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How to Read Sheet Music

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A helpful guide created by an unqualified individual. Now that you can read sheet music why not use your newly-found skills to play the theme from this video? http://bit.ly/2cAcj5W
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Text Comments (13727)
Brock Lee (18 minutes ago)
1:40 its also fun when playing piano
Zackinator the bot (1 hour ago)
ezman 69420 (1 hour ago)
Woa.. this is some *shit* music.
TrenTHalis Canerdo (4 hours ago)
Mf means mufu
Matthew Palmer (12 hours ago)
This has been in my recommendations for like a year
soldier50first (15 hours ago)
I’m now musical genius.
SirHunter (18 hours ago)
"If you put them together, they sound nice." **death**
MuchSpetsnaz (20 hours ago)
Let's start with the staff: This is a staff.
Me (21 hours ago)
I actually learned a few things. lol
Yuno (1 day ago)
Thanks now I don't pass out while playing guitar because I forgot to breathe
KBella2007 (1 day ago)
It's funny on how correct this is even if it's a joke video
Faithless YT (1 day ago)
pxisxn (1 day ago)
1:40 i felt that
7 (2 days ago)
guys this video is fake
Three of Spades (2 days ago)
All musicians unite
Bluey Colors (2 days ago)
thanks youtube recommendations now i can be a musician
That One Guy (2 days ago)
That One Guy (2 days ago)
Kyaw Thu (2 days ago)
I've played the demisemihemidemisemiquaver once in my 8 years of violin and I've only died 3 times
ThatOneCubchoo (2 days ago)
I’ve been in band and chorus before and this pretty much sums up my knowledge
German Furman (2 days ago)
Reminds me of the "how to draw hands" video where the guy falls into an existential crisis.
Henrik Høyrup (2 days ago)
No eggs? No aggressive breathing? Oh, this isn't HowToBasic... :/
Strange & Deranged (2 days ago)
-Sheet- -music- Shit music
Julian Cianciolo (2 days ago)
Joboomer42 (3 days ago)
Is there a way that I can like this 2 times?
Bloodrammer (3 days ago)
1:38 MOSHI MOSHI! Hai, Doppio desu.
Jireh Choo (3 days ago)
When the 1:54 symbol appears 10 times on my score Me: runs out of breath Others: I can't hear you Play louder! Me: 1:54
AndreaJMars (3 days ago)
1:40 as a former trombone player, I can testify
*half step dissonance intensifies*
Loveliberty (3 days ago)
Why did you remouve your jazz video ?
Negative Assassin (3 days ago)
How to Piss Off All Music Teachers in 2 Minutes
Nivdy (3 days ago)
Imagine ukulele
BlueBatman VK (3 days ago)
As someone who has played trombone, the glissando part is so true.
Andres Henríquez (3 days ago)
Borris Bic (3 days ago)
As a drummer I have no use for this. *smokes crack*
Tripple (3 days ago)
As a musician, *this is accurate.*
Ice Boi (4 days ago)
I’m a drummer why am I watching this
SomeNerd Hk (4 days ago)
1:41 Yes that’s too true.
Flandre Scarlet (4 days ago)
One peice in my school’s band has a 41 bar rest and then a repeat and then a coda.
Pokemon X and y (4 days ago)
Put them together to sound nice *plays one of the worst notes ever*
Thank you, very cool
AlexTox (4 days ago)
How to read sheet music... Me:- Did You Mean Sh** Music? My Friend:- No, It's Like Bedsheets, You Know?
TheBowenArrow (4 days ago)
KittyGamer 2332 (4 days ago)
Instructions unclear, instead of reading sheet music I have ascended to the 1̴̹̬̲̙̆̓̽̚͜͠0̴̧͎̰̗͇͍̹͓̦͑͆2̶̰̹̞̐̓̓4̴̗̦͇̳̥͉̣͌͌̋͑̒̊͑9th dimension.
Belgiumelephant (4 days ago)
This is so true
Roland Caters (4 days ago)
You forgot baritones
LatteCream (4 days ago)
1:40 *Happy Trombone Noises* 1:42 *Sad Trombone Noises*
Tela Moshtlodo (4 days ago)
I mean ur not wrong
The Narrator (4 days ago)
Am I the only one who actually forgets to breathe? ok I'll go home
Goldenpants 123 (5 days ago)
This is my favorite
Skeefus (5 days ago)
More informative than the thumbnail led on.
Sam Sanchez (5 days ago)
"This video is a joke. Do not watch for genuine help." Video: -Has 5M views-
Bavarian Mapper (5 days ago)
Put em together and they sound nice *_SEMITONE TIME_*
SlimerGamer9531 (5 days ago)
my band teacher made me and everyone in my class watch this
ThatShiftyChara (5 days ago)
1:38 (Edit)2:10 You’re welcome blooloololooloooo
Rehman Mir (6 days ago)
Sometimes you can put notes together so they sound good “Minor 2nd”
Jacob Burke (6 days ago)
1:19 this is easy;this is not was so true
Card bored Fish (6 days ago)
Funny ha ha #104 this video
Kris R-K (6 days ago)
This reminds you when to breathe. In case you forget to breathe.
