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Africa is Building One of The Longest Railway Lines in The World

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Welcome to 2nacheki's Africa Trending News where we bring to you the latest Africa News trending through social media. The African Union has an ambitious plan to connect the port of Dakar in West Africa to the port of Djibouti in East Africa, linking 10 countries, many of them landlocked. Do you know any African News we should cover? Please send us news tips that concern Africa and we will cover them -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Thanks for watching 2nacheki the best #Africa channel on Youtube for Africans to get the latest #africanews #africadance #africanmusic #africalist #africapolitics #africaentertainment & everything #African Support #2nacheki here PayPal: http://bit.ly/help2nacheki Patreon: http://bit.ly/support2nacheki Email us [email protected] for ads partnership, collabos & sponsorship -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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2nacheki (7 months ago)
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2nacheki (7 months ago)
Please help us grow
Teddy Barnes (7 months ago)
2nacheki Why is Africa being Infiltrated by so MANY Jewish Zionist media owned by Zionist Israelis coming Into Africa in Disguises with Names Like Al Jazeera news , TrT news, Quatar news, Turkish news, and Several YouTube channels like the Oman Channel. Please be advised this is very OMINOUS. These People CANNOT be Trusted. Peace
Teddy Barnes (7 months ago)
2nacheki Really enjoyed another Great Video Thanks. From the U.S.
Funmi New (7 months ago)
2nacheki please post the link for the source of the news.
Kgothatso Memory Moagi (27 days ago)
Please Top 10 longest Bridge bridge in Africa 2018
Santosh sapkota (1 month ago)
Good morning Africa . I’m watching from Himalayan country Nepal 🇳🇵if . 8,000km longest railway 🚃 will built over the Africa .It could be the longest route of universe . Best of luck .
gerard burton (1 month ago)
Très been.
2nacheki (1 month ago)
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sow media (1 month ago)
Though it gonna TAKE long but Will be Good for the generations to come..
2nacheki (1 month ago)
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wrk4380 (2 months ago)
May I see anything about this huge project on wikipedia... any web site? What I have seen there was some footage about building a railroad but a couple thousand kilometers south of the proposed line....
cujoe Mblakka (3 months ago)
This thing be about four lanes going in each directions, to transport shiping from the indian ocean to the Atlantic, to shorten shiping time, then thimgs could be ship to the Americas and the Caribbean. This would put the nations through which it passes to charge a fee that can help to pay off some of the infrastructural improvements, and a means of tapping into the global economy. Building an east sea port, a central land port fpr distribution in Africa and western trans-shipping port tobthe Americas. Should cut down on the 6 weeks shipping time, considerably.
nana nyakor (3 months ago)
I hope Ghanaians will not enter the train.. Because they don't like foreigners...
2nacheki (3 months ago)
mxferro (3 months ago)
Why would you make a rail route go FARTHER then needed? To build from that far Western port to East..when the railroad could be shorter AND just as effective but CHEAPER to build with less miles if the line went to southwestern port in Nigeria??!!??!!! Its a waste going all the way west to far port of Dakar. DECADES??!! To build??!! Lol it took only a few years for the U.S. to biuld a transcontinental railway with some of the biggest mountains in the world...1,912-mile (3,077 km) continuous railroad line constructed between 1863 to 1869..with no heavy earth equipment or support systems... Africa take Decades??!! Lol And the animation shows HUGE RAISED right of way..ridiculous...plus double mainline on all of it???!! WHY?!! You do double main only in dense areas or certain sections (passing sidings)..not the ENTIRE length..that's idiotic! P.s....that's a Mexican train you show on the map
vampire11 (3 months ago)
Dakar is the best place to take on European tourists. This rail line is not just for freight. A great idea for all of Africa. Let us just hope the ignorant islamic terrorists do not stuff it up.
Nfor Rudolph Nfor (3 months ago)
Very nice
Mr Colemore (3 months ago)
LOVE IT! Africa loves UGLY trains though Jajajajajajajajajajaja
ahmed mohamed (3 months ago)
Nice africa futur 🇳🇬🇧🇫🇩🇯🇷🇴🇸🇳🇸🇩🇪🇹
DoublEE (3 months ago)
I'll be a very old man when it's completed but I'll ride on it!
