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How to purchasing plastic products in China wholesale best video world company deal bulk rate enjoy

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Please watch: "all in one- cloth diapers " https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPskfZ66euo --~-- (1)www.wholesaleustaad.com  (2)https://www.facebook.com/wholesaleustaad/    (3) https://twitter.com/RizwanSial321/   (4) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPGJRAdl6yTQA7XmcN6yrPA ---------++++++++++++++++-------+--+++++----  1)  The company is a collection prduction processing,distribution and wholesale limited the company,the original factory was founded in 1999.    2)  JiQing has a collection of more than 20 years of production technology and management experience family daily necessities plastic R&D,manufacturing and salesas one of the enterprises    3)  Reliable product quality,beautiful durable,best-selling througout the country.   The company’s main products are series of storage boxes,barrels series,basin series,chair series of eight series of nearly 100varieties.    4)  And external to undertake all kinds of daily necessities and industrial plastic products processing business.    5)  Is located in Guangdong Province Dongshan District of Jieyang City, adjacent to 206 National road , the traffic is very convenient.    6)  JIQING by the abundant strength,the reasonable price,excellent service and a number of enterprises established long-term relations of coorperation.    7)  The company warnly welcome all to visit,study,business negotiations.     FAQ 1.What’s your product range? We have more than 200 different plastic houseware items/daily necessities including storage containers/buckets/basins/chairs and so on, totally 12 series. 2. Are you a manufacturer?   Yes, we have been in providing plastic houseware items/daily necessities since 1999. 3. Do you have stock products to sell?    Normally, we do not have stock products to sell. We work on OEM orders.Unless in accordance with the original color,logo and packaging. 4. What information should I let you know if I want to get a quotation?    -The size of the products(Length * Width * Height)   - The material and weight   -The quantity   - The size of printing logo(if need)(Length * Width * Height). If it is possible send us design is much more better.   - If it is possible, please also provide with picture of the product so that we can recommend the similar items for your reference.   5.How can I get the samples? If you need some samples to test, please pay for the transportation freight ofsamples and our samples are free for you.  6. How many items can be assorted in one container?  Should calculated by client’s actual order situation.                                                                                              7. Can I change the way of packing, for example, change the quantity of each carton, or add inner boxes or inner bags?  If you order less than 10 carton for each item, you have to accept our usual way of packing without any change. If you order more, we could consider to change the packing way. But the cost will be different and we have to check the prices again.  8. Do you inspect the finished products?    Yes, each step of production and finished products will be inspected by QC department before shipping. 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 ☎☎☎☎☎☎☎company number 👈👈👈 86-06638735192📱13539292699 ---------------+++++++++++++++++-------------------- All videos wholesale products links 👈👈👈 --------------+++--+++++++++++++++----------------- (1)Bed sheet wholesaler https://youtu.be/PFjQRAfloec (2)Soap wholesaler https://youtu.be/WUQTfmoEANo (3)Led tv wholesaler https://youtu.be/j8787WcpwEE (4)used clothing wholesaler https://youtu.be/KyfA7niA64o (5) LAPTOP Wholesaler https://youtu.be/hmXzZzpjbd8 (6) imported mobil wholesale https://youtu.be/U1JAmsir4qo (7) wholesale mobil accessories https://youtu.be/7V4QRPVpcKU (8)best wholesaler LED Tv https://youtu.be/1HY4vKUuNGA (9)wholesale clothing https://youtu.be/tjsNUnO0zEU (10)aloe vera jel wholesale https://youtu.be/xHo6sxYNzu4 (11) wholesale  blanket  china https://youtu.be/wf7GlZ5kHzE (12) wholesale LED TV Rs.7000 https://youtu.be/wpexYbHllHM (13) wholesale Laptop https://youtu.be/SLJiNx7C6mg (14)wholesale baby clothing https://youtu.be/1hzXN2UIOL4 (15) wholesale mobile deal https://youtu.be/1hzXN2UIOL4 (16) wholesale bed sheet China https://youtu.be/FCJEHl0WUoM (17) baby  toy wholesale  China https://youtu.be/XE1gjmsO-jA (18) import in China wholesale  https://youtu.be/fb46OkZjL04 (19) wholesale China shows https://youtu.be/2J3GAAjd2VVo (20) whitening night cream https://youtu.be/VDqng725hSc
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