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15 MOST Luxurious Fashion Brands
From Oscar de la Renta to Chanel, here are some of the most lavish and prestigious fashion brands. Subscribe to Hindered Thoughts http://goo.gl/d3U3RP 6. Chanel The high fashion wear company was introduced to the world back in 1909 by none other than Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, otherwise known as “Coco Chanel.” This is where the brand gets its inspiration for the famously recognizable logo that is two interlocking C’s. The company specializes in creating haute couture for its wealthy clients but also for fashion models like Naomi Campbell, who once modeled for them, and actresses Marilyn Monroe, Keira Knightley, and Nicole Kidman. One of their most famous products is the perfume No. 5 de Chanel, along with the Chanel Suit. Today, Chanel is valued at being $6.8 billion dollars. An interesting fact to note is that Karl Lagerfeld, the creative director behind Fendi, happens to be the creative director for Chanel as well. 5. Prada Founded back in 1913 by Mario Prada, this fashion brand actually started out by manufacturing leather bags and trunks. It would then evolve into selling everything from clothing to perfume and even a brief stint of LG Prada cell phones. Though the brand may have broadened its inventory, it still spends the majority of its focus creating some of the world’s most exclusive handbags that only the rich and famous can possibly hope to afford. Mario Prada believed that women should not be involved in business so he excluded his own family members from getting involved. In a fantastic twist of irony, his son did not care to run the business so his daughter Luisa Prada took over as his successor and is now currently being run by her daughter Miuccia. 4. House of Versace The fashion empire that is the House of Versace all started with fashion designer Gianni Versace back in 1978. He created a brand that has been synonymous with elegance and simply oozes high fashion. His glamorous gowns have gone on to make a name for himself as a respected designer. Like the case of the famous black dress held with gold safety pins that actress Elizabeth Hurley wore back in 1994 to the premiere of Four Weddings and A Funeral. Sadly, Versace’s life was cut short in 1997 on the steps of his Miami mansion when he became the fifth and final victim of Andrew Cunanan. The tragic event will be the story behind American Crime Story’s season 2 titled: The Assassination of Gianni Versace. After his death, his sister Donatella became the new Artistic Director and has established a $5.5 billion company her brother would be proud of. 3. Gucci Started in 1921 by a Mr. Guccio Gucci, the company was originally dabbing in leather goods. It wasn’t until 19 years later when his son Aldo would take the company from being a one-stop shop into the fashion powerhouse that it’s now known for being. It’s Aldo that would usher in the era of the brand’s iconic “Bamboo Bag” and its “ready to wear segments.” In the 90’s, the company decided to bring American Fashion designer Tom Ford to revamp their women’s wear. He ended up helping launch the brand to where it is today. The fashion brand houses other well-known designers in its collections such as Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, and Yves Saint Laurent. If you’re in the market to do some shopping at this $12.4 billion brand, expect to spend at least $2,000. 2. Louis Vuitton This may come as a shock but the famous fashion brand has been around longer than you might have thought. Formed 163 years ago in 1854, a young man by the name of Louis Vuitton started out as an apprentice for a box-maker. Vuitton ended up becoming a well-known crafter of luxury trunks and opened up his own shop in Paris. He then ended up becoming the personal box-maker of Napoleon III’s wife, Empress Eugenie de Montijo. Fast forward years later and the company is now worth $28.1 billion with a generated revenue of $10.1 billion. Today, Louis Vuitton doesn’t make just trunks but designer handbags and clothing that can be spotted on the most famous of A-listers. 1. Balenciaga The beginning of Balenciaga’s reign began back in 1919 when it was established by its founder of the same name, Cristóbal Balenciaga. As a young child, Balenciaga became an apprentice to a tailor in his hometown of Getaria, Spain and would eventually get his formal training in Madrid. He would go on to create the House of Balenciaga and skyrocketed to success thanks to his artistic genius. He was hailed as the undisputed “ King of Fashion” and was highly respected among his peers which included the likes of Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, and Pierre Balmain. Balenciaga even helped train the likes of high-fashion designers Oscar de la Renta and Hubert Givenchy to name a few.
