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Why Does He Stare at Me But Never Makes a Move

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ross rubin (1 month ago)
I don't know how I stumbled on this but this is exactly what happened to me. The other way around though. I saw this girl staring at me and I liked her. We both locked in eye contact for like many seconds neither of us looked away though. It was like we were both in a trance. I was in this tiny gym working out and there was no one in there but me or her or anyone in there.Occasionally other women would use the restroom and saw me but didn't stare at me. It was really awkward. She happened to open the door because she was at the clubhouse at a party for someone and there was a bathroom to the side and in front of me. I didn't know what to do or what to say it was so quick and she didn't approach me and didn't smile big and left after that. I was on the machine and it was in an awkward place. I still wonder to this day if I should if done something,but what could of I done?
Francesca Perez (2 months ago)
Kiss your hand 10 times Say your crushe's name 15 times Post this on another video and your crush will ask you out!
Anush Babajanyan (2 months ago)
What if u tell a guy how ur feel about him, but he never tells you ? What does that mean ? Like he doesn’t say “sorry I don’t feel the same” does that mean he might have feelings for you but doesn’t want you to know or what ?
Markus Kruber (2 months ago)
As a guy, it’s not even the fear of rejection, it’s like this strange in between barrier I can’t get through lol.
Grand Old Soul (3 months ago)
because you have a bf
Simon Amran (3 months ago)
Or maybe he is carrying a broken heart.If he doesn't approach to her doesn't mean that he is shy or caword.He could be a nice guy but just afraid to do anything which reminds him something related to trust on women to soon.Because his trust was broken already. Now it depends on a girl that she approaches him and get to know the situation if she love him.A broken heart will never reveal himself unless pushed by someone.He has locked the door from inside and living in his own world.you have to knock and find out. Who knows he has got a golden heart.
j.c man (3 months ago)
stares at girl, wants to approach but then gets 1000000 different scenarios running inside head looks up girl is already gone, then go "damn such a sissy I missed my chance again."
Sunflower 0019 (4 months ago)
wtf is a signal for them anyway
Gary_R1872 (4 months ago)
Going through this right now, this is on the money with the girl I see daily in work. I’ve had a feeling she may like me but I just can’t read her, I tried talking to her once and she basically just kept ignoring me. I then catch her at times looking back at me/a lot actually. If in work though she has come close to where I am to get something or do a chore shel not look at me purposely. Ive myself ignored her sometimes that she’s not there, like ghost by her but I feel like a complete a..hole doing it and it’s bore out of frustration with the whole scenario.. With it being in the work place also it’s making it difficult. I feel I can’t say anything to her because of pride, part shyness and how she’ll react. I’m not also going to be shot down like I was last time when I approached her. Being hurt badly in past 2 or 3 times now has definitely affected me mentally towards women also. I’m at the stage of just giving up hoping we’ll connect in some way but it’s hard as I’m so attracted to her
camilla de vivenot (4 months ago)
He is jack the lad goes from one girl to another.
camilla de vivenot (4 months ago)
He playing games with everybody.
Grand Old Soul (5 months ago)
very good. you have to be aware of how you are coming across to the other person. how is your face? is it open , welcoming? or is it annoyed, indifferent. ?
Leila R (5 months ago)
I have sent so many signals that i like him but he just stares. Why????
Leila R (5 months ago)
Or because i stare at him so much and he just stares back and he actually doesn't like me.
Grand Old Soul (5 months ago)
how are your stars. are the with a smirk? or just blank.?
Violet Gutierrez (5 months ago)
Whoa you just answered my question
Sandra (6 months ago)
Excellent info. Thanks
Vanessa Linares (6 months ago)
Wish could it seen this,back in High School.
Tones Cool (6 months ago)
This guy is spot on every video WOW!!!
Me & MyBrain (7 months ago)
He constantly looks at me and we hold eye contact and every lunch time he’s looking over at my table and looking at me. I’ve tried messaging him but he’s very blunt with me however he opens it and replies straight away. He’s always looking on my Snapchat stories too. Idk what this means? Does he just want my attention, help!
tim clancy (7 months ago)
This guy is on point. I know for myself I will not approach a girl I find attractive if she has not given me any signals or shows now signs of being approachable. Most women I have seen look to busy, or dont look happy, therefore not approachable. Only a small % of guys will approach a woman no matter what and those are usually the cocky guys that are jerks. Most men including myself have been rejected to many times and will not make a move unless I know I have a good chance of not being rejected.
