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I bought a pallet of small electronics returns to sell on eBay | unboxing video

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mattes217 (21 hours ago)
I dont know how much you paid for that pallett. But i think it wasnt worth it. A lot of it is avaiable on every weekend fleamarket.
yourefat andlazy (4 days ago)
good job rabbit good job as in theirs a good job opening at burger king.
rwl6935 (6 days ago)
I would think that the company selling these pallets already went through them and cherry 🍒 picked all the good stuff.
Lorraine Woods (6 days ago)
I'm sorry to tell you to that was not worth it because all the time you got to put time and effort you have to put in to put it in a computer to sell it to wrap it and package it to send it back out bend over then back up think about it if you had to hire someone to help you after paying their wages for helping you and you wouldn't make no profit you have to find a better way because they're giving you a lot of b******* maybe try auctions will you have more of a direct to see what you're getting versus you're getting something and you're not sure what you're getting at least this time you knew when you buy all them seven or eight pilot electronics the value is going down as we speak on the stuff that you bought
RavinJ (10 days ago)
damn you have some serious haters! we live in a capitalist society you are doing exactly what our country stands for!
Zhandoor (11 days ago)
How can i buy one of those?
GALAL SHUAIBI (12 days ago)
im watching for about 10 minutes no sound i dont know is me or computer
David Robinson (13 days ago)
Fuck off back down your warren dickhead bunnyshitter
abu abdulah (15 days ago)
come to my garage I wanna show you something
Nana Faris (15 days ago)
Wow .. wish we have this in Egypt .. nice video..
Kevin Douglas (15 days ago)
everyone is hating but i see money, i also hustle pallets and retail flips. i doubt most of these negative comments come from people in this business, just a bunch of keyboard warriors. keep up the hustle man
Jesus Acosta (17 days ago)
Ile test it hey for you send them to me ile trade you for some racing a mountain bikes but first send the hole pallet to me hey bro
Jesus Acosta (17 days ago)
Sell all That hey buy yoursellfs a truck and go get some scrap hey thats what i doo and i make 600 bucks evryother sometime days
Jesus Acosta (17 days ago)
I think hey your better of going back to metallica laurs is a joke hey keep it up hey fuck evryone comments
Jesus Acosta (17 days ago)
I think you will be better selling evrything for 5 bucks evrything get your money back hey i dont knoe good look is a hard hustle out their hey put a gunshop or sum
Jesus Acosta (17 days ago)
Bro sell all that to mexicans theyl buy it belive me
Jesus Acosta (17 days ago)
How much for all those videos game sistem
Stephen Babin (17 days ago)
Here's a thought price the crap first
Miloe Oner (22 days ago)
J. M. Pérez (24 days ago)
Nothing interesting!
Gareth Thomas (26 days ago)
Alot cheaper in UK. I have a wholesaler here in London where l can buy pallets for 250. Can easily treble profit and even more
God Blessed (27 days ago)
Give me a JBL SPEAKER !!!!
titu titu (28 days ago)
blah blah blah
Rostislav Špalek (28 days ago)
Hey guys. Ebay is shit I know but whereis good chance to buy good stuff for resale ? Anybody have any experience ? Furniture and electro ? Thanks
Renae Finkbeiner (28 days ago)
Liked it honey keep em coming
Texas Republic (1 month ago)
whats your Ebay store?
ali ali (1 month ago)
Hello brother, how can you buy such items? Can you come to Iraq?
Hannible 100 (1 month ago)
I saw a brand new VCR in there worth a fortune!
MahmoudoV (1 month ago)
How and where i can buy customer returns box?
John Joseph Bondoc (1 month ago)
lengthy vid...pure hustlin. not really a jackpot but easy double of what u paid for. watched the whole vid and i enjoyed every sec of it.
John Wick (1 month ago)
Wat company you ordered it from
GUY DEMORY (1 month ago)
What website do I go to for this type of purchase?
Angela (1 month ago)
who are you on ebay plz
Joe jones (1 month ago)
It’s going to take you a year to test all of those Bluetooth headset 🤣 if they all work you made your money back on just them
Joe jones (1 month ago)
At least you aren’t like some people trying to sell the items for the price you can buy them new at the store
Steven Lancaster (1 month ago)
Can you tell me what liquidator you purchased the pallet from?