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Most Expensive Cars In The World
Ranging from $2.7 Million - $38 Million these are the worlds most expensive cars! Subscribe to Hindered Thoughts http://goo.gl/d3U3RP 8.Lamborghini Veneno PRICE - $4.5 Million SPEED - 0 to 60 mph - 2.8 Seconds TOP SPEED - 221 mph The Veneno is the limited edition of the already highly exclusive Lamborghini Aventador, there were only 5 ever made. 2 stayed with its creators and the other 3 were sold before they were even built. It was built to celebrate Lamborghini’s 50th Anniversary, needless to say they created something truly amazing. 7. Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita PRICE - $4.8 Million SPEED - 0 to 60 mph - 2.9 Seconds TOP SPEED - 254 mph Rich people sure like diamonds on their supercars! This super special limited edition of a limited edition features a diamond weave carbon finish ! It is the only known “white” carbon fiber material. Koenigsegg planned on building 3 units of the car but had to settle with only 2 due to the complexity of its production ! This makes the CCXR Trevita one of the rarest cars in the world and none other than Floyd Mayweather Jr was rumored to have purchased one of the units for $4.8 Million. 6. The Maybach Exelero PRICE - $8 Million SPEED - 0 to 60 mph -4.4 Seconds TOP SPEED - 218 mph The previous car was rare, this one is even harder to get your hands on. There is only 1 that was ever produced. The engine is a hefty V12 Twin Turbo, matching luxury with performance to make the final price tag of $8 million. The car was rumored to be owned by rapper Birdman and featured in a Jay-Z’s music video for “Lost One” Even though many millionaires have requested the coveted Exelero, Maybach refused to make any more ! 5. Mercedes-Benz 540k Special Roadster PRICE - $12 Million SPEED - 0 to 60 mph - ~16 Seconds TOP SPEED - 104.65 mph At the time of its production, the 540k reached a record top speed of 104.65 mph. The test driver compared the car to a demon, and with only 25 units produced in 1936, the 540k reached only the most elite people in the world. The previous owner of the specific unit that was sold for 12 million dollars was the Baroness Gisela von Krieger. There are no more of these cars for sale, and the next time one comes up, the sales record will surely be broken ! 4. Bugatti Royale Kellner Coupe PRICE - $20 Million SPEED - 0 to 60 mph - ~20 Seconds TOP SPEED - 99.4 mph This list is getting more and more exclusive. This car was commissioned by Ettore Bugatti himself. There were only 7 units made and they had a basic price of $30,000 in 1932 ! Ettore Bugatti, being the creator of the brand, hand picked the recipients of these cars, and decided to keep one, the “Kellner”, for himself. After World War II, the car was sold for about $600 and 2 refrigerators…. nowadays people can’t even dream of owning one without shelling out more than $20 million dollars. 3. Ferrari 290 MM PRICE - $28 Million SPEED - 0 to 60 mph - ~10 Seconds TOP SPEED - 160 mph The Ferrari 290 MM was specifically designed for the “Thousand Miles” open road endurance race. There were 4 prototypes made, and the car won the 1956 “Thousand Miles” race. The racing accomplishments with this car did not stop there, the following year Ferrari won the World Sportscar Championship and the “1000 km Buenos Aires” race. The car that was sold for $28 million wasn’t even the one that originally won the “Thousand Miles” race, the driver only came in 4th ! 2. Mercedes-Benz W196 PRICE - $30 Million SPEED - 0 to 60 mph - ~10 Seconds TOP SPEED - 186 mph This classic race car was produced for the 1954-55 Formula 1 seasons. It won 9 out of 12 races in the hands of the legendary Juan Manuel Fangio and Stirling Moss. They also managed to capture two World Championships with the amazing W196. On July 12th, 2013, the auction house Bonhams sold the Mercedes-Benz W196 chassis serial “54” for a record $30 Million ! It is the only car that was available on the public market, and as it turns out, it was the one used to win the 54’ German and European Grand Prix by Juan Fangio. 1. The Ferrari 250 GTO PRICE - $38 Million SPEED - 0 to 60 mph - ~6.1 Seconds TOP SPEED - 157.8 mph The Ferrari 250 GTO is regarded as the greatest Ferrari of all time and the “Hottest Car of All Time.” When it originally went on sale in the U.S.A. it cost a measly $18,000 and buyers had to be personally approved by Enzo Ferrari, the creator of the Ferrari brand. The 1962 250 GTO made for Stirling Moss, who is considered one of the greatest Formula 1 drivers ever, became the World’s Most Expensive car when it sold for $38 million in 2012. There are rumors that someone snatched the car again the next year, this time for a hefty $52 million. At least two models of this car are used as daily driving cars in the rich parts of Los Angeles !
