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Flying Balloon TARDIS with Doctor Who's Paul McGann
At the 2014 Dallas Comic Con Fan Day's Jason Vaughn of Higher Hope Balloons and Evelyn Fernandez created a full size TARDIS out of canvas and balloons. After the convention it was was suppose to fly and spin for photos. It ended up launching into the air. This video is a collection of photos from the construction to the launch and a short video of Doctor Who's eighth doctor, Paul McGann. We had a great time building and cosplaying with the TARDIS. For more balloon cosplay check out FlyingTARDIS.com TARDIS sound and Eiffel 65's Blue used from facebook videos.
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Reseller Yard Sale Haul - Examining Rubber Stamps for Crafts to Sell on eBay - Treasure Hunting
I love learning new things. This is my first huge lot of rubber stamps and punch out stamps for crafts. I know nothing about these so I’d love to hear your thoughts.
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Vintage toys from an auction to sell on eBay and Amazon. What do you think of these finds?
This was a really fun auction. Unfortunately shipping was extremely expensive but I found a way to get it a lot cheaper. Check out some of these awesome toys from tin toys to push toys to an awesome ride on train.
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I WAS HANGRY - Fat Guy Rant
Why does McDonald’s suck so hard and why did I know this and still make the terrible choice to go there?
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Testimonial for Higher Hope Balloons and Inflated Hero in Austin, TX Balloon Decorations & Twisting
Video testimonial from Bram Vee (no relation to Gary Vee) for our balloon decor. It was great helping him celebrate his two year old daughters birthday!
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Doctor Who's Paul McGann with the Balloon T.A.R.D.I.S.
Paul McGann, Doctor's Who's eighth Doctor incarnation, takes a moment to pose with a giant balloon TARDIS at Dallas Comic-Con's Fan Days. Check out more Balloon Cosplay at http://FlyingTARDIS.com Balloon Structure built by Jason Vaughn of http://HigherHopeBalloons.com Canvas Artwork by Evelyn Fernandez
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Austin Balloon Artist and Decorator on Dana Loesch on The Blaze
As we prepared for Halloween, Jason Vaughn of Higher Hope Balloons, was invited on Dana with Dana Loesch on the Blaze to show off his balloon costumes. He built a large penguin and costumes for the entire panel. Along with talking about the fun of balloon art, decor, and costumes they also took some jabs at Piers Morgan for refusing to debate Dana on the second amendment. For more on Balloon entertainment check out http://HigherHopeBalloons.com And check out Dana Loesch daily on the The Blaze TV or at http://DanaLoesch.com
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$141 Reseller Yard Sale Haul in January... Plus Tamales!! Selling on eBay, Amazon, Facebook & Let Go
It’s the first Saturday in January so I went out to see the sales. There were a few but had to drive a bit between them. I don’t think I found anything amazing but I bought stuff I wanted to study like jewelry, stamps, and building pieces. Hope you enjoy this short video and subscribe.
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To Dream the Impossible Dream - Don Quixote Man of La Mancha
My friend discussing this on Facebook and as cheesy as it is I love this song. I may look like Sancho Ponza but I am I Don Quixote The Man of La Mancha!
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Thank You Mom - Showing gratitude to the woman that shaped so much of who I am.
There is so much negativity! Let’s focus on the positive I wanted to thank my mom for raising me to stand for what is right even when others say it’s not your fight.
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How I did my first month on YouTube
Trying something new can be hard. It usually means a lot of failure and a big learning curve. So how am I doing with those lessons? That’s what this video is about.
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Auction Autograph Haul to Resell On eBay - Hans Signed Photos, Baseballs, Cards and Pelè Soccer Ball
This is a short haul video. I recently started buying autographs through auctions to sell on eBay and elsewhere.
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Joker has a message for you citizens! - Austin Balloon Twister and Decorator
Ben Ambroso as the Joker at Dallas Comic-Con has some demands for you. I really appreciate it, Ben! Be sure to check out http://InflatedHero.com for more.
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Why I Stopped Offering Free Shipping on eBay
Shipping is really about experimenting to find out what works best for you and your business. Here is what i did and why I decided free shipping wasn’t for me.
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Austin Area Balloon Decorator and Balloon Twister Referral Testimonial Video
Here is a collection of video testimonials for Higher Hope Balloons and Inflated here in Austin, TX. These videos are from various places I have lived before moving to Round Rock, TX so the names may be different. It is a bit older so the quality is not great. For more information visit: http://HigherHopeBalloons.com for Balloon Decor http://InflatedHero.com for Balloon Entertainment Or just give me a ring at 469-322-9477
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I bought salvage items to sell on eBay and Amazon. Was this a huge mistake or can I still profit?
Auctions are a lot of fun but you can really lose money if you’ve not looked at the item close up. Some of these are going to be winners and summer going to be losers. What do you think? What is the best and worst buy here? What should I sell on eBay and what should I send in to Amazon?
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Learning To Be Grateful For My Father
Today is my dad’s birthday. Or it would have been but he died two years ago. We didn’t have a great relationship and the last two years I’ve been looking for how to be grateful for him despite that. I’m thankful Gary Vee helped me do that.
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Bring Him Home - Les Miserables Musical sung by Jason Vaughn, The Inflated Hero
I screwed up the ending but I like singing so there it is.
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Advice for balloon artists and decorators - Get a deposit. Austin Inflated Hero & Higher Hope Decor
I had a very interesting event with a lot of people concerned about payment. It all worked out in the end but I was very happy to have a deposit. http://HigherHopeBalloons.com http://InflatedHero.com
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