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Honda GCV160 Lawn Mower - Won't start when hot.
UPDATE: I have been told by Honda and Home Depot that this is most likely an issue with the auto-choke. Folks at THD said they have had nearly all of these returned, possibly b/c we are in Colorado Springs at an elevation over 6,000' ft and the auto choke won't compensate. I don't want to return it as it does an amazing job. Honda sent me to a local dealer who wants to charge me for the repair (I've had the mower for just over 1 month).
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Nathaniel Camo Belt Test
Songahm Tae Kwon Do Camo Belt Testing
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How to Pour - Left Hand Brewing - Russian Imperial Stout
LHB's Russion Imperial Stout is such an easy pour and an amazing spectacle to behold. Pay attention to the cascading effect of the bubbles after the poor. And Nitro beer is so incredibly smooth. A+++
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Haboob in Maricopa, AZ
Big Dust Storm
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Three Ring Circle - Live at Station Inn (Nashville) May 5, 2015
A sample of this amazing Trio (Rob Ickes, Andy Leftwich & Dave Pomeroy. Music from their album Brothership.
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Haboob in Maricopa, AZ
Dust Storm #2
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Sam's Gymnastics
First day of gymnastics
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Christmas Eve Morning
Nathaniel & Sam talking about Christmas - what they're hoping for and what Christmas is all about:-)
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Recital June 2016
My 11-year old playing The Entertainer followed by Canon in D, he lost his place while playing without sheet music...broken heart, but he didn't give up, watch what happened next - https://youtu.be/iMuJQuzZXvU
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Recital June 2016 - Take two
His second try...
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Amazing Double-Rainbow (Colorado Springs, CO)
This amazing rainbow occurred after an incredible hail storm swept through NE Colorado Springs on June 14, 2015. Missed the hailstorm as I was driving into town just after it occurred. Apologies for the out of focus parts.
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Nathaniel Karate Competition
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