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Mannix's Dodge Dart
This is a video clip from season 2 of Mannix. He is driving his Dart through the canyon road after the bad guy tampered with the car. This is a good scene of his car featured in 1968. I really like this model.
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DOS adventures -- old Gopher clients for DOS
This video explores old Gopher clients that were used for DOS back in the early 1990s.
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DOS adventures -- The LINKS web browser
LINKS. A graphical web browser ported to DOS from Twibright Labs. This browser has many features and is a must have for hobbyists who like to surf the web in DOS. It also allows the option of text browsing as well. A good pure information browser for those not wanting flash or javascripting distraction.
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DOS adventures - The Volkov Commander and LIST
This video demonstrates two utilities to make navigating DOS much easier. The Volkov Commander is a shell that allows you to move, view, copy, open files, etc. with ease. LIST is a file viewing utility that was very popular in the DOS era. This video is dedicated to memory of Vernon D. Buerg (1947-2009) - the creator of LIST.
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OS/2 Warp on a 1996 Aptiva  - Part Two
This video is the second part of a remake in higher def of a demonstration of my Dad's old Aptiva I rescued from the junk in the garage.
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DOS adventures -- the DOSLYNX web browser
This is a video demonstrating the DOSLYNX web browser. DOSLYNX is available from: http://users.ohiohills.com/fmacall/
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Ted Associates Words With Body Parts
Ted recognizes the words for several individual body parts. He also is discovering the sounds letters represent. He is beginning to grasp the idea that the "E" in EAR also has different sound to the "E" in ELBOW which at first was confusing. Because QWERTY computer keyboards are in capital letters, I am very optimistic he can more easily recognise lower case typefaces through this medium.
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OS2 Warp on a 1996 Aptiva  - Part One
This video is a remake in higher def of a demonstration of my Dad's old Aptiva I rescued from the junk in the garage.
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Teknicolor Raincoats - Dark Ages
Obscure 1990 alternative rock song from a Toronto group called the Teknicolor Raincoats. Enjoy! Personal use only. Uploaded for historical purposes. We'll come out of the Dark Ages. You gotta know there's victory for you!
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Ted Letters 1 XTZ
This is Ted doing his letters on the chalkboard
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Ted Letters 2 XTZL
More letters done by Ted in Jan 2016
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Tom Landry Strategy Football Theme 1994
The theme of the 1994 DOS game Tom Landry Strategy Football
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Windows 3.11 and IBMDOS 5 on the internet
This video demonstrates win 3.11 and DOS using internet software on a 1997 200mhz computer.
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Ted identifies common words
More Ted learning. He is developing a connection with words and sounds. He seems to have a preference for learning the word more than the picture.
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Siegfried - How did you find out?!
Funny scene with Siegfried after his plan was foiled.
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Ted Does The Alphabet With Chalk
This is Ted's best run of the alphabet on the blackboard yet. Soon we will be working on words once he writes the letters and understands the basic sounds.
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Ted Cooking His Breakfast
Yes. Those are all his sausages
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Ted Spells His First Word With Chalk
Ted spells out his first word. He can read the word "hat" and understands what it is he is writing. Getting him to further associate the word "name" and writing "Ted" is well on the way. He can do this.
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Ted on a 777 to Vancouver
This is a short video of the take off from Heathrow Airport. Ted looks out the window as the aircraft rises from the tarmac.
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Freddy Martin - My Future Star (1934)
Cool tune from 1934 "My Future Star" performed by Freddy Martin and his Orchestra.
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