Kris R-K (6 days ago)
Who else had to Google the demisemihemidemisemiquaver to make sure that was what it's actually called
AshIsCooler (7 days ago)
Dont you hate it when you forget to breath smh.
Mina L (7 days ago)
Once there was a Fermata at the end of one song and our teacher jokingly threatened to hold that last note until we suffocate and die. *And That's How We Got Our Band Name* *13 Year Fermata!* *Coming to a city near your* or maybe not because we're *dead*
Jove Rogers (7 days ago)
Haha yeah good luck staring at the page for an accelerando
AlicePlays (7 days ago)
i read this as “this video is not a joke, watch for genuine help” so i’ve been avoiding watching it until recently when i finally read the thumbnail right
CasuallyInsecure (7 days ago)
1:52 I don’t mean to brag but I can play this part perfectly
My plain account (7 days ago)
That’s it, I’m just gonna use Synthesia
Jobn Playz (7 days ago)
Um.. this helped so much that cuz. Hsoajw anak ø hailpfuł
Kisumi (7 days ago)
bo o
Jimmy Jenkins (7 days ago)
b -O- O
nerfdis (8 days ago)
the last four seconds
One more for violin/viola: Sul - We do this because you suck at playing music Sul G - in general
Denny Gorbzalez (9 days ago)
Thank you, Julian! Because of you, I can now be a professional composer! Thanks!
Counting to 7 in a 7/8 is more difficult than counting to 5😂
Isabella Ruppelt (9 days ago)
1:37 am I the only one who SAW the page turn and intense confusion everyone has when they’re trying to figure this out.
Avocado B (9 days ago)
ThePeopleOnTheCouch (9 days ago)
My orchestra teacher showed us this years ago and I have never been the same since.
aaa (10 days ago)
*cries in trombone*
Pretzel Time (10 days ago)
*Unless you play in a band, then you tune in the note above A (A#)* Um ExCuSe Me BuT wE tUnE iN tHe KeY oF Bb
Monika Schmidt-Becker (4 days ago)
Y'know, it's funny. Someone probably read this and didn't get the joke.
Kris R-K (6 days ago)
Asking me to play in Bb: sure no prob Asking me to play in A#: i'M sOrRy WhAt ThE f*Ck DiD yOu JuSt SaY
Maggie’s World (10 days ago)
*thE loW oNe anD thE higH onE*
AJ_snow_leopard (11 days ago)
*Shows C (or 4/4 for band geeks like me 😎)* “this is easy” *shows cut time* “this is not” Yeah, pretty much how it works 😂
Brandon Mixon (6 days ago)
2/2 time is 4/4 but harder. It's literally nothing but 4/4 but harder. And for no reason. =p
Karl Cossaboon (11 days ago)
1:19 Those two statements are the most true statements of all time
I like planes (11 days ago)
Like solo but everyone gets credit *soviet anthem starts playing*
Pearl Joy Perales (12 days ago)
Well, never thought this vid had aleast some genuine info...
Amos (13 days ago)
This is easy. *This is not.*
Frankly Musical (14 days ago)
Hey Julian, I was wondering which video editing software are capable of simulating and animating sheet music in such way. Thanks
llama boi (14 days ago)
Almost passing out while playing my melodica is a normal occurrence
Aniah Auriemma (14 days ago)
I had my headphones up all the way and then the minor second came and i jumped and almost broke my phone xDDD
Matt Eugene Hilado (15 days ago)
1:39 Doolooloolooloolooloolooloolooloolooloolooloolooloolooloolooloo
Rin Rin (15 days ago)
Don’t even get started on all the extra shit for Choir sheet music like holy fuck
I see
Muntaj Gill (16 days ago)
I clicked on this video and realized this is the same one my band teacher (he didn’t have a title within our band) showed us on the first day, as a joke
Sasha Did 911 (17 days ago)
I know this is supposed to be a joke with the disclaimer and all but most of this is spot on, especially the subito part
Zzyzx (17 days ago)
I watch this video every few months and smile because everything in here is so true... Having a 118 bar rest... Told the conductor "Fuck that shit, nobody gonna count that shit. Cue is 4 bars before we start playing"
This actually helped me play the violin 😂😂😂😂
Callum (18 days ago)
I see you sneakily referred to the band tuning pitch as A# rather than Bb you monster.
I noticed that too and I don't even play in band.
I read how to read shit music
Smooth Cha Cha (18 days ago)
*You thought it was over*
Dylan Frost (18 days ago)
This is the flattest voice I've ever heard
It also makes it so funny tho
Pastelie Uni (19 days ago)
Repeat sign after a 10 hour song. Rip you
Hte_ spaghetti (21 days ago)
Oh my god the Cota is so relatable when you're just learning it (I play violin 1 in orchestra and we make jokes that we're better than everyone else )

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