Gary_R1872 (4 months ago)
tim clancy exactly mate
Grand Old Soul (5 months ago)
Storm Swirl (7 months ago)
I don't know if anyone will ever see this, but I'll try, hopefully someone helps, because I do not know what to do anymore. So I've made quite a lot of eye contact with my crush (we're in high school btw, idk if that info will contribute) and well a few weeks ago I decided to finally text him asking him to play League.. His answer was fast and he said that he wants to, but he couldn't right now, so like maybe some other time. After that I got a bit sick and went home early, kind of before an exam we were supposed to take, so I texted him again to ask how'd the exam go and stuff, this time his reply was really slow, like on the next day, and instead of explaining stuff about the exam he just said ''well we had an exam''. He still continues to make eye contact with me, or I'd catch him staring with my periferial vision, but he isn't really trying to approach me at all. And usually I am really shy and anxious (and in school I am known for being quiet and reserved, some people might even say cold which isn't true ^^;;), so now I feel dumb continuing to text him. Must I try to text him again, or can I do something else?
Grand Old Soul (5 months ago)
@Storm Swirl np lol. good luck
Storm Swirl (5 months ago)
@Grand Old Soul thanks for the reply lol and well i stopped trying to contact him or whatever xd
Grand Old Soul (5 months ago)
sounds like he has low attraction. you made it very clear you want to hang out. even a shy guy if he liked you would agree to meet up for the very fact you made a move / an opportunity to spend time together. if you are continguing to text him you are now over pursuing. you are worth more than that. stop texting him. focus on other things. if he wants to hang out he will contact you once he sees you stopped trying. if he doesn't than his attraction was never that high to began with.
Latoya Guion (8 months ago)
Ladies, don't become an easy target, any man who can approach me and start a confo despite the fear of being rejected is worth having a conversation with to get to know each other, risk takers and confident men are great .
Grand Old Soul (5 months ago)
true. BUT women are the initators of attraction 90 % of the time. it's up to the man who picks up on the signals. a decent man won't approach a woman of she isn't even looking at him, hardly looking, he knows his worth. it's a numbers game
Fonda Clark (8 months ago)
Or it could be he is married and is just eye balling you because he wants attention
Grand Old Soul (5 months ago)
yup. men think the same when women smile at them. you never know until you try
melissa jaden (8 months ago)
Ok so this guy I like, his friend keeps pushing him towards me and he always stares at me and there is a lot more stuff that has happened not just this but I'm rlly confused if he likes me or not.
melissa jaden (7 months ago)
I agree haha but 2 weeks a go I did not have the courage but last week I texted him and we had a really nice convo and stuff but I feel like that's all what's gonna happen because I'm in high school and this guy is 2 years older then me. Idk if he actually does like me bc of age but we'll see I guess.
I have a guy that when ever I get around him he walks past me and stares right in to my eyes
Nova Rodriguez (9 months ago)
Okay so I like this guy and (this girl said he likes me and his guy freind said my crush thinks he likes me) we stare at each other from a far distance (sometimes) also he walks near me and calls me hot then walks away but he says it's a joke I believe it's a joke so I don't take it seriously. Aalso one day I caught him looking at me but he didn't break contact I stared at him for 2 seconds, then looked away what does that mean does he like me? Also I had a dream he was flirting with me and annoying me then he wraped me around his arms trapped me and held a kiss then I kissed him also does that mean he likes me?
Rejeanaa Nicolee (9 months ago)
I love this guy
TEGANXx xXGemxX (9 months ago)
TEGANXx xXGemxX (9 months ago)
I'm shy too tho nuuu
Tamyra Kay (10 months ago)
Why does my husband cousin stare at me when I’m with my husband
Grand Old Soul (5 months ago)
why do you think?
sapron chongbang (10 months ago)
I gave him a clear sign.. I made it easier for him to approach me.. And he did approach me.. Then I added him to Facebook and wanted to talk.. As soon as I talk to him.. He's like M not into u.. So I said why did u approach me.. He replied he deseont owe me explanation .. Please help.. Hes always buzzing around me at events...
lilly roon (11 months ago)
For some reason..only fuck boys come around, i lost interest so much.
