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I bought a pallet of small electronics returns to sell on eBay | unboxing video

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Leonie Sloot (1 day ago)
kazuki zagara (1 day ago)
Every time he says Ebay, Drink.
Malek Bacha (3 days ago)
Hello, i was curious on how exactly you submit the tax form when signing up. I am new and not sure what to do.
Johnny Koala (5 days ago)
I see a huge profit here, especially with a warehouse to attract foot traffic.
Raul Barriga (6 days ago)
I feel sorry for whoever buys stuff off of this person who doesn’t treat the items with care
BIP Kompiuteriai (6 days ago)
From what i saw, the winner of a sale was Amazon for sure, getting rid of junk and alot of unneccessary work is good for them.
Frank Nolte (6 days ago)
Believe it or not but this stuff is worth money I personally used to sell the same exact stuff but in smaller quantities (didn’t have a grand to drop on a pallet) but would buy a few boxes at a time I sold everything and it all worked with no returns/bad reviews on eBay as a side hustle, I quit when my business took off and I no longer had the time, everyone loves a deal that’s why they go buy used on eBay instead of brand new
Charlotte Mason (7 days ago)
Wow!!! The "MOST" Time Consuming , and Expensive Way To Become A "HOARDER" ! !!
boston mass (7 days ago)
I need the mario or Nintendo set please???
K Black (7 days ago)
Wow there's a lot of good stuff in there.
MadameCasper (7 days ago)
I'll take one of each working game systems 👍
HENRY2010FUNCHES (8 days ago)
Who do u buy from
Michael D (8 days ago)
I have always wanted to sell some of my stuff on ebay but cannot figure out the shipping how to deal with all of that I don't want to lose money on shipping
Martin Turner (8 days ago)
Bet he sells stuff on ebay new that does not work knowing so ! Cunt !
Resale Rabbit (8 days ago)
Nope. Everything gets tested and if it doesn’t work, it’s either recycled or sold for parts.
mr Tree (8 days ago)
Those flashbacks are worth like 20 or 30 bucks they aren't worth alot of money lol
Chris Strong (8 days ago)
send us box of stuff!
Chris Strong (8 days ago)
Chris Strong (8 days ago)
Chris Strong (8 days ago)
send me one!
Chris Strong (8 days ago)
send me a consoal
Chris Strong (8 days ago)
send Mario box please
Chris Strong (8 days ago)
fuck yeah send me the zelder one!
Chris Strong (8 days ago)
send some headsets my please!
The P (8 days ago)
Hi , I’m looking for a security DVR and cameras
mamus4 (9 days ago)
Real money is made of idiots watching unboxing on you tube,lol, this is buy junk and generate you tube viewership
Marc D (9 days ago)
The margin is low if you look at the time putted to list and ship all this
timmy (9 days ago)
Shahanna Grey (9 days ago)
You certainly buy smart, you have to spend money to make money. Some of the people that buy this way go cheap and they never get the quality of items you get! I think you did well!
carl hernandez (9 days ago)
I think you are closer to a rat ,than to a girlfriend
Holly McGee (10 days ago)
Donate the bad box game to a homeless shelter or battered shelter
Brazie Savino (10 days ago)
U can get blue tooth wireless headphones 🎧 for 5 $ fa 5 n below
Eric Johnston (10 days ago)
Your a homophobic slur
Andrei Andreev (10 days ago)
I find it interesting that those Bluetooth headsets got returned. Mayhaps those brands aren't as good...
Andrei Andreev (10 days ago)
Can anyone tell me why he said that about otterbox? That his ebay account can get shut down if he lists the cases..
James (3 days ago)
+Andrei Andreev I agree but it's worth looking into to so you dont get your account striked.
Andrei Andreev (3 days ago)
But that makes no sense! You're not claiming to be an OtterBox store or something. Just selling stuff... /smh
James (3 days ago)
If you sell certain branded items, you can get claims on your seller account and get it suspended. Brands like Worx and OtterBox. Check what brands you can resell without getting in trouble
z fuhq (10 days ago)
But hey if u can make money selling it to other goof balls, more power to ya,
Taylor (9 days ago)
z fuhq Better than you, cynical asshole, lol.
z fuhq (10 days ago)
No where near highish-end, cheap, cheap ass crap, trash with a battery
Sam Baxter (10 days ago)
Mercy . . . . . You'll be a Trillionaire in just a few days !!!
Robert Adams (11 days ago)
This definitely was rummaged through before you received it. No wonder it was a week late. What company writes the amount of the pallet with maker?. Its supposed to be more professional and be written on paper or emailed to you.
