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8 Clothing Tricks Most Guys Don't Know

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Text Comments (4438)
Leandro (37 minutes ago)
kkkkkkkkk no no no no no see this hair kkkk
Southside Fredo (1 hour ago)
Number 8 is some real shii💯
Equilla Gibbs (17 hours ago)
Randolph Aripa (18 hours ago)
How about tips for dudes with beer guts?
Steve David (20 hours ago)
You've gotta b fcukn joking - shirt stays.. I presume there is no expectation of getting laid
《Jussi138》 (21 hours ago)
lol these tricks are just for pussies 😂 who cares how your shirt looks or if you have hard on or not 💪😆😎🤘
Rune Rundbrenner (21 hours ago)
Why are you always yelling
Little Kitten (23 hours ago)
What if you cant find your waist size bc ur waist is so tiny... I’ve measured my waist with a tape measurer and im a 26.5 and i can only find size 28w+
Nares Bist (1 day ago)
U r not good looking bro
Simply Ben (1 day ago)
Guys! Please don’t start buying shirt stays 😂 Invention for a problem which does not exist lol
Игроман (1 day ago)
Очень любопытно, жалко что не понятно. Россия хуле)
Tomason Thokchom (1 day ago)
Fuck bro you are very talkative 😎
Alex 77 (1 day ago)
Checkout tireo on YouTube
Batin Deliorman (1 day ago)
bro fix that stupid ass hair first then give advices on clothing
RRIFZAUQ MZaa (1 day ago)
Your sound like malaysians
Nemanja Golubovic (1 day ago)
I just uploaded my first video, please let me know what you think. <3
85Vikingen (1 day ago)
The way he speaks is bloody annoying.... had to turn off the video after 30 sec
Mohammed Atiah (1 day ago)
Any girls here ????!!
He has a small peen lmfao
Chris Wright (2 days ago)
Why would anyone want to watch this bollocks for go do sommet constructive will ya!!
Dilip Kumar (2 days ago)
Please do one video on bended legs
anonymous 315 (2 days ago)
0:52 "Fire in the hole"
lush life (2 days ago)
I like your dick baby
Sujan kavinda (2 days ago)
I cant wear pants that fit from the weist 😐 legs are too big to fit in
Harijan Ashinvbhai (2 days ago)
Giu (2 days ago)
lmao white people tricks
damien mendez (2 days ago)
Stupid shit
Angel Tamayo (2 days ago)
Subscribe to my channel for no reason
Hotsauce Tacos (2 days ago)
i like thoes skinny fit blue dress pants there skinny are they 29x30 bro? :)
Vimukthi Fernando (2 days ago)
Mass Murda 413 47 (3 days ago)
Plot twist: Video sponsored by : “Shirt Stay”
IØS PERFECT (2 days ago)
Kase (3 days ago)
Why that Hard, need simple tricks
Vegas Music (3 days ago)
Which blue belt,you used in the video?
AianZ XD (3 days ago)
1:30 i won't wear that shit under my pants
Ankit Sharma (3 days ago)
Copycat @alpha.m you should be a bit more orignal
Sunil Sinsinwar (3 days ago)
Chal sala....chutiya bna rha hai...
Kilani rahama (3 days ago)
I enjoy that
Danielle Gillespie (3 days ago)
8 clothing tips for guys who are skinny
IØS PERFECT (2 days ago)
Lube your zipper
Lemonhope (2 days ago)
There arent any for fat guys
Romeo Bang (2 days ago)
Reginal Agustian (3 days ago)
Youre hair wkwkwkwkk
Fazan hussain (3 days ago)
2:45 oh i was thinking he would give a real solution
Dayton Wilson (18 hours ago)
Literally why I clicked on the video lmao I've been bamboozled
Fazan hussain (21 hours ago)
+I like menthol And Cancer right😂😂
Mass Murda 413 47 (22 hours ago)
I like menthol And Cancer nah man all you gotta do is iron your pants.
Fazan hussain bruh same now I gotta go to school with this bullshit
radha nanathuparambil (2 days ago)
Brian Baeza (3 days ago)
Guava Juice
Bet Akos (4 days ago)
Great tricks but concerning no6 why not telling people how to properly buy their shirt so they avoid getting this issue.. If this happens then the shirt does not fit your chest and or back/shoulders. It's to tight anyway so don't buy it. First buy to fit chest and then go tailor any excess fabric around the waist etc.. Keep up the good efforts...
Dip Jyoti (4 days ago)
1.29 Ricardo
GodzX_ MC (4 days ago)
I use shirt stay to but people call me weirdo bc i just 12 year old xd
Nick rye (1 day ago)
You shouldn't use it brother it's for old males.
Shahrin Razzak Shanto (4 days ago)
Everyday! !
Shahrin Razzak Shanto (4 days ago)
Are you following this rules?
Top Starr (5 days ago)
Shirt Stay that's a new one 👌
Gaanesh Logeswaran (5 days ago)
Very useful video...tq bro
blurred pixel (5 days ago)
t tell you a trick to fix your jeans.... buy a other one ... really?
dare devel (5 days ago)
Take it off
Tavarion Cabarrus (5 days ago)
Gf: umm look at your pants Me: “*panting*” Gf: are you ok Me: I’ll be right back (goes on YouTube) Sees the thumbnail “ooo la la”
Tabot The vlogger (6 days ago)
same things over and over..we want content dude..you really are becoming lame and starting to suck....