2nacheki (3 months ago)
Thank you
DoublEE (3 months ago)
2nacheki I've subscribed
2nacheki (3 months ago)
Lol. Thanks for watching and commenting
Mrs Massinissa english (3 months ago)
very nice more and more africa will rise again Algerian -
acajudi100 (4 months ago)
https://youtu.be/Lii_S-zusSU https://youtu.be/fLCt_2UdJfo https://youtu.be/_dVKH3vE1Dc https://youtu.be/1B57tGqGMKE
scottnsanfran (4 months ago)
China is building this and everyone knows it.
2nacheki (4 months ago)
Okay your all-knowing-highness.
Kalydosos (4 months ago)
Are the French involved in this? The train line mostly goes through areas of Africa conquered by France I can't see something like this being done unless the French give the nod with the French, getting their cut of the business otherwise they'd bugger it up. Like they do everything else in Africa.
2nacheki (4 months ago)
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duanchamp1988 (4 months ago)
Great...now get yourselves some nukes.
2nacheki (4 months ago)
What for?
Kasa Wold (4 months ago)
Africa unite.....God bless
2nacheki (4 months ago)
Thanks for watching and commenting. Don't forget to enter our giveaway competition. You could be the lucky winner of a Samsung S9. Here's the link http://bit.ly/2nacheki
lino conceicao (4 months ago)
Great news
robheusd (5 months ago)
That would be a great project that could boost inter-african trade and boost the economies, esp. for the landlocked countries. Although initially a single track unelectrified line should be built, it should be prepared to be upgradable for double track rail and electrification and (partly) highspeed also. And with many branches. And a western and eastern north-south line (one from Marocco to Dacar and then all the west african coastal countries, the other from egypt to cairo as a direct railway link connecting Khartoum, Addis Abeba, Nairobi, Dar es Salaam an further all the way to cape town).
jdsol1938 (5 months ago)
the whole world needs a stable prosperous Africa, good presentation
2nacheki (5 months ago)
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chrisina ola (6 months ago)
Wow😍, great job Africa keep it up.
2nacheki (6 months ago)
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androidbey (6 months ago)
Tracks are made from Vibreanium
2nacheki (6 months ago)
We appreciate your sentiments and time Please like and share with friends and family to support the channel
simon wang (6 months ago)
For more information on the Kenya segment of the railroad already open, google or youtube, "Nairobi Mombasa SGR"
peter lang (6 months ago)
Good. It should add a lot to economic development. Is there a north-south line planned too?
Mike Raymond (5 months ago)
peter lang the should be, connect all African East-west, south-north, south-east, and so forth. Then trans afrikan highway need to get going again, the inga3 dam with solar, and power. I'm giggling inside
India Bakchod (6 months ago)
Chinese are funding it
The Mojo Card Box (6 months ago)
Wow making a poor continent even poorer. Sad choice
2nacheki (6 months ago)
And here i thought such a road would enhance access for business and such, improving people's lives!
Hot waryaa (6 months ago)
Let's make great our africa. ❤️
Joe Tanson (6 months ago)
We will do this , we will do that .. there is a lot of will but no action. So am sorry this is not impressive. Timeline and progress report is what we need. Tired with all the big talk in Africa tho ! Good job on the channel tho .. one of the sane places to come on YouTube
James Redic (6 months ago)
Thats beautiful. We gonna fix our mother land back up from colonial destruction.
Author even didn't mention abt Chinese. After watching this I have immediately pointed it out and made conclusion that the maker of the video is ignorant. It's not African are building the railway lines, they just attracted investors who in turn hired engineers. Neither investors nor engineers are Africans. As well as infrastructure on Antarctic wasn't built by penguins
lobecosc (6 months ago)
Very Interesting.
Valentina Laryea (6 months ago)
the other countries ??😭
eric hughes (6 months ago)
The African Union really needs to start financing more projects that allows African engineers and scientists and skilled laborers to gain valuable experience in construction projects. THE BLACK WORLD IS TIRED OF SEEING AFRICAN INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS DESIGNED AND BUILT BY CHINA😠😠😠😠!!!! WE WANT TO SEE OUR OWN BLACK AFRICAN BROTHERS AND SISTERS PLANNING, DESIGNING, AND BUILDING THESE LARGE SCALE INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS!!!!!
eric hughes (6 months ago)
SEVERAL DECADES TO COMPLETE?????? several as In more than 2? Why would it take that long to build a rail line? The Chinese would have completed the entire silk road network in less Time. You guys really need to go back and get an accurate projection of how long it will take to build this. Especially if the countries are landlocked. That means there are no major bodies of water to overcome. This should take 10 years tops.
Karem Channel (6 months ago)
funny how this video dont even mention China... this mega project is invested by Chinese.... lol...
