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12 Things Your Stool Says About Your Health

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How to understand if you're really healthy? Here's the easiest way to do it: check your stool colors and what learn they mean. As gross as it may sound, the color and shape of your stool can reveal a lot about your health. Any changes you might notice can be a sign of a serious disease. TIMESTAMPS Stool color 0:29 White 1:08 Green 2:00 Yellow 2:39 Black 3:38 Red 4:17 Stool shape 5:29 SUMMARY - If you see separate solid lumps reminiscent of nuts or goat feces in your toilet bowl, it is likely a sign of severe constipation. This type of stool means your body lacks fiber. - Sausage-shaped, large, and lumpy stool speaks of constipation. This type of stool is also caused by a lack of fiber. - If the cracked sausage-shaped stool is what you usually have, there are no reasons to worry. That’s a normal stool. You’re doing just fine! - If you stand with those whose feces are soft, sausage-shaped, and smooth – congratulations! Your stool is as perfect as stool can be! - Soft lumps with clear edges are a sign of light diarrhea. It could also mean that you are experiencing irritable bowel syndrome. - If your stool comes in fluffy pieces with ragged edges, it looks like you are having mild diarrhea. Remember how we told you to have more fiber? Well, in this case, it is just the opposite. Maybe there’s too much fiber in your diet.  - Liquid without solid pieces type of feces is what no one likes to see. It speaks of severe diarrhea. Do you take problems with your stools seriously? Do you consult doctors when needed? Feel free to share in the comments section below! Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ SMART Youtube: https://goo.gl/JTfP6L 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC Have you ever seen a talking slime? Here he is – Slick Slime Sam: https://goo.gl/zarVZo ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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BRIGHT SIDE (4 days ago)
Hey guys! What is the basis of your diet? Btw. here's what happens inside your body https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kw9EJbezlK4&t=214s
Masturah Raheemson (6 days ago)
I had someone who end up pooping noodles is that good? am for real no lie
Charles Gentert (9 days ago)
I have an all-natural diet. You don’t wanna know what artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives include…
Jassy Gennrich (10 days ago)
I got green today! Not that bad.😳😐😑😮🤐😱😱😱😵😵😷😱😱😱😵😵
Zuhal Nabi (15 days ago)
KKG C (3 hours ago)
8:20, thought i was on phub for a sec
Sharmila J Agostini (13 hours ago)
my poo was red !! i had a lot of beetroot juice today !
Preyah Amirthalingam (15 hours ago)
3:35 to 3:40
Fortnite_ Mashup (18 hours ago)
Omg I just finished the video and then I went to the bathroom and took a dump then found my poop green 😂
Pumkiner (19 hours ago)
2:44 the yellow poo is the third one on the list... Why does it says on the top right corner 1?
Bradley Ogden (21 hours ago)
Only thing that I worry about, is it's length... Sometimes over 12", but no problems elsewhere. I thought that 7-9 inches was the normal.
Opt_ 1000 (23 hours ago)
Guys you would not believe this and i am not lying once i ate gobstoppers and my poop partially became rainbow if you dun belive than don't but i am saying the truth not lying
Or poop,I poop thick poo sometimes
Luckily my poo is brown but i think i have diarreh and im a kid.
Tyrex 20 (1 day ago)
This dude is taking the longest poo ever
Boogey MANN (2 days ago)
Can't believe someone who is talking to us sitting on a toilet.
xRage Darkness (2 days ago)
Guess what I watching this while peeing rebel right?
Jasmin Guigayoma (2 days ago)
BLURP wow he also knows poop
KimByronJr DeVilla (3 days ago)
Daniel Astwood (3 days ago)
This video is shity get it 😁😂😀
put a like if you trust me
do you know guys i stooled color red with bloods:-(:-(it's real
I hope this is fake bc I might have a bad life bc I hv blood poop
Mohammed Rahman (3 days ago)
Mohammed Rahman (3 days ago)
Emmy Gamer (3 days ago)
shitpost daily (3 days ago)
3:38-3:39 anyone noticed that
BTS sucks so stop (3 days ago)
shitpost daily me too
jordan harrison (4 days ago)
Guess I need fiber 🤷🏾‍♂️
Rsih Yt (4 days ago)
We actually watching an video about poop
Aura_Boketto (4 days ago)
For some reason I read the title as "12 things your school says about your health" anyone else? 🤔😂
Beatriz Paz Salazar (4 days ago)
Make more horror storys
Dee Vasquez (4 days ago)
Dee Vasquez (4 days ago)
Jordan Ogilvie (4 days ago)
Red Stool can be a cause of blah blah blah but don't worry! were just gonna make you feel worse so were gonna tell you the symptoms! Maked me feel so much better!:)- sarcasm
Sayainwz Zaidi (4 days ago)
I had green poop sometimes
Calum Smith (4 days ago)
Was constipated Saturday and this morning it came out had food can not poo should take 1 senna tablet did do exercise and drink loads water had fruit also
Fun videos 6 (5 days ago)
You can make your opinion if you want to subscribe to me or not
FuZz Darkeyz (5 days ago)
😖 👕 👖🚽 This is Jeffy he has diarrhea if you give 1 like 1 pill
Poo is so disgusting why am I watching this video well got no choice i have to 😒
ben higgs (7 days ago)
3:38 listen. see? he said number 4 two times
Music Time (7 days ago)
I have red and green stalls ;-; and the red it’s not food
Brain Damage247 (7 days ago)
I actually pooped a green poop before
Aaleigah Daily (7 days ago)
Haha qooooop😆😂😱😱😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😸😸
cartoon studio fights (7 days ago)
i got green
OML Blox (7 days ago)
3:37 there is 2 mistakes 1 is that he went to 4 fom 1 and another u know it
Iqra Farooq (7 days ago)
Ganesh Babu (7 days ago)
He removes his pants and talking
My sister pooped green..