PAPITOPV (11 days ago)
I have a question body What you do with all that garbage. I think is better if you invest you money on school. And stop buying trash
Taylor (9 days ago)
Yeah, when people resell, they're doing it for the flexible hours. You're not going to get flexible hours with any regular job.
Resale Rabbit (11 days ago)
I went to school. I had a corporate job with a company car. I left that to sell junk on eBay full time. Why? Twice the pay for half the hours. Wouldn’t you do the same?
Simple Chronology (11 days ago)
I guess he knows what he is doing, but I always sees what he pulls out of these palettes and think what utter junk...
welshpete12 (13 days ago)
Reading some of these comments , they are so mean ! Good luck to you sir !
Benny Lane (14 days ago)
How do you get involved or how do you get access to buying these pallets?
Ali Qais (15 days ago)
I love pink floyd
SellerThink Vertical (15 days ago)
Rabbit already made all the money back just by the 1 million views on YouTube.
Pro Gamer (16 days ago)
Lee Arthur (16 days ago)
Looks like a fun way of making some money...
Daniel Best TV (17 days ago)
buy one of these and die quickly by A free ear infection 😀👍
Daniel Best TV (17 days ago)
completely you wasting your time and your money, to make a few dollars in may be a week or more of that, but you can make more than if you get a real job. These are my opinions. otherwise i like it this video.
Daniel Best TV (9 days ago)
Taylor + i agree with you 😀👍
Taylor (9 days ago)
Daniel Best TV The problem with a regular job is you can't get flexible hours. You work when your boss needs you to work. If you need flexible hours reselling is the way to go. And he does make money off of his videos.
paul anthony (17 days ago)
I’m a 36 year guru in shipping pallets on LTL carriers. Awesome rates. U choose by your preference. Cost, transit time, carrier etc. get in touch. Will save u money.
Larry Gregory (18 days ago)
Send me that Tom Tom
Maran L (18 days ago)
Bet you $1000 I can back it in in 1st try!!
Maran L (18 days ago)
That’s what you get when you get a yearling.
Mark Arnott (19 days ago)
8:15m soon as i seen ADSL 💻💬modem i say a lot unuseable junk(ASK YOURSELF 1 THING) Would u buy it no? well its junk then no vhs no cd no movies all online now - last layer console consoles consoles $25 $34 $22 $? hmm 😜💨🤑 & did i see a vhs tape dvd's cd's all juk now i give to salvation army👴👍 or thrift shop :) lets 😾 cont
spacegoogie (19 days ago)
Every time I watch this guy Haley Joel Osment pops into my head. Am I missing something lol?
Cindy Houston (20 days ago)
Dude i got ipod cost 99 in stores for 2 dollars and game boy original for 2 dollars the i pod i had to buy a cord for less than 2 dollars thats the kind of deals i look forfor 6 dollars i make over a hundred or more if i chose to sll but i gave it to my kids not knocking these pallets but also get out there and find some deals like i did and make more
Taylor (9 days ago)
Cindy Houston You're not going yo find those deals in bulk though.
inhisfootsteps (21 days ago)
I think he as more ambition then most of you. Your probably sitting in your parents basement not doing anything. He doesn't mind work and has a good personality.
inhisfootsteps (21 days ago)
Okay, you got these from eBay ... where do you sale them?
James (3 days ago)
eBay, online auctions, Amazon, Facebook marketplace, locally. Just the fact that these were bought proves there's a demand.
wreckinball11 (21 days ago)
Testing all those modems and headsets will take forever. The set up for each modem is not worth it. I just stay working for the man.
Chris Caradine (21 days ago)
I'm glad you clarified yourself after the Metallica joke. I got a little triggered lol
June Taylor (22 days ago)
I know the packaging for most of the products is good, but am I the only one thinking: aaah don’t throw it on the ground. I know it’s save though, but I can’t 😂
Robert Lirette (22 days ago)
Man all that can make good money
Me Me (23 days ago)
Who buys routers when there free with provider
Yankee Canivers (23 days ago)
This gives me pause to think twice buying stuff on ebay, headphones that might have been in someones ear, buying electronics listed as new only to be returns probably not working he has alot of Bark to sell this who knows what "Buyer Beware" on ebay
Drug Dealer (23 days ago)
Noice collection u got there bo1
Tammy Wilson (24 days ago)
I am starting to do this same thing. I can't find a place to buy the pallets from...I can find some places for boxes. Where would I find the pallets?
Brandon Street (24 days ago)
who else was watching screen printing an somehow got here?
TheBosnianMamba (24 days ago)
Where do you buy the pallets?! Great video, love the enthusiasm
Glen Henderson (24 days ago)
What a tool!!