Deniz (11 months ago)
I smiled, more than 2 times! He smiled back but still didn't make a move. I don't understand.
Sara Rahman (11 months ago)
i need a little help. So here we go.. So there's this guy in my math class well he either just stares and glances so many times and he is so confusing cause he would go and talk to my friends just like that but he wouldn't ever talk to me! He is a confident guy and he talks to girls smoothly but eventho he looks at me so many times he wouldn't even try and come and talk to me! I feel so shy to catch his eye but even sometimes when i do he removes his gaze. But I like him so much it's so confusing. I dont know what to do. My friends tell me to approach him. Shall i go and initiate a conversation?
Grand Old Soul (5 months ago)
please do
Adriana Santiago (11 months ago)
He might be married too
Ima Genius (7 months ago)
that was the guy in my story...and then we reconnected and he did the same thing--i didn't know he was divorcing.
Angela (11 months ago)
He’s married
sexylt (1 year ago)
I just ask myself this question today, so I came to the conclusion he may not like me because he stares at me but never say hello and I am so shy to even say anything to him, but I heard someone called his name today and it's "Rory" at least now I know his name.
mar jn (1 year ago)
First find out if he's a player or have a significant other because he either sizing you up or saying to himself I wish I can pursue her but i'm already involved.
aesthetic bunny (1 year ago)
What if we are both shy 😔 he's tried to talk to me but he backs away
Grand Old Soul (5 months ago)
Speedy Gonzalez (1 year ago)
Because the girl don’t give him sight hin
Mystery Puzzle (1 year ago)
Ok so we RARELY talk, he once said hi and I froze, unable to respond. He always glances over at me, I try to keep eye contact but he breaks it, which makes me feel low However When I am in a good mood, having fun, laughing /smiling He seems unsure ans typo sad. What do I do?
Rachel Pun (1 year ago)
or maybe he's already committed to someone else...
ramcurequeeny (2 months ago)
Dia Night or maybe he does like the girl but he can’t do nothing about it because he’s taken.
Dia Night (4 months ago)
A guy I knew was making moves to me. And he had a gf. If a guy has a gf and doesn't make a move, then he isn't really interested in the girl.
IheartMariah (8 months ago)
Rachel Pun right?! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
JonaFilms (1 year ago)
doing this to a girl for a while now and i feel terrible about it. i'm just haven't been man enough to do it.... ugh she prob lost interest now
Hello Hello (1 year ago)
He always do this but i'm just afraid that i'm too naive `~`
Da Spicy Birb (1 year ago)
I have a crush on him but I’m the one who sometimes stare at him.And one day,when I was talking to my friend I could see him from behind that he was looking at me.Then I decided to look quickly but he kept looking.I was expecting him to look away but I looked back to my friend.He was still looking and went back.He never made a move and....I’m not sure if he was smirking or his face is like that...Meh
Madalyne Ramos (1 year ago)
I like your videos. They are very helpful
Hoa Sam (1 year ago)
I hate this guy "Cameron" at my school he stares at me with a evil look & evil eye too,likes he tries to scares me with it...It's unattractive in him,he continues he will loose all my respect,love for him...he isn't shy or quite type he is more a jerk cuz he too much of wussy to say he hates me to my face,i will see him look at me like he want hurt me "mentally,physically,verbally,etc"!!!!!!!!!!!! I done nothing to him yet he doing it while making assumptions about me doing him wronged which is sooo childish of him defiantly isn't all that smart now he is already is brainwashed by Anna tells him lies about me.i really hate him & her sooo much now their obligating to take me down together at my school.
Tyrone jacobs jr (10 months ago)
Peridot Mel (1 year ago)
Why does my crush asks me to give him a wife.
Peridot Mel (1 year ago)
Why does my crush asks me to give him a wife.
JoyceFashion Style (1 year ago)
If he's a shy guy then what?
