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Top 10 Worst Games Based on Anime

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Top 10 Worst Games Based on Anime Subscribe: http://goo.gl/Q2kKrD and also Ring the Bell to get notified // Have a Top 10 idea? Submit it to us here! http://watchmojo.com/suggest How could you release such bad games based on great source material! Welcome to WatchMojo.com, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Worst Games Based on Anime. For this list we'll be looking at terrible games based on popular anime franchises such as Dragon Ball Z, One Piece and Naruto. Check out these other great videos: Top 10 Anime About Gaming - https://youtu.be/8YU-iSxFDC8 Top 10 Video Games That Would Make Great Anime - https://youtu.be/LzvQuxaDJ3g Top 10 Anime That NEED Their Own Game - https://youtu.be/T7Wul0yRdwA Check out the voting page for this list and add your picks: https://www.watchmojo.com/suggest/Top+10+Worst+Video+Games+Based+on+Anime List Entries and Rank: #10. “Attack on Titan Humanity in Chains” (2015) #9. “One Piece Pirates’ Carnival” (2006) #8. “Zatch Bell! Mamodo Fury” (2006) #7. “Eureka Seven Vol. The New Vision” (2007) #6. “Yu-Gi-Oh! Destiny Board Traveler” (2004) #5. “Yu Yu Hakusho Spirit Detective” (2003) #4. “Beyblade VForce Super Tournament Battle” (2003) 3, 2 & 1: ??? To have your ideas turned into a WatchMojo or MojoPlays video, head over to http://WatchMojo.com/suggest and get to it! #Anime #DragonBallSuper #Naruto Check our our other channels! http://www.youtube.com/mojoplays http://www.youtube.com/mojotalks http://www.youtube.com/msmojo http://www.youtube.com/jrmojo http://www.youtube.com/watchmojouk WatchMojo's Social Media Pages http://www.Facebook.com/WatchMojo http://www.Twitter.com/WatchMojo http://instagram.com/watchmojo Get WatchMojo merchandise at shop.watchmojo.com WatchMojo’s ten thousand videos on Top 10 lists, Origins, Biographies, Tips, How To’s, Reviews, Commentary and more on Pop Culture, Celebrity, Movies, Music, TV, Film, Video Games, Politics, News, Comics, Superheroes. Your trusted authority on ranking Pop Culture.
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Text Comments (430)
UnderDog Chris (6 hours ago)
Geez destiny board traveler really was dependant on luck and i never played battle 22. XD
Mister MidKnight (7 hours ago)
#1 should have been Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout or Dragon Ball Z: Taiketsu.
IQBAL C4 (13 hours ago)
bruh sound effect part3
IronFistSpyro HD (13 hours ago)
I haven't watched watch mojo in so long
J.Boorman (16 hours ago)
I had Destiny board traveller many years ago. I quite liked the music in it though.
Bob Ender (16 hours ago)
This guys pronunciation of certain titles makes me cringe.
leven4 (17 hours ago)
I kinda liked the Eureka 7 games
The 6 Mystic (1 day ago)
dragon ball z ultimate battle 22 is not trash Tha haters are trash thought :)
H.R. gaming4plebs (1 day ago)
I actually liked gundam crossfire/target in sight the damage system was pretty cool you can finish the mission with your head and arms missing, the only bad thing is the awful framerate
Enyr Tovsen (1 day ago)
I love the yuyu Hakusho game
MegaMan X (1 day ago)
I disagree with number 4
Kryptixx (1 day ago)
dragon ball gt : final bout was worst than dbz22 if you ask me.
Marcos[LS] (1 day ago)
The japanese GBA Beyblade 2002 games are awesome.
Manic Grin (2 days ago)
Manu S (2 days ago)
Zatch bell mf was great!!
AnimeDoom (2 days ago)
Naruto Shippuden: Dragon Blade Chronicles may be a terrible game but it does have one redeeming feature, the new costumes for the characters are all pretty interesting and great cosplay fodder.
Evan Coburn (2 days ago)
Y'all need to hop off of Pirate's Carnival
Dutch-Dude12 (2 days ago)
Me and my brother used to play number 2 a lot XD
Retrobites (3 days ago)
I knew that yu yu hakusho first gba game would be here.
