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How to Read Sheet Music

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A helpful guide created by an unqualified individual. Now that you can read sheet music why not use your newly-found skills to play the theme from this video? http://bit.ly/2cAcj5W
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Daniellα Orozco (2 hours ago)
ᗰY ᗰᑌᔕIᑕ TEᗩᑕᕼEᖇ ᗰᗩᗪE ᑌᔕ ᗯᗩTᑕᕼ TᕼIᔕ
PHOTON (9 hours ago)
jeez. it'll be easier for me to learn dolphine language rather sheet music.
Savar Shrivastava (17 hours ago)
i am very offended as a trombonist and want an apology 1:42
Fricking Loser (20 hours ago)
is anyone in 6th grade band anyone????? fortnite is VERY COOL
MAD TRIX (1 day ago)
I'd like to sleep in a bed made of your voice
FieryraidenX (1 day ago)
What does he mean when he says “it’s too late” when he talks about Subito
nice chord: C Db
gianna r (1 day ago)
dank bicycle boi (1 day ago)
Funniest thing ever
dank bicycle boi (1 day ago)
Euphoniums are always unknown, and when someone don’t knows their like OH LOOK A BABY TUBA
Natalya V. D. Brock (1 day ago)
chandler charlize (1 day ago)
fff for clarinet is mf for a trumpet and we are doing our best
chandler charlize (1 day ago)
god i love tenor and alto clef but when will i EVER need that. i play clarinet
Vespasiaan Gaming (1 day ago)
As a guitar player...fuck your clefts I have tabs.
Logan Bird (2 days ago)
The bass clef is supposed to have the dots surrounding the "F"
Dimitri (2 days ago)
As a trombone player, I can confirm that a gliss is the only fun thing about playing a trombone.
Xboy Dubose (2 days ago)
I like the Demisemihemisemiquaver
Brandon Burgess (2 days ago)
i mean... i guess it's all correct? ish...
PersonWhoLikesTurtles (2 days ago)
I just got a piano tutorial ad...
My whole recorder life is a lie
A random yakult (3 days ago)
i dont understand
Little Weirdo (3 days ago)
Lol 1:03
Anthony Battles (3 days ago)
I'd you are reading this it's already to late
Andrew Tessman (3 days ago)
I've viewed this video many times over the past several years... I love referring to it and it never gets old.
Tine Vodopivec (4 days ago)
"So you go back when... no, wait..." This perfectly describes my career as a trumpet player.
Mopsocks ? (4 days ago)
Move on to the important stuff! *ALEXA, HOW DO YOU PLAY DESPACITO?*
Dragoon GT (4 days ago)
Technically it's clickbait??
1:19 true
This is how I feel literally every time we get new music BTW like if you play oboe because I’m the only one in my band :(
o k a y (4 days ago)
This is a lot funnier if you know how to read sheet music
Basics (5 days ago)
Oh wow thanks I was doing a test on music and this really helped me :D
bludragawwn (5 days ago)
This is beautiful
Klara Bozanovic (5 days ago)
"Counting to 5 has never been so hard" yup true true
ITO (5 days ago)
is it bad that on longer periods of rest i sometimes don't count and partially just wait for playing cues from other instruments to when i jump back in
raining _ (5 days ago)
Wow, thanks this helped a lot! I got a F at my test which means fantastic! :D
Metta Peach Head (5 days ago)
Sniffles (5 days ago)
1:46 If you people are confused why he said "You should probably stop staring at the paper" Because you shouldn't be looking at your score. You should be looking at the conductor whenever you see rit. or accel. since the conductor rules those stuff
Athena Li (5 days ago)
1:53 it's even worse if you're a trombonist
Khaipie (5 days ago)
counting to 5 has never been so difficult *I felt that*
laywall (5 days ago)
this actually helped me
Cheesecake HD (6 days ago)
As someone who can actually read this stuff I have gotta say this is extremely entertaining.
Miss Unicorn2 (6 days ago)
Um you are the only person qualified to teach sheet music
Noah Dow (6 days ago)
1:47 like a solo, but *communism*
Gerda Burkhardt (6 days ago)
Aced my theory exam! Thanks dude!
Savana Smith (6 days ago)
We call fff fortississimo, and it is mostly used for marching band, I don’t see it in concert music usually
Jackson Wagner (6 days ago)
As a musician, I can confirm this is all perfectly true to how people react
Amanda Diaz (7 days ago)
This reminds you when to breathe... in case you forget to breathe 😂
Kolby Coutts (7 days ago)
Is it bad that this actually helped
A garbage ball (7 days ago)
Me every night to myself: You are unimportant You are very unimportant
V Ø I D S U G A R (7 days ago)
Is it possible to have dyslexia but just for sheet music?
