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WooCommerce Wholesale Market - Create wholesale customer and buy products at wholesale price

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The Wholesale Market plugin for #WooCommerce provides a way to manage your #Wholesale customers and treat them differently from other customers. It allows to assign Wholesale Customer role to your users and set wholesale-price for products available in your store. Using this #extension, you can differentiate your wholesale-users from others and provide them products at a different price accordingly. Product link:- https://cedcommerce.com/woocommerce-extensions/wholesale-market Guide:- https://cedcommerce.com/blog/wholesale-market/ Basics features of this plugin are:- 1. Creates Wholesale-Customer User Role. 2. Users having Wholesale-Customer role assigned can buy products at wholesale-price from the shop. 3. Adds meta-fields in the product panel for entering the wholesale price. 4. Extension offers the feature to enable minimum products to buy. 5. Add common or different minimum products to buy. 6. Show wholesale-price to all the users or to wholesale users only. #ecommerce #ecommercebusiness #smallbusiness #onlinemarketing #entrepreneurship #onlinestore #sellonline Please Like the Video, Subscribe to Our Channel and share the video. Follow Us On: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CedCommerce/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/cedcommerce Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/cedcommerce Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cedcommerce/ Contact Us:- Support: [email protected] Sales: [email protected] On Cell: (+91) -7234976892 (FOR INDIA) Toll-Free Number: 888-882-0953 (FOR USA)
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CedCommerce (2 years ago)
Wholesale Market, a WooCommerce Extension that adds the feature of wholesale-price to your shop's products available for users having "Wholesale-Customer" role. http://cedcommerce.com/woocommerce-extensions/wholesale-market

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