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K.Ugo Productions // Black Fashion Focus

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Recently, DC has hosted one of the few Fashion Week events, 'Black Fashion Focus'. It featured the talents of emerging African American fashion designers around the country, in the form of a charitable evening composed of a cocktail reception and fashion show. Black Fashion Focus was organized by K.Ugo Productions, and co-hosted by Wil 'Onix' Lash of VH1's I Love New York, featuring designers such as Prajje Jean-Baptiste, Travis Cal, Essence Flowers, & Dena Burton. They had the opportunity to grace the runway for a charitable cause and bring national attention to their collections. blackfashionfocus.com/​aboutus.html http://www.kugoproductions.com/index.html www.prajjecouture.com www.traviscal.com http://www.rdedesigns.com/home.html www.denaburton.com http://www.rdedesigns.com/home.html
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Teena Pope (4 years ago)
Real good show keep it going
TADavis (8 years ago)
Excuse me look at Onix doing big things. Love the video Dondy!

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