Nazir Sojar (6 months ago)
One Africa
Idemudia Ose (6 months ago)
Now that's what's am talking about....
Ossy Staycee (6 months ago)
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Harmonious Frenchman (6 months ago)
הללויה תודה רבה סין שלום
Harmonious Frenchman (6 months ago)
Hallelujah Thank you very much, China Peace
2nacheki (6 months ago)
What are you talking about? Please elaborate further, as in explain yourself.
Sorcha O'Reilly (6 months ago)
That would be great! I would love to travel in a trans African train. "There are no direct flights between east and west Africa" though? There is between Accra and Addis Ababa with Ethiopian Airlines. Though it is true there are not many routes. I have also heard of intentions to extend train lines in East and southern Africa northward as far as Cairo and all the way south to Cape Town.
Jurgen Pagel (7 months ago)
Its about time . Connect to the New Silk Road . China in -- USA out . NO MORE WARS 💚💚💚
Davis Mcmillian (7 months ago)
My only question is, who is going to benefit the most from it? If not he African people pradomintly.
cujoe Mblakka (6 months ago)
They should not connect the continent of Africa to Arabia, more than how it is connected for hegemonic reasons, they will try to rule over and exert too much influence on the continent. Over 14 hundred years of hegemony, it's time we truly liberate ourselves from and even the Turkic influence, West Roman and Eastern Roman influences, it meant nothing but troubles for us, Through the inter connectedness of the continent, it will stimulate internal and external trade, growth at light speed, so to speak.
rose w (7 months ago)
Thank God Africa will rise again
Paulo Bonzi (7 months ago)
China is doing a magnificent job helping Africa develop itself.
sphephelo sokhela (4 months ago)
China is not helping us we're in partnership we pay them every cent for their work is not like donation or something
2nacheki (7 months ago)
Thanks for the comment. Watch our other great videos in our well-organized playlists here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG7uFJVZsxQRwDssom9Pavw/playlists
Chis T (7 months ago)
I smell a Chinese endevour to transport raw materials from the interior of the continent to the ports to be shipped to China. People are proud and celebrating this. Africans must be either unintelligent or just plain ignorant. they dont get tired of being tricked and exploited by others. Anyway, continue to celebrate this railway , which isnt built for you. You will cry later. They dont remember cecil rhodes railway from cape to cairo and how it was never used for benefiting the native african populations but was a british imperial project to transport Africa's natural resources to Europe. History is now repeating itself.
sphephelo sokhela (4 months ago)
Chis T Chinese are not like evil Europeans😁
Ttrini Trini (7 months ago)
Get busy Africa We have a lot of catching up to do!
Sharon (7 months ago)
It won't be completed in this lifetime, I'm 54 .
Ethic Ethnic (7 months ago)
This isn't being built by the Chinese is it?! Please tell me Africans are building this themselves.
Chis T (7 months ago)
sorry..its chinese. africans are just the cheap slave labor
Tsed Tesfaye (7 months ago)
God bless Ethiopia & Africa!
K.C Thomas (7 months ago)
Right on Brothers I hope to be Alive and Well to see this Project Finished , it's almost like being alive and well when seeing the first Black President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama It was a Great Feeling for me
Cornelius White (7 months ago)
That's beautiful.
This made me smile from ear to ear.
Sharon (7 months ago)
Part of me is Happy for Africa and my other half is sad that they haven't learned anything from slavery!🤔 I agree your just exchanging the white colonists for Chinese colonists now! 🤔 The Chinese people are sneeky, cunning, can't be trusted, smile in yo face all the while they wanna take yo place as the song goes. Yaw keep saying their are some very rich African's, but to bad they don't want the same thing as the average person wants. I'd wish yaw would really rethink about getting any assistance from China or any other outsider, pleeeeez for Africa's own sake and future. 😑😐🤔
Sharon (7 months ago)
Now your gonna be forever indebted to the Chinese now ! Now their gonna take over Africa just watch and see how they do, can't trust them either.
Sharon (7 months ago)
Not gonna lie, I was actually hoping that one day all parts Africa would be all black only, no whites, no chinese, no other color's or races, just black 100% self sufficient without owing to other people's and countries. Even if yaw don't like or want African Americans over their, I still wish yaw well on this railroad and other upcoming projects. But always be aware of the white folks,chinese folks, and other folks whom shouldn't be in Africa. Congratulations to you all.:)
Sidney Wilson- Nai (7 months ago)
A few decades to build.........
