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The Peruvian Dream - El sueño peruano
Come to Peru while you still can. http://www.livinginperu.com Get news and stories from Peru! Sign up for Peru this Week, it's free! http://www.livinginperu.com/emagazine Descarga gratis "101 Razones para estar orgulloso del Perú" http://www.livinginperu.com/101/esp
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Peru visits Peru - Campaña Marca País Peru
What happens when Peru brings its culture to the small town of Peru, Nebraska? The new ambassadors of Peru, a collection of musicians, artists, chefs and athletes, eat ceviche, dance huaynos, drink pisco and more with the 569 residents of Peru, Nebraska. Discover more about Peru (the country) at http://www.livinginperu.com
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Peru's brand - La marca peruana
Today Peru launched their new country brand. Hoy el Perú presentó su nueva marca país.
Air France inaugurates Peru flight
On June 21, 2011, Air France began operating five weekly flights between Paris and Lima, the capital of Peru.
A visit to the beaches of Asia, Peru
Asia is not a continent, it's Peru's most popular beach. Join Carsten Korch for this tour.
Lima Fashion Week 2011
In the final runway show of the 2011 Lima Fashion Show, top designers from Peru, Noe Bernacelli and Ani Álvarez Calderón, presented collections. See more photos of Lima Fashion Week at http://search.livinginperu.com/?q=%22Lima+Fashion+Week%22&s=features&r=
Pan de la Chola
LivinginPeru visits the Pan de la Chola bakery in Miraflores, Lima, Peru.
Dakar Rally 2012 Peru Launch
The Dakar Rally is coming to Peru! At the official launch event, Susana Aguirre interviewed Peruvian racers and Dakar officials to find out what makes this event so special.
Carsten Korch on living in Peru
Carsten Korch
Colin of Cocktail Kings makes pisco cocktails
"Cocktail Kings" star Colin Asare-Appiah visited Lima Peru, and made three new pisco cocktails on the spot for LivinginPeru.com. SEE RELATED ARTICLE: http://www.livinginperu.com/blogs/features/1489
101 Reasons to be proud of Peru
101 Reasons to be proud of Peru
Peru's traditional Pachamanca
A Taste of Peru was present for a backyard pachamanca in Lima, Peru. Kim Allen-Jones talks to a Jesús Gutarra, who carries on this Quechua tradition.
Living in Peru´s Expat Weekend at El Pueblo
Living in Peru had its 7th anniversary party at El Pueblo July 7 - 8.
Paragliding in Miraflores, Lima Peru
The coast of Miraflores is one of the most popular sports in South America for paragliding. Check out this unique view.
Peru Sandboarders in Cerro Blanco
Top Peruvian Sandboarders go down Cerro Blanco, Peru's largest sand dune. They kicked off a 8,000-kilometer motorcycle journey from Peru to Chile's Tierra del Fuego done by a German public television show. (Video courtesy ARD, produced by Verena Schoenfeldt)
Kate Mulder, consultant, on living and working in Peru
Investment, technology and entrepreneurship consultant Kate Mulder talks about why she moved to Peru and what it's like to work here.
Gastón Acurio opens Madam Tusan
Living in Perú spent some time behind the scenes at Gastón Acurio's newest restaurant, Madame Tusan. The chifa restaurant near Óvalo Gutiérrez on Santa Cruz opened to the public on April 19.
Hostels around Miraflores
Join host Andreas Vailakis on a tour of Pariwana Hostel, Flying Dog Hostel and Kokopelli Hostel, all in Miraflores, Lima, Peru.
CASACOR 2011 XV Exposición Peruana de Decoración & Diseño.
CASACOR 2011 XV Exposición Peruana de Decoración & Diseño
Bang & Olufsen Peru
Bang & Olufsen Peru
El Café Peruano - Una visita a la provincia de San Ignacio 1
Documental about the production of coffee in Peru.
A Taste of Peru: Farmers' market in Lima
Kim Allen-Jones of A Taste of Peru visits the Bioferia in Lima.