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8 Most Extraordinary Jungle Discoveries
Extraordinary jungle discoveries are uncovered all the time, these unbelievable ancient mysteries, people, and artifacts will amaze you! Subscribe to Hindered Thoughts http://goo.gl/d3U3RP LOST CITIES In 2016 a lost City in the jungles of Cambodia near Angkor Wat was uncovered. Thought to have been about 1000 years old, and buried underneath the surface of the earth the cities were discovered by ground-penetrating radar. Locals had unknowingly been walking over the buried city for years! This discovery could make the Angkor Wat civilization the largest of the 12th century. UNCONTACTED TRIBES One unique thing found in jungles, is humans! Numerous tribes have been found living in the rainforests of the world, unbeknownst to modern society. [ *] Just recently in 2018, a lone member of a tribe thought long extinct, was spotted for the first time in about 20 years. Can you imagine?! There are thought to be at least 100 isolated groups in the Brazilian rainforest alone, and very little is known about these peoples. What we do know is that they wish to remain uncontacted: they have shot arrows at outsiders and airplanes, or simply avoid detection by hiding deep in the forest. RARE AND NEW SPECIES According to a WWF report from 2010, a new species of plant, animal, or organism was discovered in the Amazon every 3 days average from 1999-2009! Many a unique looking species calls the Jungle home. INTELLIGENT LIFE In the rainforests of Ivory Coast they excavated an area of the forest floor down to a depth of about 1m, unearthing a 4300-year-old horizon rich in stone artifacts. GEOGLYPHS Brazilian and U.K. researchers have discovered more than 450 massive geoglyphs that had been concealed for centuries by trees. BOILING RIVER Geoscientist Andrés Ruzo found a place of spanish conquistador legend in the remote jungle of Mayantuyacu. A boiling River! COSTA RICAN SPHERES As jungle was cleared in the 1930s to grow bananas, farmers discovered something clearly man-made; huge spheres of stone. SOLDIERS
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18 Phenomenal Archaeological Sites On Earth
Though we think the modern world makes up most of the Earth today, there’s still areas that archaeologists have continued to explore. Whether it be pyramids made underground, majestic temples, or artistic caves, let’s take a look at some of the amazing things ancient civilizations have left behind. Subscribe to Hindered Thoughts http://goo.gl/d3U3RP 11. Mount Nebo (nee-boo) Known by many as a significant location in the Bible, the elevated ridge referred to as Mount Nebo remains a popular place for archaeologists to research. Mount Nebo was the location in the Hebrew Bible Mount Nebo where Moses saw a glimpse of Jerusalem one, clear-skied day. He ascended the ridge to view what was said to be “The Promise Land.” At the highest point, you’ll find the ruins of a monastery and church from the Byzantine era, discovered back in 1933. The church seems to have been from the late 4th century BC. Popes have visited the symbolic location, and a serpentine cross, known as the Brazen Serpent, was placed at Mount Nebo to represent Moses’ bronze serpent.
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12 Amazing New Technologies That Are Changing The World
There’s no way you would have recognized the world a century ago. There was no digital technology, no Internet, no air conditioning … none of the things we take for granted today. But all of those inventions we just mentioned were developed and implemented over that time, and forever changed the world. What are the technologies that have a similar impact on the world over the next century? Well, this list might give you a heads up. Here are 12 amazing new technologies that are changing our world! Subscribe to Hindered Thoughts http://goo.gl/d3U3RP #6 Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains The term refers to a type of digital currency which employs cryptography to establish transactions and secure them … all while creating even more of the digital assets. At least, that’s how it was explained to us, feel free to look that up. Linked to cryptocurrencies are blockchains, or records called ‘blocks’ which are secured by using cryptography. Another way of viewing cryptocurrencies and blockchains would be to define them as new business models created from internet protocols. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been raised for a wide variety of protocols based on blockchains. In fact, it’s been included as a key component in bitcoin, which was the first decentralized cryptocurrency. With Cryptocurrencies and blockchains providing digital money and recordkeeping, the technologies have the potential to eventually change the global financial landscape as we know it. #5 Computerized Medicine We usually think of computers playing the role of record keeping, or purposes of research. But in the years to come, computers will be playing a far more active role as it combines with medicine to create a number of potential breakthroughs. Data analysis software can be used to examine blood samples for early detection of cancer, or other diseases … and more in depth genetic analysis could help determine the most optimal course of treatment for the patient. Prosthetic limbs is another field in which the computer is expected to play a vital role. Brain-computer interface technology can enable the patient to bypass the spinal cord and send electrical signals directly to their limbs by using a computer algorithm that fires electrodes in the affected areas. Those electrodes create movement in the patient’s leg muscles.