A Jewel Ra (7 months ago)
Love It!!! Great Video!!
nat turner (7 months ago)
don't forget, before you get started get white man out, and invite the chinese, iran, and north koreans
Joyful Joyful (7 months ago)
The credit belongs to China it will link Africa to the Silk Road eventually.
George Thompson (7 months ago)
awesome sauce!!!!
Scores Focus (7 months ago)
Hills Xiang (7 months ago)
Africa is the future believe it or not.
Kaireh Ismail (7 months ago)
so much money on the table for planners engineers designers techies scientists it's unbelievable and yes we will use gold as our currency it's inevitable fuck fiat
Leonard Pearlman (7 months ago)
Wow, this is tremendous! Never heard of it before. When you look at the map, you can imagine a giant conveyor belt carrying millions of tons of stuff from giant ports on the coast to the landlocked interior. And vice-versa. Surely all the new standard-gauge railways will eventually start to link up, and it will be a new day!
James Oppong Yeboah (7 months ago)
That is amazing wow, Africa is NEW JERUSALEM
They are building a trans African high way that will be the longest highway in the world.
Lelo Gowana (7 months ago)
I hope it can reach South Africa.Great Continent. Great People. Would love to see Zimbabwe and other countries by train.
Gui Bang3 (7 months ago)
Africa go go go!
Anas Ali (7 months ago)
we need to build railways to each and every country in africa so we can connect our beloved continent
Kurt Smith (7 months ago)
Good for the Africa Continent. I really hope this fosters trade and travel between the various countries. If so this would be a advantageous boost for the Africans. Furthermore in doing so help avoid having to trade with or depend past colonial masters. Go Africa!
Mike Raymond (5 months ago)
Kurt Smith yep,
Chis T (7 months ago)
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but this is not intended to benefit AFRICANS. The africans have just traded their European Masters for Chinese ones. So the exploitation for natural resources and cheap labor continues.
Prins Ricky (7 months ago)
Few decades??? What??
ANKO-BER 👑 (7 months ago)
ምርጥ ነው።
Zeinab Soli (7 months ago)
It's about time!!!
dondolo mhlaba (7 months ago)
Beautiful Africa, let's go
Paul Ebai (7 months ago)
When did Au organised this thinking? and who is funding? i bet my life if a penny comes from the west. then africans would be slaves all their lifes for 1000 yrs working only to pay. i know AU IS CONTROLLED BY THE WEST BECAUSE THE HUMANS AT AU LACK THE REQUIRED VISION
Nigus Tadesse (7 months ago)
I will go to Senegal from Djibouti. Don't ask me why.
Antoine Johnson (7 months ago)
Lucha ! Je cré était qui future por à future ! Ennuyer de mental mis concept écrivanteus tue bien le' fond y il desa maduro ! Dieu Vite ?
DORKUCHO TANIHU (7 months ago)
I am all for the the project .Together we shall turn AFRICA in to a power continent. And get raid of China on our continent. We can do all that China is shipping to our continent
Eternal Osman (7 months ago)
Ed Ness (7 months ago)
I know that Africans love the eco system, but please don’t let other countries shape our vision, ultimately neglecting the eco system.
Christopher Barksdale (7 months ago)
Without white Europeans great wonderful they cannot take credit as they always try to do.
Faisal Hussain (7 months ago)
I'm not african but I want africa to become one of the most advanced and developed continent in the world.Africa has the resources but it is being exploited by its own leaders and foreign powers and innoncent people are being made to suffer.
bockary sey (2 months ago)
You right bro
GSHeverything _27 (7 months ago)
What's the travel time
LOVE MAKER (7 months ago)
usa/Israeli government: it's time to save the Africans from terrible railway stations built by terrorist Chinese
The end of time (7 months ago)
If you let Chinese to do that, it takes only 3-5 years, but not decades. Since China built their 22,000 km high speed railway network just in 10 years, which is much more difficult on engineering compares with regular railway and landscapes in Africa.
Mike Raymond (5 months ago)
Adrian Bradey it may not take that long, Africans need to get involved we can't wait 50 years
The end of time (7 months ago)
Lizzie W ,no, you need create jobs, AND more importantly, you need technology transfer. That's something no-one would willing to do except China. Because only Europe, America and China have the heavy-haul technologies. If you build a railway with low efficiency, that won't do you any good. It will be outdated before you can finish the project.
The end of time (7 months ago)
Adrian Bradey, I'm not kidding, look this https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/High-speed_rail_in_China And Chinese government just launched a further development plan, to increase 5000km high speed railway in China in 3 years.
