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Artist Muralist Patrick Henry Johnson discusses his life’s work...
Patrick Henry Johnson, acclaimed visual artist from Los Angeles, creates stunning works of art that range from wearable art to colossal murals and even illustrates for May May Ali’s, I Shook up the World children’s illustrated book about her father, Muhammad Ali. His work can be seen throughout various parts of the Los Angeles area including his beautiful mural, “The Elixir” which can be seen on Crenshaw and Stocker ave. He is the first artist to have a mural sponsored by the city on private property since the mural ban was lifted, a project commissioned by Council Member Curran Price of the Los Angeles City Council. Join us as we discover the message and story of Patrick Henry Johnson...
Dysonna Theatrical Art & Fashion Show in Los Angeles 2018
Night at the Gallery Dancer/choreographer Christopher Frazier
Dysonna Theatrical Art & Fashion Show Los Angeles 2018
Setting the Tone, A Lady Loves
DakoroArt a visual artist from Atlanta
Dakoro Edwards is a visual artist from Atlanta, Georgia that focuses on creating a signature style that is multi-dimensional and relates to everyone on a different level. Dakoro has been painting since he was 5 years old and always had a love for art but as he grew up, he focused on sports and went to college for basketball. After giving a presentation on art in college, he was commissioned to create and art piece which reignited his love for creating art that tells a story. Dakoro emerged in 2012 as he was awarded Raw Indie Visual Artist Of The Year for Atlanta, including a nomination as a National Semi-Finalist with Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series, while balancing various styles of works being featured on television, Netflix, private galas and commissions. Dakoro’s philanthropy through art has accumulated high regards from over 40 non-profit organizations that he has donated original works to, for fundraising efforts. Mr. Edwards has led youth art sessions both privately and publicly, working with school systems from Georgia to New York, along with painting a Live Art Mural at the Leadercast 2017 Conference in the Gwinnett Infinite Energy Arena. In 2016, Dakoro introduced his public art studio and gallery in the prestigious Sandy Springs City Walk on July 28th and became the first owned Black Gallery in the Sandy Springs area of Atlanta. This creative venue serves to view Dakoros newest collections, as well as connecting with spectacular emerging artists from across the globe. Dakoro will also be featuring his art and live painting at the Dysonna Theatrical Art/Fashion show “Setting The Tone- A Lady Loves” on March 25th at the Trolley Barn in Atlanta, Georgia. Visit his gallery at 227 Sandy Springs Place (Suite 522) Atlanta GA 30328 and check out his website and social media for more of his work. FB: Dakoro Art Twitter: @dakoroart Instagram: @dakoroart Check out Dysonna’s upcoming events & videos: FB: Dysonna City Art Gallery, Dysonna ArTalk Magazine Twitter: @dysonnagallery, @dysonnaArTalk Instagram: @dysonnacityartgallery, @dysonnaartalk
Dysonna Theatrical Art and Fashion Show Atlanta 2019 was a great success!
Dysonna Theatrical Art and Fashion Show Atlanta 2019 was a great success!! Donna Dyson produced and directed and awesome production fashion show. “Kiss from a Rose” Expressions of Love. Please enjoy!!