Red Bull Flugtag 2011 La Punta Callao
Red Bull Flugtag
Westin Lima Hotel opens in Peru
The Westin Lima Hotel & Convention Center opens in June 2010. The 5-star hotel is now Peru's tallest building and the largest convention center. Here LivinginPeru.com talks with Paul Ingebretsen, general manager of the Westin.
APM Terminals Callao Peru
APM Terminals Callao Peru
Henrik Kristensen of APM Terminals Callao talks about living and working in Peru
Henrik Kristensen of APM Terminals Callao talks about the benefits of living and working in Peru.
5 Drinks You Must Try in Peru
Peru has been voted the world’s leading culinary destination for four years in a row, so it comes as no surprise that they would offer you an array of super tempting drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Music: Our Fav. Peruvian band We the Lion! ENJOY! For more information check out: http://bit.ly/2oTQDoX
El Café Peruano - Una visita a la provincia de San Ignacio 2
Documental about the production of coffee in Peru.
A Taste of Peru makes garbanzo bean salad
Learn how to make a fresh salad with ingredients from Peru. Direct from Lima, Peru with Kim Allen-Jones!
A Taste of Peru goes shopping
Follow Kim Allen-Jones through a luxury supermarket in Lima, Peru. She points out Peruvian ingredients and how to use them in your cooking.
2012 Red Bull Dakar Rally After Party
Arianna Valcarcel and Peru this Week take you to the Red Bull Dakar After Party at Lima's Estadio Nacional.
Places to eat in Lima: El Kapallaq
El Kapallaq Restaurante
Peru this Week visited Doña Paulina Chicharronería
Peru this Week visited Doña Paulina Chicharronería
Tech entrepreneur Inma Cañadas talks about living and working in Peru
Inma Cañadas of papaya.pe, an online film platform, talks about why she moved to Peru and what she found once she arrived.
Nanka Restaurant in La Molina
Nanka is a gastronomic space in La Molina, an ecological district. This space offers a seasonal menu especially designed to share, one that worships Peruvian and sustainable ingredients. A culture of warm and informative service by a team of young professionals who are passionate about food and a specially designed space that allows us to fondly offer, not simply something good to eat but an experience.
Chilcano Week
Chilcano Week in Lima Peru kicked off with visits to Bravo Restobar, PiscoBar, La Pescadería, Cala, and Rosa Naútica.
Living in: San Isidro, Lima
Looking to buy a house in Peru, rent an apartment in Lima, or purchase a Peruvian beach house? You've come to the right place! LivinginPeru.com is here to showcase the best Peruvian real estate. We know that it's hard to find a trustworthy real estate agent, even when you know the language and understand the market. In a foreign country, with a foreign language, it is even more difficult. Never fear, though. We have assembled a team of bilingual agents, and we are here to help you find your dream home in Peru! To view our Peru real estate listings, click here
Peru editor responds to readers: LivinginPeru.com
Carsten Korch takes questions from readers of LivinginPeru.com, the largest website about Peru in English.
Chilcano Night at Mayta
On May 26, LivinginPeru.com and Excelan Education invites you to try Mayta's chilcanos for only 10 soles.
Amazon Raft Race 2011
Sign up for the 2011 Amazon Raft race: http://www.livinginperu.com/pex/trip/detalle.php?id=20&idcat=1
Interview: Novalima presents latest album Karimba
We take you inside Novalima's soundcheck as they prepared for their special concert at La Noche in Barranco on December 23, 2011!
A Taste of Peru: Ice Cream shop in Lima
Kim Allen-Jones of A taste of Peru visits an ice cream and sorbet shop in Lima.
Cafe Bisetti
If you like coffee you must go and visit Tostaduría Bisetti in Barranco. It´s a beautiful place with a little garden in the back where you can be in the sun drinking your espresso with the smell from the newly roasted coffee beans in you nose. And as well see from the window how the girls in there are working. You shouldn´t miss this place
A Taste of Peru: Making conchitas a la parmesana
Kim Allen-Jones shows us how to make a classic seafood dish from Lima, Peru.
A Toromatch Party in Mamacona - Pachacamac
Toromatch in Mamacona