Derric HH (4 days ago)
You know i really like 5 made me want to see it
Clifford Pierre-Louis (4 days ago)
one piece burning blood is trash too
FBI Agent (4 days ago)
Top 10 best open world Anime Games #1 *Pong*
DBS\DeividMonsta (4 days ago)
Worst anime game is dargonball evolution game on psp it based on move that is based on anime even name of the game is misspelled like the movie title
Howlingwolfjoey (5 days ago)
Dafaq? Both Zatch Bell and Beyblade are actually good games. Sure it has problems, including the localization, but still, they're good games. What should've been on this list is Dragon Ball Z Saga, My Hero One's Justice, and Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World- Death or Kiss.
I actually enjoyed beyblade vforce and dbz battle 22, lol
Quintin Robinson (5 days ago)
You put DBZ Ultimate Battle 22 over DBZ Taiketsu or Sagas. Figures.
Luis Umana (6 days ago)
*Cough Cough* Dragon Ball Sagas *Cough Cough*
Gabriel Mendonça (6 days ago)
I would start this text by saying how wrong you guys were by putting One Piece Pirates Carnival in this list,the game lacks graphics and it´s repetitive sometimes,but still don´t deserve that,this is my favorite game ever,even above Arkham City,that is a great title itself,I simply love this game,it´s simple and easy to play,I don´t aways win and my dream is to play with other 3 great players,I am even making a plot like if this game had a sequel,are you guys trying to crush my dream? One Piece Round The Land is way way worse,you guys didn´t tryed all the games and simple pick the Carnival without thinking,I always like WatchMojo,but not after this,I suggest you guys to correct this list or maybe go fuck yourselves who doesn´t understand the value of a game,thanks for reading all,by the way,I like Zatch Bell too,but not as much as Pirates Carnival.
You Can't get z-rank (6 days ago)
Zatch bell was good wtf r u talking about ?!
Nuno Ricardo (6 days ago)
Beyblade for 3ds is SHIIIIIT
Sukotto13 (6 days ago)
I actually kind of like Mamodo Fury. It wasn't GREAT, I'll admit, but I liked it.
Brandon Robinson (6 days ago)
Yu Yo Haksuo Spirit Detective shouldn't be on the list that game was easy for me to beat
fishpop (6 days ago)
Oh hey, Gundam. I found Crossfire/Target In Sight in CEX and i actually enjoyed the game despite its sluggish-ness. My 1st time through both campaigns were too focused on getting all MS to unlock in Vs Mode but in NG+; i focused on upgrading my main MS & selling my spares. The final mission is a ballache.
fishpop (6 days ago)
If there's ever a sequel list; New Gundam Breaker?
Adrian Castillo (6 days ago)
What's crazy is that ultimate battle 22 is a game every dbz fan wanted back in the day,put the special code and got 27 fighter's, the games controls were trash but the game is still a nostalgic one
KonnerKreed (6 days ago)
DBZ Ultimate Battle 22 was indeed a massive shit fest. Dragon Ball fighting games have thankfully come a long way since then because Dragon Ball FighterZ is easily one of my top 10 all time favorite fighting games.
MechAleX (6 days ago)
U-REEEEE-KAH... not u-reh-kah
Potoo (6 days ago)
Dude, pirates carnival is the bomb
Cierpa (7 days ago)
Ok i understand all. But why you writed Dragon ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22''' (2003)? I think the orginal realase game on consoles was 1995/1996 not 2003.
resdraon (7 days ago)
I loved mamodo fury, though I thought the other zatchbell game was better. It's a shame we never got the 3rd game, the SSB rip off looking one in English. It was a ps2 game and I was a kid who loved Zb. My expectations might not have been that high, but I played the fucking hell out of it.
IamZeroKelvin (7 days ago)
>game comes out in 06 >ps3 launch title lolwat
EJ Garza (7 days ago)
You forgot Dragon Ball Kinect
Klinsk (7 days ago)
Am I the only one here who hates anime?
Derek Arndt (4 days ago)
Possibly. This particular video has a very obvious target audience.
CommanderZaktan (7 days ago)
If you want a good version of Ultimate Battle 22, play Shin Butōden.
Noctu Sova (7 days ago)
Ghost in the Shell SAC for PSP Only fun I had was when I beat a stealth level by throwing grenades at the guards
Undisputed307 (7 days ago)
Dragon ball z taikatsu?
