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『ラブライブ!』μ's だってだって噫無情 ギターを弾いてみた
作曲:江並哲志 編曲:増田武史 和風調の曲
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NYPD cops (Traffic) gone wild
These were some of the hardest working traffic agents that I have ever seen. They banged 20 cars under an hour pulling them over and issuing tickets left and right!
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Ambulance stuck in traffic
Brooklyn, NY by the metrotech area
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Near head on car collision
Can't get any better than this. NY is full of quality drivers.
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dumb driver meets dumber driver PARKING CHALLENGE
One driver tries to park at an angle and sticks out her car. Second driver tries IDK WTF he was trying to do. End result is pure comedy
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running stop sign and bitching
this idiot runs the stop sign and honks at me like I did something wrong
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NYC asshole driver - driving straight on turn lane
Can you spot the asshat?
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idiots holding up traffic in the middle of the road
Dont understand why idiots dont move their cars off to the side of the road when they get into an accident
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strength training and plyometrics
training reel
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cockroach treatment - chinese style
momma's gone crazy
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