Twincident (1 year ago)
how am i gonna smile at him HE IS GONNA THINK IM CRAZY Btw: awesome video tho you helpt me im gonna try to smile...oh gowd help me 😂
Grand Old Soul (5 months ago)
lol. guys actually like it when a girl is up front with her interest. try to smile! we like it.
Ivy Grape (1 year ago)
So I look at this guy and he looks away and turn around giving me his back what’s that im like wtf boy I’m looking at you don’t turn around
Grand Old Soul (5 months ago)
lol i ve done that. ugh
Repent and Believe (1 year ago)
Lol all of the females commenting their questions would be answered if they approached men.
Madhu Shree (5 months ago)
@Repent and Believe why will they approach? If a guy really likes u, he will definitely make a move. Otherwise u r just an option for him.
Tyrone jacobs jr (10 months ago)
they are too scared and dont have the confidence its funny they only let men approach them and seems like their opitions will always be the men who are approachin them who are usually players while they wont go for wat they like hha
Sipping Sunshine (1 year ago)
Ohhhhh. That explains a lot. I regret all the times I looked away cause I'm so shy.
Prison Mike (1 year ago)
yolo Theboss (1 year ago)
U are awesome!
bubble gum (1 year ago)
I sat with this guy for a month and a half and he would mostly talk to me because we had quite a lot in common. While we sat next to eachother he and I will make eye contact everytime while we talked. He has done something's that made believed that he was interested like let me borrow his sweater and looked at me in a certain way. But there was this one time were I was looking at this clock above his head and he was looking the other way and he turns to me and I look at him and we just stare at eachother for a long time the he smiles and looks away. Also when I see him walking and we have eye contact his mouth goes open but he went wave or anything. It was the near the end of first semester and he's been absent for a couple of days so we didn't see eachother for some days but he came back for the last day we were ever gonna sit next to eachother and forgets his glasses so he had to move in front but as he was going up front he puts his hand on my shoulder and said im gonna miss you he only touched me once only because he couldn't see these patches I had on my sweater. But he hugs other girls and gives his sweater to them.so idk how to feel about that. On the last day going into winter break I give him some cookies and he says thanks for making me feel bad not giving you one and says thank you. Its the end of the day and he says thank you again and I started talking to one of my friends and I see him staring at me in the distance. 2 days back from winter break and I get the courage to talk to him. I kind of hid behind a door and he walked out of the classroom we were both in but he walks a different way than I do and he kind of was gonna look at the direction I walk mind you I got right before he did and I ask him if we had hw for a certain class and he said yea and explained it to me I was about to leave and he said oh those cookies were good and leaves. Winter break was two weeks and he still remembers because the other people who I gave cookies also didn't say anything before or after the break. Now we don't sit next to eachother but across the room from eachother that we can still see eachother with no heads in the way and sometimes I see him stare at me but doesnt look away quickly rather for a hold of some seconds then looks away. Im just wondering if he might like me or im just over exaggerating
Latanya Beamon (1 year ago)
straight to the point. I love it...
Dave Hart (1 year ago)
Then what do we do then?
Carol Jones (1 year ago)
I return his eye contact , he smiled and locked eyes with me. He asked me things like how I'm doing. I answer. It went on a few times already. I feel tired that he won't make a move and ask me out at least to hang out.
Russell Mccune (1 year ago)
I like a very pretty girl at my gym, she's pretty to me anyways and I'm not shy, I just intimidate the hell out of everyone at that place with my looks lol. I'm a pro fighter but I'm not angry, she might even think I'm angry so I just stay to myself. Any advice?
TEX STAR (1 year ago)
This one boy at my school stares at ma ALOT but I turn a way fist
Aeqestrain’s Life (1 year ago)
Theres this guy at my school that i. Hate so bad but at recess he ALWAYS looks at me and does these wired ass things but i ignore it and just keeping playing with my friends but its so hard because his voice is so loud and hes so fricken wired sometimes i wish he was not at school and im at a french school and i know french ever since i was able to talk.. also he thinks i like him but i dint because he called me something a long time a go and i never want to talk to him again.. and i will never forgive him.. also because honestly im not looking for love at the moment im 11 and hes already 12
Connie Rasmussen (1 year ago)
But he's a player...
nhal (1 year ago)
I think guys are intimidated by me. I don't know why. It's not like i'm going to make a scene and embarrass you.
