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Silent Scope OST - ER HALT UNS BEIDE / Agitation Point Submarine Hangar
Download http://www.mediafire.com/download/rp51679qiib5xfg/SILENT+SCOPE+TRILOGY+Original+Soundtrack.zip
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Download http://www.mediafire.com/download/rp51679qiib5xfg/SILENT+SCOPE+TRILOGY+Original+Soundtrack.zip
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Download http://www.mediafire.com/download/rp51679qiib5xfg/SILENT+SCOPE+TRILOGY+Original+Soundtrack.zip
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Time Crisis All Intros (ARCADE VERSIONS)
Time Crisis 5 opening is not in this so deal with it. I decided to show you all the arcade versions of the Time Crisis intro, sorry if Crisis Zone is not in this, there is a arcade opening of Razing Storm but I didn't have time to find it, I could of but Cobra The Arcade in this but I don't know if there's a video of it on YouTube Games: Time Crisis - 1995 - Namco System Super 22 Time Crisis II - 1997 - Namco System 23 Time Crisis 3 - 2002 - Namco System 246 Time Crisis 4 - 2005 - Namco System Super 256
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Silent Scope OST - GO TO HELL / Fighter Plane Trailer Stage (Scorpion & Cobra BOSS)
Download http://www.mediafire.com/download/7hf0gbht883w5j4/108_go_to_hell_-_fighter_plane_trailer_stage_%28scorpion_bros.%26_cobra_bros._boss%29.mp3
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Download http://www.mediafire.com/download/rp51679qiib5xfg/SILENT+SCOPE+TRILOGY+Original+Soundtrack.zip
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EyeToy Play 2 BGM Air Guitar Song 1
I ripped the whole soundtrack myself
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Silent Scope OST - BULLET PROOF / BIG BOSS Bulletproof Glass
Download http://www.mediafire.com/download/rp51679qiib5xfg/SILENT+SCOPE+TRILOGY+Original+Soundtrack.zip
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Time Crisis 4 Tutorial Video (Good Audio Quality!)
I filmed this back in 2016 and now it's 2018 and I got the audio from the original video and dubbed it in.
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Silent Scope OST - DEADLY INVITATION -Invitation To Death- / Inside Agitation Point Residence
Download http://www.mediafire.com/download/rp51679qiib5xfg/SILENT+SCOPE+TRILOGY+Original+Soundtrack.zip
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Silent Scope OST - MENACE OF DARKNESS -Threat of Darkness- / NIGHT VISION (Outside Agitation Point)
Download http://www.mediafire.com/download/rp51679qiib5xfg/SILENT+SCOPE+TRILOGY+Original+Soundtrack.zip
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Malice Mizer - Shuumaku E no Tobira/終幕への扉 with Lyrics (Live)
I don't know the lyrics but enjoy XD. This was live back in 1993 (I think this was when Kami joined the band)
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Silent Scope 2 - Duel - Forest
This is the 2nd stage of Duel mode in Silent Scope 2 Follow me Twitter: https://twitter.com/kim_sama_999 My name is Kim. I like to play arcade games and have fun. Subscribe to my channel for more cool videos. I am Australian and I can speak English and Japanese 私はKimです。 私はアーケードゲームをするのが好きで、友達と楽しい時間を過ごします。 より多くのビデオのために私のチャンネルを購読する。 私はオーストラリア人で、英語と日本語が話せます。 Mi nombre es Kim Me gusta jugar juegos de arcade y divertirme. Suscríbete a mi canal para más videos geniales. Soy australiano y puedo hablar inglés y japonés.
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Silent Scope 1 - Big Boss/Happy Ending
Final boss
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Download http://www.mediafire.com/download/rp51679qiib5xfg/SILENT+SCOPE+TRILOGY+Original+Soundtrack.zip
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Time Crisis 3 Voices And Sounds
"Alan, over there!" Ripped from the PS2 version (I own the Japanese version) I couldn't get the voices from the cut scenes because the cut scenes are video files. The software I used was PSound
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Gator Panic Music (Point Blank DS OST)
The track from the classic arcade game Gator Panic
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Silent Scope 1 - Air Battle
"Go to hell!"