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16 Mind- Blowing Things About Stephen Hawking
As we probably all well know, Stephen Hawking, master of everything, passed away this year, and I figured it was due time that we paid our respects. Mr. Hawking was a one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-lifetime kind of individual and did some amazing things for science, mainly theoretical physics and cosmology. This is the short story, the overview; this is A Brief History of Stephen Hawking. Subscribe to Hindered Thoughts http://goo.gl/d3U3RP 12. Diagnosis When he was diagnosed, he was in the very early stages of ALS, meaning that part of the system that controls his muscles, his nervous system, was shutting down. ALS is a life-threatening disease, and with that knowledge, Stephen dove headfirst into his work to try and accomplish as much as he could with the time he had left. Doctors told him that he probably wouldn’t live for more than two years and we all know how that turned out. His diagnosis came in 1963, and as we all know, he recently passed away in 2018, at 76-years-old! He outlived his prognosis by 53 years! How? We may never know, but we sure are grateful that he lived on to do as much as he did! 11. Early Work In 1968, a young and ambitious Stephen was given membership to the Institute of Astronomy in Cambridge and he became fascinated with discoveries on “Black Hole” made by cosmologist Roger Penrose. The “Second Law of Black Hole Dynamics” was discovered by Hawking in 1970, which basically says that a black hole's event horizon cannot get smaller. Steve became a “Fellow of the Royal Society” in 1974, a year after coming up with something called “Hawking Radiation.” He was awarded many medals and prizes throughout the 70’s and 80’s and slowly, his condition worsened. In 1985, he lost his voice after he received a tracheotomy and a computer programmer from California decided to invent a computer speaking program that worked by reading Stephen’s head and eye movements!
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The Moon Landing Conspiracy - 9 Unexplained Objects
Conspiracy surrounding the moon landing is an interesting topic of much mystery and disagreement, heres a top 9 list of the most incriminating reasons why the moon landing was a conspiracy! Subscribe to Hindered Thoughts http://goo.gl/d3U3RP 9. SHADOWS In released pictures of astronauts on the surface of the moon, some of the shadows appear to be non-parallel. 8. THE BUZZ ALDRIN PHOTO In the photo, Aldrin faces the camera and the Sun is clearly shining behind him off camera, creating a shadow that trails toward the camera. 7. THE WAVING FLAG One of the most famous pieces of ‘evidence’ for the moon landing was the waving flag. Most people assume that because there’s almost-no atmosphere on the Moon, the flag shouldn’t be fluttering in the ‘wind’. 6. LACK OF A BLACK CRATER In all pictures of the moon landing, there is no evidence of a ‘blast crater’ from the landing module, which has led some to suspect the landing was fake. 5. LACK OF STARS In all or most of the NASA-released photos of the moon landing, there are no stars in the background. 4. The ‘C’ ROCK PROP Movie props are often numbered and lettered so that stagehands know where to place them; The theory goes that the rock in the photo is a prop that someone must have accidentally placed facing the wrong way. 3. THE ONE TRUE MYSTERY! In one of the photos, a weird object appears in one of the astronaut’s visors. It’s unclear what the object is, but some have likened it to a studio light or UFO. 2. MOON ROCKS Many glass spherules were brought back by the Apollo crew within the moon rock; produced two key ways: explosive volcanic activity, and by high-speed meteorite impacts that melt and vaporize rock. In either case, the rock needs time to cool and crystallize slowly. 1. WHY HAVEN’T WE BEEN BACK? IF we’ve been to the moon, why haven’t we been back?
