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How to Read Sheet Music

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A helpful guide created by an unqualified individual. Now that you can read sheet music why not use your newly-found skills to play the theme from this video? http://bit.ly/2cAcj5W
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Text Comments (9042)
Dan ny (1 hour ago)
danthegoat13 (7 hours ago)
This the guy who taught Beethoven?
Bro Potato57 (13 hours ago)
I like how it says this is a joke don’t come for genuine help, but it is 100% true
Obi-Wan Kenobi (14 hours ago)
Im probably horribly unqualified being as I play trumpet and that inately makes me a moron but in pretty sure that's an a at 0:26
HenHen (14 hours ago)
Can I please have a 10 hour version of 2:11?
Jasmine Wood (16 hours ago)
This is like one big sheet music reading inside joke.... I love it. X-D
Irena (16 hours ago)
This is one of the funniest things I've seen and it just made my day. 😂 Just relating this to terms and symbols I've come across in sheet music.
COCONUT NUT (17 hours ago)
Crystal Creator (17 hours ago)
C this is easy C/ THIS IS NOT
Tara Nalani (17 hours ago)
*this reminds you to breathe....in case you forget to breathe*
Raj Beats (17 hours ago)
whatup! just wanted to let you know you've got some dope music. keep up the good work!
Joseph Reid (18 hours ago)
thank you jules
SteampunkPandaBear (18 hours ago)
This describes sheet music perfectly. *Every disgusting inch of it*
Reaper the Pig (19 hours ago)
How to play in 5/4: 1234123412341234123412341234123455555555
Kpop cherry (19 hours ago)
mp=meh p=be soft pp= be softer ppp=dont even bother
Alexa Wheeler (20 hours ago)
when your arm hurts from holding up your instrument and you think the piece is almost over than you see that repeat sign lol
Justin Y (21 hours ago)
This is why I pay for my internet
Abigail Martinez (23 hours ago)
this video is hilarious I love this video
Marti Bull Svensson (23 hours ago)
Don't even bother😂
Brad Pilcher (23 hours ago)
1:49 **COMMUNISM**
Crash Webb (1 day ago)
oh boy, another 5/4 song
Merris McDuffie (1 day ago)
I can’t stop laughing!!
Brielle Navarro (1 day ago)
I play clarinet
Estrevari Sylvari (1 day ago)
The choir teacher showed us this video to make us laugh in 7th grade as some people were crying, others just stared in boredom, and some were pretending to be asleep. I watch it again now, realizing how boring it was from the beginning but slightly amusing. Thank you.
Richa Boppuri (1 day ago)
the tremolo though
what heck this not how reed sheet 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Caitlyn Clark (1 day ago)
štâčêy (1 day ago)
I can say that through my 3 years of playing Bass Clarient, I still hate Codas.
SpaceTurtle (1 day ago)
Vry noice
Butter of Sorrow (1 day ago)
"So you go back when... no wait." Yup, that's accurate.
Hydro (1 day ago)
As a trombone player I can confirm that was the only thing I was good for
Celaena Moon (1 day ago)
“Sometimes it gets four beats, sometimes it doesn’t.” Why am I laughing 😂😂
sassysimmer4 (1 day ago)
I play the cello so I can very fluently read Bass but I sing 🎼 treble ❤️🥔
- HalpNotHelp - (1 day ago)
*:|* You thought it was over LMAO If you don’t know what that means, don’t bother...
dong boy (1 day ago)
I clicked this thinking it was a joke
Nev Ungacta (1 day ago)
I like the music In The background
amazing abby (1 day ago)
I think the people this relates to most is only the band kids who know they've been in band for too long but at the same time know its too late to get out. This gits me real deep. 😂😂😂
Agents League (1 day ago)
Thank you for the ending Loved that Minor 2nd interval
Agents League (1 day ago)
Unless you wanna call it an inverted Major 7th
Michael Fellinger (1 day ago)
You folks down there talking about 60-odd measures of rest being so excruciating-in many operas, the trombones have entire ACTS where they don't play a note. And operas are usually HOURS long. I believe it's Fidelio where they play in the overture and then don't play again until well into the last act of the whole opera. I know. I played in an opera orchestra for 31 years. Hated most of it, but it wasn't my main musical group, thank God.
KooperSpeederYT (1 day ago)
2:11 🤗
Skeleton Tits (1 day ago)
The dislikes are the people who didn't read the thumbnail. 👌
Ishimaru Mitsuki (1 day ago)
2:10 jumpscare incoming
Eusticom (1 day ago)
ChibiOrihimeChan (1 day ago)
I was hoping that this video would be funny but it wasn't
Luke Chenoweth (1 day ago)
Nina Elmoyan (1 day ago)
I play bari sax so I've gotten like a good 60 measures of rest in one piece
XxXDark_ScytheXxX (1 day ago)
1:52 someone in my band had this for a 2 page song. and they only play... like... 4 bars XD
XxXDark_ScytheXxX (1 day ago)
It's sad cause I play music, and this is kinda acurate
trash ghost (1 day ago)
I would like to inform you that my orchestra teacher likes this video a lot, and has used it on multiple occasions to teach students who are just starting their instrument, so thanks
When Laughing at this, Remember not to f***ing choke whilst laughing. Oh, and breath, Its good for your life expectancy.
cas holmes (1 day ago)
as a musician, i can confirm this is all true
KadenStructures (1 day ago)
This makes so much more sense than my teacher did! I just passed my exam!
