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First time eating durian
fruit is fun
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To 6g/4mm △ Ear Stretching
8g since september 2014 and the spirals since march 2015 recorded may 11 2015 no pain whatsoever (as it should be) the spiral in between 8g and 6g and it made the stretch to 6g a lot easier. a whileago i tried to go from 8g to 6g.. tape wouldn't stay on and when i did a taper it wouldn't go i easily.. though technically i'm not sure if i was accidentally using a 4g taper thinking is was 6g... anyway well this was super easy. it was easier than putting the spiral in so that was probably a little above a 7g. but both were really easy. also i'm actually just stretching up to try to get this double flared 8g plug in. the flares are like 6g or 4g. they're rose quarts and so pretty and i just ant ot wear them lol. but just one ear cause i love the opal 8g i have in my right ear. lol that's the thing about stretching and getting pretty jewelry like you don't want to stop wearing them. that happened with my 12 glass plugs so i stretched my 2nd holes on my lobes n i worked and it looked nice but one day i just took them out? should be easy to stretch up to again though ps. i washed my hands and everything and washed my ear with water longer but cut it out also massaged my ear longer with the jojoba oil and also put it on the taper
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Interracial Dating, Racism, Misogynoir
part 2: exceptions! https://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_2436283669&feature=iv&src_vid=dg6xAyizW1A&v=CpIPMi8I_o4
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10g/2.4mm | Ear Stretching
stretching my lobes from 12g to 10g woot filmed July 18th, 2014
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LuckyVitamin Haul//Unboxing (Vegan)
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Student Nurses
experimental music video//short film music was edited but original songs: Student Nurses Come by Laii'la Black In, Black Out, Will In And Will Out by Laii'la Pinkish Floyd by Peter John Ross
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florida & cows
i am the cow whisperer. my grandma's neighbor's cows, probably doesn't know we even interact w them.
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A Hen, Newborn Chicks, & Adolecent Chickens
my friend's house is on two acres of land and they own chickens as pets so yeah here's some birbs Connecticut june 2014
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Raw Til 4~ What This Vegan Eats in a Day ^-^
raw vegan until 4pm then mostly healthy eating (but obviously vegan) all of the food with multiple ingredients (aka somewhat processed ono) did in fact only have real and natural ingredients. it's a start!
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1950s Sexist Lysol Ad Parody
Lysol used to be a douche for (cafab) women that was used to cleanse the vagina and also flush out sperm after sex. It's main usage was also to eliminate vaginal odor, and viewed the vagina and the menstruating body as dirty. Obviously we now know that a) you can't douche out sperm as a reliable birth control, and b) douches are all around bad for vaginas. Especially Lysol jfc. But that's the 1950s for ya, yayyy. Actually there's still modern shaming around """"vaginal odor"""" but news flash vaginas smell like vaginas. Wow what a concept. lol anyway here's a comedic take on old vintage ads about Lysol.
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Pro/Anti Pornography, Porn Industry, Sex Workers
why is porn bad? is it bad? and more wonders
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Transmisogyny, Misogyny, Womanhood
Talking about types of misogyny, how trans women face misogyny, and how TWERFs confuse me
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16g/1.2mm | First Stretch
from bodyartforms dot com well first time stretching my 2nd hole(s) on my lobe so I thought I bought 2 but I guess I only bought 1 :p only going to a 12g bottom lobes currently 8g
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Hidden Gardens 9/18
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Daylight~ Matt & Kim
Sweet October days with my dear friend, John. Thank you for being my friend and for showing me this song ehee thanks Jillian, too. ♥ ♥ ♥ Lyrics: we cut the legs off of our pants threw our shoes into the ocean sit back and wave through the daylight sit back and wave through the daylight slip and slide on subway grates these shoes are poor mans ice skates fall through like change in the daylight fall through like change in the daylight i miss yellow lines in my roads some color on monochrome maybe i'll paint them in myself maybe i'll paint them in myself these sidewalks liquid then stone building walls and an old pay phone it rings like all through the daylight it rings like all through the daylight chorus and in the daylight we can hitchhike to maine i hope that someday i'll see without these frames and in the daylight i don't pick up my phone cause in the daylight anywhere feels like home I have five clocks in my life and only one has the time right i'll just unplug it for today ill just unplug it for today open hydrant rolled down windows this car might make a good old boat and float down grand street in daylight and float down grand street in daylight and with just half of a sunburn new yellow lines that i earned step back and here comes the night time step back and here comes the night time chorus and in the daylight we can hitchhike to maine i hope that someday i'll see without these frames and in the daylight i don't pick up my phone cause in the daylight anywhere feels like home
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How to be Vegan in College/University
Some of my tips on how to eat plant-based in college. There's also a lot more tips out there those were just the ones that came to me, if you have more questions please feel free to ask. Here's a lot more tips I didn't mention: own a blender. If you're in a dorm like me, get a mini blender. I love smoothies. Oh yeah also have a mini fridge. I do own one but it's at home cause my roommate already had one, so we share that. And another thing- snack wise, buy bars! I like Clif, Lara, and Luna bars. All of those brands are mostly vegan, so just check. Lara might even be all vegan. Oh and for smoothies they're way better if you freeze your fruit instead of using plain fruit and adding ice. For the liquid i add either almond milk or water. At home I like using fresh coconut water. So yeah you can freeze fruit or buy frozen fruit. I usually buy plain bananas, peel and freeze them, and buy other fruits like mangoes chopped and frozen. I also occasionally buy So Delicious's vegan ice cream. Oh an these little individual packs of chocolate almond milk. I love chocolate almond milk and I don't care if I look like a kid drinking from a milk