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25 Largest Sharks In The World
The largest sharks aren't always the most dangerous! Sharks get a bad rep for being bloodthirsty hunters, unfairly? Here are some true facts about the biggest sharks in the world. Subscribe to Hindered Thoughts http://goo.gl/d3U3RP Speartooth — 9.8ft A robustly built, gray-colored shark, the Speartooth is characterized by a short and broad snout, tiny eyes, and a black blotch beneath each pectoral fin near the tip. Lemon — 9.8ft The lemon shark has the distinction of being the smartest known shark; with intelligence similar to that of dogs, they’re highly social with each other and tend to develop complex hierarchies. Silvertip — 9.8ft Though it only attains a maximum length of 10 ft, the silvertip shark is known to be an aggressive, powerful apex predator. Oceanic Whitetip — 9.8ft Easily mistaken for the previously mentioned silvertip shark, the oceanic whitetips too are identified by the prominent (larger) white margins on its fins. Big Nose — 9.8ft having a long, broad snout with prominent nasal skin flaps, and tall, triangular upper teeth, and a ridge on its back between the two fins, Big Nose sharks hunt close to the sea floor, and live too deep to pose much danger to humans. Tawny Shark — 10.5ft With a non-threatening appearance more “catfish” than shark, the Tawny Sharks weird mouths are meant for eating shellfish and crustaceans, not humans! Grey Nurse/Sand Tiger — 10.5 Ragged teeth give this shark the original nickname “ragged toothed shark”, but despite their scary look, sand tigers don’t attack humans Bull — 11.2ft Despite being small, (11.2 ft), Bull Sharks are easily the most dangerous shark, both because of its frequency to appear in waters shared by humans, and for its extremely aggressive behavior Silky — 11.5ft Known as the “net-eater” shark because they often ruin fishermen’s nets, the silky shark is somewhat dangerousScalloped Hammerhead — 11.5ft Their scalloped-shaped head is unique, even among hammerheads Blue Shark — 12.5ft Noted for large litters of 25 to over 100 pups, blue sharks can actually birth babies in the same litter, from different fathers?! T Smooth Hammerhead — 12ft Considered dangerous though there have only been around 20 recorded attacks (ever), Hammerheads usually eat other sharks or rays Shortfin Mako — 13.1ft Considered dangerous though they typically only swim in oceanic waters, and not near beaches, the shortfin Mako can swim up to 20mph consistently, not just a quick burst, making it the fastest known shark.
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Actors Who Underwent Dramatic Transformations
When you see videos like this, it makes you gain a brand-new respect for the actors and actresses who have gone through such incredible transformations to ensure that the role they played is done perfectly, and you also have to admire the make-up artists and teams behind the prosthetics that also helped change them into completely different people! Today we look at but a few incredible and dramatic transformations. Subscribe to Hindered Thoughts http://goo.gl/d3U3RP 18 - Don’t try this at home… The Machinist was released in 2004 and saw one of the most insane transformations in an actor ever. Christian Bale played the role of Trevor Reznik, a man who suffered with insomnia that caused major psychological problems, which ultimately led to a serious workplace accident involving a colleague. Overall, Bale lost between 55 and 60-pounds and survived on coffee and apples. He has mentioned that the actual losing of the weight wasn’t the issue, it was the effect it had on him emotionally and physically. Soon after this movie, he had to bulk up again for his role in Batman Begins. 17 - Before and After… Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson made some dramatic changes for his role in All Things Fall Apart. He played a cancer victim in the film and shed 54-pounds to ensure he looked the part. He was also said to model a lot of physical preparation on a close friend of his that succumbed to cancer. He lived on a liquid diet and ran 3-hours every day on the treadmill. 16 - Par for the course… Jake Gyllenhaal is no stranger to changing his entire appearance for a role. One role included Southpaw when he worked out, ate well and gained some serious muscle. There was the film Nightcrawler when he did the exact opposite and become skinny and wiry, and as he says was always “literally and figuratively hungry." 15 - Hard work pays off… Just look at Chris Pratt for inspiration. He managed to lose 60-pounds in 6-months by working out for 3-4-hours every single day! He played the part of Peter Quill / Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy and when he auditioned for the movie, weighed in the region of 300-pounds. He also trained with Duffy Gaver, and on top of the vigorous workouts, took in 4,000 calories every day and drank loads of water! He’s decided this is a way better look for him and intends to keep the weight off! 14 - From good to bad… It’s one of the most jaw-dropping transformations you’ll ever come across, and it’s hard to imagine how someone as beautiful as Charlize Theron literally became a monster, in the film Monster released in 2003. Besides the weight gain, her skin was layered with washed off tattoo ink to give it that worn out, weathered look. Her eyebrows were bleached and overplucked, she had dentures in her mouth and her hair was burnt and damaged beyond recognition. She did pick up an Academy award for all her efforts and walked away with the title of World’s Most Desirable Woman in 2003 by AskMen. 13 - Extreme make-over… Anne Hathaway played the role of Fantine in the on-screen production of Les Misérables, and she was hardly recognizable. Despite winning an Oscar for her portrayal of Fantine, the award didn’t bring her happiness. She said she was still hurting from the role, where she played a lady of the night to keep her daughter looked after and added she didn’t feel comfortable wearing a gown that cost more money than some would see in a lifetime. She doesn’t speak much about the grueling weight-loss as she doesn’t want to glamorize it, and keeps reminding others that the character was very, very ill – definitely not a road to go down just to be thinner.