Jimysonzylar Gaming (8 days ago)
I had white poop it didn’t get hurt
Kannav Singh (8 days ago)
Who else checked his her poop colour after watching this video ?
Charles Gentert (9 days ago)
Bad shit=bad health
Danay Oscary (9 days ago)
I thought i clicked on wrong video for a sec an was gonna leave like if agree
Marshall Lee II (10 days ago)
They stole the thumbnail from another video :/
Lauren Louise (10 days ago)
I'm not being funny or owt but am I the only normal person who just goes and flushes? I don't have a little check on how it's looking??
Crystal Coppa (10 days ago)
I love lentils
Crystal Coppa (10 days ago)
I have green stool
Isabel Dyer (10 days ago)
On shapes number one I have that but I eat a load of fruit and swim, run and do gymnastics why
Catherine's random YTC (11 days ago)
I watch this video like 3 months ago and today i poop those constapation and i watch this video to find out why?and it help me a lot thank you!!❤❤
UltraX Techno (11 days ago)
My mom said when I was a baby I pooped again and again until I’m dehydrated and it send me to the hospital
Its Just Julianna (11 days ago)
4:13 😂 lol
JC1118 (11 days ago)
I had green poop but I couldn’t tell if it was yellow or green. Please be green I don’t wanna have a disease
Katsuki Bakugo (11 days ago)
0:22 I actually cringed so hard 🤢🤢🤮
euanpc (11 days ago)
for shape what if you get a mixture of 1 and 2 does that mean you have super constipation
Fun videos 6 (11 days ago)
I know a time when my poop was reading that happened on December 25, 2015 But now it’s good
Leonard Rowe (11 days ago)
Thank you it is good to now.
Helen Murphy (12 days ago)
Sandy Wang (12 days ago)
Fallout4Gamer 749 (12 days ago)
Trust me being lactose intolerant is NOT fun
quadi naje - ROBLOX (12 days ago)
3:37 Error?
maxcyaneye (12 days ago)
proof BRIGHT SIDE fears demonetization.. *Stool*
Dennis Yap (12 days ago)
Heh. #2 💩💩💩💩
Dennis Yap (12 days ago)
Pooooooop GOD WHY!
Lauren’s World (13 days ago)
Hi there
Alexandrea Hanson (13 days ago)
i am a kid
Lowskies Highground (13 days ago)
A square
Xiomaria Milton (14 days ago)
Xiomaria Milton (14 days ago)
And some times my but bleeds
Xiomaria Milton (14 days ago)
I'm I'll ways cunstupated
Dead Moon (14 days ago)
Once mine was a bottle shaped one
dont subscribe (14 days ago)
09:54 04:37 your not doing surgery on me
PrissyNPolish (14 days ago)
Just realized at the end that he is sitting on the toilet! Lol!
This makes me wanna poop....
goko Calonge (17 days ago)
Ash Ali (17 days ago)
Only one time red
Ash Ali (17 days ago)
Mine is green yellow and red
Trenton Pritchett (18 days ago)
Be careful what you read in gluten free food it could still contain gluten so watch out
Lori Golden (18 days ago)
juicy poop like minea
Lori Golden (18 days ago)
can i lick your ducky
j GAMER1701 (18 days ago)
get ready of 11 minutes about your poop
Jonathan Jokemyster (18 days ago)
I took fibers and prunes and still can't go... any advice people?
Fonty Fontenot (19 days ago)
I like to poo so much, I think I'm gonna turn pro.
ROBLOX Gameplays (19 days ago)
Mine is Green,Yellow,brown
ll GARCRLLE ll (19 days ago)
Who else has green poop after they eat green eggs and ham on hat in the cat day
Brent Gathwright (19 days ago)
Once Upon A Blink (19 days ago)
There were 7.1 million people who clicked on this...That's 7.1 million people who clicked on this because of poop.
Snozi (19 days ago)
Cordelia kitten Cat (19 days ago)
I know it’s gross but I’m a bit worried-is green poop bad???-if so-Let’s just say I got a little green poop each time I poop
Cordelia kitten Cat (19 days ago)
My mom says it dose the matter
Cordelia kitten Cat (19 days ago)
I had such a bad fever I had to go to the hospital and it was hard to get up, could that have to do with it
Cordelia kitten Cat (19 days ago)
I’m only nine-should I tell my mom
Cordelia kitten Cat (19 days ago)
Not a lot
Cordelia kitten Cat (19 days ago)
Sometimes I get the normal stool shape
Fortnite LOL (19 days ago)
Like my comment please172628237638263737372878273837272729100193929299192019199191828182727288282 likes😃
Fortnite LOL (19 days ago)
🍪🍔🍔🍔🌭🍪🍦🎂🍿🍩🍩🍩☕️no have balance 🙌 good no☕️🍪🍺☕️🍻🍩have balance beecase it is good
Fortnite LOL (19 days ago)
I told you Im fine (20 days ago)
Ive had severe diarreah for three weeks now, since a week or two after I changed anti-depressant pills. My mum has diabetes type 1, and Ive seen that liquid poo can indiciet diabetes? Or is it the medicine that can be causing this? My pop is literally just a liquid, and has been for weeks as I said. I dont have any pain or anything. Im tired however. Idk. Im depressed too so yeah
Hitanshu Kapoor (20 days ago)
Intestines? That’s where tseries come from😹
Daniel Astwood (21 days ago)
this video is really shity get it like if you did😀😁😂😀😄

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