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Malice Mizer Tetsu's Last Live (FULL)
The full live show of Tetsu's Last Live before Tetsu left Malice Mizer Songs: 1: O Pastor - Madredeus 2: Ma Cherie 3: GoGo no Sasayaki 4: Baroque 5: Lafflesia 6: Miwaku no Roma 7: Portugal 8: Hakuchuu no Waltz 9: Speed of Desperate 10: Unknown 11: 16 no Solitude 12: E-GE Kai ni Sasagu ~The Vault of Heaven~ 13: Shoujou no Hitomi 14: Kioku to Sora 15: Shi no Buto 16: Sadness 17: Zencho 18: Seraph 19: Unknown
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Silent Scope 2 - Duel - City
It's been years since I made a Silent Scope video but I'm making then again.
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Silent Scope 1 - Hotel
Perving on chicks and killing terrorists
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Time Crisis 2 Arcade Intro NOT MAME!!!! タイムクライシスII オープニング
THIS IS NOT MAME, IT'S THE REAL SYSTEM 23 HARDWERE I don't own this video, I found this on the official japanese website. The orignal video file I got it fom has no sound, so I added the intro sound from MAME. If you want to check out the offical & original website here's the link: http://www.bandainamcogames.co.jp/am/vg/timecrisis2/
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Time Crisis 3 Arcade OST - Unstoppable VSSE (Stage 2-Area 1)
Download the full soundtrack here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=18X52y2tyGD1cntCqRHuCEBhTEdJtYjGO I submitted the music to downloads.khinsider.com and I hope it gets accepted The music in the arcade version sounds a bit different compared to the PS2 version (I think they remade the music for PS2 so they sound and suit the rescue mission soundtrack)
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Amadeus - Kasumi (After Image Verison)
Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5EhCoCKqqYzRlk5UXozR1dFYjg After Image's first song (I think) and their first demo tape Amadeus remade the song later on with Seji and Nene on vocals. But in the demo/After Image version it's just Seji on vocals. After Image is a Visual Kei band that didn't last long :( The vocals in the band is Seji (aka Seth) who was popular in the band Moi Dix Mois. Some band members were in a new band called "Amadeus" and Amadeus was the fist Visual Kei band to have a female member in it.
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Sega Golden Gun Soundtrack Full
If you never heard of this game well I'll explain what game it is. Sega Golden Gun is a kid friendly version of House of The Dead and I think this game uses the same game engine as House of The Dead 4. This game was made for China maybe House of The Dead was too violent for Chinese release so they made this, but it did get released overseas like US and Europe but I don't think it got released in Japan. I would make gameplay but I can't calibrate my the mouse pointing so I can use my AimTrak gun to play. 00:00 Intro (Chinese) 00:59 Title 02:11 Museum 03:22 Bai Jia Fang 04:33 Jiu Qu Yuan 05:41 Shi Li Tan 06:50 Item Shop 07:00 ??? Boss Battle 08:05 Boss 1 09:18 Boss 2 10:03 Final Boss 12:14 Mission Complete/Next Stage 12:29 Ending 13:43 Name Entry 14:12 Game Over
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Silent Scope 2 - Big Boss
Part 8 of Silent Scope 2
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Download http://www.mediafire.com/download/u0ci2hq7b9nryhz/119_bull%27s_eye_-_shooting_range.mp3
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Cobra The Arcade English Cut Scenes (HD)
The original got removed because I reuploaded someone else's video, now I have the files, I can do it all over again. I included the intro because it's cool. I also have the Time Crisis 4 files so I'll upload them too. I can play the videos on VLC and Vegas Pro but with no sound, I got the sound from PSound. Some files are broken so I have to use the Japanese videos. If you want me to post the Japanese cut scenes then I can.
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If Time Crisis 2 Ran On Namco System 246 (Attract Mode)
This is what the attract mode would look like if the arcade version of Time Crisis 2 had PS2 graphics
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Time Crisis 3 Arcade OST - The Beginning (Stage 1-Area 1)
Download the full soundtrack here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=18X52y2tyGD1cntCqRHuCEBhTEdJtYjGO I submitted the music to downloads.khinsider.com and I hope it gets accepted The music in the arcade version sounds a bit different compared to the PS2 version (I think they remade the music for PS2 so they sound and suit the rescue mission soundtrack)
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WWE SmackDown! Shut Your Mouth Howard Finkel Voices
This is all the sounds Howard Finkel says. There are a lot of rare sounds like wrestlers who are not in the game and a bunch of other stuff
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Goldeneye Rogue Agent How To Kill The Hologram Girl in The Octopus
Someone from Japan found this glitch. You don't have to kill everyone before you do it, I killed everyone so I don't die while I do it. Yes, I punched her in the vagina
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Silent Scope OST - THE IRON MAN / STADIUM Stage (Cobra BOSS)
Download http://www.mediafire.com/download/rp51679qiib5xfg/SILENT+SCOPE+TRILOGY+Original+Soundtrack.zip
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EyeToy Play 2 BGM Menu
I ripped the whole soundtrack myself
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Silent Scope 1 - Highway
This bit is hard because you can't get a perfect shot when you moving.