Savannah A (7 days ago)
This made my day as a flutist. Very nice... very nice. 🤣🤣🤣
livyrose (7 days ago)
i can confirm 1:18
SquacamoleSD (8 days ago)
Jack Babler (8 days ago)
My favorite part of the entire video is still the thumbnail.
El77 (8 days ago)
**gets 64 measures of rest** you are *very* unimportant **sobs in bassoonist**
Meghan Williams (8 days ago)
you could make a religion out of this- no don’t
Spoon McFork (8 days ago)
I mean...he’s not wrong
Yp4031tmx (9 days ago)
MLG Gaming (9 days ago)
2:10 OMG that seriously jumpscared me
Hope in the dark (9 days ago)
I mean, it's all accurate.
Aurora Hasting (9 days ago)
Very relatable
Bella (9 days ago)
Karma Bros (10 days ago)
I love this video. And I’m sorry my clarinet doesn’t call notes what they actually are
How to Read Sheet Music By a twelve year old. oh no! the twelve year old army are taking over the piano sheets.
Grim tea (10 days ago)
I've been enlightened
Emma Meadows (11 days ago)
why is this accurate
Cake Pup (11 days ago)
jeonggukjeon (11 days ago)
"you thought it was over" me every time i see the repeat i swear-
wilfred pike (11 days ago)
imma fail music GCSE
Steven Jenkins (11 days ago)
This was actually super helpful thanks
PUBG Gaming (11 days ago)
Senior Poopane (11 days ago)
As a Saxophone player I can say this is %100 accurate.
MiniManHere (12 days ago)
Why was I expecting to hear a nice sound in THIS type of video? at the "put them together to make them sound nice" LOL
Chanuth Gunawardene (12 days ago)
Totally agree! Crescendo, diminuendo?
RedDragonStudio (12 days ago)
i mean for most of them hes not wrong XD
Skyler Pegasus (12 days ago)
'Do not watch for genuine help' . . . Me: *Watches it for genuine help*
RedRose112 (12 days ago)
Nicole Keff (12 days ago)
This video made me laugh so hard there needs to be more videos like this on the internet!!😂😂😂
Brad Sweeter (12 days ago)
This has to be the greatest lesson I have ever learned.
Daniel Ibadlit (12 days ago)
i died at 1:51 "you're unimportant. you're very unimportant" xD IM DONE
Edward Routley (13 days ago)
I got an app for Simply Piano before this.... It looks so fake xD xD
Kendrick Thepro (13 days ago)
The90sBen788 (13 days ago)
boo (b)
Jimbo 99 (13 days ago)
I feel like most of this is only funny for people who actually know how to read sheet music in the first place
Abigail Solstad (13 days ago)
1:38 doolooloolooloolooloolooloolooloolooloolooloo MY FAVE PART OF THIS VIDEO
Aj the kid (14 days ago)
Three years of band class and i could have just watched this video
StylezOnline (14 days ago)
*”Counting to 5 has never been more difficult”* 😂😂😂
metallurgicarborist (14 days ago)
Really funny but the narration sounds terrible. Not the voice but the recording. Like the levels are way too high or something. It sounds fuzzy. Still gets a 👍 for awesomeness.
Raysandi Januar (14 days ago)
I got an ad called Simply piano. *B 0 I*
Anada Dawson (14 days ago)
2:09 "please read sheet music responsibly" YES I LOVE THIS 2:10 - why are you doing this to me lol
Ayana Wood (14 days ago)
It all makes sense now... What an eye opener
Brandy Graham (15 days ago)
My band teacher showed the my class this and none of us stay quiet
João Duarte (15 days ago)
Mezzo piano is not below the pianos: it's right below mezzo forte... A lot of people make this misconception. I even found professionals making this mistake. Aside from that, good work...
João Duarte (8 days ago)
+Faded ah, from the middle down and then from the middle up.. If that's the case, it kinda makes sense, I'll grant him that.
Faded (8 days ago)
I think the dynamics were ordered in order of intensity. Mezzo piano is louder than piano, pianissiomo, and pianississimo, so it is first. Mezzo forte is softer than forte, fortissimo, and fortississimo, so it is also first for the fortes.
Ko_Toriii (15 days ago)
I got a ad before this that was like Lvl 1 student *plays piano* Lvl 23 rock star *plays piano* That’s how music works
• Karma • (15 days ago)
Play soft. Softer. Don’t even bother. Play loud. Louder. Don’t even bother. ^honestly me every time I try to sing lmao
Maddiline Kathryn (15 days ago)
My music teacher teaches us Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge and FACE for the lines and spaces
Joel Rhine (15 days ago)
I have lost more than i knew. I thought that was impossible.
Callmehmai _ (16 days ago)
"You thought it was over" 😂
SuperStokeed (16 days ago)
AmbitionZ (16 days ago)
I feel like this would be WAY funnier if I could read sheet music

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