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Important questions for 10th class(heredity and evolution,control and coordinatn)-by sunscience
this video provides you important and must do questions of 10 class biology chapters, i have already discussed life process in my previous video so don't forget to check that out.i hope it helps,best of luck for your exams and don't forget to subscribe...and guys we have just become family of 100 subscribers..thank you everyone
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"life Processes" CBSE important topics by sunscience
This video points out important topics of life processes chapter,practice these questions and you are ready to attempt questions from this chapter, for further detail check out my previous videos.
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life processes-introduction by sunscience
This video is introduction to 10th class biology chapter life processes,an attempt to simplify as much as possible&i hope it helps.i'll explain these topics in detail in next videos.
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The 5 BEST Scientific Study Tips by sunscience
This video aims to help bored students in making their study time interesting and exciting,in above video i have mentioned 5 things that u can change or try&if i missed any important point,please mention in comment.i hope these points actually helps.
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how to study & prepare for your exams- by sunscience
This video aims at helping 10th class students to prepare for board examination,i have mentioned some points in this video which you can use while studying...study hard but in a smart way....i believe that if you conquer your mind you can conquer the world...i hope this video helps.
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transportation in animals and excretion by sunscience
This video aims at explaining transportation in plants and excretion in as easy way as possible,please go through and help me improving and if i missed something then please mention in comment,thank you,i hope it helps.
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why do we get sick by sunscience-introduction to immunology
this video is to introduce viewer to basic concept of immunology,so that understanding scientific concepts become easy.
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life processes part-2nutrition&respiration by sunscience
this video is continuation of my 10th class series,this video aims at explaining nutrition and respiration in easiest way possible,i hope it helps.
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