MsRotorwings (1 month ago)
I love Anker products, specifically their flashlights, battery banks, and cables. I haven’t tried their 🎧 because I have Bose. This is my favorite pallet of yours, best quality I’ve seen. I bet you made a killing. Thanks for the video.
Shadow Laviolette (1 month ago)
this pallet is taking longer to go through than all 6 of the (red bullseye) ones!.
MRTDANKIFY (1 month ago)
bro you make messes(not trying to diss like i liked the vid
Angelo G (1 month ago)
The people who makes these pallets take the good stuff bro you should know this buy now. You will most likely never get the best of stuff
Batman (1 month ago)
You got enough head sets for each head in your state .
diktatorro (1 month ago)
boy.... what a pile of crap. what makes you think your customer will appreciate those products if all those have been rejected and returned...
Resale Rabbit (1 month ago)
diktatorro because they’re getting it for a fraction of retail
JackTube (1 month ago)
I am definitely to deep when I'm watching Kevin from American vandal reviewing amazon returns
andrew megahey (1 month ago)
elodie cascarano (1 month ago)
im so addicted to these videos! most people would edit it down but I love that they are all live streams so they go forever
Matt smith (1 month ago)
How dare you throw a Metallica CD...
Will Skubi (1 month ago)
I'd be more impressed if he had a pallet full of sold items he was taking to the post office to ship out. After all, the previous owner already had this stuff and didn't sell it. Accumulating unsold inventory is one of the fast routers to business failure.
Richard Lentner (1 month ago)
You paid way way too much 1300.00 if you got it all for 400.00 you would have made some good money but at 1300.00 no way.
Richard Lentner (1 month ago)
Resale Rabbit  I am glad you did that good that is just too much to put out i buy pallets for 100 to 500 and make about same percentage return. good job
Resale Rabbit (1 month ago)
Richard Lentner I made about $4000 on it all. I’m happy with the purchase price.
Emily Lucas (1 month ago)
For wireless headphones when they don't sync you usually have to reset them
Slosh Mike (1 month ago)
That looks amazing!  After spending $1000 on that pallet I think you can actually make $500 after selling all this stuff!
Jesse Lawson (1 month ago)
why are people complaining but they are the one that chose to watch the video. stop being negative.
Bass Hunter (1 month ago)
He's got a garage already full of junk that he hasn't or couldn't sell
MrAsiris23 (1 month ago)
damn i would work for him and clean that mess up that would maybe make him buy some industrial racks...:P sorry messes bothers me when i see one XD not in a bad way i just like to clean messes and look at my work afterward XD
Andrew Gaming (1 month ago)
Can someone tell me or show me were to go to get a pallet of stuff or just a box of return items plz YouTube help me
Cam (1 month ago)
This guy is the definition of a protestant Jew
Leonie Sloot (1 month ago)
kazuki zagara (1 month ago)
Every time he says Ebay, Drink.
Malek Bacha (2 months ago)
Hello, i was curious on how exactly you submit the tax form when signing up. I am new and not sure what to do.
Johnny Koala (2 months ago)
I see a huge profit here, especially with a warehouse to attract foot traffic.
Raul Barriga (2 months ago)
I feel sorry for whoever buys stuff off of this person who doesn’t treat the items with care
BIP Kompiuteriai (2 months ago)
From what i saw, the winner of a sale was Amazon for sure, getting rid of junk and alot of unneccessary work is good for them.
Frank Nolte (2 months ago)
Believe it or not but this stuff is worth money I personally used to sell the same exact stuff but in smaller quantities (didn’t have a grand to drop on a pallet) but would buy a few boxes at a time I sold everything and it all worked with no returns/bad reviews on eBay as a side hustle, I quit when my business took off and I no longer had the time, everyone loves a deal that’s why they go buy used on eBay instead of brand new
Charlotte Mason (2 months ago)
Wow!!! The "MOST" Time Consuming , and Expensive Way To Become A "HOARDER" ! !!
boston mass (2 months ago)
I need the mario or Nintendo set please???
K Black (2 months ago)
Wow there's a lot of good stuff in there.