Enrique Gomez (6 days ago)
This video should be named “ how to be sensitive like a little bitch “
ahmadali shakil (6 days ago)
fucking tricks
ansh singh (6 days ago)
Abe hindi me bol
4:48 is your monument erecting
Kyle Broflovski (6 days ago)
Have you guys seen Cartman?
Maxi Medina (7 days ago)
Send pack :v
Madawnga Jongte (7 days ago)
It's a good trick but commentator is ugly🖕🖕🖕👎👎
коста рик (7 days ago)
Nooo. Stupid
Prakash Saklani (7 days ago)
Are you Indian ??
zaid alzaghal (7 days ago)
Stop copying alphaM moves
Mark Okoye (8 days ago)
He moves like a rapper (Drake) lol
Dech Sams (9 days ago)
You tubers always don't show correct that shows in the pics cut cut cut waste of time I come to see ur video that's shows in the pictures I really needed this mch more laura
Maxitoren 4k (9 days ago)
Ya no se si habla español o inglés
Spicy Chainz (10 days ago)
Why does he have a boner on every thumbnail? Disguisting/pathetic its click bait
Egypt Johnson (10 days ago)
ooow 🤭Yall betta wipe thoes flat irons before puttin them on your shirt....
THUGGAHRELISH (11 days ago)
That shirt stays is gay af tho 🤷🏽‍♂
And so
Eric Peralta (6 days ago)
How? lmao
AnThOnY (7 days ago)
it's 2019, were judgemental ass bitched judge every male, right? ;)
Dasari Pullaiah (12 days ago)
Jumking Dewan (12 days ago)
Watching this from Bangladesh 🇧🇩 Love ur vids and keep up the great work
Jumking Dewan (7 days ago)
+Luca Majerus yeah duh🙄 am rich
Luca Majerus (7 days ago)
Jumking Dewan do u even have clothes over there?
Henry Verdant (12 days ago)
Wtf I’m just finding out about shirt stays!!😭😭 Where has this been my whole life!!!😭😭😭
Aye. Fetty (10 days ago)
Always wondered how they shirt be so neat 😭😂
Goal spot K (12 days ago)
My friends say my dick is always up but unfortunately it’s the wrong zips
Speedy E (13 days ago)
Girl next to me was looking at me nervously in class. I was confused for an hour until class ended and realized
Speedy E (3 days ago)
kajal mohta nothing, I just got some better fitting pants and she acts normally to me now. I’m pretty sure she’s a feminist so she prob thought I was going to rape her or something lmao
kajal mohta (7 days ago)
Then whats happen after
Bruder Brot (13 days ago)
wtf? You want to tell me sth about fashion? Your are wearimg dopple denim
Juan Lopez (5 days ago)
Wtf? Your grammar and spelling made my eyes bleed.
Am cuber (13 days ago)
So um......... Do these tricks work if you’re gay
Ariunbold Boldbaatar (14 days ago)
The ad ends at 2:45
Hasin Akhyear (15 days ago)
bro,is talking to quickly needed?
Daniel Chui (15 days ago)
How can *one* pair be MORE than enough?
Rileyyy (17 days ago)
Why tf are you always screaming
Mello Fan (18 days ago)
U look like Cristiano Ronaldo....
fugg (18 days ago)
anyone know the name of the watch he's wearing at 3:05?
Vortex_Gaming YT (18 days ago)
video idea how to look good in a school uniform
T Lee (18 days ago)
What a alpha male wanna be
King Krimzon (18 days ago)
The thumbnail looks like he has a boner
Wahyu Wariyandi (20 days ago)
Can u stop yelling??
Lovely Laijah (21 days ago)
New youtuber who wants to help eachother grow
Darrel Loyd (22 days ago)
That jacket at the beginning is sexy af where’d you get it?
Chris S (20 days ago)
same question
Balkaran Riar (22 days ago)
Mehari Siyum (23 days ago)
Gerard Howard (23 days ago)
Great video man, thanks
Jay Naxx (23 days ago)
khud ki face thik kar pehle aur uski bad ladies ki thara noutangki band kar sala lulla 😑👎
25lipsey (24 days ago)
Damn I gotta lose some weight😬
GOAL & HIGHT LIGHT - (24 days ago)
3:30 😭😭😭I just bought 4 jeans, then I noticed that problem, then I saw this video, now I know I'm gonna lose them😭😭😭😭
MGKROOK (24 days ago)
I’ve never had a zipper go down on its own 😂
TD (1 day ago)
Never?! that's unfair...
Yee.K (1 day ago)
Me too
Sn Sid Sanju (1 day ago)
MGKROOK my zipper go down its own😂😂😂😂
Daniel Adeyeye (2 days ago)
Tyler Collins (19 days ago)
It was mainly assisted!
Cninnu Chinnu (25 days ago)
U fuck n ass shut ua mouth ua English is shit 🤮🤮🤮
Yolo456 Progames (25 days ago)
Where to buy shirt stay bro?
marco polo (26 days ago)
That's not how you wear shirt stays....
Gregory Schaub (26 days ago)
bro why are you yelling?
Albreto PVT. (26 days ago)
Share your gray shirt and belt buying link plzzzzz
Hromima 0 (26 days ago)
I came to see how to fix problems from thumbnail and nigga told me to buy new jeans...respect

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