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Silver at the Coinstar Machine
Found around 50¢ at the Coinstar & got a 1954 silver dime out of it
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Bottle Diggin in the Woods!
I stumbled upon a pretty nice sized dump while exploring a patch of woods near a construction site. Found some goodies!
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X-Men 4K 3 Film Exclusive at Walmart
You need to get this set if you love X-Men movies. The price is just great. $34.96 at Walmart
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Metal Detecting Clips February-May 2017
Just a compilation of different metal detecting hunts during early 2017.
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Draining our pool Gone Wrong
Yeah I didn't expect this to happen. LOL
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Garrett Ace 300 Unboxing
This is an old, brief video from a year ago that shows what you get when you buy this great metal detector.
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Wayne's World 2 Blu-Ray Unboxing
Get it while you can. Only around $7 on Amazon.com
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Coinstar Machine Jackpot!
I found about $5.48 in spare change at the Coinstar machine at my local Brookshire's.
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Snake Encounter in the Backyard
I ain't going down there anymore.
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Found a Nice Pocketknife in the Lake
This older Gerber pocketknife was found on November 5, 2016 at the bottom of the lake when it was drained. Cleaned up nicely by sandblasting.
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Nice Arrowhead found while metal detecting!
I think when my house was built back in 1991, dirt was stirred and pushed around so an extremely old Native American artifact was found in the same hole as a modern piece of foil that rang up as a 40-50 on my Garrett Ace 300.
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Copperhead in my driveway!
Just stepped out my carport door to see this guy slithering towards me! Crazy.
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