Davar Christian Church with Dr Wes
Donna Dyson sat down with Dr Wes to discuss the opening of his new church, Davar Christian Church. Please listen and you will find out why and what’s his passion to be the leader of the God be the glory Church,
My Voice Stands With Her: Meet Artist LaJon Miller
LaJon Miller is a So-Cal based artist whose been drawing since he was 4 years old. He would sit in front of his television and draw scenes from old Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, and many other cartoons. Life eventually lead him to getting 3D Animation degree then receiving formal art training from an old watercolor and oil painting master in Glendale, CA. He later taught himself how to use the more modern mediums such as acrylic and spray paint. He is a fan of the old masters such as Van Gogh, Da Vinci, Monet, as well as pop culture masters such as Dali, graffiti artist Justin Bua, and comic book artists such as Alex Ross, Todd Mcfarlane, and Stan Lee. His main focus is presenting creative energies on painting and illustrating women. The women in his paintings are not based on any one specific female or feminine figure in his life but a plethora of women. In this present state we live in a world of massive gender equality and he’s making it his personal responsibility as a man to use his voice creatively to bring attention and awareness to the strength, passion, resilience, innovation and beauty that women can offer the world. He also promised himself to not pass up a creative opportunity and to not worry whether or not he can do it or accomplish it, but to give himself the opportunity to say yes. Visit LaJon Miller on Instagram, FB, and soon to come, his website! LaJon Miller FB: LajizzyArt Instagram:lajon39 Website: www.lajizzyart.com
Dysonna Theatrical Fashion Show 2018
Atlanta Dysonna Theatrical Art and Fashion Show 2018 ‘Setting the Tone’ Producer Donna Dyson Designs from Aryonne Link Video Terrell Taylor
Dysonna Theatrical Art and Fashion Show Albuquerque NM 2018
Produced by Donna Dyson -Dysonna Designer IC Isabella collection and male designers by Yani’s Boutique Designer Natalina Host Kiki Garcia Video Lorenzo X Valentino
Dysonna ArTalk Magazine: Meet Sage Gallon
A weekly series of interviews featuring various artists, musicians, fashion designers and all creative minds. This week we take a look into the mind of up-and-coming artist, Sage Gallon, who is making waves in the current art scene. With major showings both in New York and in Los Angeles, he is a multi-talented Artist, his expression is fluid in Figurative Abstract Painting, Photography as well as Poetry. Sage's has been hailed by and collected amazing supporters such as ASAP Rocky, Ambassador and Mattie Lawson, Jason Olive (Actor), Terez and Monifah (R&B Divas), the Bishton Family, the Kahladi Family (Dariush wines) and many more. View the interview and learn more about this phenomenal artist. Update: Over the last year Sage Gallon has been featured in various publications such as BOSS Magazine, Downtown LA Life Magazine, Suicide Girls Podcast, released the second video for one of his poetry singles, "The Dangers Of I Love You" and now has his art featured as a cover for a new novel "The Caged Lioness". He was also featured in Philadelphia's African-American Museum for the exhibit, "I Found Myself In God: The 40th Anniversary of Ntozake Shange’s 'For Colored Girls'" which is a tribute to the Broadway play that honors the individual poems and underscores the enduring significance of the choreopoem and the social and cultural issues of the women of color. Go to his website (link below) and find out more about his current work... Sage Gallon Social Media: -Website: www.sagegallon.com -FB: Sage Gallon -Twitter: @lessgallon -Instagram: @sagegallon Dysonna Social Media: - FB: Dysonna City Art Gallery, Dysonna ArTalk Magazine - Twitter: @dysonnagallery, @dysonnamagazine - Instagram: @dysonnacityartgallery
A Stroke of Color: Meet Artist Lloyd DeBerry
Owner of Dysonna, Donna Dyson, takes us on a journey as we discover the life and story of fine artist, Lloyd DeBerry. Lloyd DeBerry began exhibiting a natural talent for art at an early age. As a child, he developed his artistic talents with the aid of text books, mail order courses, and studying anatomy from an encyclopedia. After high school, DeBerry joined the US Army where his passion for art began after seeing the culture and sights of Japan and Korea. After the army, he began to expand his horizons by studying design, color, commercial production, sculpture and theory with some of the best artists in the world. DeBerry’s trademark style combines the classic art forms with the use of cubism and hints of the surreal. DeBerry prolongs the visual experience with thought provoking and highly entertaining compositions. DeBerry has managed his own successful graphic design company, Fine Art and Graphics, for the last 10 years while continuing to travel and study art. FB: DeBerry Fine Art Graphics Design Twitter: @deberryart Website: www.deberryart.com Dysonna Art Talk features new artists in music, fashion, art, photography and much more. Check us out on our social media to stay up to date! FB: Dysonna ArTalk Magazine Twitter: @dysonnaartalk Instagram: @dysonnaartalk