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World's Best Fathers! *Try Not to Laugh*
Parenting is hard. That’s something that everyone knows, whether they have children or not. But what if parents could make it easier on themselves with a little humor or ingenuity and practicality? That’s basically what dads do on a daily basis, because if you let the kids just become an object of stress, well, we all know that doesn’t usually work out too well. Here you’ll find a few ways dads made their lives a little more fun and took away some of the stressors that parenting brings. This is Father’s are Phenomenal. Subscribe to Hindered Thoughts http://goo.gl/d3U3RP 12. Oh Man, Old Man This young man seems to be experiencing either some Jack-like aging or an identity crisis, and we’re not sure which. There must have been some event where the child was asked to dress like an older person and was probably just going to wear the outfit, and then dad intervened. This father took things to the next level and entirely stepped up this boy’s old person look! Check out that cul-de-sac hair! And the grey tinting was done perfectly! Tie those things in with the outfit and the sweet mustache, and they’ve got gold! He looks like a little teacher that isn’t going to take anyone’s, uh, stuff! 11. This is a Win! We’ve seen some fails and some wins thus far, and this one most definitely makes its way into the latter category. Just look at what this dad did for his little girl. She wanted a swing, and while there were probably better places he could have hung this, he gave her one by sacrificing his own body to do so. This had to hurt; there’s no doubt about it. He went above and beyond and let his baby girl swing from his own shoulders, so we’d say this is a pretty cool dad. He could have put on a shirt to avoid the super bad rope burn, though. Just saying. 10. Lol What a brilliant idea this father had! With a few simple strips of paper, he totally transformed his kid into some crazy, sinister villain! Either that or this kid is an out there, totally disconnected painter or something. Either way, the simplicity of this is what makes it great! The baby’s look adds to the effect and makes this adorably scary! But can you imagine if this was your kids real, natural face? “Um, yes doctor—we think this one is defective; can we get a new one?” There does seem to be a little hint of Jack Black in here, right? 9. Practical Who wouldn’t use their baby as a table if said baby wouldn’t let them put it down for long periods of time? Sometimes children just need to be held by their parents, but sometimes, those parents get hungry. Instead of attempting to do some awkward eating maneuver in order to ingest some daddy fuel, this dad just decided to use his baby’s flat little back as a table and solved his problem. This kid is out, and daddy saw his opportunity, so he took it. Good on you, pops. Being a dad doesn’t always have to be so hard! Now give us some of that dessert! 8. Danger Level = Dad Well, this just looks like a good time to us, but if the police got their hands on this, these kids might not be hanging out with good old dad for just a little while. Maybe they’re sick, and mom told their father that they needed to stay in bed? You know kids; they don’t want to sit still for more than thirty seconds, let alone stay in bed all day, so dad decided to take them out on a fun little adventure… on their mattress… behind a four-wheeler. How fun for the kids though! That is, until one of them can’t hold on anymore, slips off of the mattress, and cartwheels into one of their neighbors’ mailboxes. Such are the risks! 7. Amazing Let’s talk about laziness for just a second; this seems to be the definition of a lazy father, but at the same time it’s also the definition of ingenuity and creativity, so we can’t really fault dad here. Not only did he find a way to entertain and push (or pull) his daughter on the swing, but he found a way to sit down and enjoy a nice beer simultaneously. This is what every dad strives to be and if only every situation could be handled in a way that would create happiness for all parties, fathering would be much easier and less stressful! You can tell this dad doesn’t like doing too much, though; we mean, look at the shape of that yard! Bust out the lawnmower, dad! 6. Crash Now, this isn’t a fail in any way. What’s happening here is actually pure exhaustion, and we have to give this dad credit for doing what it takes to get his little girl to bed. There was probably a massive unseen struggle that happened in here before this picture was taken (like seriously, kids can take hours to get to bed), and this guy just crashed after the fact. Perhaps he was trying to make his way out of the room and heard his daughter stir, so instead of waking her by continuing movement, he just dropped and waited for her to be still. Sometimes, in moments like that, all control is lost, and your brain will just shut down; that is most likely what you see here. Way to go, dad.
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