Adrian Bradey (7 months ago)
Not true. China didn't build 22,000 Km railway in 10 years. They added 658Km to a railway network that is now 22,000km and it took them 5 years to do that. 658km took 5years!!!. From Senegal to Djibouti it is just over 6000Km so basically it's nearly 658km/5 years x 10 which would equal 50 years. So yes it makes sense that this railway in Africa will take several decades probably around 40 years still to go to complete if you take into account however many years they have already been working on it.
Aziz Ahmed (7 months ago)
mike askme (7 months ago)
This is great news, and a long time coming way to go Afrika. I also think what is needed is a African continent Airline that connects All of Africans major cities, call it Afrika Air, share the revenues equally and help build up Africa, enough of letting foreign Airlines suck the money out of Africa. I know most Africans in the diaspora would love to take flights to the Afrika continent, and support the countries in the process. Something i have wondered about for a very long after studying my African American history and my African history is this, what happened to the collective strategy within our communities, what happened to understanding that if the community does not prosper, the individual never really prosper. Why has Africans bought into the individual ideology of the West? During the slavery and after up until the Civil Rights movement here in the USA, African Americans worked together and built things together, but it seems after the Civil rights Act all that went out of the window. Dont get me wrong i am grateful for the Civil Rights act that codified that yes African Americans are citizens and deserve the rights and full citizens, but we did not have to reject the ideal of community progress?
cinnamonstar808 (7 months ago)
the AU already past that agreement { Continental Trade, Highways, Train, and Air all signed } Vision2030, 2064 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LewAfuDNVIE = CGTN Africa or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbV3rFGq6wQ = Bias ass Al Jazerre
Mr. Alexander (7 months ago)
I cannot wait to visit the motherland! I may never leave!
Sharone Namwanje (6 months ago)
yr welcome home
David J. Smith (7 months ago)
My Hope and Prayer is that if it's going to take 20 Years to build this "Trans-Africa Railway" that in the End when it is Finished, it will be "State of the Art" Trains along with "State of the Art" Facilities to Support it!...God Bless!
BEST CHANNEL ONE (7 months ago)
Keep shining Africa, great news.
Teathlach Riak (7 months ago)
Yes this is what I like to see production production production. Let’s go Africa!!
Makhehl (7 months ago)
We don’t want to see American and Europe containers/cargo on those trains.
Daniel Sabum (7 months ago)
Long Live Afrika! Long live The Afrikan Union! Long live the Black Race Around the world!
John doe (7 months ago)
Beautiful! Very inspiring:)
Mahad Casri (7 months ago)
Africa without somalia isn’t africa
cinnamonstar808 (7 months ago)
SOMALIA is solo one day and Africa United another day . The future cant want on their bi-polar stance The country should have the LARGEST Port in the world but no; they wanted to go solo no that Djibouti said yes, NOW they want back in. Many countries pour billions of dollars in ports and long distant trains to get to the ocean - SIMPLE BECAUSE Somalia is unreliable as a serious commerce partner. Nigeria & Somalia 2 giant pillars of Africa : are very problematic for the growth of the continent { Most of the migration is also coming out of those 2 countries. given their youth and brain power population to white countries who hate their guts................. awaiting your reply
Matthew Grays (7 months ago)
this rail way will take passengers and africans resources dont be fooled by the second sneakiest race on the earth (beware) afrikans
Sianeh Johnson (7 months ago)
The sad truth is this was only a 13 billion dollar project. Sounds like a lot of money to some until you put things in perspective. There are roughly 50 million of us in the states. How many of us in Nigeria, in the congo, in other parts of the world? Focusing only on america, 50 million ppl. Quick math-- $260 is all it takes. Ok 1/2 The black populace can't afford to donate $260, so call it $520 that's still cheaper than most pay to sleep every month. Wake up people!!!! WE could afford to raise $13 billion. Celebs and other rich folks can pay $260 on a broke persons behalf, hell to rebuild the continent, I CAN SPONSOR a broke person!! Just in America we can do it, we don't need Nigerian billionaires and such. The average person can make this difference. Debt free!! We can raise enough to open airports/lines that doesn't require you to LEAVE the continent to travel to a country WITHIN the continent. There's a challenge worth talking about Or do we rather sit back and thank China. Fast forward 20 yrs when mainland China is no longer overpopulated cuz they've transplanted 2 billion of their ppl to the new paradise they've been building for 2 decades. Oh u thought it was for our benefit?
Mike Raymond (5 months ago)
Sianeh Johnson that's something to consider my guy people may not see this we should bring it to the masses attention

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