Garrick Holmes (24 days ago)
Where do you buy from man?
brentblue1000 (24 days ago)
This guy is one boring bast**d explaining what a tail lift is on a truck and what colour the wrapping is on the pallet
SurviventheOnslaught (25 days ago)
he needs to chain some illegal immigrants to a couple desks and make them list all that shit on ebay for a 12 pack
Ve Vee (25 days ago)
I’ve wanted to buy a small electronic pallet but I would get stuck with all movies that’s the same lol 😝
Shadowkrutshov (26 days ago)
"I bought a pallet full of Bluetooth ear pieces returns to sell on eBay | unboxing video". There! Corrected the video name! LOL
Marcus Guerra (26 days ago)
new to the business, any tips on sites to begin bids
Rich Orange (26 days ago)
no you're a little crooked! oh i see ignore that retort !
Richard Wilson (26 days ago)
That warehouse seems kinda full there....
You can tell what the average IQ of the Typical United States Citizen is.... what maybe 50 after reading just some of these comments. I can bet money that 90% of the people trolling, disliking and leaving hateful comments work a 9-5.
aviationairspotter (27 days ago)
Does Apple or Samsung or Sony or Bose or JBL or Microsoft make returned pallets of electronics?
Big Jay (27 days ago)
I can't stand when young people wear those old man hats. You look stupid.
Fernando Salas (28 days ago)
Last time I saw Pinocchio I was a kid Disney doesn't sell it often just once in a while, should sell for huge profit on an auction.
Thomas Fruge (28 days ago)
Good idea for starting your own Thrift store. called Nick Knacks.
Mario Flores (29 days ago)
Well I found free $3145 per month money making system that is really working for me>>> http://helloworldbea.com/freefundadder/ Try once.
Scrappin Country Style (30 days ago)
Most of those ear pieces might come with a microphone hint hint! 😉
Wayne Ace (1 month ago)
made what 2500 off this video :P
Roger Rippel (1 month ago)
How are you collecting sales tax?
Resale Rabbit (1 month ago)
Roger Rippel I’m not worried. The Supreme Court ruling just states that states have the right to collect, no requirements. I think most wont be collecting eBay sellers as they will likely have a minimum sales amount in their state. As far as an auctioneers license, you don’t need one to sell in an auction. The auction company needs to have the license, not the seller.
Resale Rabbit (1 month ago)
Roger Rippel I’m not worried. The Supreme Court ruling just states that states have the right to collect, no requirements. I think most wont be collecting eBay sellers as they will likely have a minimum sales amount in their state. As far as an auctioneers license, you don’t need one to sell in an auction. The auction company needs to have the license, not the seller.
Roger Rippel (1 month ago)
+Resale Rabbit I do beleave that in the not to long future everyone will have to collect sales tax for every state as a result of that supreme court ruling. It just seems like a nightmare for small businesses. Also any worries on having a auction license. I do know that here in MD they were going after people for that
Resale Rabbit (1 month ago)
I collect in my state only for eBay and local sales.
Mohaned SIFER (1 month ago)
Sorry to say but what a pile of junk you've got in front of you
Timothy Igor McGee (1 month ago)
A million dayllar man LOL
Is he really not telling anyone where he bought this pallet??? lol Are you kidding me??? What si the point of doing an unboxing like this if you dont give the source?? WTF
Brian Edlund (1 month ago)
Sure talks alot of non sense.
John Wolf (1 month ago)
So if people already returned this stuff.. How likely are they to return it again?
harith lak (1 month ago)
Hi, how you buy this palates? I like to start this kind of busines.do you like to tell me?
Mikael Lyssarides (1 month ago)
Would you have bought it if you knew what was inside ?
Mikael Lyssarides (1 month ago)
What a nightmare pallet...! Hope his getting rid of the crap.
senil kanani (1 month ago)
What are you doing with all stufe
Let's Play a Game (1 month ago)
Ghost Shell? Sic! - Ghost IN THE Shell.
ur hat is stupid
LarryCourtney Snow (1 month ago)
How much would you take for a couple of BT headset for?
Brew Man (1 month ago)
make your own resale rabbit mystery box,put them up for bid.
John Bender (20 days ago)
@Brew Man It'd be a good way to get rid of the empty boxes & return frauds. There'd always a mystery to what the customer finds inside.
Jr Montoya (1 month ago)
1000$ box. 3000$ in labor trying to sell items. Interested to know how much profit he makes.
smoovboov (1 month ago)
whats yr ebay name, just so i dont end up buying any of that crap myself.

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