What's the one at 1:54?
Joseph Fox Drums (1 day ago)
That hold 64 hits me deep as a timpani player
The Osu! Maniac (1 day ago)
I love how the bass clef at 0:19 is one step lower than usual
Brandon Lu (2 days ago)
2:10 tho.
0:38 Shut up all of you Heretics are wrong, Bᵇ is the only true key
Makeup Learner (2 days ago)
0:39 weird trombones 😂
NINTENDO MAN (2 days ago)
Music has never been so hilarious
Isaiah Roberson (2 days ago)
Counting to five has never been so difficult The most true sh ever😂😂😂😂😂
Akutabe A. (2 days ago)
Wierd, but kinda not incorrect
Lilly Rae (2 days ago)
I play trombone. And this is so accurate!!! 😂😂
GamersHaven (2 days ago)
This is very helpful since I learn the piano :D
Rachael Pitts (2 days ago)
i always hated the placements of the breaths. Bitch this next measure fff im breathing now fuck u
Izzy Salgado (2 days ago)
1:40 sad but true (I’m a trombone)
for a 12 year old, you sure have a very deep voice
Kee Braeden (2 days ago)
Cryosteph (2 days ago)
This is funny without understanding the basic and more advanced values of music, but if you do it's a lot more funny. I'm gonna have to come back to this for a good laugh when AP music theory starts to kick my ass.
Aryd (2 days ago)
*repeat sign* “At least you’re playing”
LiquidPrecipitation (2 days ago)
_I am demisemihemidemisemiquavering right now._
Redstone Federation (2 days ago)
I watched this before I knew how to play music and didn't understand it, now that I have a few years of experience playing a french horn, I find this funny.
Pulsarium (2 days ago)
That’s the best I can do.. 0:42
FUN 101 PRODUCTIONS (2 days ago)
After seeing this video in my recommended for a year I finally decide to check it out
thegolden eagle (2 days ago)
I play alto clef
Aria Ghoul (2 days ago)
1:52 Welcome to flutes
Poldhana Tumsatan (2 days ago)
as a trumpet player the start over thing really kills me
Arun Raman (2 days ago)
1:52 Playing the Double Bass
the door (2 days ago)
klixxy 523 (2 days ago)
Me: .......... I wish it was this simple. Then id ace every piano test my stupid teacher makes me do. LIKE WHY DO I NEED TO MEMORIZE 180 ITALIAN/FRENCH/GERMAN WORDS THAT HALF OD THEM HAVE THE SAME MEANING AND I WILL PROBABLY NEVER SEE IN MY MUSIC
asymmetrical gacha (2 days ago)
I do it by ear, tf who reads sheet music... yikes
sureshot 28 (2 days ago)
This is easy, this is not
MooieMoon (2 days ago)
As a viola player I am very triggered. I guess my clef is 'obscure' now. (jk idrc people hate the violas)
Sydney McDonald (2 days ago)
Um, true?
Sh00k3n- -TruS (2 days ago)
NRfun (2 days ago)
You're unimportant. You are very unimportant 😂😂😂 I feel for the people that have to wait that long and keep counting!
Bob the Cupcake (2 days ago)
* 64 measure rest * you are very unimportant.
Im reading through the comments and ppl are like "this is so accurate omg" and im like the fuck is a clef? Why are we teaching music in visual braille?
Nep Toons (2 days ago)
Someone’s playing the wrong note.
brezjnev (2 days ago)
gonna send this to my piano teacher idk if he's too old though ill be back
Untitled (2 days ago)
shit music-
Nicholas Wenis (2 days ago)
This is way more helpful than my music teacher
David Montoya (2 days ago)
Brown Family (3 days ago)
256th NOTE?! WHAT?! IT ONLY GOES UP TO THE SIXTEENTH! ( I took piano lessons for 12 sessions.) rit means GRADUALLY slower, sfZ meaning a very strong accent and mf meaning mezzo forte meaning moderately loud. Also, it only goes up to fortissimo(ff) and not fortifortissimo?(fff) and same with piano, pianissimo and pianopianissimo?
woodfur00 (2 days ago)
Don't correct people on things you don't know about. Just because you've never heard of it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. They're called fortississimo and pianississimo respectively.
FireBit (3 days ago)
If you're reading this you're already too late. Nice.
b i a n c a (3 days ago)
Any viola players w the unimportant clefs lmfaooo
Das Getto Pikachu (3 days ago)
Zahra Aliya Tunnisa (3 days ago)
Lies. This actually helped me with my hell like piano lessons.
"someone's playing the wrong note" 24/7 beginning band
thecutestpie0303 (3 days ago)
My choir teacher put this on one day... me and the other kids who were in both band and choir were in hysterics.
NeptuneFrost (3 days ago)
Sure YouTube, I'll watch it.

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