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Making friends is hard when you're an adult

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Text Comments (523)
Vanessa Rusk (1 month ago)
Best friends are rare for me anyway...
Cameron Brown (1 month ago)
and if they have kids, you'll never see them again, so let's start having babies! sara be like AH NAHHH
Nadia Olson (2 months ago)
wow... 5:49
BerwynSigns (2 months ago)
2,506 likes 8 dislikes
tellingHISstory94 (2 months ago)
I did actually write up a list of friendship level classifications years ago: Level 1 "You might be kinda cool, but I don't want to tell you much of anything.” 1a: Acquaintance, semi-cordial 1b: Acquaintance, friendly 1c: Friend, early stages, casual Level 2 “I like you; you're nice, and I kind of want to tell you things, but that might weird you out.” 2a: Friend, willing to hang out sometimes, but not share personal stuff 2b: Friend, will share the occasional semi-personal thought 2c: Friend, will have deep-ish conversations late at night Level 3 “Hey, I killed a man once. You're cool with that, right?” 3: Friend who knows way too much and whom you might actually call on the phone
tellingHISstory94 (2 months ago)
And then it gets even more interesting when you enter adulthood with a chronic illness and all your existing friends are healthy and continuing with their lives like normal people. xP
Skye Aten (2 months ago)
This wasn't really helpful...? it just scared me o_o
Nick (2 months ago)
My books are my friends.
Mr556x45mm (3 months ago)
Good friends that care about you and want to spend time with you are a special breed that are hard to find.
Scribblore (3 months ago)
Yeah.. I'm finding it easier as an adult actually.
Brenna Choisser (3 months ago)
This is so true! Don’t even get me started on moving to a new state as an adult! Friends become a thing of the past.
Christoph Bauer (3 months ago)
Maybe it helps, but I've built Compatipal (http://compatipal.com) for exactly this reason. Describe yourself with short attributes (tags), say "JustinBieber" and "Slipknot"... then find others with an interesting combination of tags in your proximity and contact them, or let others find you. The coolest new feature IMO is the map, where you can actually see how people from around the the world share your interests. The main problems I faced were: Where do you find people when you spend 95% of your time at home/work? And: I believe part of the reason, why I don't want to talk to just anybody I meet on the street is not because I'm an introvert, but rather because it's highly inefficient to talk to hundreds of people and spend hours of awkward conversation just to maybe find one that I can get along with. If you want, you can enter your location and up to 4 tags, it's free (just use your spam email adress if you don't trust me...). The vision is to someday find your true soulmate(s) with a few clicks.
Candaru Driemor (3 months ago)
"Hip! Groundbreaking! A good time! ...Hip... A good time..."
Mr. A Badger (3 months ago)
This is a video for people who like kittens and explosions, and laser beams, and sometimes goats...
Ennard (3 months ago)
I'm in love with him
Elena Sexton (3 months ago)
I loved his sentence. "Introverts: it gets better when you get older."
Sarah Collier (3 months ago)
It gets SO much worse in your 30's! And being self employed is basically the kiss of death, because so many friends are made at a job. You hit the nail on the head with all of this.
William Fugere (3 months ago)
Exploding Kittens all the way
megalopolis2015 (3 months ago)
So...I've been an adult since age four. That is sad on many levels.
Rachel (3 months ago)
Settlers of Catan all the way!
Oh Mr. Anonymous (3 months ago)
You play Exploding Kittens. Every. Time.
Kristen Williams (3 months ago)
My boyfriend I have been relating to this so hard right now.
Marie Matarazzo (3 months ago)
“That hurt, but that sure did work”
Elizabeth G (4 months ago)
I’ve always struggled to make friends but now that I’m an adult, it’s been SO hard to make friends. So thanks for this advice!!
Bean Phase (4 months ago)
Hey, wanna be my friend? Oh boy, I did not see this coming few years ago.
Rosalie (4 months ago)
This is so relatable. My fiancée and I try to make plans with our “good friends” and it seems like everyone is extremely busy with work or school! It’s hard being an adult with a full time job and making plans with people. It rarely works out so then we just end up hanging out with each other all the time 😂😂
Charles Williams (4 months ago)
my brother was watching friends when I was watching this
Meowmocha (4 months ago)
Woah, I'm an adult! 'Cause I don't feel I know how to make friends any more! "Making friends is harder when older. There's just not that many places to make friends." So it's not just my imagination, then. I don't have Netflix, so I guess when I'm not pet-sitting at houses with Netflix, I'll let YouTube and Twitter be my cradles to the grave. As a kid, making friends is easier, because it's just going up to a kid and saying, "Hey, wanna play?" 'Adults'. Everyone's last name is Taylor, though, so the 'four lovable losers' must all know each other at least somewhat. XD
Ashleee Baby (4 months ago)
Introverts LOVE becoming adults. For us, it's heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
lostcountofmyfandoms (4 months ago)
1:48 that's how i feel about school. i havent hung out with someone since april because of it. im extremely introverted and am so mentally drained after school that i just go home and stay alone (i had online school all summer). 4:00 they never fell in my lap either, back when i actually tried to make friends....for 5 years straight with no success:/
lostcountofmyfandoms (4 months ago)
i cant even make friends in my childhood/teen years. fuck
annabibi418 (4 months ago)
Tips for making friends: 1. Buy an ugly orange couch 2. Have coffee 3. Never ever under any circumstances mention being on a break! 4. Enjoy your wealth of quirky new friends
SeaLion Media (4 months ago)
Hey, Y2K was an inside job ya’ll
AJ 3000 (4 months ago)
It’s important to find good adult friends to watch Star Wars Clone Wars with. Netflix alone in the gave as you said does not have to be an option.
