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Bulq.com Liquidation FULL TUTORIAL | How to scale your eBay business | STOP SELLING CLOTHING!
In this video I talk in depth about how to scale your eBay business by using liquidation websites such as bulq.com liquidation.com and bstock. Too often I find sellers stuck without guidance of how to get better merchandise, after finding out about liquidation it allowed me to bring the merchandise to my door, instead of hunting it down 1 item at a time in my city (thrift stores, resale shops..) Please watch all the way through as the information provided is most likely not mentioned here on YouTube in other videos, these are my personal up-to-date tricks and tips on how to be successful with scaling your eBay business and I really hope it is helpful to others. Please subscribe if your enjoyed and let me know how I can improve my content! Thank you!
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How to run eBay promotional sales + markdowns | INCREASE SALES | Move old inventory!
In this video I go over how to setup and run a promotional sale on your eBay items. This is a great way to increase your sales and it will help you get rid of those old, stagnant items that have been sitting around forever! Please leave a thumbs up and subscribe if you enjoyed and be sure to check out some of the other content on my channel. Get out there and KILL IT!
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How to create professional eBay listings | Stand out from your competitors | SELL FAST!
In this video I go over how to stand out from your competitors and how to properly optimize your eBay listings to guarantee success! Please see my other video's on eBay selling and sourcing merchandise for your eBay sales. If you would like more content, please feel free to subscribe!
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Why your eBay business is failing and tips to be successful
Thank you for clicking on my video, I hope you found it helpful, if not, please let me know in the comments how I can provide better information to help. I'm making this video to encourage every day individuals to step off of their 9-to-5 job and continue an entrepreneurial position on Amazon and eBay. In this video I speak on a few of my failures and a few things that have helped me find success on eBay and I want to encourage everybody to continue what they love to do and be able to support them self with e-commerce.
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