MadameCasper (2 months ago)
I'll take one of each working game systems 👍
HENRY2010FUNCHES (2 months ago)
Who do u buy from
Michael D (2 months ago)
I have always wanted to sell some of my stuff on ebay but cannot figure out the shipping how to deal with all of that I don't want to lose money on shipping
Martin Turner (2 months ago)
Bet he sells stuff on ebay new that does not work knowing so ! Cunt !
Resale Rabbit (2 months ago)
Nope. Everything gets tested and if it doesn’t work, it’s either recycled or sold for parts.
mr Tree (2 months ago)
Those flashbacks are worth like 20 or 30 bucks they aren't worth alot of money lol
Chris Strong (2 months ago)
send us box of stuff!
Chris Strong (2 months ago)
Chris Strong (2 months ago)
Chris Strong (2 months ago)
send me one!
Chris Strong (2 months ago)
send me a consoal
Chris Strong (2 months ago)
send Mario box please
Chris Strong (2 months ago)
fuck yeah send me the zelder one!
Chris Strong (2 months ago)
send some headsets my please!
The P (2 months ago)
Hi , I’m looking for a security DVR and cameras
mamus4 (2 months ago)
Real money is made of idiots watching unboxing on you tube,lol, this is buy junk and generate you tube viewership
Marc D (2 months ago)
The margin is low if you look at the time putted to list and ship all this
timmy (2 months ago)
Shahanna Grey (2 months ago)
You certainly buy smart, you have to spend money to make money. Some of the people that buy this way go cheap and they never get the quality of items you get! I think you did well!
carl hernandez (2 months ago)
I think you are closer to a rat ,than to a girlfriend
Holly McGee (2 months ago)
Donate the bad box game to a homeless shelter or battered shelter
Brazie Savino (2 months ago)
U can get blue tooth wireless headphones 🎧 for 5 $ fa 5 n below
Eric Johnston (2 months ago)
Your a homophobic slur
Andrei Andreev (2 months ago)
I find it interesting that those Bluetooth headsets got returned. Mayhaps those brands aren't as good...
Andrei Andreev (2 months ago)
Can anyone tell me why he said that about otterbox? That his ebay account can get shut down if he lists the cases..
James (2 months ago)
+Andrei Andreev I agree but it's worth looking into to so you dont get your account striked.
Andrei Andreev (2 months ago)
But that makes no sense! You're not claiming to be an OtterBox store or something. Just selling stuff... /smh
James (2 months ago)
If you sell certain branded items, you can get claims on your seller account and get it suspended. Brands like Worx and OtterBox. Check what brands you can resell without getting in trouble
z fuhq (2 months ago)
But hey if u can make money selling it to other goof balls, more power to ya,
Taylor (2 months ago)
z fuhq Better than you, cynical asshole, lol.
z fuhq (2 months ago)
No where near highish-end, cheap, cheap ass crap, trash with a battery
Sam Baxter (2 months ago)
Mercy . . . . . You'll be a Trillionaire in just a few days !!!
Robert Adams (2 months ago)
This definitely was rummaged through before you received it. No wonder it was a week late. What company writes the amount of the pallet with maker?. Its supposed to be more professional and be written on paper or emailed to you.
PAPITO PV (2 months ago)
I have a question body What you do with all that garbage. I think is better if you invest you money on school. And stop buying trash
Taylor (2 months ago)
Yeah, when people resell, they're doing it for the flexible hours. You're not going to get flexible hours with any regular job.
Resale Rabbit (2 months ago)
I went to school. I had a corporate job with a company car. I left that to sell junk on eBay full time. Why? Twice the pay for half the hours. Wouldn’t you do the same?
Simple Chronology (2 months ago)
I guess he knows what he is doing, but I always sees what he pulls out of these palettes and think what utter junk...
welshpete12 (2 months ago)
Reading some of these comments , they are so mean ! Good luck to you sir !
Benny Lane (2 months ago)
How do you get involved or how do you get access to buying these pallets?
Ali Qais (2 months ago)
I love pink floyd
SellerThink Vertical (2 months ago)
Rabbit already made all the money back just by the 1 million views on YouTube.
Savage Gamer (2 months ago)

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