Timothy Chikwendu (4 months ago)
Let Me have ur phone number dear
Grand Old Soul (5 months ago)
exactly. that's what goes in the mind of some guys. they think oh she's taken , a bitch ect. but it really all boils down to how both parties are coming across. do you smile at guys you think are attractive? does he smile at you? ppl aren't really aware of how they are coming across to others. a good exercise is to use our camera phone at see how your natural face is. is it annoyed or welcoming>?
Eve N7 (1 year ago)
Verxix You see that's the thing. They don't know that. They don't know what your reaction will be.
Nessa Naturally (1 year ago)
Every time i go to the mall this guy that works at a store there always looks at me. Never thought it meant anything til i showed my friend what he was doing. From what she says she thinks I'm cute or whatever. But he always looks at me but never approaches me. I dont know what that could me though. Any help?
Grand Old Soul (5 months ago)
do yo think he is cute?
QuadrantBottomHalf (1 year ago)
Bad idea to get involved with co workers.
Eve N7 (1 year ago)
Nessa Naturally I have similiar situation. There is this guy in my work and he looks at me quite a lot. And I won't lie, I like him as well. For the first time I saw him two weeks ago and whenever we make eye contact there's this weird connection. We only stare at each other but now I'll start smiling to him and see if it will change something. I think you should do the same if you like him.
Emily Prell (1 year ago)
my friends all thinks hes a creep but today i saw him and he stared at me and i looked at him and he looked away so i looked away and he looked at me this went on like 8 times
Erwin agsalud (1 year ago)
because american females don't bring anything but sex to the table.. real womanly qualities that exist after marriage like childbearing, cooking and cleaning are all forms of oppression to these entitled so-called 'goddesses'...
Zahra Yoruba (11 months ago)
I don’t wannabe single that means I will be alone forever and no more generations of me
L J (11 months ago)
Erwin agsalud Do the world a favor, stay single.
Fireball c (1 year ago)
He knows exactly how much I love him...still nothing. Now it's all different. 😞
Emily Rose (1 year ago)
My crush is new to the school (he moved here during summer) and he stares at me in my freaking eyes and I look back at him and we just stare at each other till I look away out of shyness. What do I do does he like me?
Hetty Nyon (1 year ago)
He told me that he was looking at me and that he will be right there.I want him so bad but i will not tell him.
AlbShadoW (1 year ago)
Many men wants sure sign that girls are interested and allow to approach them. Just looking doesnt mean anything, unconfindent men could think "Wtf is wrong with why that girl looks at me like " It just would be better that girls approach men now.
Malak Sofia (1 year ago)
My problem is that that a guy is always staring into my eyes every time when he sees me and once in a wedding function he took my picture and also dances with me when all were dancing in a group but he is not talking with me so what I should consider that he is really into me or no plz plz hlp me
Malak Sofia (1 year ago)
Joan Marie pls reply me
Joan Marie (1 year ago)
Malak Sofia
Zara K (1 year ago)
He stare at me lot but I feel like he is playing me cuz he told one of my friend's to prank me by saying that he likes me back but cuz she my best friend she didn't prank me she just told my the truth that my crush wants to prank me by saying he likes me back. And now that he knows that I'm shy he doesn't stare at me he only stares at me when I'm not looking but he holds eye contact with me from far away and he holds the eye contact whenever I stare at him what does that mean? When he first got to know that I like him he would try to get my attention! Is he playing me cuz since he knew I'm shy around him he stopped trying to get my attention but he still holds eye contact with me and stares at me when I'm not looking. He already likes three girls but I feel like he likes me too and I also feel like he is playing me! What should I do???
Franciska (1 year ago)
Another reason: he likes you a lot but already has a girlfriend so he can't make a move.
ramcurequeeny (2 months ago)
But if he really likes the girl and kisses her while having a girlfriend, now he’s turning the girl into his side chick.
