of the answers to these questions
Ghost Stalker (1 day ago)
0:45 that guy is stoned at hardcore levels haha
Inglés con Oscar (1 day ago)
I’m denouncing my American citizenship I’m Russian now...
ICharCoalZ (46 minutes ago)
@Cameron Carter ?
Cameron Carter (17 hours ago)
Russians are even dumber tho.
A W (1 day ago)
did he really just say panama canal is in canada? bro whut
I know not all Americans are like this but god damn the fact that any people are like this
Ralph Rodriguez (1 day ago)
So I watch some of these videos but in all honesty I'm fully aware that people are stupid but it's not worth my time to go out into public just to prove people are dumb. They aren't worth the time to prove it
Richard Goed (1 day ago)
Bet they are all love school shooting
REV3NGE-dragzii YT (21 hours ago)
Ur sped
OhRazor (1 day ago)
Richard Goed wtf were you trying to say?
Jay Bird (1 day ago)
I lost brain cells.
You have to be happy! It means you have some to lose:))
Mohit Kumar (1 day ago)
Being mentally weak is OK... But being proud of it?? Lmao Trump for 2020 again... YAYYYY!!
Erdrick Loto (1 day ago)
So this is why trump won the election 😂😂
OhRazor (1 day ago)
Doric Order indeed
Doric Order (1 day ago)
I knew all of these and voted for Trump. So I think you have us mistaken for the libtards.
JOSHKUS * (1 day ago)
It almost hurts to watch this 🤣 Greeetz from Germany Boiiii'zz✌️😉
jojobricks 23 (1 day ago)
JOSHKUS * es gibt genau so welche Videos von Deutschen
Tuxedo Steve (1 day ago)
Reading your comment hurts. From Germany.
NO BODY (1 day ago)
When your friend know ur girl more than you
I actually didn't know where Panama Canal is. You can actually think Panama is a city or a province if you're not so familiar with countries other tha your own.
@Sam Cousins well personally I wouldn't benefit from it. But, why not.
Sam Cousins (1 day ago)
But you should be
ilagallday (1 day ago)
This scares me
[T]eorema (1 day ago)
Faith in America lost
rajgoyal (1 day ago)
India is located in Middle East 😂 my goodness do we Indians look like Arabs to you? 😅
Nitin Charles (1 day ago)
That is so accurate, I always get Middle Eastern or South American.
rajgoyal (1 day ago)
@mystic UFO hahaha not racist at all, my friends from India use to say that you look somewhat an Iranian.
mystic UFO (1 day ago)
Bruh not be racist but some of you guys look alike
Bayern München (1 day ago)
rajgoyal exactly
rajgoyal (1 day ago)
Man how can Americans be so ignorant about their own country? You got your country after lot of sacrifices.
rajgoyal (1 day ago)
@Stüchereth true but these are basic facts, I knew all the above facts about USA. At least people must knew something about their country.
Stüchereth (1 day ago)
Ignorance can happen anywhere you know, it's not just in the US. Let's not go blaming them for these little things, alright. Our countries may have as many idiots than someone could possibly imagine
brendon colby (1 day ago)
Americans. Smh.
AKAIDA (1 day ago)
‘What currency does the UK use’ JURO
Ghost Stalker (1 day ago)
Balakha Tv (1 day ago)
13-50 = fourisevan
gage nauditt (1 day ago)
Sara Wilson (1 day ago)
*T H I R T E E N C O L O N I E S*
Pukii (1 day ago)
And these people are the ones who want to rule the world. *America*
leiboda (1 day ago)
Who says we want to rule the world, I wanna rule my school ya know what I'm sayin
S.KullRandom (1 day ago)
Seriously? Que pendejos son estos pinche gringos, foreigners got more questions right than the locals! Face slap
Mia Duran (1 day ago)
Fr lmaooo
Shuhrat Kessikbayev (1 day ago)
And that's why I don't associate myself with these people

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