Sans James (7 days ago)
No Date A Live Game?
Alexis Guillen (7 days ago)
Don't know on the rest but I will hugely disagree on Naruto Dragon Chronicles. That game was fine for what it was. It had a lot of cool moves and it felt really interesting history wise. If people didn't like it, is simply because of that conceited expectation that everything has to be the best game ever or is trash. Mobs where the only problem I recall because they truly where repetitive. Bosses where cool. Jutsus wise, this game provides you whit best feeling of what using a jutsu feels like and that's no exaggeration. The most satisfying and close to the real thing, use of jutsus is in this game, plus is the only game where you ever use Ryujin Rasengan.The design for Naruto and Sasuke was great, and it even came whit a VS mode. Wich me and my little brother used as much as any of our usual VS game matches. So no, it was not terribly, I just wasn't Skyrim or BOTW equivalent in Naruto.
JackRWood93 (7 days ago)
I bet atlas would make a great Eureka 7 game
There are worse DBZ games out there
Mohammed Sabah (7 days ago)
One piece pirates carnival was a fantastic game, i spent so many hours on it.
Rico Dagami (7 days ago)
What happened to the original guy voicing this channel? This other dude sounds so annoying and so try hard which shows his lack of knowledge on what he is presenting. The only thing that this dude knows is his dead yamcha memes.
dreamer XD (7 days ago)
Cory in the House DS what's a pretty good anime game
Sir Aicos (7 days ago)
I used to work at a video game store, one day, a lady that bought Naruto: Dragon Blade Chronicles for her kids wanted a refund, saying that the game didn't work properly, after testing it, I had to explain to her that the fact that a game is terribly bad, it's not ground for a refund... fun day
Hylianguy38 (7 days ago)
I still own Yu-Gi-Oh Destiny Board Traveler and it is just garbage. This game feels more like a proof of concept combining the rules of the card game on board game format. When trying to win a battle against a monster, you will ALWAYS be at a disadvantage when the die causes one of your monsters to either switch into defense mode or reduce their attack points and lose. It seems like with Yu-Gi-Oh video games, specifically on home consoles, they would add new gimmicks to make the gameplay fresh, but they just make them too frustrating to play.
Montay Murrell (7 days ago)
No Dragon Ball Sagas???? Need a 2nd list plz.
Andrew Catallo (7 days ago)
Is there a best list ?
Lol Lololol (7 days ago)
I loved that beyblade game
Kranken.Kaden (7 days ago)
Hahaha yes mobile suit gundam crossfire sucked!!!!!!!!!
Balzar Corporation (7 days ago)
I kind of agree, but I spent A LOT of my childhood playing DBZ UB22.
Jason boyle (7 days ago)
AOT 2 was the worse attack on titan game.
Kal-El fan 49 (7 days ago)
Dragon Ball Final Bout > Dragon ball z ultimate battle 22
Jack Arnold (7 days ago)
Jump Force.
leono mesaldo (7 days ago)
One piece game was good i think...i enjoyed it playing with my friends and cousins
Haohmaru HL (8 days ago)
Just westerners reaching out their filthy hands and making games based on foreign media in general. Nothing can be worse than this. Yu Yu Hakusho Spirit Detective Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament Dragon Ball Z: Sagas Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku series Digimon World 1999 to name a few.. Remember duck tales 1-2, chip n dale 1-2, tmnt games, darkwing duck, felix the cat, tiny toon, goof troop? A case of foreign property taken carefully with all the respect and made into a good game. Why does only japan have respect for foreign cultures?
Suempak Tenan (8 days ago)
R man (8 days ago)
Is it bad I kind of liked yugioh destiny board traveller 😂
eggsack (8 days ago)
I used to have that yu yu hakusho game
Waifu1414 118 (8 days ago)
I like Pirate carnival though 😂
You Mad (8 days ago)
stuffy (8 days ago)
In my opinion Dragon blade is atleast better than Shinobi Striker Storm plz comeback somehow
*Anime is for virgins*
bek san (8 days ago)
time to unsubscribe
Jin Kazama (8 days ago)
*Worst Video Games Based Off Cartoons*
Nightcore Trance (8 days ago)
I remember one piece carnival. I enjoyed that as a kid, having never watched the anime or played any of the other games at the time. However now as an adult... never going back to it
aza (8 days ago)
Dragon ball z 22 was amazing tho
Ikthus W (8 days ago)
The best attack on titan game is by feng lee.
