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How To Make Money Selling Your Old Electronics on eBay! Profit 100-200% Using Value Added Reselling
Working from home has never been more attractive than it is in today's world. Using this form of Online Arbitrage called Value Added Reselling (VAR) has boosted my profits tremendously!!! Sometimes investing a little more money into an item you intend to sell will make it more attractive to potential buyers. This "CAN" also increase your final sale price when flipping items on eBay and other platforms. Please do your own research on anything before purchasing a single thing! Take the end point that you want to arrive at, and work out the plan backwards to know where to begin ALWAYS! Luckily in this video, I can confirm that this market as 10/6/2017 is a viable market to be Reselling the item I describe in this video... A Sony PSP. Enjoy the video!!! Also...like, comment, and subscribe to receive more videos like this one, and other videos related to working from home, investing, creating multiple streams of income, entrepreneurship, and many instructional how to videos. IF YOU CAN'T CONCEIVE IT, YOU CAN'T RECEIVE IT! (Words to live by.)
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WORK FROM HOME IN YOUR PAJAMAS!! Buy Items Off eBay to Resell for PROFIT💰Football Season Money $$
This short video is just a simple idea for anyone knows anything about sports, and the popular players involved. Chances are even if you aren't a sports fan you know a popular player. With a little research and some patience, you too can make considerable money 💰 on the garments/jerseys you can find online to resell. This example shows a Tim Tebow jersey that was actually purchased and resold on eBay for a $25 profit after fees & shipping. The best part??? It took less than 2 weeks to sell!!!!
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