Dia Night (4 months ago)
A guy makes a move if he really wants something from a Girl. Even when he has a gf. I had this experience. But it's not fair and makes him look like an asshole
Marlene Charlemagne (10 months ago)
Franciska Amen 🙌🏾
W. J. (2 years ago)
what if he looks somewhere else as I catch him staring? Can't really smile at him like that.
DreamBeatsBakery (2 years ago)
Definitely. If she holds eye contact + smiles I know I have the green light to move in.
Kim Taehyung (2 years ago)
Thanks for making this video :) this helps a lot cause there's a guy I like, and he stares at me, so thank you soo much!!! 💖💖💖💖
leroyal and martinator (2 years ago)
my classmate always stare at me. I catch him stare at me most of time. what's that mean?
thank you sm, needed this fr
Leslie Torres (2 years ago)
drago zengen (2 years ago)
You described me
Ashley Carmon (2 years ago)
please make a video of the signs that your ex want you back
Hayley Paige (2 years ago)
So I like this guy I'm my class and when ever he's smiling or laughing with friends he looks at me but never talks to me! We have the same group of friends and my friends have even caught him staring at me a few times
Hayley Paige (2 years ago)
Idk what to do!! Please help he's super shy too!
TheSerenella66 (2 years ago)
After a week of hi and bye and smiles and nice gestures I decided it was time to do something. I am a girl 5,9 ft tall, thin, fit and good looking and I was pretty sure he liked me so I took all my courage and... I asked for a spot at the bench press. He was obviously happy and flattered but did not show as the gym is packed with men working out hard. He helped me and counted for 3 sets, he smiled and he went back to his workout. No small talk at all. He treated me like his buddy seriously! Then again he smiled from afar while at a machine. I smiled back friendly. Why did not take the chance? Perhaps he will next time? He looks to me like one of these alpha man who doesn't piss himself off for a girl. Not sure if he likes me but don't wanna be obvious in the gym or if he is just friendly and kind. Can't figure out. So silly
Nasser Al-Sharji (2 years ago)
There is this girl who's works in the gym ... I don't know her name ..she stares at me and whenever i approach her then she turns aways and then look back again ( i can feel that) .. We both have attraction but i really want to know if she has same feeling like me .. However , whenever i want to approach her ; either she is busy with people or she is busy and i can't do much .. Now her work shift is in morning and I'm working out at gym at evening .. i can't change my workout time coz I'm working and this kills me of constantly think about her ... I'm kind of confused of anythings .. i am afraid she doesn't have same feeling i do even though my instinct tells me that she same feeling .. i am afraid to lose her .... If i managed to talk to her and i asked her number , i am afraid she will reject me coz she is working in the gym and not allowed to have relationship with guys.. appreciate your advise?
Laura Croft (2 years ago)
val eyy (2 years ago)
im not sure is my crush likes me or not. he knows i like him and everytime when i walk pass him or when im around him, he normally smiles and waves and his friends will start teasing him about me. And also i catch him looking at me A LOT. and theres this one time when a guy kissed him on the cheek to make me jealous and my crush looked at me like he's sorry Idkkkkkkkk if he likes me or not HELP
val eyy (2 years ago)
exactly mypoint (2 years ago)
There this guy I like that looks at me but turns his head away when I look at him. I like him but I think it could be because I keep looking at him and his notice and now feel uncomfortable?
Mokochino08 (2 years ago)
Hi, so one time my friend and I were waiting on our lift to arrive.  One  of my co workers happened to walk from around the corner to where we were standing... and for some reason looked at me like he saw a ghost.  I said hi to him and he totally ignored me and said hi to my friend instead. Was so awkward I so hated him for that.  Should I slap him silly for that because this happened 3 weeks ago and it still bugs me.  We even had a fire drill one time, and I happened to turn around, and he happened to be there with one of his friends. Then he whispers to his friend in front of me.  I'm like, ok now I'm really pissed!!! He's now got my full attention and I don't think I'm liking it one bit!!! Makes me cringe!!
Serena Willams (2 years ago)
he gives good afternoon
Latoya Guion (2 years ago)
did u mean good advice?
QuadrantBottomHalf (2 years ago)
Hes thinking "shes so pretty and I wish she was my girlfriend". "Does she have a boyfriend?". "Do I have a chance?". "Will she like someone like me?" I'm a guy and I do it. There was a Spanish girl I let slip through fingers years ago and I think what it have been like to been with her. Not a day goes by I don't think about her.