Mozart the Meerkitten (4 months ago)
Welp. Good to know I'm actually an adult? But seriously, all of this rings so true to me, it's crazy.
Emma Chambers (4 months ago)
Hey, Blimey cow, could you make a video about fitting in with a new church/youth group?
Tabby RH (4 months ago)
"So let's start havin' babies." #blimeycownuggetsoftruthandwisdom 😂 "So unless you start making a concerted effort to put yourself out there, Netflix will slowly cradle you to your grave one lonely night at a time." 😂
Emma Crago (4 months ago)
"Get plugged in... it's a church term" 😂😂😂 that one tickled me. You've got to get plugged in to a friendship group so you can start doing life together, right? 🙄
Agnes Jeffery (4 months ago)
All of my experience is the exact opposite of this. It's easy for me to make friends and just ask if they want to hang out. It was much harder as a kid without a drivers license and parental supervision.
Daniel Flores (4 months ago)
ah frick I'm almost an adult
Rebekah Krause (4 months ago)
I laughed so hard at this video! 😂😂😂 Sadly, it's so true! 😭😭😭
OperaLily (4 months ago)
soooooo at @6:08 their couch looked like fannies for a second, in my brain. Thanks, brain.
ImDeeJohnson (4 months ago)
Me and my husband are literally running into this wall 😭😭 why is adulting so hard
Vanilla Vignettes (4 months ago)
When I heard that terrifying version of the Netflix sound effect, part of me died. That was impressive sound-design (Most likely Kevin, I imagine?)
Chelsea F (4 months ago)
This is so true it hurts.
Jocelyn Peters (4 months ago)
This video made me anxious until I realized this is how I make friends anyways.
Mudkip Ninja (4 months ago)
The categories of friends you described I would call: 1. Strangers 2. Acquaintances 3. Friends
Mcfirefly2 (4 months ago)
When you become an adult, you decide that you are either going to want your life to be about something more important than you are, or you do not. You shouldnt have to return to the miserable conformism of high school to have friends. You ought to be able to have friends who are about the same things you care about, but if you can't find any, then maybe all you will have is friendly acquaintances at best. It just isn't worth it to play the game all your life. If all you do is play the game, "being" the thing that they will "accept", you have no friends, anyway, and you have selfishly, stingily given them nothing. Whereas, if all your sincere efforts to _be_ a friend _to_ people result in no one being a friend back, you have at least been a real friend to some people.
Mcfirefly2 (4 months ago)
Most so-called adults are about nothing more than making money and putting on a big, successful-looking front, and their friends are mostly allies in that struggle, not human brings that care for each other deeply, who are loyal to each other. But life is more than a fashion statement. I keep thinking that _Dover Beach_ is a Christian poem; it ought to be.
Mcfirefly2 (4 months ago)
When you become an adult, you decide that you are either going to want your life to be about something more important than you are, or you do not. You shouldnt have to return to the miserable conformism of high school to have friends. You ought to be able to have friends who are about the same things you care about, but if you can't find any, then maybe all you will have is friendly acquaintances at best. It just isn't worth it to play the game all your life. If all you do is play the game, "being" the thing that they will "accept", you have no friends, anyway, and you have stingily given them nothing. Whereas, if all your sincere efforts to be a friend to people result in no one being a friend back, you have at least been a real friend to some people.
RockismyAir (4 months ago)
Exploding kittens 💙
E.J.M. Productions (4 months ago)
BRUH THIS IS SO TRUE!!!! How do adults even meet other adults though??? Forget starting a friendship. I can’t even find people to meet! XD I don’t like going out so I want other friends who also don’t like going out. But if they don’t like going out either where am I supposed to look for them???? Ughhhhhhh
Sami Kelly (4 months ago)
My life as an adult wrapped up into one video.
Doom metal tortoise (4 months ago)
Maybe you should get a hobby? I met a shit ton of my friends through dungeons & dragons campaigns and heavy metal concerts lol. Edit: he said it
Olga Osiris Lopez (4 months ago)
Accurate Relatable God bless you Haha
Attic Wit (4 months ago)
I became an adult my number of friends has exploded. Of course that is because I'm in college
MaryEvelyn Murray (4 months ago)
I love the skit intro!