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Silent Scope 1 All Voices
I ripped them from Bridge M1 The sounds are a bit high pitched because of the poor ripping VOICES: 1. Big Boss 2. Boss 3. Commander 4. Enemies 5. Player (Falcon) 6. Football Commentator 7. Monica 8. Scorpion 9. Shooting Range Woman
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Time Crisis 4 Cut Scene Comparison (Arcade VS PS3)
As you can see, Namco edited the cut scenes for PS3 to make it HD because Namco likes to change their Time Crisis console ports. For some reason the Stage 2 boss's cigar has been removed in the PS3 version. I will upload the cut scenes in both Japanese and English. Special thank you to all the people in the Time Crisis Discord group, without them, this video wouldn't of been made, and I apologize to Janet for re uploading his Cobra videos without his permission I will try and get the Cobra cut scenes myself if I can, I can only get the audio of the cut scenes which sucks but at lease I got the soundtrack XD Here is my Twitter: twitter.com/kim_sama_999
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Silent Scope 2 - Opera House
Part 6 of Silent Scope 2
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Cobra The Arcade Soundtrack Full (Best Quality)
I ripped the music my self so I'm lucky to do it. The full soundtrack for Cobra The Arcade. Namco shared some tracks in their official website but not all of them so here they are Download: https://downloads.khinsider.com/game-soundtracks/album/cobra-the-arcade-soundtrack Tracks: 00:00 Intro 00:34 Menu 01:56 How To Use The Psycho Shot 02:26 New Episode 02:31 Casino 04:20 Cyberwolf 05:56 Casino Tower 8:11 Underground Base 1 09:55 Underground Base 2 12:09 Crystal Bowie 13:33 Turvage 15:24 Battle in The Snowy Land 1 17:09 Battle in The Snowy Land Boss 1 18:44 Battle in The Snowy Land 2 20:36 Battle in The Snowy Land Boss 2 22:26 The Tresure's Secret 24:41 King Babel 26:17 Ultimate Weapon 28:36 Fleet War 30:20 The Final Showdown 32:28 Classic Rival Crystal Bowie! 34:19 Classic Rival Crystal Bowie! 2 35:57 Mission Complete 36:04 Ending 37:49 Results 38:35 Unused 1 40:11 Unused 2 41:59 Unused 3 42:56 Unused 4
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Time Crisis 4 Arcade Cut Scenes (English) HD
These are the cut scenes from the arcade version.
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Time Crisis 3 Arcade OST - Unstoppable VSSE (Unused) VERY RARE!!!
Download the full soundtrack here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=18X52y2tyGD1cntCqRHuCEBhTEdJtYjGO I submitted the music to downloads.khinsider.com and I hope it gets accepted The music in the arcade version sounds a bit different compared to the PS2 version (I think they remade the music for PS2 so they sound and suit the rescue mission soundtrack)
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Silent Scope 2 - London Bridge+Intro
Part 1 of Silent Scope 2
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Silent Scope 2 - Runway
Part 4 of Silent Scope 2
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Silent Scope 1 - Stadium
Kicking Cobra's ass at a stadium, enjoy!
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TeknoParrot - Sega Racing Classic Mod - Daytona USA Arcade Music Mod
If you want to download the mod here it is: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1IbgPk7J2iUc1Tq5CsAmUxFZD-L71gl1B I recommend you make a backup of the original files just in case you want to change it back I was looking though the files for Sega Racing Classic (aka Daytona USA remake) and I found the music files and .adx format. I use to mod WWE PS2 games and the the music files were .adx format too and I knew how to export and convert adx files, so I decided to change the Sega Racing Classic music to the original Daytona USA soundtrack. If you want to know where to download the rom here it is: https://pan.baidu.com/s/12xaMRMGIUjsDbkM6PkbS5g (Google drive, mediafire and mega link are private so don't ask for those links)
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Silent Scope 2 - Armory
Part 5 of Silent Scope 2
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007 Agent Under Fire Enemy Sounds
"You're a dead man, Bond"
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Silent Scope OST - FEAR OVERHEAD -Fear Over- / Building Roof Stage (Scorpion)
Download http://www.mediafire.com/download/rp51679qiib5xfg/SILENT+SCOPE+TRILOGY+Original+Soundtrack.zip
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