The Story She Weaves: Fashion Designer Rosemarie Macklin
This week on Dysonna ArTalk Magazine, we stroll through Downtown L.A. fashion district with phenomenal fashion designer, Rosemarie Macklin. Rosemarie Macklin was born and raised in the beautiful country of Jamaica. While growing up, Rosemarie was heavily influenced by the colors of her country and the beautiful fabrics that would come in everyday from Europe and other countries. After moving to the United States, Rosemarie finally felt ready to begin her own line of Resort Wear entitled Si_Mee_Collections (pronounced "See Me"). Si_Mee_Collections are designs of functional elegant cover-ups to enhance the women's body image. Each design is created to enhance specific body areas that women feel confident in revealing. She tries to draw the eyes away from the areas that the client is not comfortable in exposing. The aim is always to re-energize the client’s self-esteem by giving her that feeling of confidence. Rosemarie Macklin now resides in Henderson, NV where she has her own studio to further pursue her love of fashion and helping women to feel confidant about their bodies. She has many personal clients that she creates for, as well as putting her designs on the runway in various shows such as Dysonna Theatrical Art/Fashion Show, OC Fashion Week, Emmy's 2017, Las Vegas Swim Week and much more. BIG NEWS!!! ---------------------------------- With many of the current Hurricanes that have run rampant through our nation, Rosemarie Macklin is looking to give back to couples that had to postpone/cancel their weddings due to the storms. Si Mee Collections will hold a contest between October 10, 2017 through December 1, 2017 where couples will submit their love story along with the details of their wedding plans on Facebook. The Winner will be announced on December 25, 2017. Si Mee Collections plans to provide the bride with a resort wear wedding gown along with wedding dresses for the bridesmaid so go to her Facebook page below and share with those that have been affected. Rosemarie Macklin: www.simeecollections.com FB: Si Mee Collections Instagram: @si_mee_collections Dysonna ArTalk Magazine: www.dysonnaartalkmagazine.com FB: Dysonna ArTalk Magazine Instagram: @dysonnaartalkmagazine Twitter: @dysonnaartalk
An interview with Arthur Dyson as assistant Pastor of Davar Christian Church
Donna Dyson speaks with Arthur Dyson about the opening of Davar Church Sunday October 14th and what it means to him starting a church with the family.
Donna Dyson in a Conversation with Fashion Designer Perry White
UNAPOLOGETICALLY SEXY Perry White, the celebrated and exclusive fashion designer, who’s creations have graced the beautiful curves of musical goddesses such as Queen Latifah, Macy Grey, television celebrities such as Nicole Murphy, E.J. Johson, and adorned the shoulders of musical legends such as Prince, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube and LL Cool J, is proud to present his “Unapologetically Sexy” Collection, now available to the public. This collection represents a bold approach to fashion, designed to transform an industry that often spouts conflicting messages to women. For Perry, the sexuality of a woman is a source of celebration, and this unique line is created to empower her to freely express that sexuality. “It’s okay for a woman to be sexy, as a matter of fact, she should flaunt it and embrace it! Why does a woman have to apologize for it? Why should she be called a slut for it?” Perry asks. “Do you know how boring this world would be if there was less sexy?” The “Unapologeticcally Sexy” collection is clean, breathtaking and stunning in it’s powerful simplicity. When a woman wears Perry White, she won't just feel sexy, she becomes sexy. Perry White Website: https://www.perrywhite.la Instagram: @perrywhite.la Dysonna City Art Productions www.dysonnacityartgallery.com FB: Dysonna City Art Gallery Twitter: @dysonnagallery Instagram: @dysonnacityartproductions
Interview with Kayla Barnes representing the USA
1st half of my 1st interview with Kayla leading up to our departure to Australia 🇦🇺. We finished Church thanking God for this adventure and opportunity. Off to lunch to talk about things and life. I hope you enjoy Kayla😃 KaylaBarnesUSA.blogspot.com
Dysonna Theatrical Art & Fashion Show Part 1 clips
“Setting the Tone” A Lady Loves..... 2018 African American Museum
Dysonna Theatrical Art & Fashion Show Hollywood 2018
Designer Omar Lovell Lindsey Producer Donna Dyson Dysonna Theatrical Art and Fashion Show Hollywood 2018 Setting the Tone - A Lady Loves
Dysonna Theatrical Art and Fashion Show Hollywood 2018
Setting the Tone -A Lady Loves Designer Omar Lovell Lindsey Producer Donna Dyson #newyorkfashion #hollywood #albuquerque #atlanta #fashion #dysonna #dysonnacityartgallery #dysonnatheaticalshow #fashionblogger #fashionshow #atlantafashion #atlantafashionblogger