J'sWay (4 months ago)
Homeschoolers do this already so we will be prepared lol
NegghaGozaranni (4 months ago)
2:14 "now I think they're praying" LOL OMG SO FUNNY AND CUTE
Cassarilla (4 months ago)
Good grief, I've just been thinking about this. It's really bad because I feel like my small town just doesn't have many people my age at all, much less ones that have interests and goals like mine. I want to move, but I can't afford anywhere else right now so.... guess I'll chill with my dogs. 😂
Shaylah M. (4 months ago)
Lol so true!
Nathanael Hahn (4 months ago)
1:27 what's the noise Jordan makes after "older" lol
Robert McNally (4 months ago)
or you could just find some people you work with...all of my friends (as an adult) are from where i've worked in the past, maybe a select few from church. The bloopers wee the best Josh, greatest bit yet!
Mayo Jaylaylo (4 months ago)
Even as a kid though, it gets harder to make friends the older you get. I really only have 4 or 5 friends that I'm really close with now, even though I had a bunch of friends when I was little. Oh well *shrug*
Lab Leah (4 months ago)
“Plugged in, that’s a church term” - Hahahahaha!!
icecansing (4 months ago)
You have to watch this multiple times to catch all the faces! Kelli laughs at whatever josh is whispering to her... Jordan’s starring is hilarious.
tomodachi boi (4 months ago)
Go subscribe
Maddie of Many Fates (4 months ago)
I'm 27 seconds in and I already relate.
Steven Gassira (4 months ago)
Finally, a video for me
Carolyn Joyce (4 months ago)
oh wow. this was depressing dude.
Erantera109 (4 months ago)
Wow, that shameless plug
Brad Daniels (4 months ago)
Still watching and laughing these streams are good
HnN M. (4 months ago)
this video came just in time. I'm literally going through right now. this is true... making friends as an adult is much more difficult. and everyone has children 😬... :(
Benjamin Dolphin (4 months ago)
Adults-by the Taylor's. You guys should write a book with this title!
Just Angela (4 months ago)
Ara Z (4 months ago)
I freaking love you, Jordan! You'll probably never read this, but I appreciate all your opinions and amazing videos. Thank you <33
Thanks (4 months ago)
That Netflix noise LOL
Grace Wells (4 months ago)
Exploring kittens > catan anyday
BlaineC2040 (4 months ago)
Number 3 is so true!!! It's usually the beginning part when I tell love story.
Kostas1601 (4 months ago)
"Netflix will slowly cradle you to your grave, one lonely night at a time" Dang, so true it hurts.
LeannaTube (4 months ago)
Jordan. Are you starting to grow a beard? Or did you just not shave?
Janae Ross (4 months ago)
Love the format of this video!
Jessica Berck (4 months ago)
Being a adult trying to make friends + allergies. When you shake new persons hand during introductions. And your hand starts swelling and changing colors! Because they had unknown to you been eating potato chips. Also trying to keep a not terrified look on your face, When your new nice neighbor hands you a plate of peanut butter cookies... You simply smile say Thank you so much! Close the door. Drop the plate of Horror! on the first surface you see! And run to the sink to wash your hand's. While calling your sibling who can eat peanuts to come take it away!
AronWith1A (4 months ago)
4:49 I found Waldo, did you?
AronWith1A (4 months ago)
I made banana bread with my brothers yesterday
Sarah Hargett (4 months ago)
EXPLODING KITTENS!! Also... this hit very close to home.
Janessa Tosh (4 months ago)
Very honest
Janessa Tosh (4 months ago)
Great vedio
Vashti Walters (4 months ago)
I've been realizing how true this is ever since I finished high school. It feels so weird to do something just to make friends 😂
isaiah the hillbilly (4 months ago)
See if you go to church you automatically have something better than friends, you have family, and if you're married you don't exactly need friends from my experience, I'm not married, but that's what my grandparents say
Meghan Zimmerman (4 months ago)
Currently me
latronqui (4 months ago)
Hahaha the I became an adult at the age of 14
DuctTheStuff (4 months ago)
Right on point. You guys just get me!
Jen Himes (4 months ago)
So much truth. Especially if you move from one city to another. Making new adult friends is hard.
Classic Will L (4 months ago)
is this the return of my favorite segment “scenes from our next episode”
Samantha Bond (4 months ago)
Bro, by that logic I've been an adult since I was 16.
Elizabeth Stephens (4 months ago)
Please we need ADULTS! (But dont forget about Brother Brother Time)
Christopher Rodacy (4 months ago)
Dang. If how hard it is to make friends is the metric we're using for being an adult, then I guess I was an adult at 8. "Sorry, can't come to your party. I have to get up early for my janitor job tomorrow." True Those-Weird-Things-You-Did-For-Home-School-Credit-Such-As-Operation-Buy-NintendoDS-Disguised-As-Home-Business-Class-Which-Actually-Worked Story
Keaton Bunting (4 months ago)
I think this was like the best episode yet...👀
Austin McNair (4 months ago)
What really sucks is when couples act like you're a plague to be avoided because you're single. People suddenly have time for you once you're married though.
EmethMatthew (4 months ago)
Yes! Please make this ADULTS a recurring show about the extroverted couple who are dying inside because they can't make friends and the introverted couple who just kinda want to be left alone...

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