carton lol oh well. There are a lot of vegan brands hiding about at Meijer (and so many grocery stores) :D But remember there are basic foods you're probably already used to like rice, pasta, corn, beans, lentils, frozen veggies, hummas, peanut butter, nuts, pasta sauce, oil, spices, bread, etc. If you want to know, in my cafeteria I usually get pasta, plate of veggies, rice, salad, fruit, or cereal. Also I brought some nutritional yeast from home and would make cheesy pasta now and then. Or pasta with your average pasta sauce. Or plain with olive oil or earthblance vegan butter. I made rice a lot. Either plan, with earthbalance butter,or with soy sauce (well i used bragg's liquid aminos which is like low-sodium soy sauce). I also bought some bisquick and made 3-ingredient pancakes. I only made these twice but yeah. It's a 1:1:1 ratio of bisquick mix to mashed banana to almond milk. If you want throw in chocolate chips. Also a plant oil or plant butter to go on the pan. But it's 1 cupmix,1 banana, 1 cup milk.And if you want less (that's usually enough to feed 2 people) then just cut it down. But usually breakfast I have a clemintine or a Clif bar. At home I eat way more. Like 4 bananas and pancakes and so much. http://www.happycow.net/ other general vegan tips: http://eartheld.co/veggie http://veganon10.blogspot.com/ To see some food I buy when I'm home check out my video on showing some food I bought from Trader Joe's ad Whole Food's here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyK_745fyfk
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To Breathe Sous L'eau
February 18th, 14 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I never know whether to put people &blogs or film & animation it's sort of both (???)
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and the failure of curling my hair future chloe: aw. little me, discovering feminism. why was it a surprise that i would one day be a WGST major. i'm glad this wasn't that cringe i was actually pretty knowledgeable. this is so funny. i'm so cute. i hate that my hair didn't curl lol? it usually does. i was killing my hair what's happening.
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4th Grade Talent Show
9 year old me and Kirsten
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Outdoor Kitty House
make one for your furry friends sorry for sideways fis;hfa;sfj
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Rainy Day~
A rainy happy funny sunny joyful day spent with Charlotte :D hope you like it, we enjoyed making it for sure :D edit: I took the music off cause it was blocked to everyone cause copyright (sound a bit of music comes back about 1/3 of the way in)
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8g/3.2mm | Ear Stretching
September 4th, 2014
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Coupe de Cheveux
January 4th, 2014 Emily and I give this kid a haircut Haydar's channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/DrOliolioxenFord
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primrose texas
Houston,TX w Loralye May 4th-10th, 2016
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Haydar Haircut
Emily and I giving Haydar a rad haircut :3 His channel:http://www.youtube.com/user/DrOliolioxenFord
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Haydar Haircut IV A New Hope
cutting/ buzzing Haydar's hair. also listen to us talking about interesting matters
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Midnight Haircut
cutting Haydar's hair
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VeganCuts Camping Box unboxing!
snacks and more! http://vegancuts.com/ http://vegancuts.com/offer/camping-box if sold out check out their other stuff
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October Friends
October, 2012
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Nancy January
fun time with Charlotte today. original Song used was Nancy Boy by Placebo. but youtube got mad..like 3 1/2 years later this song seems to fit well though
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what's uuuup do you like my glasses aren't they fresh august 16, 2015
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I can still feel the music // MoPop 2016
finally uploading this. took a while cause of emotions mmmH
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Lavende et Lilas ✧ our first tattoos! ❀
It started out just wanting to go to brunch........ September 17th, 2016
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crane / iii
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Death of a Star
well this was supposed to be "Brain Damage" by Pink Floyd but youtube is a bitch so I had to use audio swap. I guess it works.
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Tourist, NYC
finally uploading this lol... pls watch in 720p or 1080p // NYC end of October 2016. yeah i'm late to upload this shhh // we went to so many good vegan restaurants omg. also day before Halloween I was a cat and Kirsten was Kim Possible lol // i have footage of me talking but the sound is low or silent so don't worry the audio isn't important (case any HoH people or non-English speakers were lost at those parts)
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Lakeside June
summer fun and kiddos june 2016
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chicago deux
chicago 2016
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Frau, uninterrupted
WGST final/ december 2015
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So yeah, update ☼ july16
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Vegan groceries ☮
my groceries i bought tonight :)
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florida & tea
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Baby geese ~
Springtime baby birds April 2016
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September Thoughts
September 24th. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ this was thrown together because i had to get off of the computer and all the family computers at both houses suck ugh who cares no one watches these AUUH no stay positive kay all of this description is what i recorded but didn't put in here and might make into another video
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Fairy February
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december 2015 pt 1
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Young July
ideeer, charlotte, chloe
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What I ate todayy Ⓥegan
what i ate today, all vegan/plant-based ft. raw vegan dinner! July 9, 2015
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Spring is Tomorrow
Monday, March 19th, 2012. Just an afternoonish evening after school with Loralye and Byron. ouo Very warm this week. I hope the weather stays this way ^-^ Calender-wise, it's the official last day of Winter today.
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