QuadrantBottomHalf (7 months ago)
If you can find her, make it happen.
World Eater (1 year ago)
QuadrantBottomHalf The girl I looked at initiated eye contact and smiled and waved and we used to talk but i became too shy and kept second guessing myself and i feel so stupid for not asking her out before exams/the end of the school year which is today 😭. I asked her out once though but it wasnt an actual date and she brought a friend which sucked.
Long Champ (1 year ago)
QuadrantBottomHalf Aww did you both have one of those spiritual connections but neither takes it further?
QuadrantBottomHalf (1 year ago)
You cant have an obsession with something that never happened.
Mike-Tysons Lisp (2 years ago)
QuadrantBottomHalf It might seem hypocritical for me to say since i have done the same thing before, but having an obsession with a girl you didnt really talk to isn't really good for your mental health bro... it fucks you up.
Chasey (2 years ago)
. I want to stare at him everytime but i don't want him to notice it. Grr
Shabnam Ray (2 years ago)
What it mean if he play mind games but doesn't make a move?
Shabnam Ray (2 years ago)
I already made a move, I asked him to grab lunch he rejected me but I hear he's a shy guy I see some signs that he does such as watching me working out and he tells his friends about me so the friends saying talk to her which he never did but he stare at me but never make a move last thing he accepted my friend on Facebook 😂😂what should I do? Give it time to make him a move or I just move on?
Lala Purp (2 years ago)
I have a crush on this guy for almost 2 years (ever since Sophomore year to Junior). I Junior now. I changed my appearance for the better and look like different person. Sophomore year crush would have small talks with me "hi" or "how are you" but rarely talk to each other. Junior year: followed him on Twitter and Instagram he notices me more at school exspecially since on twitter I accidentally commented and tagged him in a tweet when retweeting. Walking in hallways = always find him, we always stare at each other, he gives no emotion/expression. He stare at lunch, we pass each other and he awkward around me, like we don't even talk and he is uncomfortable around me. Once in library he stare at me...before he look away he smirked. I walking and my crush appeared and he in front of me we stared pretty long then he did that Corner eye when I passed him. During 7th period passing period we always see eachother in hall and awkwardly stare then go our separate ways. Friends and him hang around my locker so I wait till he come Then go to lock. I heard a joke and turn around and BAM he staring at me but looks down. I in hallway he then walking beside me, but he fixing his shirt and hat then his hair...he do those quick stares. After that day he ignores me, no see him in the hallway (it's only been 2 days but still), no more eye contact nor stares at lunch anymore. In mornings he stare but only once And that's when he walks in librar
Suzette Kerr (2 years ago)
Lala Purp Oh, wow. This was one month ago.
Suzette Kerr (2 years ago)
Though, don't make it all too discreet that you don't like him. Don't want to scare him off. (For a lack of a better word.)
Suzette Kerr (2 years ago)
Lala Purp He definitely likes you, though those last two days are possibly indications that he needs some thinking time about this situation and a little space. Let him breathe and he'll make up his mind sooner or later.
Kassandra Medina (2 years ago)
umm so my friend told my crush that I like him then she said that he just was shocked then when he went out the door he smiled what does it mean
ithink he like you when i was in school ther was a guy who ask me out when i regect him in that time he keep staring at me becous of that so ithink donna he want you to talk to him
thando Jere (2 years ago)
what if the guy stares at you alot, not smiling, and yet will talk to my friends. he smiles at them abd talk to them. but when he looks at me he doesn't smile. he is a shy guy, but so am I. when I catch him staring, I look away. but he doesn't. I'm so confused.
Tyrone jacobs jr (10 months ago)
imagine how he feels
Eve N7 (1 year ago)
thando Jere oh ma lord. I'm in the exact same situation. We are strangers but he looks at me a lot. He never smiles or tries to approach. He just stares. Next time I'll see him do that I'll try smile to him. lmao im scared
PIKACHU PONY (2 years ago)
This happened to me too...
Frenice Reyes (3 years ago)
this is awesome! thank you!

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