Gerald Legault (8 days ago)
So considering these games are anime related, all of them pretty much?
ActiveReacter (8 days ago)
I played Yugioh DBT didn't like alot of it was luck based. YuYuHakusho Spirit Detective was good. I liked it at least. Naruto DBC. Was good enough I didn't get any lag but disliked long boring paths. It could have been Alot better.
Rastek (8 days ago)
I actually bought the naruto game for the Wii, i was like "what the hell is this? Naruto in some sort of samurai armor wielding a katana and a dragon behind him? Shouldn't be too bad, maybe i could get some laughs" But i wasn't even able to play, it was just a black screen. That was the worst experience i had with a game i bought for a single dollar in my local marketcenter
Hikikomori-con (8 days ago)
Every Dynasty Warrior clone should be on this list
Akira Takahashi (8 days ago)
Ultimate Battle 22 was one of the earliest ps1 releases, which explains its dated quality.
Fred Luck (8 days ago)
Yu-Go-Oh only made 1 good console game (excluding portable one), they were all crap - All Yu-Gi-Oh fan
blaze45ful (8 days ago)
I like the Eureka Seven games, wanna know somethig funny? The other PS2 game of Eureka Seven based in the anime was Japan only.
generic name (8 days ago)
I saw #DragonBallSuper above the title (on mobile) and wondered how fighterZ was a bad game... Quite misleading.
Alex Legere (8 days ago)
... so did you forget DBGT Final Bout was a thing?
Ultimate Alchemist (8 days ago)
Thane Flores (8 days ago)
I actually loved Zatch Bell Mamodo Fury...it was fun...
Anime shouldn't be gamefied in my opinion.
Zac Ritner (8 days ago)
Here are some other games based on anime/manga that were bad: Beyblade (PS1) Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout Dragon Ball Z: Sagas Dragon Ball Z for Kinect Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories, etc
Liz Negamoon (7 days ago)
+Zac Ritner Agreed. That part was ridiculous.
Zac Ritner (8 days ago)
+Liz Negamoon What I also didn't like about that game was the extreme grinding, if you really want the best cards, you have to battle *A LOT* plus the shop has ridiculously high prices.
Liz Negamoon (8 days ago)
I have a soft spot for Forbidden memories. Thank God that's not how the game is actually played.
Andrew Pappas (8 days ago)
I had that _Beyblade_ game for my GameCube, I loved it when I was a kid
Rikardo .A Kabrera (8 days ago)
I loved ultimate battle 22..... I won't say anything bad, it's cool, it's cool. You bastard!
Anyienk9 (8 days ago)
Can´t agree with Gundam Crossfire. It was a really great game. And i still play it now and then. One of the things i liked the most is that when you advance in rank you get more powerful units to play with. So you don´start with the strongest unit in the, game, you need to earn it first. :)
Jesus Gomez (8 days ago)
The first zatch bell game was a good fighting game kind of like the tekken series
Musicboy315 (8 days ago)
I can understand why Naruto Shippuden: Dragonblade Chronicles is on this list. I have the game for Wii and haven’t touched it in years. Sure it’s repetitive and the controls are confusing but it’s not really that bad of a game and the graphics are pretty decent
Unstable Paco7 (8 days ago)
i waited years for them to put anything Eureka Seven on a list. great anime but bad game. well at least it made a list
Isaiah Paul (8 days ago)
At least naruto dragon blade had a good soundtrack
BIG NIGGA SEASON (8 days ago)
Like if you hate weeabos
Unholy Periodza (8 days ago)
The FMA PS2 games were awful.
SSJ Ragnarok (8 days ago)
You swine. Mamodo fury was an amazing game. But then again this is watch mojo.
SSJ Ragnarok (8 days ago)
+Unholy Periodza Yup
Unholy Periodza (8 days ago)
Momodo Battle was worse.
Hides in the basement (8 days ago)
I've completed spirit detective 4 or 5 times at least, grinding all characters to the max level and everything. Don't know why though...

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